A Friday Fun from the Iconic to the Poorly Drawn

I’m writing this as the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is downloading, because chances are you’re not going to be hearing from me for a while once I boot that fiesta up. Thankfully, there’s been no sudden disbandment announcements to ruin Splatoon launch day this time! Just your theories as to how the WACK battle of the year is going to go down.

[Is twitter working yet?] No, Twitter has banned embedded search widgets like a bunch of jerks

Oh look, another Friday Fun based on a dream. My Fun queue has run out, okay?

Well, we finally got the previews for the Babymetal graphic novel. Looks decent:

Surprisingly, Babymetal aren’t the first idol unit to get their own official graphic novels/comics/manga/whatever you call that genre. Actually, I don’t know who exactly is the first, but you know I can refuse any opportunity to drop Hello! Project in here: Continue reading

We Friday Fun with Rivals in a Fight to the Death

This week has left me a little pooped, but I still have the energy for a Friday Fun!  Mainly because they don’t take that long to make.

Twitter has killed our ability to embed hashtag searches; go look at #HowBurstGirlGotArrested here

One week is a long enough gap for another good old-fashioned WACK Fun, right? Yeah, maybe not. Even my own cat, as I started typing this, batted at my hand in a manner that says “stop, human”. But whatever, because it looks like we may just get an idol reunion even bloodier than this week’s Saki/Sari smashdown:

Terashima Yufu and BiS at Tokyo Idol Festival? Heh, that’s a pretty funny coincidence. I wonder if Yuffy will finally acknowledge her past now that Pour Lui is out of the picture?


Oh no.

Okay, TIF is a HUGE event, so it was bound to happen eventually, but it still brought me both chuckles and fear of what’s to come. The Pour Lui/Yuffie feud is historic, to the point where Puu still mocks Yuffie, and Yuffie won’t even acknowledge ever being a member of BiS. And now, a possible (backstage) reunion might be upon us with the appearance of the mascot-loving angel and a BILLIE IDLE that has been recently armed with a YouTube-loving hellspawn. Screw the auditions and concert tours, THIS should be the topic of the next WACK documentary! Continue reading

A Friday Fun Ripped Straight from the Headlines

Wow, this was a busy Fun last week, guys? You sure like WACK memes, don’t you?

Twitter is broken

Must… not… write about… WAgg…

Can’t… make… two WACK… Funs… in.. a row…

Where’s that old Fun I had in the archives?

Aaah. Continue reading

Just a Random Collection of Words in the Friday Fun

What was last week’s theme? Oh, right. There’s been so little word on what happened to Yuimetal that I was beginning to think nothing was wrong and she just never existed.

We need to talk about BiSH. Continue reading

Let the Friday Fun Get to the Bottom of Things

Screw the Avengers, I want to see every single one of these epic crossovers that you all came up with last week!

Look, you all know what’s been going on with Babymetal the past couple of weeks. I was actually expecting some real news on Yui other than “she’s gone because of storyline reasons,” but nope. Babymetal management is trolling the entire fandom at this point and I don’t even know if that was really their intention! Continue reading

In Which the Friday Fun Fights Intergalactic Genocide

How did you enjoy possibly the worst Friday Fun I ever came up with?

You know, this line from last week’s Friday Fun post was supposed to be just a one-off remark:

Make Idol Is Dead: Infinity War starring all of WACK plz

But then I was like “Ah, screw it. My Friday Fun queue is running out and there’s already a ton of Infinity War memes all over Twitter anyway, might as well take advantage while it’s actually relevant.” Continue reading

Is There Idol Truth to the Friday Fun’s Urban Legends?

Nobody died! Wow!

This one is probably going to be definitely outdated again, because I’ve been basically writing a whole batch of Friday Fun posts milking the April Fools train because god help me if I enter another drought right now, then Maniac asked me to push this one back for the K-Pop thing and yeah. But to explain this, let’s take a step into my old friends in the Hello! Project fandom, shall we? Yes, yes, I know.

It all started with a mysterious account by the name of hp_predict…

And it ended with this:

And I was like “we need more creepypastas in the alt-idol fandom.”

Sorted! Continue reading

The Friday Fun: As Accurate as Nostradamus

It’s been a few weeks between writing that previous Friday Fun and this one being published. Did we finally get some interesting news out of Babymetal for once, or have we just gotten more #MundaneBabymetalAnnouncements?

I originally had a much, much worse Friday Fun idea queued up, but then a fresh pile of Twitter discourse entrapped us all, and Maniac demoted me to his ghostwriter this week, so now that idea is lying in a trash can for when I inevitably run out of actual funny(ish) suggestions.

So, let’s talk about K-Pop.

Bye! Continue reading

It’d Be Boring If It Weren’t the Friday Fun

Pour Lui, look what we’ve done for you! So many fresh ideas for your channel! Now can I design t-shirts for your inevitable YouTuber merch store? Pleeeeaase?

I am so, so thankful for April Fools Day. It’s been what, almost a month since it happened, and it’s still fueling ideas for Friday Funs. I love this time of the year for bringing me out of the drought I had going for months! I want a fool for every month.

Of course, for Babymetal fans, April Fools Day is also Fox Day, the day for many goodies and announcements, and boy, did we get one heck of an announcement this year: Continue reading

A Most Torturous Friday Fun

It felt so nice to be able to spam twitter with virtual WACK torture again. And it was awesome to see your own creations too!

If you haven’t been paying attention to BYS, you’re missing out. Especially if like me, your favourite era of BiS was the “final” lineup (up until they got rebooted anyway), since it’s essentially just Pour Lui trapping her former bandmates, possibly in the dungeon she keeps in her basement, and making them do typical YouTuber shenanigans with her. I am 100% here for this.

And that first video was launched on none other than April Fools Day! Yes, after hinting that her next career move would be into Youtube ever since her graduation announcement, we all assumed Pour Lui’s Youtube channel was just going to be one elaborate April Fools prank. But as of writing, it’s still going strong! And it is honestly the highlight of my day. Let’s help one of the original queens of alt in her new career by coming up with some new shenanigans to inflict upon her poor former co-workers! Continue reading