BiS Is Kicking off the New Year with a New Song

What a lovely surprise for Saturday morning! Though the track had existed on Soundcloud for a little while, BiS waited until 2017 had officially begun in Japan to drop another free song+download on us, this one “SAY YES,” presumably from the upcoming RE:STUPiD:

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We Can Build BiS by Paying off on a Stupid Joke I Made Months Ago

Once upon a time, this happened:

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BiS Will Set the Record for Shortest Time Before Its Second Album

I actually don’t think that title’s true. I just didn’t want to put the inflammatory stuff there.

Well, kids, I hope none of you were hoping to ask out any BiS members around Valentine’s Day, because they already have plans: They’ll be promoting their second album.

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It’s Already Friday for Much of the World, So Let’s Get #NewIdolArmy Started

Well, team, today’s the day that we turn social media black and white in honor of BiS. Why do we do it? Because so much of what we love probably wouldn’t even exist if BiS hadn’t come into the world six years ago, hadn’t run roughshod over idol for three-point-five years and gone out on their own terms. What they spawned, that’s all the fun and drama that we hold dear.

And they’re back! Only Pour Lui still persists from the original lineups, but it’s still BiS, and goodness knows what happens from here. Their music, their antics, the sheer force of personality involved, it’s all thrilling. We’re living a moment here, people.

And that’s what #NewIdolArmy is all about. Japan has been celebrating the return of BiS since Brand-new Idol Society 2 dropped on Wednesday (two consecutive top-20 days on Oricon!), and BiS and WACK are basking in that domestic glow. But we, as international fans, we can show our love, too, and that’s what #NewIdolArmy is all about.

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What Are You Doing Tomorrow for #NewIdolArmy?

I told you that I was gonna hump the hell out of this! And hump I shall. Yes, friends, tomorrow is the big day, the day we turn social media black and white in honor of the return of BiS. Your shirts, hats, print-outs, profile pictures, banners and so help us all whatever else you come up with will go right toward BiS, making a gigantic statement that we might not be in Japan, but we’re out in support and please come tour our countries!.

Download the poster! And go read Brian’s original post!

For if you want to turn your own Twitter/Facebook/whatever profiles IDOL:

And remember, we’re trying to organize a similar effort for PassCode’s “MISS UNLIMITED” and seeking feedback!

I’m going to open a thread in the Idolmetal group in the wee hours of Friday morning, and everyone who isn’t on Twitter is encouraged to post their pics there; I’ll move them to Twitter along with any short message you want to send.

And if you are on Twitter, remember to include @BiSidol when you’re showing off your pics!

And regardless of media, remember to include #NewIdolArmy!

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It’s BiS Day! Celebrate Today; Prepare for Friday

First, I must acknowledge this: Many people are excited about BiS’s first release after the BiSurrection, but nobody has been as excited as Rino here:

Like every day for at least two weeks! That’s a fan.

Anyway, yes, BiS is officially back, with an album to prove it. That album is out today; it seems to be available on various digital services in places other than Japan, so pick it up on the platform of your choice if that’s your wont, or hold out for that international physical release.

If you’re like “stop with the BiS already, Maniac,” I will direct you to this nice joint by the Number 244 for New School Kaidan. Like or love or hate BiS, the fact remains that they were and are very important.

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A Week from Today, We Become the New Idol Army

Our dear friend Brian would like to invite everybody to participate in a day of celebration, appreciation and notification for BiS following the release of Brand-new Idol Society 2 next week.

BiS are after all, Exhibit A of the New Idol Revolution, the shot heard around the world, and the first inductees in the Alt-Idol Hall of Fame. There’s a solid case that most of the new idol music that’s currently sweeping us off our feet wouldn’t exist without them, and we need to get to the church on time and them know that we know it.

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That Sound You Heard Was a Bunch of J-rock Fanboys Falling to Pieces

Sorry, I was just trying to gussy up the title without being completely on the nose.

Anyway! While we’re on the subject of collaborations, in a bit of news that feels both significant and not so all at the same time, BiS is going to be squaring off against/performing with the guaranteed-to-be-recommended-to-your-friend-who-just-got-into-Babymetal Gacharic Spin on December 14.

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BiS’s Latest New Track Is Nothing Special

Man, sometimes you make a bad pun, and then you make a bad pun that completely kills a lede, you know? Here’s the latest album teaser from Brand-new Idol Society 2:

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BiS out to Change the World: First New BiS MV

I kinda had a feeling this one was coming:

BiS – CHANGE the WORLD [OFFiCiAL ViDEO] by Papi_Sasazaki

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