I’m Indulging in These PiGU Videos Because

Good morning team! I’m going to tell you a little story: Yesterday, I was to return to Maniac Mansion after a fairly long trip away. Business! No big deal. But when I got to the airport to fly back, my flight was super delayed, meaning that I’d miss my connection, meaning that I needed different flights, meaning that I wasn’t going to be on the original timetable at all, and also meaning that what originally felt like a pretty accomplishable Thursday ahead was going to be a whole bunch of butt instead. Boo!

Fortunately, I remembered that PiGU had put out some additional pro-shot live video of some stuff that we’ve experienced recently, so I decided to just make a post about that because it made me feel a little better about being stuck in an airport way past the time when any human being who isn’t a Tom Hanks character should be.

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Thank You, PiGU, for Your New MV

Speak and they shall come! I’d openly and occasionally loudly wondered where my typically much more prolific girls in PiGUs were hiding themselves ever since Rino’s graduation a couple of months ago, and Official basically said, we’re working on stuff, wait and see you jerk, just not in so many words. Then there was their Idol Matsuri entry, and this, and now:

I also love that little punk rock teddy bear thing. Please let’s keep that as a motif. Continue reading


PiGU’s Newest Song Is Gnarly as Hell

Okay. Guys. Raise your hand if you’re familiar with PiGU’s body of work to date. Good? Thanks. Pretty bouncy and fun overall, huh? Yeah, they mix it up a little bit, but they live up to their image. It’s a good time!

Now can a volunteer please explain this to me?

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It’s a Crappy Day, So Have Some Party Rockets GT

Hey gang! It’s an awfully quiet Thursday, and I’m up to my eyeballs in little domestic and professional matters, so I’m a little out of touch. What I can offer you is a nice little dose of Party Rockets GT!

You may want to skip ahead a good bit to avoid the “START!” video on repeat

They’re doing these record store shows in the run-up to their one-man, is the thing, and I guess releasing all of these videos? Or something like that. Continue reading


Your Tuesday WTF Is Back to School

Good morning, gang! I was on the hunt for something genuinely weird and (in the eye of the beholder) wonderful, and a random pass through Twitter provided.

Naniwa Rokkasen! The Six Immortals of Poetry! I got a good kick out of this indie-ass project a while back, and they’d be a great candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday under normal circumstances, but, as soon as I saw this, I felt like I had exactly what the doctor ordered.

Those of you who got into Sakura Gakuin should remember the annual year-end exams for each class; much merriment is had, and many a charm point established! They’re good times. And now I’m wondering if that’s more common than I thought, or if somebody got a Mori-sensei jones and just had to indulge, but here’s Naniwa in their own exams:

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PIIIIIIIN’s Farewell Looks Like It Must Have Been Pretty Fun

Ah, PIIIIIIIN, one of my favorite could-have-beens in idol. I had only just started to come around on them about a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed their whole sound during my reluctant embrace of loud idols who weren’t necessarily heavy idols.

And then poof! Shortly after announcing that the fans would get to select the update to the membership, they announced instead that the group was disbanding.

I’m still hunting for video and will add if I find any, but at least here’s some awesome merch and photos and stuff. Continue reading


Name and Music Doesn’t Always Go Together: Check out Cherish

I like when image clashes with substance. I really do. It’s easy as pie to be like, we do heavy music and will slather ourselves in fake blood like it’s Thanksgiving gravy, and quite another to look and dress like PassCode and tear apart a stage. And the effect can be subtle, too, just one factor leading to expectations that aren’t met by other factors.

To wit:

Now it’s time to raise your little hands!

This is Cherish (Twitter). This is their fifth single. It’s a lot of fun! Continue reading


It’s Thursday Hurtsday and I Demand Very Loud Idols

At the risk of being remiss toward a few other pieces that I’ve been sitting on, I wanted to make sure that I not only had a chance to get genuinely very loud and surprisingly, excitingly good for Thursday Hurtsday, but that there was a chance to come back around on Minna no Kodomochan, who are responsible for probably my single favorite Best of 2017-qualifying song.

So here’s a live set!

The real magic starts around 15:00

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There’s a Lot Going on in the New Party Rockets GT

Such is the travail of business travel that you sometimes see cool things and then can’t do anything about it. Take for example this new video from Party Rockets GT, their eighth single, “START”:

PRGT has better songs, but I don’t know if they have one that so totally covers what they’re all about — the melody is extremely familiarly theirs, there’s this chugging guitar and driving beat overlaid with some of the sparkliest idol vocals you’ll ever hear. And, of course, their dance game is actively simple, and their outfits are winners (though I prefer their blacks), and … look, why aren’t more of you people behind Party Rockets? Continue reading


It’s a Bonus WTF Because I Miss PiGU

No, no, PiGU isn’t going anywhere — from what their Twitter feed looks like, they’re still doing auditions. It’s been a little while since Rino’s graduation, which I failed to get anything together for because reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love Osaka’s resident cosplay cafe pop punk idols (and supporters of the Best of 2016!).

I have been sort of hovering over their Twitter lately in the hopes of spying something new; yes, you could argue that “live video of the trio members” would count, but they’re still doing the familiar songs and I was hoping for a chance to do something a little more unique. Fortunately, they delivered!

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