We May Be Able to Watch the Babymetal Tokyo Dome Shows Anyway

Well if this isn’t an interesting piece of news:

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BiS out to Change the World: First New BiS MV

I kinda had a feeling this one was coming:

BiS – CHANGE the WORLD [OFFiCiAL ViDEO] by Papi_Sasazaki

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BiS Says Happy Birthday! Next Free Track

I hope it’s somebody’s birthday, because New BiS has a message for you!

Kidding! Kind of! Following up from “Human after all,” here’s another song that’s bringing influence in from all over the place — old-school heavy metal, disco, pop punk, #IDOL — to put together something way more fun than any one constituent element. Continue reading


Get Your First Listen to BiS’s ‘Human after all’

Update: Also available for free download

If you’re anything like me (have mercy), you’ve been waiting very, very hard(?) for a listen to the first new New BiS*. And I hate to break it to you, but it’s here.

Hold on to your butts.

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What’s Old Is New Again: BiS Classics Redone by New BiS

I should’ve seen this one coming: With the new group’s new first album Brand-new idol Society2 (yep!) coming out in a little over a month, BiS was going to be releasing something soon, and in this case it’s a whole mess of their classic songs re-recorded with the new members:

That’s like the 75th different official version of “nerve.”

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Idols Fangirl as Hard as We Do

All apologies to the author (our friend @weeaboowitch), but I, Maniac, am going to intervene just a little bit and write an extra intro.

Kerrie’s piece is on Pour Lui’s enormous musical crush on one of the most idol things to ever idol, Morning Musume, and somewhat additionally on Oomori Seiko, who you either know and love or are about to meet. Given additional context, Michishige Sayumi, a long-time member of Morning Musume and one of the group’s former leaders, blogged today for the first time in two years, and idol Twitter lost its collective shit. Sayumi is even a big focus of the below. I hold this up for you to look at if you’re not as acquainted with idol culture — this is idol culture, and it’s hard to avoid in Japan even if you want to; it’s so pervasive that it even sucks in people dedicated to annihilating idol culture, as Kerrie point out. Plus, there’s a lot of mutual love on our side of the fence; Ai from Malcolm Mask McLaren, for instance, loves PassCode and PIIIIIIIN and Fruitpochette so much that she lists them in her Twitter bio. /Manic

For Pour Lui fans out there, Henkka at kuomi.org lovingly translated an interview with her and sort-of anti-idol singer-songwriter Oomori Seiko from the Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK that came out around 2013. Continue reading


Black Night Report: Daemon Strikes Back

The Red Night report was a great one … what does our friend @DaeMetal have to say about the final stop in Babymetal’s 2016 World Tour?

It’s not often that you walk out of a concert with Johnny Rotten’s voice muttering in your head, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” and still have no regrets.

You remember that whole thing about having to overcome the past and emerge as a reborn, black and gold, grown-up BABYMETAL? Yeah, that’s SO Red Night. This is Black Night, where the red crinoline fairy of kawaii was set loose in the dressing room and even added a short train to Su’s tutu and some fluffy shoulder pads. And “Onedari Daisukusen”? Say goodbye to yesterday’s self (“bye bye!”), because it’s back! And just for fun, lose Moa and Yui’s scrunchies for OD and give the new, mature BLACK BABYMETAL Minnie Mouse hair bows.

And the big earth-shaking announcement? “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.” Continue reading


BiS Is Not Messing Around: National Tour Already Set Up

BiS was promising “SOMELiTTLETHiNGS” on Twitter last night, and there’s been a lot of stuff from the new members about recording and lessons and whatnot, so I assumed the “LiTTLETHiNGS” would be a simple PV … but this, this is a whole different level:

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Meet the New BiS, Watch Their First Live and Get a Look at SiS

All of that auditions stuff happened, and BiS held their re-debut live last night. The world got an official introduction to the new members, and every idol content creator in the world got a gimme article for Labor Day.

The new members are:

  • Pour Lui
  • Godzilla
  • Aya Eight Prince
  • Peri Ubu
  • Kika Front Frontal

And if anybody cares to explain most of those, please do!

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It’s the BiS Alumni Showcase!

Two things of note! The first is that, although I haven’t yet made official introductions, folks are beginning to join the Homicidols.com team. You all know Kerrie at this point, and she felt pretty strongly that this was something that you all would like, and with the BiS Auditions from Hell coming to a close, I thought I’d turn it over to her. Oh, and you may have noticed the site’s new top banner; that’s a Kerrie Special, too. Take it away, kid.

Hello boys, girls and neither! Kerrie aka @weeaboowitch here! You might remember me from Know Your Bistory or that ridiculous Hunger Games BiS Audition thread (which by the way, I can’t believe it came true; well, the part about Pour Lui auditioning for her own group, anyway)

So as you all are aware, Pour Lui is currently in the middle of the BiS auditions, of which we have a daily roundup here.

Well, as it turns out, three ex-BiS members and namesakes of the current auditionees seem dead set on upstaging Pour Lui, and have come out with some new releases, with varying degrees of interest. Actually, I’m afraid we’re a little tardy to the BiS party as Kim Zolciak would say, as most of these have been out for a couple of days now. But let’s have a look anyway. Continue reading