It’d Be Boring If It Weren’t the Friday Fun

Pour Lui, look what we’ve done for you! So many fresh ideas for your channel! Now can I design t-shirts for your inevitable YouTuber merch store? Pleeeeaase?

I am so, so thankful for April Fools Day. It’s been what, almost a month since it happened, and it’s still fueling ideas for Friday Funs. I love this time of the year for bringing me out of the drought I had going for months! I want a fool for every month.

Of course, for Babymetal fans, April Fools Day is also Fox Day, the day for many goodies and announcements, and boy, did we get one heck of an announcement this year: Continue reading

A Most Torturous Friday Fun

It felt so nice to be able to spam twitter with virtual WACK torture again. And it was awesome to see your own creations too!

If you haven’t been paying attention to BYS, you’re missing out. Especially if like me, your favourite era of BiS was the “final” lineup (up until they got rebooted anyway), since it’s essentially just Pour Lui trapping her former bandmates, possibly in the dungeon she keeps in her basement, and making them do typical YouTuber shenanigans with her. I am 100% here for this.

And that first video was launched on none other than April Fools Day! Yes, after hinting that her next career move would be into Youtube ever since her graduation announcement, we all assumed Pour Lui’s Youtube channel was just going to be one elaborate April Fools prank. But as of writing, it’s still going strong! And it is honestly the highlight of my day. Let’s help one of the original queens of alt in her new career by coming up with some new shenanigans to inflict upon her poor former co-workers! Continue reading

A Friday Fun So Nice to Do It Twice

The grace!

The style!

The majesty!

My computer hard drive hates all of you right now, dang those are some beautiful idols you all tweeted last week!

So, how did you like our little April Fools prank? I’m writing this before April 1, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you all hated it, but maybe a little less than Homercidols. Either way, I had a lot of fun. There’s just something morbidly fun about making sims of my oshis (and family, and fictional characters, and living memes) and watching hell break loose. Continue reading

Become Patron, Win Prize

Hey gang! If you love the stupid antics, half-baked theories and unnecessarily convoluted events of, now’s a great time to become a patron!

What do you get? Ordinarily, not much! I usually ask the patrons for input on next things, developments and the like, because I frankly don’t have the time to get too wild with it. Patrons also get the sense of satisfaction that comes with providing some funds that make it easier to keep the site’s lights on!

But now, thanks to our incredible, unbelievable relationship with WACK, we have a great one-time-only giveaway for one lucky patron! Continue reading

For Once, a Purely Positive Friday Fun

Look, I would have an unfunny introduction that is hopefully relevant to the events of this week, but I had one of those rare moments were two Friday Fun ideas hit me in advance so I’m writing this one immediately after last week’s post and praying that nothing big happens that’ll make me want to write a more topical Fun and thus ruin my plans so I guess I have nothing else to say but:

6:15 a.m., Thursday morning.

I just tried and failed to write coherently and now I’m still groggy, headachy, now listening to “BedHead” as I ponder “I wonder what the responses to that post I just wrote will be like?”

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, let’s face it. At least, Kerrie From The Past is probably assuming this week is going to be terrible, too. I mean, if you’re not a salty WACK fan, then there’s also real-world problems, and um, Maniac, link something bad in idol that happened this week to save this trainwreck of an article please, thanks.

Joke’s on Kerrie; here’s the greatest idol story ever told, instead

I think we need something simple and uplifting to refresh our minds this week. A Friday Fun palate-cleanser, if you will. No jokes, no passive-aggressive tweeting, just something to refresh our minds and our hearts for this weekend. So let’s tweet about how beautiful our oshis are! Continue reading

An Oddly Age-appropriate Friday Fun

5:00 a.m, Thursday morning.

I just tried and failed to sleep actual human being hours and now I’m groggy, headachy, listening to Night On Verse again as I ponder, as I have for at least a week now, “what the hell did Hirano “Trivago-chan” Nozomu do to deserve this?”

But speaking of Night On Verse:

So with the fallout of whatever the hell is happening over at WACK causing people to consider (but ultimately give up) emigrating to AqbiRec in the same vein as the 2016 election making Americans consider (but ultimately giving up) moving to Canada, There There Theres did a show where the majority of their audience appeared to be 3 year-olds yesterday. And you know what? It’s god damn adorable!

Look, we’re so used to idols performing for adult men that seeing little kids, half of whom don’t seem to care and are just climbing on stage and others who seem to care too much and keep climbing on stage, is kind of refreshing. It instantly made me think back to the early 2000s when Mini Moni, a group specifically targeted towards children, was the biggest thing in Japanese preschools and kids and adults alike flooded to their lives like tiny ants. Continue reading

You Don’t Really Need to Understand the Friday Fun

‘Sup everyone! How’s your week been? Have you too been watching the WACK audition all week, booing Watanabe every time he shows up on screen, wondering if any of the following actually happens?

Stupid popular hashtags!

We don’t talk about Tapestok enough on this site, do we? I love them. Koutei Camera Actress’ new record is great; right up until their disbandment (and beyond) Zwei were the soundtrack to all late-night insomnia pondering. And they’ve also blessed us with such great song and album titles as “Humpty Taxi”, “Wedge Sole Eskimo”, “Leningrad Loud Girlz” and whatever the hell this is supposed to mean: Continue reading

Nothing Is Impossible with the Friday Fun

Oh man.

Now, here I was this weekend, thinking “Man, it’s still crazy how Pour Lui is graduating and Saki and Aya are swapping back on the same day. There’s got to be a plot twist that’ll be revealed that day, right? Maybe Puu was kidding, or she would announce she’s graduating to take over Watanabe’s position, maybe there will be more shuffles, or Gang Parade and BiS have to fight over who gets to keep their traded member” but nope! You were right. Nothing happened. Puu graduated, Aya and Saki are back in their respective groups, and I’m emo. Thanks WACK!

So maybe pushing another WACK fun is too soon, but the name of the next BiS tour brought in so many opportunities. Thanks Christian for the tip!

Does any of us know what will happen? I sure don’t! Continue reading

Pull No Punches with This Friday Fun

I’m sorry? I can’t hear you over the sound of my own screaming in anticipation of the biggest party in the UK.

Well, that’s one thing I’m definitely looking forward to, but you know what I’m not looking forward to? Continue reading

The Friday Fun You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Good day everyone! I’m sorry I totally forgot about #IdolValentines and so Maniac had to do it! Well, too late now. Here’s what should have been #IdolValentines last week:

Speaking of me and screw-ups, I had a bit of a mind-jumble last week on Twitter, when it was suggested to do a clickbait-inspired Friday Fun, but I could have sworn we already did that! And yet, when I looked it up, there was no record of it!

Pictured, me

Well, now I’m baffled. Continue reading