Inside the Homicidol Mind: The Unassuming Heart of BiSH

Hot off the heels of those great interviews with Aina and liNGliNG, the same translator (who you should follow and praise) provides another IDOL AND READ sit-down with a BiSH member, in this case maybe the greatest enigma of all, Momoko GUMi Company.

From afar, she’s the tiny blonde girl with the bowl cut who can barely be bothered to lip-sync and always winds up being the butt of Watanabe’s cruelty. But what about on the inside? What would possess a total newbie to want to join BiSH? What was it like to join an idol group laden with talent? Who is she closest to? What is it that she’s writing about in her songs, and why are those songs always so good? Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: Don’t Fear the liNGliNG

After that really interesting, at-times-heartbreaking interview with Aina the End, the IDOL AND READ features on the BiSH members (and others!) have taken on a kind of urgency as must-read items.

As for liNGliNG, objectively one of the weirdest-seeming people in idol? What makes her tick? Who are her favorite idols? What about BiS vs. BiSH? The stage performance? Continue reading


BiSH’s ‘Orchestra,’ Live, with an Orchestra

Well, not exactly an orchestra, but a whole bunch of strings on stage at the Less Than SEX tour pre-final the other day.

Momoko’s real commitment to not actually singing live is becoming legendary

Continue reading


The Nirvana Allusions Won’t Abate: BiSH NEVERMiND Tour

They named their fan club after an iconic song and are actually releasing albums at an even faster clip than grunge’s most “better to burnt out than fade away” irony headliners, so of course today’s obligatory BiSH post covers their early-2017 tour:

You can see the whole schedule here. It’s a much shorter tour than anything they’ve done in 2016, and thank goodness — they could all use a break. Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: The End Is Nigh

So BiSH is kind of on fire lately; have they even had a hiccup in their 19-month existence? And as we’ve seen around the release of KiLLER BiSH, they’re a big-ass deal now.

Befitting of idols, the personalities involved are attractive in their own right. The Captain, Chitti; Atsuko and her goofy prickliness; liNGliNG and the collection of human ears she keeps in her purse being legitimately strange; and, of course, the group’s center and one of the true power voices in idol, #THEENDER, Aina the End.

Ever wonder where her career really got started? How she feels about Chitti and the others? What about BiS? The most recent edition of IDOL AND READ went there. Continue reading


BiSH’s Very Earnest New Video Is Killer

See what I did there?

“Honto Honki” (本当本気) got the MV treatment on KiLLER BiSH release day, and it’s pretty much got it all.

That moment when a million hearts shatter as one …

Back on the ol’ review, I described the song as “Bowling for Soup playing disco after listening to Suicidal Tendencies for a few hours,” and I’ll stick with it! If it were arranged or even mixed just a little bit differently, you’d have either a playful party romp or a face-stomper, and instead of either you get full-throttle energy on a song that sounds so very sweet. So … earnest?

Nice star turn, too, AYUNi D. You actually managed to upstage Aina!

Also, same director as for “Deadman”? Not dissimilar visual styles. No, actually as “MONSTERS”:

Oh, and I’m just going to keep updating this with thoughts and stuff and keep no log of that. Sorry.


You Too Can Smell Like Teen Spirit for an Annual Fee

In celebration of the release of the (excellent) KiLLER BiSH first major-label album, BiSH has announced the formation of their first official fan club, Smells Like Teen Spirits.

As a big BiSH fan, of course I am interested! What ever does this incredible opportunity entail? Continue reading


BiSH Is the Queen of All Media Apparently

Two quick bits of news that are fun and get back to that point I was making in the JAM recap, that BiSH is just stupidly on fire.

The first is, they have their own radio show now! Other than Yura in Guso Drop and the Reina/Ayano thing that Bellring Girls Heart does, I can’t think of another of these, nor of one of quite this scope.

Continue reading


BiSH Cannonball #3 Ready to View

Parts 1 and 2 in the strange competition recap sort of implied the rules of the game, and we kind of understand some of BiSH’s bizarre adventures. For Part 3 … well, famous people and penises and karaoke and stuff.

Can’t wait for Part 4 next week!


BiSH Cannonball, Episode 2

I hope you all saw Episode 1 of the, uh, clear-as-mud members-vs-members competitive distance/cash/human avoidance race that is the BiSH Cannonball Run. Otherwise, there is no context for this at all and I have other things to do and will not re-link everything!