So Many Things Change, But Zenkimi Remains Stalwart

Hold on to your butts, gang; digital-I-don’t-even-know-what-anymore-core masters Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, hot off of their last teaser that put their usual through a blender, have another one for us:

And only about an hour late because of a stupid commute!

Yes, you should first click the link in the tweet if the time is still within the window, and yes, the rules apply, but only for suckers: Continue reading

I Will Not Complain about Another Free Zenkimi Song

After yesterday’s introductory blast to NEORDER NATION, I definitely didn’t think we’d have another preview coming so fast, but here we are!

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Yeah, I’m Ready for “NEORDER NATION”

Nothing is as predictable as a Codomomental act teasing a good series of promo tracks ahead of their releases, and as soon as the “see you at 21:00” tweet happened the other evening, I created a placeholder for this post. Look how smart I am! Then they did a bunch of other announcements first, and boy did I have egg on my face! But you know what? Eggs are delicious.

But also, per the usual manipulation of Codomomental’s good faith and trust, what they’re saying is available for a couple of hours is actually our eternal plaything! If you can, of course click the link here, but know that goodies never really go away here at

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Here’s That New Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da MV

At long last*, the MV for Zenkimi’s latest single! True story: I started this post almost an hour ago, but a funny thing happens when you get onto Zenkimi’s YouTube channel, and that thing is that you get sucked into a very weird world and don’t necessarily have an easy way to navigate out. I was counting instances of the word “wazurai”, for goodness’s sake.

Oh right, the new MV!


Idols, take note of how to make an MV: Some normal action shots of the members doing their choreo thing in an acid-washed anime world is nice, but do intersperse them with short scenes telling the tale of four girls and their shrine, and the strange cyclopean** mutant who comes to visit and becomes their friend, only to face ugly hate and violence from the local bullies who must be chased away so that the girls and the mutant can have a slumber party moment together in the shrine!

It writes itself

Additional neat thing about going down a Zenkimi hole early in the morning? Because your brain is switched on to weirder things, you can really appreciate some of the little art touches in the visuals. I liked the highlighted weaponry, for instance!

Now they need to string a couple of these together. Codomomental isn’t a huge shop, and there are three killer idol projects to manage on top of milcboy and goodness knows what all else anymore, so leeway and perspective are important. It’s easy to get into a trap, not dissimilar to the one that BiSH (annoyingly) leads me into at the moment, in which musical choices heavy in the realm of familiar tropes (all aspects of Codomocore, really) become more off-putting than comfortable. The MV in that case can save the day! It’s also probably a sign that I need to get out more.

Anyway. You’re knockin’ ’em dead, Zenkimi. Godspeed to you and your repulsive friend.

*Not long at all!
**I know that’s not the appropriate use of the word, but I loved it so much in the sentence that I decided to violate even more rules of language than usual

Incomprehensible Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Song Titles, Ranked

I was bored yesterday, and I was thinking about the title of the new Zenkimi single, and I thought about how their song titles, even when they probably actually make perfect sense, often look and sound like some combination of gibberish and the results of giving a gaijin one of those live translation apps. In other words, if you let Maniac title songs!

So I went a-digging through Zenkimi’s surprisingly deep discography and pulled out a list. Like all of the ranks, it is neither exhaustive nor even particularly comprehensive, but is merely a ranking of titles relative to one another. Continue reading

This Is Going to Be a Great Zenkimi Single

I am very interested in the newest single coming from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, particularly because I want to see in which direction perhaps loudol’s greatest chameleons are going to go sound-wise after the settling-in of Kaqriyo Terror Architect and the return to form of Not Secured, Loose Ends. I bet you’d like to know, too! And good thing, because they dropped the teaser for said newest single this morning:

I wonder how Boss-san at Codomomental feels about these save-the-link-forever moments. I haven’t been blocked yet! Continue reading

I’m Very Interested in This New Zenkimi Single

More and more, because there’s an ever-increasing number of idol things to do and decreasing availability of ol’ Maniac when it comes to talking about them, I like to shunt announcements about singles and the like straight into the Weekender. There are exceptions, of course, based on either the general level of popularity of the project in question, or the importance of the release (so-and-so coming back! or final release! or something), but are announcements about new singles (and even most albums) really all that stupendous? They are not.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da is one of the regular exceptions. They aren’t the most popular of the idols that usually grace these pages, but they are fairly popular, and Codomomental as a company is probably the strong #2 in terms of chika-focused management companies. It’s a neat enough situation that, against all odds, the group who first caught attention by dropping a thunderous denpacore song on us and then graced it with an MV of human suffering and cannibalism has risen to the point that the things they do have real weight. Like, there are a handful of idols, period, who can count on their videos cracking the 100k boundary on the reg, and Zenkimi’s been doing that for a year.

Anyway, their sixth single is coming, and you should be aware of it for all of the right reasons, but knowing that also puts me into a contemplative mood. To whit:

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Exactly When Does Zenkimi Start to Get Boring?

What is this, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s 27th single in the past two years? (/checks) Oh, no, it’s only the fifth. I lose track!

So welcome to my ever-grinding conundrum, gang. I love Zenkimi with every little shred of my heart, but all of those releases eventually get wadded together in my brain, and I start to lose track of what’s what, and then I start to pay attention to the extremely bright video and wonder why each member’s signature weapon is animated into the thing, and it feels so familiar that I wonder why I’m enjoying it so much:

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Seven Minutes Enduring a Zenkimi Surprise

This is the life of the fancy idol blogger:

“Oh, all right, Zenkimi’s doing the announcement thing at the ass crack of dawn. Cool, cool. Maybe a song teaser? That’d be fun. … No, wait, that’s not the usual pattern for them, and they always say it’s a twitcast if it’s going to be a twitcast … OH GAWD NO, THIS IS IT, MASHIRO’S LEAVING, ISN’T SHE? THIS WAS HOW THEY TALKED ABOUT MENE. NO WAIT I BET IT’S YOTSU SHE WAS ALWAYS SO LAZY ABOUT IT.”

And then you remember that idol is the stupidest hobby in the world, easily the least rewarding, but also so fleetingly very rewarding: Continue reading

I Am Definitely Ready for Zenkimi’s New Single

Well, gang, the idol gods continue to smile upon us, and now it’s time to get our very first listen to the latest single from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. Previously untitled, it’s now “せきららららいおっと”, which I’m sure has a nice translation or at least a clean romanization, right? Anyway, enjoy.

You cats know the drill by now. Click through on the link in the tweet if the teaser window is still open, or click through here to access the track’s forever home. Continue reading