The (Great) New PassCode Song Is after the Old-new PassCode Songs

I like to tease PassCode, mostly because I really like them, and good-natured ribbing of one’s nearest-or-at-least-dearest is a time-honored tradition. How many hours of raw enjoyment did I wring out of their first two albums and accompanying singles, and how formative were they in my more natal Maniac period? Much, is the answer. So yes, I made fun of Locus a little bit, only to reverse course and decide that yeah, it’s probably going to be hot, and … well, the fuller trailer’s here, showing off those re-recordings with far more gusto, and if you skip toward the last 30 or so seconds … Continue reading

What You Got for Us, Bonpara?

Well, it’s this song! I’m in a hurry, and details are scant (though go follow Bonpara on Soundcloud), and John already did it, so. However, when you listen to it, tell me if you also come to the conclusion that the writer was at the very least heavily influenced by Parallel/PLIC PROCK/amphetamines.

I have been a big supporter and follower of 煩悩Paradox since pretty much the beginning. When they restructured the group from a three girl unit to a five girl unit it was a move in the right direction. Now we get to finally listen to what seems to be a CD ready song.

via 煩悩Paradox – 世ツ討ち (Soundcloud) — Straight From Japan

I Want to Say That Wagamama Rakia’s New Single Is Pretty Good

You may know by now that “Trash?” is out, in stores, at venues, etc.:

I kept hoping that the release would coincide with an obligatory MV release; Wagamama’s starting to push up and out more, gaining followers and attaching to other notables in the chika world, so it made sense (to me) to make a bit more of the release, try to generate some buzz, etc. What they teased out today does not obviate a possible video for the A-side, and it’s a nice preview nonetheless! Continue reading

This PSYBOU KANOJO Return Is a Cruel Tease

Imagine my reaction when I saw this:


How Is Kaqriyo Terror Architect So Good?

Two hours, yada yada. You know that you can listen to this —

— whenever you want. Continue reading

(Pre-)Buy PassCode, (Maybe) Win (Signed) Poster

A very special delivery from PassCode HQ:

I am yet to win this despite twice trying in the past, though I do not suspect that it’s rigged against anybody other than me. Good luck, Hackers! Unless you live in North America, in which case you need to wait a few more days!

Were You Interested in Broken By The Scream Lyrics?


It doesn’t matter if you’re pro, con or agnostic on Broken By The Scream; they’re becoming increasingly popular in a relatively short time, with 80,000 (and counting) views of their most recent MV and literally hundreds of Facebook shares of that harsh vocals demo video of Io’s. While they’re still coming up in Japan, they’re catching on at a by-percentage faster clip among gaijin scum like us for sure.

A very helpful fan decided that we could stand to acquire some meaning from BBTS’s lyrics, and translated them! Specifically, the entirety of Screaming Rhapsody. Terry shared them in the group, and now I am sharing them with you! Continue reading

GANG PARADE Broke the Ability to Metaphor

Ages ago, back when I was planning out how I wanted to do this idiotic project, I wrote out a series of topics that I thought were worth discussing. It’s worth noting that said editorial outline ultimately turned into nothing because I had grossly underestimated the size and complexity of just this little corner of the Idolverse, and I wasn’t ever going to have time to make a lot of those pieces happen. Noting that, however, I can still say that I had wanted to do a pre-most-WACK-things post on the general career arc of one Watanabe Junnosuke, questioning whether it was skill or luck that had gotten him through (at the time) OG BiS, OG BiSH and OG Pla2POP.

So! GANG PARADE made “BREAKING THE ROAD” official today:

Continue reading

PassCode Songs, Ranked

Another new feature that I’ve been dying to bring to ol’ is another one that fellow Deadspin readers may appreciate. Just to get this out of the way: It’s meant to be funny, you guys, not to be taken deathly seriously.

  1. “TRACE”
  2. “Club Kids Never Die”
  3. “Toxic”
  4. “Now I Know”
  6. “rise in revolt”
  7. “Never Sleep Again”
  8. “Orange”
  10. “Nextage”
  11. “XYZ”
  13. “Same To You”
  14. “Asterisk”
  15. “Let the revelry begin”
  16. “Dream Maker”
  17. “affair”
  18. “bite the bullet”
  19. Being hit by a bus
  20. “from here”

Idol Death Ska, You Say?

Would it be rude of me to say that Candye Syrup gets a weird automatic reaction from me? And by “automatic reaction,” I mean “how a person reacts when someone runs up to you with a weird look on their face and saying ‘Dude, smell this.'” It’s kind of a crapshoot! They’ve managed to hit material so far out of the park that Frank Thomas would be impressed, and they’ve struck out in ways that would make Mark Reynolds blush*. So imagine my initial excitement over seeing that an MV (!) for a song called “IDOL DEATH SKA !?” (!) was out and ready for me, and how that excitement was immediately followed by the same face that idols make when they reach into the Mystery Box that, at best, has a frog in it.

I am unfamiliar with the band Castaway and its guitarist, Yossy, who wrote this song, but I saw the words “melodic” and “punk” put together in such a way that the first was meant to modify the second, and it made sense even before I’d made it past the first few bars. It helps to be prepared, you know? Continue reading