Please Make These Videos Available in All Countries, PassCode

You all can thank current Japan resident and former unofficial official translator of Phillter for bringing this impossible dream to light earlier today: Hey look! PassCode VEVO uploaded a bunch of live video from the MISS UNLIMITED Tour final at Studio Coast!

“How exciting!” you remark to yourself, only to remember that you live in a country where PassCode’s media doesn’t always extend. Nonetheless, you press play and —

Your mileage may vary, in other words

Because I feel like people who can’t view the videos deserve something for their trouble, here are two pieces of PassCode news! Continue reading

Yuna Is Ill; PassCode Will Forge On

And in one of the scariest curveballs that I’ve seen since I got into idol:

I did miss it, Brian and Rain, so thank you

The gist: Imada Yuna, who didn’t invent harsh vocals in idol but did manage to become the arguable popular standard bearer of the type, the bad-attitude id that forms almost an entire leg of PassCode all her own, had been unwell, and a medical examination turned up an ovarian cyst. She powered on for a while, but now the plan is for hospitalization and treatment and rest. She’ll be out a while, until the ZENITH tour officially kicks off on Nov. 10. Continue reading

If You Haven’t Heard the Digest for PassCode’s “ZENITH”, Now Is a Good Time

So amid all of the hubbub yesterday, I just plain up and missed the fact that PassCode, with the release of their ZENITH album just right around the corner, have officially put out the full album trailer:

For what it’s worth, they also added preview tracks to Soundcloud, but they weren’t available on U.S. or EU servers when I tried just now, so maybe it’s just a Japan thing, or maybe they’ll change the settings later, I dunno. Actually now available! Continue reading

Hey. HEY! PassCode’s Plural MVs Are Available

Me upon looking at Twitter notifications this morning: “Oh neat, PassCode’s going to release two MVs!”

Me upon clicking the YouTube links from the announcement: “REGION BLOCKING MUST DIE”

Me 35 seconds later, after going to Facebook instead: “OH GOOD OKAY”

Two for the price of one (free). First, the full version of “ONE STEP BEYOND”:

Continue reading

I Can’t Decide Which Is My Favorite Part of PassCode’s ‘ONE STEP BEYOND’ MV

Well, watch it first if you haven’t already:

I wasn’t expecting this kind of art direction at all! Continue reading

Here’s How to Get PassCode’s “ZENITH” Album

The hype machine is getting a pretty good warmup over the past week, you guys, as PassCode prepares their fans for their first major-label album:

It’s up for pre-order now, but the real winner there is the tracklist (I particularly like how exactly one song in 12 is titled in kana, but then explained in English in a parenthetical) and the implications from the DVD, which will include MVs for “ONE STEP BEYOND” (which sounds sick and is undoubtedly the lead for this) and “Same to you,” which I’m guessing is this album’s ballady number.* I’m also digging that this is mostly new, original material; with two singles and, what, five songs out since joining Universal, it’d be easy to just lean back on that for this album release, but there’s clear confidence in the material. Continue reading

Here’s the First Clip from PassCode’s New Album

Here’s a neat little treat: Yesterday, PassCode began the promotion for their ZENITH album with a radio play, presumably for the lead track (and the MV that could be coming along fairly shortly), “ONE STEP BEYOND.”

More than a few dutiful fans got the hell out there and recorded the sucker when it hit the airwaves; this is one of the cleaner versions.

Muchas gracias to Viz Major for the find

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PassCode’s First Major Album

Well hot damn, Monday, look at all the gifts you’re giving us! The weekend produced a good bit of cool new stuff, but this morning has been full of surprises great and small and isn’t even close to over yet, and here’s one that I didn’t even kind of see coming:

New PassCode album! A whole crapload of new music! DVD and other extras! I’m definitely going to order it! I’m also tempted to say something about the title and whether we should be concerned about the ongoing future of PassCode, but naw, it’s probably nothing. There’s a new album coming! Continue reading

Here’s PassCode’s Full ‘bite the bullet’ MV

This is nice! I was hoping for something new/ish from one of the bigger players in the scene today, just to keep things interesting if nothing else, and PassCode, bless your heart, you delivered.

Because this is via Facebook, there’s none of the region blocking of the YouTube version, which I’m sure is also nice:

Thanks, John

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PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet’ Is Partway Here

We heard the trailer for “bite the bullet” last week, and, in addition to being more than ready to hear PassCode’s second major label single, I was also nervous that region blocking would kind of ruin the party for those of us in North America (we weren’t able to pre-order, for instance).

No such problems with the video’s short version!


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