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Code Orange’s “Bleeding in the Blur” plays while an incredibly fit, handsome man in a perfectly tailored suit struts toward the wrestling ring set up at the very heart of Nippon Budokan. Homicidol Maniac is his name, and stupid idol games are his, uh, game. He takes the mic.

Good morning to you all! Following allegations of chicanery and insider trading and all kinds of cheating during the Corenament, it seemed that some weren’t satisfied with the result. Well, I’m not going to take away Babymetal’s crown just because some people didn’t think that it was decided fairly, but I do understand the point that was made. Besides, Aina and Su-metal almost coming to blows was pretty exciting. Maybe we’ll get there!

This is Queen of the Scene. Or, Queen of the Scene really starts next week. Right now, what we need to do is decide who’s really worthy of even competing for that title. Your voice votes over the last several days have decided who the real dangerous figures in idol are, and we’ll use the next several to decide the very best among them. There are eight divisions, top two advance to join Su-metal in the real Queen of the Scene competition. Continue reading


Did You Guys See Alloy’s Full MVs?

Here’s one that I’m throwing out mostly for posterity purposes — you all probably saw via Facebook or Twitter or something that Alloy released the full versions of the “Propeller” and “Roller Coaster” music videosl:

Idols boozin’! Well I never!

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Here’s a Bunch of Cool Stuff from Guso Drop’s ZEPP Live

Well, gang, Guso Drop may be on its last legs as a project, but the show was definitely still going on, at least in terms of their ZEPP Tokyo show last night. I was going to just let it ride on out into the sunset, but, looking through Twitter and YouTube, I also wanted to be able to memorialize it to some extent.

A ZEPP show is a big deal! Q’ulle, who legitimately tour internationally and have many many more followers than Guso Drop, have a tough time selling out ZEPP performances. They’re large venues, capacity in the low thousands, and they cost a lot to book and require a host of other incidental expenses (gear, etc.) that you, Idol Manager, might not face in other clubs, or at least not to the same extent.

So, for posterity, here’s some cool stuff: Continue reading


You Guys Down with Attain Music?

I never really know what to make of Attain Music, truth be told. Every time they’ve done something worth mentioning, I’ve mostly enjoyed it, but I’ll be gosh darned if they don’t make it a little bit difficult. I guess very deliberately doing “kawaii rock” will have that effect.

Anyway, this sweet little ditty was part of the massive media dump that happened on Friday (still digging out!), and I wanted to give Peri Ubu’s old group another chance to show off:

I want you to imagine Peritan in this video

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 77: Echo

Note: Yesterday’s post has been updated to reflect that it was, in fact, Day 76 of the 100 Days of Tsurezure. Homicidols.com regrets the error; the editor was not mistaken about the number in sequence, but about which day of the week it was, because he is an idiot

Not Secured, Loose Ends official has a message for you guys. It is, Go to Shibuya eggman on Saturday:

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I Really Like How Gokigen Teikoku Is Sounding

Sebastian shared this on Facebook yesterday, and I had originally drafted up a little post about the fan contest to do their MV (see below), but you know how you get curious about a thing and start looking through members’ stuff?

Yeah, Ichigo with the studio cut:

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This Is a Maboroshi Karen GeNE Check-in Post

Somebody was passing around some Cute Gene video the other day (PIH? The Viz?) in a way that I made a note of it and immediately went back to business, only to then remember that I’d seen something days earlier and had no idea where to go, so then the only choice left is to go to the most immediate source there is, that being the subject itself.


Anyway, this was the original topic of conversation:

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 76: Alignment

As you folks all know thanks to the Friday Fun and then of course hovering over Twitter for every #IdolAlignments submission, we’re doing alignment charts! For idols! I just threw one for the two main Codomomental groups onto Twitter (yes, left out milcboy and KTA), but it got me to thinking just how and where should the members of NSLE actually be situated on a proper alignment chart. Continue reading


We’re Going to Get a New NEVE SLIDE DOWN Single

In case you missed a very cool note on a very busy Friday:

Between ZENITH and “Leaving”, what is it about we-B groups teasing their own demise?

This is actually yesterday’s news at this point, but I wanted to wait a minute to see if they were going to put out any snips, and they didn’t, so here we are! Continue reading


You Should Listen to This Amazing-ass Dots Series

It seems like we can’t go a day or two without something else amazing from the Dots well, nor can we go a day or two without Viz Major finding something in the darkest crevasses of the Idolverse and shining on it the kind of light that only Westerners with excellent-albeit-unconventional musical tastes can provide. In this case, an unreleased track from the enigmatic nameless collective of idol singularities:

Now, listen to that song, but I want you to do something else. And yes, it’s good and it’ll be a reward for trusting me even though you very correctly swore to never do that again. Continue reading


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