I Review Things: PassCode | ‘MISS UNLIMITED’

Covert art of Japanese idolcore digital EDM clubcore idol group PassCode's MISS UNLIMITED single

I never thought I’d review a single; I just didn’t see the point. And yeah, “MISS UNLIMITED” is listed on iTunes as an EP, but it’s three songs and an air vocals version of the title track, and that’s a single in my book.

So why would I bother reviewing this one? A lot of reasons, actually: Because there’s an ongoing discussion around whether idols other than Babymetal can achieve crossover success in the West; because PassCode is among the most cited and seen when newcomers go looking for “what else is like this”; because I felt like it; and so on.

This is PassCode’s major label debut. It’s available internationally via iTunes (and probably other mechanisms, too, eventually). It’s already available in Europe and soon will be in North America. This might not be going all-in, but it’s a move aiming at international audiences.

The question then becomes whether it’s actually any good.  Continue reading


And Here’s PassCode Like You’ve Definitely Never Seen Them (Probably)

In a week when we saw the first glimmer of PassCode leveraging their enormous potential with the resources and opportunity afforded by major label support, I think a trip down memory lane is warranted, don’t you?

Or maybe, more appropriately, it’s a trip down the memory hole; there are probably a few people at we-B Studios (and especially Universal Japan!) who’d prefer that we not see this side of PassCode … a PassCode that’s a little … different. Continue reading


Get Your First Listen to Every Track on ‘MISS UNLIMITED’

If you haven’t already ordered PassCode’s major debut maxi-single / EP thing, maybe this will convince you:

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Bellheart’s Shallow Grave with PassCode & Yurumerumo!

You may have heard about Bellring Girls Heart being gutted in the very near future when Ayano and Mizuho graduate, and the group going on a I-believe-it-this-time temporary hiatus before a very soft reboot next year.

What you may not have heard about is how they’re going to go out as vividly as possible.

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Pre-order ‘MISS UNLIMITED’, Win Prize

This is kind of a cool promo by PassCode:

Basically: Continue reading


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Wow, PassCode’s Kind of Going for It

As we saw yesterday, “MISS UNLIMITED,” PassCode’s debut major label single, sounds like we have a lot of PassCode’s best side to enjoy going forward as they take the next step in their career. And what does that next step look like?

Well, if the media that PassCode’s been sharing out is any indication, it might be pretty ambitious. Continue reading


PassCode’s Major Debut Is Gonna Be a Rocker

After sharing their updated look on Facebook the other day, I had a feeling that we were getting very, very close to the pre-release for PassCode’s major label debut single, “MISS UNLIMITED.” I was not disappointed.

There is a ton happening in this video!

It’s just the short version, but we’ll get the real deal soon (given how randomly the announcement was made about this yesterday, I almost think it got held up in editing). Continue reading


Here’s Your First Look at PassCode’s Live Concert DVD

We already knew that the “MISS UNLIMITED” extra special deluxe edition was going to contain a live DVD from the VIRTUAL tour final; now we know what that’s going to look like:

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PassCode’s Major Single Release Details

There are actually a number of awesome idol groups making the jump to major labels lately (and some expected to do so), and PassCode happens to be right near the front of the line. Not a bad two years’ work!

“Miss Unlimited” was announced a few weeks ago, but we finally have details. For instance, this art:

Nobody does cyber-dramatic quite like PassCode

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PassCode, Live, with a Band

This is the kind of thing that Nao was talking about, idols at rock festivals. Babymetal’s done it, Fruitpochette’s done it, ayumikurikamaki’s all over it lately, the Codomomental sisters will be at it soon … there’s growing respect for idols as vocal/visual performers (vocual?) that have enough flexibility to front anything if you ask nicely. It’s awesome.

Anyway! Here’s PassCode at the Inazuma Rock Fes earlier today. With a live band! And the vocals are really great without all of the added mixing, including Yuna more noticeably doing double duty than usual.

Whatever they’re paying Hina, double it.

“It’s about time!” curmudgeoned a bunch of curmudgeons who are too impatient to wait for PassCode’s major release tour (which will be 100 percent backed by a live band).