100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 52: Lull

It’s clear that, following an international tour and then a whole bunch of stuff back home in Japan, the members of Yukueshirezutsurezure are down to take it a little bit easy ahead of their next storm to come. Yes, even Cococo, who wore her best whites, or perhaps wanted her rapidly whitening front half to appear as clothing, to complain about needing a nap after a little too much to eat:

Guzzling fish from the briny deep with do that to you, Co-cubed. Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 51: Knitted

The denizens of Not Secured, Loose Ends have themselves a show at Shibuya eggman coming up, so that’s the main right-now topic of Twittering:

Meanwhile, Co3 is feeling a little awkward about this latest attempt to reaffirm her humanity, this in the form of socks that I believe were gifted by Shidare: Continue reading


Here’s the First Clip from PassCode’s New Album

Here’s a neat little treat: Yesterday, PassCode began the promotion for their ZENITH album with a radio play, presumably for the lead track (and the MV that could be coming along fairly shortly), “ONE STEP BEYOND.”

More than a few dutiful fans got the hell out there and recorded the sucker when it hit the airwaves; this is one of the cleaner versions.

Muchas gracias to Viz Major for the find

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 50: Radius

We’ve reached the halfway point. I’m so sorry.

Today, Official returned to Twitterdom by sharing that they’re doing photography for the artwork for the untitled third single:

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If You Wanted to Catch Yourself a BiSH Live, This Is a Good Chance

Go ahead and raise your hand if you’re a BiSH fan. Most of you, right. Good for you! Literally! Because at a typically inconvenient-for-outside-of-Japan time on Wednesday, they’re going to be doing a live on Nico Nico in honor of the release of GiANT KiLLERS:

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 49: Cordial

It was fan meetup day in the Codomomentalverse, and of course Not Secured, Loose Ends was not only there, but in their finest:

(so was Zenkimi, if you’re interested)

The members’ takes? Continue reading


It’s a Strawberry Painkiller Kind of Day

It may surprise you to learn that I usually prefer my idols to be a little on the unconventional side. I know! Crazy. But ever since Strawberry Painkiller first came into my life, I’ve had what you might describe as a heightened level of interest around this rather unique idol+band+ project.

Why? I’ll be damned if I can put a finger on it. Yeah, the sound hits me right in the cockles of my heart, and I love the aesthetic and attitude, and Ichigo is a rather compelling person. I guess those are reasons. But if you were to ask, I’d probably shrug. “I enjoys it,” I’d say in my best Bobby Boucher impersonation. Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurzure, Day 48: Respite

Somebody must have gotten to Cococo, because this is consecutive days when it looks like she’s striving for humanity. Yesterday, watermelons; today, a bento box for tomorrow’s fan thingy.

Komachi, perhaps out of a sense of satisfaction and perhaps for a breather, put on a period-appropriate hat …

… and hit up a classic car show, revisiting what may be her greatest personal interest. Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 47: Chrysalis

Go ahead and figure out this one, you guys. After Komachi’s (imaginary) dive into the Tokyo sewer system to locate the transmogrifying Cococo, the penguin-stricken subject emerged earlier to … go on a legendary discussion about watermelons with her fans:

Honestly, it just begins there. Her feed is currently a wonder of summertime fruit enjoyment and her verification as being aware of Kenny’s murderer.

The (imaginary) hunt left Komachi exhausted, though: Continue reading


Non Idols On

How about that for a title, huh? It actually undersells the whole, but I don’t know of very many people who don’t dig on ex-DEEP GIRLer Non. She’s back, in case you couldn’t tell, and not in the way that she tended to pop up here and there for her random jazz vocals and the like — no, she’s back, with a posse, doing something that I’ve legit never seen before.

This is the group:

Which I surprised to see when Trigger Warning shared it with me yesterday, and then it popped up in the group — I’ve been seeing Candye Syrup something-or-other for a long-ass time, which their Twitter profile confirms, seeing as they go back almost two year at this point, and have historically rubbed elbows with a lot of our idol mainstays because it’s a, uh, hair salon.

Anyway, this is a big ol’ step into the unknown. In addition to Non and her mouth piercings doing yume-kawaii, they’ve managed to take that whole image and not super-idol it the way Rinahamu’s various projects tend to; no, they took yume-kawaii and made it nasty:

Of course, they won’t exclusively do that and will dabble, but sweet holy moses, I love this juxtaposition of pastels and cotton candy and screaming. I love it mucho. Also trying to figure out how many of those members are people that I know from other things, because I swear that it’s more than just Non. OH WELL.