Screaming Sixties Previewed a New Song?

Let this be a lesson to you: I am dumb and other people are smart. The answer to the question posed in the title is “No! Gah, learn Japanese!” Scroll down to the comments for actual real true things.

“Say, what is Zekkyou up to these days?” I asked nobody in particular while scrolling through Twitter to avoid listening to my old boss make the same spiel I’ve heard her make roughly 17,000 times. A few clicks later …

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Screaming Sixties Took to the Sea for a Very Small Number of Fans

So like one of those awful “legends of X” cruises!

Newer people, welcome to the wild, wonderful world of Screaming Sixties. Yes, they of the 6:00 a.m. performances, of what must be the busiest schedule in idol, decided to kick off their second anniversary celebration in style by holding a very limited show for some of their most dedicated fans.

Like 10 of them. On the beach.

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Here Are Some Highlights from the Sekigahara Idol Wars

Man, you guys are getting loaded down with awesome free concert footage lately. First glimpses at Idol 2.0’s work, and now the Sekigahara Idol Wars have been putting up an absolute ton of sets from this past weekend.

Until the tweets started to fly last week, I’d never even really heard of the Sekigahara Idol Wars, but it’s clearly a lot of fun and maybe kind of a TIF precursor (and more on TIF coming up soon!). While there were plenty of “regular” idols performing, some of our favorites joined in on the fun and showed why we care. Continue reading


There Are Now No Excuses for Not Knowing Screaming Sixties

The Idol 2.0 team is currently in Japan, and this is just one of the several lives they’re recording and will eventually be available for us to enjoy with none of the expense or inconvenience!

Oh right: Screaming Sixties=boss.


To Screaming Sixties: Whatcha Doin’?

It looks like somebody’s in the booth!

What was it I said about a month ago? “Gotta love the workrate of idols“? If Screaming Sixties are recording even more new material, might we have an album to look forward to in the not-too-distant future?

I will say this: To an idol outsider who’s used to the “we’ll get out something genuinely new every couple of years” pattern of a lot of noteworthy Western bands, if that, the way that groups just keep firing away feels almost like an arms race. The difference in this case being that, instead of MAD, everybody wins.


The New Screaming Sixties Single Is Fantastic

Gotta love the workrate of idols. We just talked about this a couple of days ago:

It’s not a driving power anthem like “Only Place We Can Cry,” but it’s a very smart song. Fans aren’t going to dislike it, but it’s very accessible — other than the almost Venom-esque intro and outro, its nearest analogue to me is PassCode’s “Axis,” which is kind of amazing but I’ll take it (nice guitar solo, too!). Good move, Screaming Sixties.

And is that girl in the video Maina from Osaka Shunkashuto? Seriously.


2016 Homicidols Corenament Aftermath

You guys are crazy. Absolutely crazy. And not just the regular group of weirdos — who are the hundreds of people who swooped in over the last couple of weeks to vote for their favorite songs and artists? Amazing. I’m literally touched.

As we learned, Kamen Joshi was just too much for anybody to handle; once the Mask Girls themselves got involved and asked their legions of loyal fans to intervene, their victory was basically ensured. BiSH, who are rapidly approaching untouchable status in their home country, probably won the Western portion of the vote, but their management didn’t provide the same kind of support as others, and they fell.

In our make-up consolation round, The Spunky made an effort to get the fans out, and they were able to turn the tide against Screaming Sixties, who I think won the vote among site regulars but definitely got a nice boost from some of them, too — catchy is catchy, kids. Continue reading


2016 Homicidols Corenament Final

OMG IT’S FINALLY OVER! Thanks to everybody who voted, shared, commented and contributed. What a rush.

Congratulations to Kamen Joshi for mustering one of the most genuinely touching GOTV efforts I ever could have imagined, and congratulations to their fans in Japan and around the world who proudly repped the Mask Girls. You cared!

There’s no shame in being #2 to that. BiSH, you had a great run, seriously providing a ton of drama and ripping out hearts every step of the way. Come back hungrier next year!

And in our match for #3, The Spunky prevailed over Screaming Sixties. Both of our punk units turned heads throughout and will no doubt get a lot of attention going forward.

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New Screaming Sixties Is Coming

Hold on to your butts, kids. The most punk thing in idol is ready to unload.

Our Japanese-capable friends can clarify, but that looks like a two-song disk on the way from Screaming Sixties on May 25. If they can get near the quality of this monster, we definitely have something to be excited about.

On and there’s apparently a video on the way, too, in case you missed it. 🙂


2016 Homicidols Corenament Round 2 Preview

Round 2 is now open!

Wasn’t the first round fun? Also educational? I got pinged a few times by people excited to be learning about new idols to follow — that’s the whole idea!

The actual Round 2 post will go live at 0:00 EDT tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23. This preview is to give everybody a chance to consider the match-ups and make some BOLD PREDICTIONS. Continue reading