We Keep Losing Idols from Poroporo Baroque

We’ve had some turnover (dramatic at that!) within the original Adopt-An-Idols, Poroporo Baroque, and the hits continue. I’m a little bit late to the party, unfortunately; today was already Mirumo’s last day with the group:

This time, it’s not a whole mess of anger or frustration, but a simple desire to have a bit of life back. She left Osaka to move to Tokyo to be part of this wild idol thing, and she’s lonely and wants to go home (TY Pukovnik Krv & @metalheadxXx). Fair enough! Continue reading


This Video Completely Changes the Notion of a Family Reunion

Fans of the Codomomental collective may be aware of a solo I-don’t-think-it’s-idol-but-maybe project called milcboy, which is the domain of the woman known as syam, who you may have noticed having a number of writing credits on Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da songs and may (per our wonderfully informative and generous source on all such things) be sister to one of Codomomental’s founders. This is usually where I’d make a snarky comment about nepotism, but milcboy is pretty all right.

Regardless of all of that, milcboy released yesterday a new MV, a cover of a certain song by a certain yami-kawaii idol quartet that has more than a few people kind of smitten over the course of the year. And, you know, she wrote it for them in the first place.

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Your Homicidol Weekender #3

The event in question happened well over a month ago now, but TGU just released this photo journal of the Gyu-no Fes in Tochigi, which featured quite a few of our favorites and honestly looks like it was a completely awesome time. This Gyuzo cat is something else.

Did you happen to see that Babymetal is on the cover of Kerrang!?

And touring with Guns N’ Roses?

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I can’t believe I’m encouraging this, and you shouldn’t believe that you’ll almost definitely spend longer than you ever thought you would watching this happen, but I’ll cop to morbid curiosity about exactly what GANG PARADE is being subjected to, and why, and what the outcome’s going to be.

ALL WEEKEND LONG (probably), check in here for:

  • Live video from the road!
  • Commentary, screen captures and goodness knows what on Twitter!
  • Ever-declining faith in humanity!

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Your Nominees for the Best of 2016, Adjusted

You guys know that I think you’re all great, but I want to drive that point home: You’re great! You’ve been very contributory over the last month+ while we got down to the brass tacks of 2016’s very best (or worst, as the case may be), and I could not be happier or more appreciative. Give yourselves a virtual round of applause!

Before I share the post-pre-final nominees, a word on process:

  • Final voting will begin on Dec. 12 and run until Dec. 17
  • The game element, Match A Maniac, will run Dec. 7-10
  • I’m waiting on confirmation from some people about prizes, but there might be some!

Now, there has been consternation about November and December happenings being left out of the best-of process; here is where we address that.

  • The by-category final nominees are on the other side of the jump. These were determined by aggregate totals from the pre-finals, with an adjustment explained below*. If you have other questions, feel free to ask; I’m just trying to save space here.
  • If you have an incident, release, etc. that isn’t on a finals list, it can still make the finals if:
    1. You nominate it out loud in the comments, like “I want to include Zenkimi’s Anima Animus PRDX in the finals.”
    2. You and enough other people muster enough post-nominations for what you support to match the lowest pre-vote total of the nominees who made it in.
    3. Nothing will be removed from the lists, so just consider that; is what you’re nominating at least as good/bad as what’s there, or better/worse? Or are you just trying to advance a personal favorite?
    4. Also, anything that was involved in the earlier nominations is exempt. Sorry, losers!

Feel free to ask any questions about process and whatnot. I’ll keep this open through Tuesday, Dec. 6. Now, are you ready to see your finalists? Continue reading



I almost let this sick, sick event slip under the radar! Remember the whole business with GANG PARADE doing not just one super marathon per WACK’s insane traditions, but a there-and-back 200km relay haul?

That’s gonna happen tomorrow.

You can follow the whole thing on Twitter using #ギャンパレ駅伝 (GANG PARADE LONG-ASS RUN). Or you can follow what I take to be the competing teams and the individual members’ twitcasting! Continue reading


The Tragedy and Triumph of Kuromiya Rei

This is something that people need to take in.

今日は誕生日でした〜〜( ; ; ) 自分の誕生日はあまり好きじゃないし大勢に祝われるのも好きじゃないけど、心の底からうれしかった こうやってまたみんなとライブができる幸せを一人一人が見せてくれる表情も言葉も感情も汚い部分をクソ愛してると思った、私はジュニアアイドルというジャンルの中にいてロボットみたいに感情を殺していた。世間一般からしたらアウトだしアンチだって多いし誰にも世間からも受け入れられない事を分かってる。でもそれを理由にファンの人が気を使ったり人気がない理由にしたくなかった、比べられてもいいし自分のこと別に可愛いとか思ってないですからね、そもそも^それでも昔のことを後悔していないし、隠す気もない、勝手にみんなが他人の過去を気にしてるだけでしょ〜〜( ; ; ) 自分の人生も真っ当に生きれない人たちが自分より弱い人をみて自分より無能だわって勝手に思って安心してるだけだね^^その人たちからすれば私はクソだし無能ですね。正直しにて〜〜まじで死ぬ絶対死んでやるから!!!死ぬ!って思って生きてる!秘密ね!笑 まあ世間という小さい世界では受け入れられない(受け入れて欲しくない)クソですけど、それを受け入れてくれた君が一人一人がクソ好き。 しかもメジャーデビューって…ヤバすぎだね( ; ; ) なんかあんまりこういうこと書くとアイドル感あるし清楚感出るからめっちゃ嫌なんであんまり書かないですけど、感情が爆発寸前なので書いた( ; ; ) 正直、忘れられたくないのに絶対忘れられちゃう気がして怖い、忘れられるのは死ぬことと同じだからね〜〜、まあとりあえず16歳になって今まで以上に自分のことを考えてくれる人や関わってくれる人が増えて嬉しいです〜〜( ; ; )少しでも返せるように精一杯生きます〜〜ありがとう〜〜( ; ; )

If you can’t Japanese, Viz Major provided a translation (with extra clarification in the comments). This is important stuff.

The girl in the picture is Kuromiya Rei, mostly known for her work in Ladybaby but also of Miss iD and Brats fame. She shared this photo as a celebration of her 16th birthday. The image belies real emotional damage being worked out by a young woman who’s been an object of sexploitation since she started modeling at an age in the single digits. Her history has been covered here and extensively gone over all over the J-music world. It in no way should be considered an indictment of Rei, but of the adults who exploited and failed her.

There’s a lot of pain in her message, and the emotional and psychological damage are written plainly on her face, but she also shows hope and happiness with where she is now. Her story is working toward a much happier ending than I’m sure she sometimes feels. Continue reading


It’s Friday, So Let’s Start with Some Sugartrap

It’s been a minute since we last got to visit with this fun idolcore duo, and I’d honestly been looking for an excuse to come back to them for a few weeks because there is negative reason to not dig them. Fortunately, because people like us are a kind and generous lot, and because I stalk interesting YouTubers, our old pal Anagram Hound provides:

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My Day’s Been Dragging, So Let’s Enjoy Some PiGU Sets

I don’t know if it’s because I got up really early and then late, or because I’m telecommuting and don’t have the usual “MANIAC COME HELP WITH THIS PLEASE” at work to distract me, but today feels like it needs to end at any time, and it’s still only noon.

So you know what can help with that? Some friggin’ PiGU, that’s what.

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Shut up, Linkin Park: ‘iN THE END,’ It Matters a Little

Wanna hear a really annoying story? I had planned out and prepared to record the not-really-her-last-concert-please-all-the-gods iN THE END free live being held by BiSH while they go into temporary stasis (I dare not call it a hiatus) with Aina, owner of the most liquid nitro voice in idol, taking a break to recover from surgery to remove vocal chord nodules.

I was prepped, had everything open, had Niconico ready to go, got the video launched, started to record just as the lights came up in whatever venue they’re in and … I was out of free trial on the recording software and would only be able to record in two-minute chunks, and there was no way I was doing that at 5:30 a.m., not even for you guys.

Edit: Someone uploaded the whole thing!

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