I Think That Himekyun Fruit Can Is Doing Okay!

All right, let’s dust ourselves off and take a gander around the idolverse now that we’ve settled on a #1 contender for Queen of the Scene. Hey, YouTube, what’s this that you’re showing me from a few days ago that I completely ignored? Why, it’s Himekyun Fruit Can, a few months into their resurrection, and a live video that’s less “live video” and more “we wanted to release an MV and this was literally the cheapest way to do it”:

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The More Himekyun Fruit Can Changes, the M– Actually, Yes, That’s Fine

It was with practically zero fanfare that Himekyun Fruit Can, part of the foundational loudol class of 2010*, was semi-permanently disbanded following a long-ass farewell tour. I say “practically zero fanfare” because, despite often being excellent as hell, we’re looking at a group that never seemed to catch on with Westerners; I say “semi-permanently” because management hadn’t even finished announcing the end of the almost-totally-original quar/quintet when they said that, yes, all existing members would graduate forever at the final performance, but the group would reboot immediately.

After a few brief appearances ’round these parts just to acknowledge that Ehime’s idols were coming together, it feels only right to now, finally, get to excitedly point at the new HKFC and their first MV: Continue reading

Would You Like to Meet the New Himekyun Fruit Can?

All right, confession time: Who out there (raise your hands) thought that the plan to have all of Himekyun Fruit Can — unofficially but kind of really the longest-running hard rock idol unit in the business — graduate following a long farewell run-down, and then replace them with totally new and fresh members, was going to be run about as well as just about everything else from that company over the past couple of years, and we’d get a reboot roughly on par with … I was going to give an example, but I have too much respect for the people in question, so let’s just say, a reboot that would not be well-executed.

My hand is up!

Well, let’s all just maybe lower those suckers and look, because Mad Magazine may have gotten this one right:

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Is This Curtains for Himekyun Fruit Can?

My eyebrows kind of did that high-arch thing when I first saw this in the Idolmetal group yesterday — Himekyun Fruit Can, that is, the forever queens of idol rock and I will brook no disagreement, are graduating all* of the members in October because reasons:

You can look at that story, or this one from Natalie.mu, but the facts are the facts. HKFC’s getting a reboot after a couple of concurrent tours and a festival and a best-of album and all that jazz. Continue reading

You Probably Didn’t See This Himekyun Fruit Can MV Coming

You guys! Why didn’t anybody tell me that there was new HKFC? Oh, right, I’ve been a little single-minded lately.

Well, let me rectify an entire week’s worth of missing out by bringing you to the MV for their new single, “Kokoro Tsunagaru.”

True story: I first read the romajization of the title as “Kokoro Tsundere” and was like, that’s brutal

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I’m Feeling Pretty Good about Himekyun Fruit Can’s New Album

This is fun.

Idol’s Van Halen, Himekyun Fruit Can, has their Kick to the Brainpan album on the way, and Patrick found this cool trailer for it.

Dear BiSH: This is a trailer

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HKFC Titled Their New Album after What We All Really Need

Patrick snagged this one for the Idolmetal group, and though we have it listed on the calendar(!), it’s too good to pass up. Himekyun Fruit Can, big sisters of Fruitpochette and right at the top of the idol rock heap, have an album on the way for the day after Valentine’s. That’s, like, pretty much a year after their last (very good) album.

Idol rock group Himekyun Fruit Can on the cover of their A Kick to the Brainpan album

A Kick to the Brainpan (yes) will also feature solo tracks for Mai (who doesn’t age) and Honoka, with the songs composed by a whole slew of bands. More details here. Continue reading

This Thursday Throwback Is the Entire MADCREW in Pitched Battle

It dawned on me that, after last week’s kind of random addition of a #TBT for Fruitpochette, the Mad Magazine Records consortium of idols probably have a wealth of old stuff to plumb through, given that these are groups going back as much as six years.

So here’s a simple little treat for you:

Yes, I know it’s not the same as the real MADCREW; cut me some slack

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Himekyun Fruit Can Steps up With a Straight Rocker

Thanks to the eagle-eyed denizens of the idolmetal group on Facebook, we have new Himekyun Fruit Can after what feels like forever. And if top-of-the-line idol rock is your thing, it was definitely worth the wait:

“Iyo Damashi Otome Bushi” is just another in a long train of HKFC songs that are basically head-and-shoulders above what their most similar peers generate; like sister group Fruitpochette does with metal, Himekyun’s rock music is rock music by idols rather than “idorock,” as it’s increasingly known. I feel justified in calling them the Van Halen of idol just about every time I hear them.

Are You Ready for Himekyun Fruit Can’s (Eventual) New Single?

Apologies for the additional non-English language on the site, but the best news that I found on this was on HKFC‘s Latin American Facebook fan page, so that’ll have to suffice:

Or there’s always the natalie.mu article on it. Anybody want to give the title a quick translate? Continue reading