Bonus Thursday Hurtsday: Live Lyric Holic!

Hey team! So after that last post went up literally seven hours after I first tried to finish it, I felt like maybe folks would like something else loud and aggressive and, unlike the subject of said post, unapologetically, indisputably idol. And as the worm turns, PIH and others were passing around this lovely treat like candy earlier, and it’s perfect for the theme, so — Lyric Holic, live, with a band, and loud as hell:

I feel like blood needs to be raining on them during “Alice”

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This Is Violent: Lyric Holic Live

Now this is what I’d been waiting for! I actually had to laugh a little bit when Viz Major added these in the group yesterday, because I had looked at the Your Lyric Holic Needs You YouTube account about an hour prior, just part of the usual who’s-doing-what-if-anything routine that I advise anytime there’s less going on in the idolsphere, and all they had there was some short tribute stuff for Psycho Predator.

Then I got two sources for these (rare) full live videos and couldn’t have been happier:

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Lyric Holic’s ‘Awaking Blood’ Will Definitely Do That for You

Are you ready for some metal? I hope so!

That’s a lot of metal! For all the hubbub around certain album releases, the recent appearance of Alice madness is one of the few signs in a while that idol metal does exist outside of a select few at the top of the heap and a big morass in the underground.

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It’s Not Just a One-man: Lyric Holic Teases First Album

Philippe went ahead and scooped me on my own Facebook page: While eyes were watching their countdown to the “Alice madness” second anniversary one-man coming in October, Lyric Holic up and snap announced their first album!

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Now It’s Just Two Months til Lyric Holic’s One-man

It’s been a little while since I last checked in on melodic goth metallers Lyric Holic and the countdown to their second one-man, “Alice Madness.” How’s that going?

So, so many 15-second video clips, with neither sequence nor continuity from one to another. Lots of little bits of songs, though!

This has been your Lyric Holic update for Q3 2016.

Lyric Holic Is Doing a 100-video Countdown to Their Second One-man What

As fans of Lyric Holic will, I thought I’d check in on them yesterday after realizing that I see them advertising live shows all the time (and others advertising live shows with them), but nary a peep of video since the “Alice” MV and Mizuki Rin’s graduation (and transformation into Psycho Predator).

The result? No big deal. Just the first several of 100 very short videos to prep us all for their second one-man, which my two-second mental math says is happening on or right before Halloween. Appropriate! Continue reading

Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup: Continue reading

Change in the Air for Lyric Holic

I spied this the other day over at Idol 2.0: Rin (Lynne Francoise) has left Lyric Holic.

From her graduation:

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New Profile Added: Lyric Holic

I’m trying to make good on promises that my idiot mouth kept making for my all-too-willing-to-be-complacent-if-Hot-Pockets-might-be-involved body, and Lyric Holic was one of the winners of that day when I threw up my hands and asked for guidance, SO:

Here’s Lyric Holic’s profile. Good night!

Lyric Holic

The idol world’s neo-gothic mistresses of darkness.

I’m actually at a loss for why Lyric Holic isn’t a bigger deal. As the kids say, this is straight fire:

I went with the live video for this because it includes wota how-tos, and that’s amazing. Also, appreciate just how little effort Tama puts into dancing.

I can’t even get a read for when they debuted. Their earliest YouTube contribution is from late in 2014, and everything about it looks like a meaningful first effort, so maybe we can take that on faith. But then they already had their third single out in summer 2015, and a DVD early in 2016? It takes some idol groups years to get that far.

So lack of idea of how to figure out Lyric Holic’s ascent and current status aside, I find them more and more inexplicable the more that I learn about them. Is their music good? Most of it! Dramatic, operatic and violent, with the occasional dive into a Willy Wonka fever dream:

To whit: Their first video.

Which, okay, so a little S&M gothlita never hurt anybody, but this is some Anne Rice stuff, all erotic and necrophagic and like something you might see Jerry Only credited as the director for, and all wrapped up in that Bram Stoker look that’s sort of their signature.


So who are Lyric Holic? There’s that inexplicable that I mentioned. I remember at first thinking it was kind of a weird name, whatever, but the backdrop in the “Alice” video and things that I’ve seen on Tama’s Twitter have me wondering if it is not, in fact, Tama that’s the lyric holic, and this is really the lyric holic’s band, or something.

Does it matter? No. There are three members. They have interesting Euro-style stage names and dress like they still need to finish getting ready for a masquerade at a wonderful Victorian country estate. They sort of live in this astonishingly dramatic world, titling their performances things like “Labyrinth of the Flower” and “Debut da la Fin.” I’m not entirely certain that they aren’t vampires.

In other words, Lyric Holic is confounding. Their music is good, the members are interesting, their look is unique … and I still don’t understand.

What they sound like

When they’re metal, they get metal, with melody and brutality blended together, led by Tama’s very versatile voice and with sweetly idol contributions from Lu Lu and Lynne. Like, they sound like symphonic metal sung by idols. It is that simple sometimes.

You’ll like them if

I’ve found that Lyric Holic, along with Fruitpochette, is one of the metal idol groups that has more appeal to metalheads, particularly fans of the melodic and symphonic European looks.

“Don’t you usually put in some random cross-genre comparison here, or add something kind of forehandedly insulting?”

I do! Is this better? “Or are you about 15, angsty, at Hot Topic with a parent’s credit card and looking for something more elegant than whatever Warped Tour band of the month has all your friends’ attention?”

Like, Lyric Holic’s cool, but I know a disaffected teenager’s favorite band when I see it. It’s not their fault.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

This is genuinely hard because they have a lot of video up, but most of it is repeats or low-quality live footage, and they do that thing where snips of several songs are all on the same video file. However, gimme “Alice” up there, plus “STARGAZER” and “SISTER,” which are basically symphonic thrash and could stand up as closing theme music for a weird Castlevania sequel.


Tama E Carmel
Tama from Japanese idol metal group Lyric Holic
Lu Lu Luria
Lulu Luria from Japanese idol metal group Lyric Holic
Shiorin a la Mode
Shiorin a la Mode from Japanese idol metal group Lyric Holic

Former Members

Lynne Francoise
Lynne Francoise, former member of Japanese idol fantasy metal group Lyric Holic

I’m literally guessing with their names, cobbling this together from Google and a German-language profile. Correct me if you can.


“Dependence” (single)
“Stargazer” (single)
“Gojikanatibu” (single)

They’ve also released a DVD, Alice, and I’d ordinarily not list videos in a discography, but I have a feeling that there’s some original kind of content in there.