Oshi Digest #10: Invitation

I cannot believe that I might get a chance to meet Oshi live and in-Transdimensional Undead Demigod. What an incredible privilege, even if the rumors are true (they are not; Oshi doesn’t wear makeup). There hasn’t been an official-official announcement yet, but I’ve been assured that one is forthcoming. I can also imagine that Oshi is absolutely brimming with anticipation of devouring so very many souls.

Look at this goddess:

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The Sum of All Fears: NECRONOMIDOL in the United States

Years-long droughts. Catastrophic wildfires. City-leveling earthquakes. Kaiju-jaeger battles. Ever-present threats of falling into the sea. Apocalypses that reshape entire continents. Smashmouth. Harvey Weinstein. These threats loom over the daily lives of the residents of the U.S. West Coast, often becoming all too real.

And NECRONOMIDOL hasn’t even gotten there yet.

Yes, friends, it’s likely old news for many of you by now, or maybe some of you are still emerging from shock, or maybe even others will need for you to revive them, guy, so go help your buddy, but Necroma is coming to the United States, confirmed by the Big Man himself (Ricky, that is, not the Abrahamic conception of deity), apparently to prove that there is no good or mercy in the universe, as the unofficial Year of the Natural Disaster is now going to have to contend with the physical arrival of the Darkness Girls. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #8: Pylon

One of the genuinely great things about NECRONOMIDOL is their staying power: Risaki and Sari, who is the Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com thanks to her dominant performance in Queen of the Scene, have both been there for three years and counting, and Hina for two, and the whole project feels not just solid, but still growing. That’s awesome. And Oshi agrees!

Just look at these goddesses:

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What Manner of Evil Is This?

Hey, did you know that NECRONOMIDOL was almost a different thing? There were lots more members at one point! John’s got this neat feature on the earliest of early iterations of the blackest idols in the game.

You get what I’m saying, though, right? There were girls who were evil enough to want to be part of Necroma, but intimidated away by how evil the eventual fixed membership was. Amazing.

A lot of you may not be aware of this but before I got into idols I was very much into history (I still am). I was very passionate about research and finding the little stories behind the stories. I have now started to apply the skills I have acquired to my interest in idol […]

via NECRONOMIDOL: Members That Almost Were — Straight From Japan

Oshi Digest #7 (also New Necroma Single!)

This week’s Oshi Digest was held up for two days to both suitably honor the LIQUIDROOM one-man tour closer and also to give some breathing room to the “ABHOTH” MV; love them though I do, I don’t want to accidental my way into becoming NecronomiBlog

I think the LIQUIDROOM show went pretty well, you guys — Twitter is littered with messages from other idols to the Darkness Girls, and I can’t wait for the inevitable cut of video footage. Look at this:

And, as was foretold from the blood of infants spilled under a new moon, a new NECRONOMIDOL single will be upon us before the end of the year:

They debuted the song yesterday; I do not feel like waiting until December!

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From the Depths of Relative Hell, New NECRONOMIDOL

While preparing for that class I’m teaching last night, I was looking through my YouTube playlists and noticed something strange — the videos from the Necroma 24 had all been deleted. How strange! I thought. Perhaps the event’s specialness was being preserved by Ricky. Perhaps he forgot to lay the proper enchantments upon the cameras, and the recordings of such vile evil were bound to deteriorate out of sheer attrition in the epic battle between darkness and light. It could’ve been anything!

But then the cat was let out of the bag this morning; a new NECRONOMIDOL video, you guys!

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Here’s All of the Hours of the Necroma 24

Time to fess up: I watched maybe 20 entire minutes of NECRONOMIDOL’s pre-tour final 24-hour smorgasbord of … things. I wanted to do more, honestly, but time and whatnot, and the #ネクロ魔密着24時 hashtag was fun to check in on regardless. LIQUIDROOM OR DIE was a nice wink at Big Idol Gimmick and clearly fun for everybody involved.

So if you wanted to watch it, the entire stream (minus only those little breaks) is still available:

Because YouTube made everything weird when they redesigned the interface, I can’t figure out how to just embed the playlist

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Oshi Digest #5: Creativity

The Official Oshi of Homicidols.com has an important announcement:


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Inside the Mind of NECRONOMIDOL – Interview with Richard Wilson — Straight From Japan

As soon as Terry mentioned it, I had a feeling that this direct connection with Ricky Wilson himself was going to be a good time. Ever wondered about the relationship between this bugfuck of a film, RHYMEBERRY and “DAWNSLAYER”? Read on!

With the recent release of NECRONOMIDOL’s new single “DAWNSLAYER” we decided it would be a good time to have a chat with Richard (Ricky) Wilson, the man behind the group. He was very gracious in providing us with some of his time and answering a wide variety of questions about both himself and NECRONOMIDOL.

via Inside the mind of NECRONOMIDOL – Interview with Richard Wilson — Straight From Japan

Necroma Can Get in on the 24-hour Game, Too

This slipped through the cracks for me the other day; if I hadn’t be oshi-ing yesterday, I’d have missed it again:

To prep for their tour-ending one-man at LIQUIDROOM, Necroma’s going to do the 24-hour thing, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. I believe that we may be able to view remotely? Ricky, if you’re out there, please illuminate us as to exactly what’s going to happen during those 24 hours. We know that the only one of the members who actually needs human sleep is Rei, but how do you fill that space in time? Continue reading