50 YMM MVs Day 2: Backwards

After introducing themselves to the wider world with a music video that didn’t feature the group at all, we finally got to meet the You’ll Melt More! roster in the video for Mokoyou Attitude (Thursday Attitude), the first MV from the January 2014 mini-album Hako Melt More!”, a collaboration with the band Hakoniwa No Shitsunaigaku.

Here we see the younger versions of current (at time of writing) members, Kechon (purple), Chiffon (Red) and Younapi (White and with rare black hair) and those we sadly lost along the way: Ano (Sky Blue), Mone (Pink), Chibo (Guantanamo Orange), Yumikon (Green) and Yuizarasu (Yellow).  All of whom are walking around in a strange gait and doing an absolutely terrible job of lip-syncing to the song while, seemingly through the magic of idol, the people around them walk, skate and cycle backwards – even the birds in the sky are flying in reverse!  How was such an amazing feat accomplished?  Paypal me twenty quid and I’ll tell you the secret.

As for the song, we’ve gone from yesterday’s ten minute krautrock inspired epic to a laid-back rap ditty that puts me in mind of De La Soul (ask your dad); as you will see if you stick with this series, such rapid genre-switching is a You’ll Melt More! hallmark.  Since I don’t speak Japanese, I can only wonder at what “attitude” they are suggesting we adopt on Thursdays, possibly the least interesting day of the week after Tuesdays, but You’ll Melt More! sound good any day of the week!  I really like You’ll Melt More! – can you tell?


50 YMM MVs Day 1: Fahrvergnügen

Okay, here’s the opening round of our 50 YMM! MVs in 50 Days bonanza! Let’s dive in…

The raw rumblings for the genesis of a whole new take on idol music were still fresh in 2013.  BiS and Babymetal certainly got most of the attention as this breed of bolder, more diverse artists came to light, and perhaps it might be forgotten or even unrecognized by some that YOU’LL MELT MORE! had been formed in 2012, which is understandable because not only were they underneath the pop radar, but they were testing the waters drawing from an even deeper, more obscure niche than the aforementioned groups.

Certainly punk and metal were wild, somewhat surprising sources of influence on up-and-coming idols, but YLMM! went into territory that I feel like it’s safe to say nobody ever saw coming: The fascinating genre offshoot of psyche, electronica, and prog that originated out of post-war Germany which music critics dubbed “Krautrock”

“New Escape Underground”  (YOU’LL MELT MORE!’S first widely distributed release.) was released in September of 2013, and from a glance at the cover, there was no doubt where their sensibilities lay…

Neu! were of course a legendary (and I don’t mean that lightly.) offshoot of Kraftwerk that weren’t especially successful in their time, but became hailed as cult game-changers in not only Krautrock, but with the entire music scene from punk to dance to hip-hop and just about everywhere else, and with YLMM!, that includes idol…

So now we come to the closing track of New Escape Underground, the just over ten-minute epic, “SWEET ESCAPE”. Let’s check out the MV!

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We’re Doing 50 YMM MVs in 50 days

ゆるめるモ!  You’ll Melt More!  Yurumerumo! Ewe Rue Merry Moor!  However you say their name, and the last one’s probably just me, everyone’s favourite genre-hopping popsters have sure made a lot of music videos in a career in stretching over more than seven years – weathered veterans in idol terms.  It’s difficult to pin down a total depending on what you count as a proper music video but we reckon there’s about fifty.  Probably fifty-two by the time you read to the end of this article.   And because we here at homicidols dot com love You’ll Melt More! we’re going to spend the next six-and-a-bit weeks talking about every single one.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #184

So it looks like Homicidols is in no danger of running out of material during the #stayhome era.  Livestreamed shows and buppan sessions are going strong, and during this week when the first COVID19-themed unit was annouced, chika idol ingenuity is being directed in some novel places.  

Michelle has started streaming idol Apex Legends matches on her YouTube channel.

While the Banana Monkeys posted their reactions to watching porn together because of course they did.

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Some of You Already do This Fun on a Daily Basis

Let’s take a look at the biggest style icons of last week.

This week is another fun where you need to climb into the mindset of an idol. Whether that be your oshi, or idols in general. For this week, you’re going to tweet like one! Better get that impersonation talent going because someone’s gonna have to fill the void if Kamiya Saki deletes twitter after her graduation today!

So, think like an idol, and then tweet like an idol, with the oh-so-original hashtag, #TweetLikeAnIdol.


Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.5

Here’s your weekly collection of all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we can find.  I will add any new annoucements I see over the weekend so check back for updates. Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@daemetal) if you notice something is missing.

Livestream Timetable

Updated: May 22

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Friday, May 22nd (JST)

19:00 – LadyBeardTokyo Weekender Instagram Live Lockdown Party

21:00 – You’ll Melt MoreKechon Twitcast

21:00 – 9nine9nine online event 2020~ONLINEのON9NINE!~

Saturday, May 23rd (JST)

12:40 – FAREWELL, MY L.u.vStudio Live

14:00 – XOXO EXTREME & Others The Power to Believe – No Audience Stream Live –

17:30 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour〜attofoe from DIGITAL〜Day7”

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And Now A Delightful Visit To SAKA-SAMA World…

I’ve been wondering if this steady stream of... um, well…streaming live shows is the beginning of another game-changing alteration in our strange and new socially distant world that’s here to stay, or just a means to get through the weirdness of the times. Ultimately I feel like it’s probably a little of both. A number of idol groups have figured out that there’s different ways to supplement their incomes through these online shows by either charging indie-pay-per-view fees, selling merchandise tied into the moment, or even just leaving up a donation link like a virtual hat laying on the sidewalk busker-style. There’s a ton of these events happening now of course, and thankfully Daemon’s been doing a capital job of trying to help keep us aware of what’s coming up.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #183

While #stayhome orders are being loosened all over to restart economies, the Homicidol economy never stopped. This goes to prove that alternative and underground idols are the most adaptable, resourceful and resilient players in the market and can churn out new material under any circumstance. Exhibit A through Zed

Someone forgot that BiSH is the punk band withOUT musical instruments.

NECRONOMIDOL unvieled their most illegible logo yet. It’s our favorite.

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Get Some Style Tips From This Week’s Friday Fun

I don’t know about you, but some of these idols somehow managed to look even cuter with facial hair.

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Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.4

Here’s your weekly collection of all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we can find.  

It’s difficult to catch every broadcast announcement so please DM me on Twitter (@daemetal) if you notice something is missing and check back for updates.

Livestream Timetable

Updated: 5/15

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Saturday, May 16th (JST)

14:00 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour ~ attofoe from DIGITAL ~ Day5” Live via Super Chat

17:30 – YukueshirezutsurezureONLINE LIVE 「world’s net screaming」

19:00 – JyujyuNue-chan YouTube Cooking Show

Friends of Homicidols

19:00 – 44MAGNUM / D’ERLANGER / HYDETrigger in the Box Streaming Fest

19:00 – YOSHIKILive Broadcast

20:00 – SHOW-YAKeiko Terada TwitCast and Solo Performance

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