Here Are Two Fresh Wonder Lander Tracks

What a weird day in chika idol; the YAMIAME thing happens, and Wonder Lander, who insists that they have four members despite still only doing anything with two of them, drops a pair of songs on Soundcloud

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Did YAMIAME Just Break up on Stage?

Hold up. I had this whole thing planned for some recent live video from the crying-in-the-rain idols, and just wanted to get a little bit of extra context (like maybe some good stuff from the one-man they had tonight), and boom:

And while I struggled with “wait, dissolving it all now and that’s it or what?”, they blamed it on Arisa and Reira : Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #40

Did you guys have a good week? I have two more left in Maniac’s Human Alter Ego Goes to Hell, which is how I’ve decided to call this Day Job project that needs to be done by the end of the month. It’s a little stressful, so thank goodness for idols.

The 100 Days of Tsurezure are done, but Oshi Digest is on. The Fun is fun. It’s Saturday, it’s nice out. Without further ado:

Ahh, the Good Stuff

I wanted to do something with the latest from Let’s Poco Poco! from last weekend, but not that much:

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Oshi Digest #1: Lilim

Welcome to the very first celebration of Oshi Digest! Sari, the macabre painted demon of NECRONOMIDOL, was the winner of Queen of the Scene, thereby elevating her to the status of Official Oshi of, a crown she will wear until she’s dethroned. Good luck, mere mortals!

So Necroma’s Risaki wasn’t the only member of the group to contribute vocals to somebody else’s project; Sari sang the chorus for this band song by this band that brings back that whole Scorpions thing that was supposed to be about Kamen Joshi:

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Prepare for #WorldDotmination

We’re just a few days away from our #WorldDotmination effort, friends, and it really could not be easier to take part. You can also invite your friends to take part — after all, even the Darkness Girls are in love with Dots:

“But Maniac,” you say, “what if I have any of several frequently asked questions that will allow you to fill column inches to better justify creating a whole new post on this topic in such a way as to manipulate more participation in the latest fan effort?”

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Can the Friday Fun Make It Worth Your While?

Hello everyone! Last week I asked you all dust off your GCSE Literature Anthology textbooks and come up with some idol poetry that would put Seamus Heaney to shame! And I took part in none of it because I’m an unimaginative dummy who’s still exhausted from reading so much Seamus Heaney in GCSE Literature! Let’s see what you came up with.

Fundraisers have always been a big thing, and a personal one for me, too; one of my first jobs was for a charity shop where I had to stand outside and harass people for donations, and just this year after losing my previous job I set up a Gofundme to help me get to the Necronomidol London show.

And it isn’t just me; everyone had encountered some kind of fundraiser at this point, whether its to raise money for a charity or just to pay for some dude’s potato salad. In the UK at least, we have Comic Relief and Children In Need, charities that hold big TV fundraisers every year (every two years for the latter) where celebrities appear and there’s usually some kind of charity single recorded by the hot new musical artist of that year full of celebrity cameos.

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It’s the New Malcolm Mask McLaren in Action!

Happy Friday! And what a way to get things moving than fresh live video of Malcolm Mask McLaren, showcasing what I think might be their first publicly available video of the post-Nao era version of the group, and their first new song to boot:

MMM lives always look like a blast

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While We’re on Underappreciated Idols, Let’s Talk Bokura no Oyugi

I love and fear the dark carnival that is Bokura no Oyugi, the evil clown idols who somehow manage to turn even circus music into something sinister. They’re pretty cool! They’re also less accessible than most units for reasons that I don’t totally understand — there’s precious little live video of them online, for instance, and few bootlegs.

However, in a very WHO YA GOT-esque post in the Alt group yesterday (Bokurano vs. Zekkyou! what a combo!), we were treated to en edited-down split video of two live Bokurano numbers: Continue reading

Zenkimi Says, Welcome to the New Hell

Egoistic Eat Issues is (holy crap) just a few weeks away, so expect the Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da promo train to be kind of relentless. Which, great! Go ahead and share your music! Because as we all know, these two-hour windows are only two-hour windows in spirit.

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Oh Cool, Up Up Girls (2) Did Something I Can Write About Now

The debut single from Up Up Girls (Kari)’s sister group/second generation/backup dancers came out yesterday, and to be honest, I was getting lazy in my Up Up Girls coverage, and after the music video for “Ninoashi DANCING” turned out to just be fairly standard idol fare, I banished it to the Weekender without giving it much thought. But here’s the most important thing to come from that:

But the music video for the second song,  “Sun!x3” just came out, and with it actually having a couple of guitars in there this time, I feel like I should at least give this one some coverage.

Pros: A very cute, upbeat pop-rock song in a similar vein to Buono!, a group that many of Up Up Girls’ followers probably miss.

Cons: Where’s the nose recorder? I feel like there needs to be someone playing the recorder with her nose in every one of these music videos by now! Continue reading