Punk up Wednesday with ‘Nakisou Sunday’

Its release was probably just a formality, a matter of “when” rather than “if” after they pre-released the track on iTunes a couple of weeks ago, but here’s Billie Idle’s MV for “Nakisou Sunday”:

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I’m Promoting This Billie Idle Show Because I Feel Like It

I’ve been feeling Billie Idle a-plenty lately, largely because they’re putting a fairly quiet summer behind them and prepping for another album release. One song from it is already out, and we may as well all just have a nice little dose of throwback punk rock idols on a boring-ass Tuesday.

These three videos are from their set at MUSIC CIRCUS over the weekend.

I think these are in order

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Billie Idle Released a Preview Single for “bi bi bi bi bi” and It’s Great

In one a great little under-the-radar move, Billie Idle quietly tweeted out this announcement about the immediately availability of “Nakisou Sunday” on iTunes:

Clicking through doesn’t get you much closer to the download, as it’s not only on iTunes, but the dreaded Japanese iTunes that you have to bend over backwards to use. I, however, am such a nice guy that I reconfigured my iTunes a little while back and not only downloaded the song … Continue reading


Track List and Album Art for Billie Idle’s “bi bi bi bi bi”

While we still haven’t seen the face of the group’s newest addition and poor Noni just had to do their radio show by herself, Billie Idle continues to grind away. Following on the news of the release of bi bi bi bi bi, they’re back with album art:

Cover for Japanese idol punk group Billie Idle's bi bi bi bi bi album

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An Absolute Ton of Billie Idle News

They do tend to make splashes when they make news, don’t they? Do you want the bad news or the mixed news or the good news first?

OK GREAT! So Yasui Yahui (their Paul, basically) is in fact done with Billie Idle. “Honorable retirement” is how Google calls it.

But this is part of the WACK family that we’re talking about; OF COURSE they already have her replacement lined up. The problem is that I can’t make heads or tails of the translated sentence excepting that she has some prior connection to Momo, so I hope somebody can give it a helpful look It’s Momo’s sister, Akira! (Thanks, Sean!). She’ll debut first in front of Idle Fellas, then at the JAMxNatalie Expo a month from now.

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Something Pun Idle Billie Idle Something Pun

Bad news for you Billie Idle fans: Yasui Yahui is out indefinitely with “illness,” which is starting to become code for “gone like forever without actual explanation.”


Maybe it’s no big deal, maybe Billie Idle will have their first actual membership issue after two years (that is, ever), maybe somebody will wise up and send First Summer Uika back to the loud-mouthed chaotic bosom whence she sprang perfect as the goddess Athena herself.


Say, isn’t Billie Idle due to release another EP or something soon? Seems like they do that quarterly.


Billie Idle’s New Video Is a Blast from the Past

I complained this morning that idol Twitter was super noisy, but nothing of consequence was going on. Then I was driving to work and stuck in traffic and gave it another look and saw Billie Idle was busy and:

Oh, this is gonna be great.
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Because Something, Billie Idle’s EP Is Cooler Now

As previously reported, punk idols Billie Idle have a cool EP in production, one that features one solo song per member, which has to be some kind of record for idols in general. And I think those plans are the same, but now the title of the thing is different, as reflected in this subtly cool cover.

Cover art for Billie Idle's EP 4-in-1 The Official Bootleg

As explained here if you have access to a translator (or me), the name of the albumlet is being changed from 4 in 1 to 4 in 1 The Official Bootleg, which is right up there with Steal this Book in terms of tasty little jabs.

Not huge news, but I liked it, and Billie Idle deserves more coverage on here.


This Would Have Been Awesome: Report Back from ‘Brand New Idle Society’

I am aggravated. First this show was definitely happening, and then “it didn’t,” and then the “IDLE IS DEAD” tour was announced and that’s cool, but: Look, that BiS reunion concert definitely happened (in December), and it looks like it was really great, and I’m going to try to hunt down some video to see just how great, but man alive, the perils of trying to follow things in another country through the fog of Google Translate and limited media in your own language.

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New EP on the Way from Billie Idle®

If the Twitter (and news sites, and Watanabe Junnosuke, and and) is to be believed, Billie Idle® has just wrapped up recording on a four-song EP featuring solo songs by each member:

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