Oshi Digest #18: Arrival

Arrive in America🇺🇸✨ #写ルンです

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Oshi. Is. In. America(us). So is all of NECRONOMIDOL, but you all know why this excites me most — the triumphant Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com is in-country, and I am going to see her in person, and I am going to meet her and bask in the corrupting darkness emanating from within. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #17: Hierophany

You guys. I’m going to meet Oshi, formerly live and in undead person, in just over a week. I’d express excitement, but she may punish me additionally for it, and I’d prefer to enjoy the experience through normal human feelings, not transliminal sensations that humans can’t adequately express in their crude languages. But still, pretty neat! And many of you are going to meet her beforehand, over the course of this next week. PREPARE.

Because you know that Oshi is:

Seen here pinpointing locations from which she must raise unspeakable extradimensional horrors from their millennia-old slumber

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Oshi Digest #16: Profane

It’s good to see that Oshi has learned probably the most important word in the English language:

She’s doing even better than that, though! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #14: Hilarity

Oshi makes really pfunny jokes!

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Oshi Digest #13: Good Luck

There is nothing more important right now than this:

I have only one request, and it’s that Oshi not dress in LuLaRoe when she’s in my country. Otherwise, she should feel free to murder any and every thing she likes! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #12: Just Seven More Weeks Til Christmas

There is no need to do anything else with the Oshi Digest, because Oshi trumped all this week:

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Oshi Digest #11: Cinematic

In this very special edition of Oshi Digest, we tell a story using only images culled from the eternal life of Oshi

I first appeared at the school festival💃🌹 #musabi#artfestival

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❤️🐇❤️ #cinnamonrolls

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💎🎰🚬🎰💎 #tokyofashion #shironuri

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Oshi Digest #9: Choreo

Ordinarily, this is all of the Oshi you humanoids should need:

However, Oshi is more than just fashion; Oshi is also love:

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Oshi Digest #8: Pylon

One of the genuinely great things about NECRONOMIDOL is their staying power: Risaki and Sari, who is the Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com thanks to her dominant performance in Queen of the Scene, have both been there for three years and counting, and Hina for two, and the whole project feels not just solid, but still growing. That’s awesome. And Oshi agrees!

Just look at these goddesses:

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Oshi Digest #7 (also New Necroma Single!)

This week’s Oshi Digest was held up for two days to both suitably honor the LIQUIDROOM one-man tour closer and also to give some breathing room to the “ABHOTH” MV; love them though I do, I don’t want to accidental my way into becoming NecronomiBlog

I think the LIQUIDROOM show went pretty well, you guys — Twitter is littered with messages from other idols to the Darkness Girls, and I can’t wait for the inevitable cut of video footage. Look at this:

And, as was foretold from the blood of infants spilled under a new moon, a new NECRONOMIDOL single will be upon us before the end of the year:

They debuted the song yesterday; I do not feel like waiting until December!

This is, however, Oshi Digest, so we must focus our attentions on Sari. Continue reading