I Have Further Proof of the Awesomeness of Minna no Kodomo-chan

Picture this: You’re taking a little adventure through YouTube, checking in on some favorites to see if anything slipped through the cracks, looking at recs on the off chance that there’s something that you’ve never seen before, and you see a definite favorite and feel like it can be a nice accompaniment … and then right there, staring you in the face, is a track that you didn’t know existed and isn’t even an official release but may as well be the Holy friggin’ Grail.

I of course refer to Minna no Kodomo-chan’s “I want to kill the morning”:

They also have the best song titles in the business

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Shuuengo Buppan Are Way too Peppy for Me This Morning

Did you guys hear the latest Soundcloud upload from Shuuengo Buppan yet?

I do not have the capacity for that much energy. “Oh, but Maniac,” you say, “it’s literal midsummer and isn’t life grand? Doesn’t this make you want to conquer the entire week?” Continue reading

Say, What Do You Think This New Shuuengo Buppan Song Is About?

The first thing about this new song from maybe the most exciting punk rock idol project debut in a long-ass time is that I probably enjoyed it the least out of everything they’ve put out so far, and it’s still a far cry better than a lot of what else winds up on the idol stage:

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Thanks, Minna no Kodomo-chan

We all have our personal idol favorites that maybe aren’t everybody else’s favorites. Maybe we need a word for it — “underoshi” or something — a term that captures the idols that just really speak to you, man, even if they don’t have (yet!) have great mass appeal.

I have a few of these, no I won’t list them, but Minna no Kodomo-chan is part of it. This little sucker’s from their fourth single, which … is out? yet? I can’t tell:


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Wow, PiGU Absolutely Crushed This One

I’ll admit it, I was getting kind of annoyed with Osaka’s favorite cosplay cafe pop punk idols lately — Rino graduates, Momokan graduates, a little bit of live video trickles onto YouTube, but very little of note gets out publicly and I start to get kind of concerned because PiGU used to be good for a fresh single at the very least every few months, with MVs coming along basically whenever, and I didn’t go and get myself all invested in such a project just to have it die a typical idol death! No I didn’t!

Well shut my big stupid mouth. This is friggin’ great:

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I’m Not Sure That I Expected This from Hissatsu Emomomomo

I have to stop and count the ‘mo’ every time

Anyway, obligatory “Codomomental should sue for royalties twice” joke, and then the video, followed by detail:

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You Guys Down with Attain Music?

I never really know what to make of Attain Music, truth be told. Every time they’ve done something worth mentioning, I’ve mostly enjoyed it, but I’ll be gosh darned if they don’t make it a little bit difficult. I guess very deliberately doing “kawaii rock” will have that effect.

Anyway, this sweet little ditty was part of the massive media dump that happened on Friday (still digging out!), and I wanted to give Peri Ubu’s old group another chance to show off:

I want you to imagine Peritan in this video

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Go Ahead and Get Stoked about HAMIDASYSTEM’s EP

You guys remember HAMIDASYSTEM, right? Because the few times that I’ve been able to share stuff about them, I’m all hype and giddy and you wonder what’s wrong with me even more than usual? Yeah? Okay great.

They’re putting out an EP, and of course that needs a lead track, and of course that means an actual MV instead of just live video, and I think you might dig it:

Thanks as always to Pure Idol Heart for being the guardian angel over us all

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This New Track from Panda Mic Is Pretty Fun

Oh wow, do you guys remember Panda Mic? That very deliberately black and white junior idol quintet was like a little refresher of very poppy punk at a time when it seemed like idol was losing the uniquely well-suited-to-it style a little bit.

Well, they’re back, celebrating their anniversary with a new track available via OTOTOY:

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I’m Indulging in These PiGU Videos Because

Good morning team! I’m going to tell you a little story: Yesterday, I was to return to Maniac Mansion after a fairly long trip away. Business! No big deal. But when I got to the airport to fly back, my flight was super delayed, meaning that I’d miss my connection, meaning that I needed different flights, meaning that I wasn’t going to be on the original timetable at all, and also meaning that what originally felt like a pretty accomplishable Thursday ahead was going to be a whole bunch of butt instead. Boo!

Fortunately, I remembered that PiGU had put out some additional pro-shot live video of some stuff that we’ve experienced recently, so I decided to just make a post about that because it made me feel a little better about being stuck in an airport way past the time when any human being who isn’t a Tom Hanks character should be.

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