If I Could Give a Cool Fist-bump to PassCode Right Now, I’d Do It

I had hoped that PassCode would continue to do a very smart thing and have a fresh release ready for their series of shows with rock bands, and it looks like smart things continue to be decided, as a new single, “Ray”, will be hitting stores on May 23:

I like this. I like the cover art that reminds me of crossing up Massive Attack with Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle (enjoy). I like that it’s being timely without trying to be exclusive about it. I even like how they were apparently so pressed to make a press deadline that they couldn’t even decide on the titles of the B-sides for each version! Continue reading

The MOMOLAND Saga Ends in Withdrawal

For the last couple of days, folks around the Idolsphere have been quite concerned regarding the whereabouts of BiS member Momo, who had disappeared from public view after apparently being seen getting on an airplane. Because it’s BiS and therefore WACK, and because it’s potentially serious business, I wasn’t going to immediately suspend justifiable disbelief and run with it, but it turns out that Momo did in fact go AWOL, and has in fact withdrawn from the group:

Fatigue. Understandable. Good luck to you, Momo!

This Phantom Kiss Is Like a Punch in the Teeth. Fantastic.

May the most chthonic of ancient deities bless us all! Yes, friends, it’s another Tsurezure song preview morning!

As usual, it’s a two-hour shindig; as usual, because they never say not to, we prefer to flaunt the rules around here. Continue reading

BiSH Have Become the Queens of All Media

I sometimes wonder about what really goes on in Watanabe’s head. The person he portrays is a callous, free-wheeling imp who functions largely through a Hegelian series of resolutions of superego and id, but I think it’s pretty clear that the Watanabe who traps girls on islands and makes people go on morning fun runs just to prove their mettle, who forces idol icons to sleep in a car and eat nothing but rice, is in many ways an idol himself; Watanabe (just like Homicidol Maniac!) is a persona more than a person, and so the very essence of what he puts on is not in fact the rotten-egg target posing as manager of BiS and BiSH and EMPiRE and GANG PARADE, but at the very least a calculating, deliberate mind*. Anybody who’s ever read or seen Hamlet knows that playing the fool frees one to expose so many more truths, after all.

Now, I don’t think that Watanabe is quite up to Shakespearean standards, but he is a performance artist in his own right, with human emotion and maybe even an entire industry** as his media. The thing about artists, though, is that they still need to get paid, and getting paid can get complicated, so you wind up with situations like BiSH’s song to promote something called KIRIN LEMON:

There of course can be discussion around whether the SCRAMBLES sound, or the WACK approach in general, has in fact entered freely into the mainstream, and how it obviates the very notion of the “alt” edifice that they largely created, but that’s not this moment. No, right now it’s about the various things that BiSH in particular is doing to make some lucre. Continue reading

I Hope This Gets More Eyes on KissBeeWEST

I had referred to a big glut of material that Pure Idol Heart shared the other day, and this is I think the last thing to feature from it. Remember KissBeeWEST? You should, because they’re significantly good and also from Osaka, and idol things from the Kansai region are at least 20 percent better, on average, than idol things from other regions. Something in the water, I guess.

KissBeeWEST, currently sitting at I think five regular members and three “researcher” members, are doing what many an idol does this time of year, which is to release a single, and in this case are actually doubling down on the good and letting it rip:

Here are the details and lyrics (and a reminder that Japan can turn even so macabre an image as a girl cradling a skull into a kawaiidol experience): Continue reading

Yeah, New C-Style (Video)!

Pure Idol Heart sent me this whole smorgasbord of stuff, just about all of which is going to get some kind of treatment as time becomes available, but I wanted to call out this new MV from C-Style because, uniquely among legitimate chika veterans, this may be an established, fairly well-known group that would benefit from my 2018 resolution to elevate unknown idols more. I don’t post about them much because most of their activity is local, but I usually don’t hesitate at the moments when they’re easy to share.

What you should know about C-Style: They used to have many more members, they like to enter every meaningful idol competition, they are very traditional in the sense that they appear and perform dang near anywhere, the members’ spines are made of pipe cleaners, and they can rock out with the very best of them.

This is a new MV (because membership?) for a not-new song:

Idolcore is so weird sometimes, you guys

Continue reading

Behind the Scenes with Bonpara

This is super neat, you guys! Bonnou Paradox, the idols making the level best effort to directly replace Guso Drop in the chikasphere, released this pretty comprehensive mini-documentary from the making of their “NO=LIMIT” video and accompanying time:

You know what’s great about dual monitors and private work spaces? Being able to let this play with impunity, seeing how the sausage gets made, while still analyzing data from program audits!

Banner updated!

Minna no Kodomo-chan Is Ready to Break Out

Underdog Corenament victors Minna no Kodomo-chan seem hell-bent on becoming more than just another cool project littering the Shibuya scene. Their first full-length album, World Without Walls (Kabe no nai sekai), is coming in May. There’s nothing to hold on to just yet, but oh man, the cover art alone is filling me with dreadticipation:

And those photos!

Continue reading

This Vivid Chicken MV Really Takes Me Back

I’m going to go ahead and say that one of my favorite newer idol projects is definitely Vivid Chicken, in case you couldn’t tell. And, friends, I’m going to go ahead and also say that my mind was far from idol yesterday until auhby (bless you) tweeted to make sure that I’d seen this one:

It ain’t new, but it’s new to me, and thank heavens for it. Continue reading


It’s good to see that Daichi’s keeping busy during his retirement. We’ve heard it in snippet form, but now here’s “Seisan Kakkei” from the white version of HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI’s double single “±0”:

Tell me if there’s something that I’m missing as to why it’s called “equilateral triangle”

I swear it, Himegoto exists just to force people into those uncomfortable moments. Unless, of course, four minutes of unbroken eye contact with a complete stranger is something that you’re into. I don’t judge! Continue reading