This Is the Most WTF in the History of the WTF

May the blessings of the gods of your choice be upon you people. I make a #hottake, and then we all get to chat about it like civilized human beings, and then gauntlets get thrown down not in the form of a duel to defend the object’s honor, but to one-up the very notion being discussed.

That Maison Book Girl thing from the other day? Wonderful response. Thank you all, really; good opinions and stuff all over the map. Loved it.

And then Chris went further than any person should:

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Like Being John Malkovich, Except Really Pour Lui? The Friday Fun

Hi everyone, how’s the week been? I actually had to check back on last week’s Friday Fun entries because I’m half-asleep right now (thanks heatwave) and forgot! For shame! Last week’s #BadIdolNames certainly brought some good (or should I say terrible) suggestions.

I want Tentenkocococococokoto to be real.

I was stuck for ideas for this week’s Friday Fun. I had a few in the bag to be chosen, I just didn’t know which to go for.
But then like she was reading my mind, Pour Lui went and tweeted this an hour ago (as of writing):

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Have a Hilarious Reaction to the Friday Fun

Hello! Last week was time for #IdolConspiracies, and I’m actually writing this on Friday so I don’t know how successful it was yet, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s been pretty fun! I made a whole stink about Watanabe paying Tentenko for Jun Togawa’s DNA, it was great.

It’s been a while since I mentioned my love for Coco Partin Coco on here, hasn’t it? Well, here’s your reminder, I’ll see you next month!

I was browsing through Twitter this evening when this tweet caught my attention. Specifically, the photo on the bottom right:

I thought there are some great opportunities for this! And you guys seem to as well. #NecromaReacts was a lot of fun, #YuraSmile blew up in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, so why not do it again? Think of it as a sort of sequel to #NecromaReacts and #KikavCoco. Your challenge is to make Coco react to stuff! Here’s a couple I made earlier:

And of course, a transparent Coco of your own to love and care for (at least I hope its transparent. Sometimes this site gets a bit weird about that):

Tag your creations as #CocoReacts and lets see how it goes!


Only Tinfoil Hats Can Spoil This Friday Fun

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Okay, first things first, some personal stuff. Some of you might already be aware of this, but on Saturday I was encouraged to set up a Gofundme to help me get to London to see my beloved Necronomidol and hopefully write up a report on the show for this here site. When you’ve just lost your job, travelling halfway across the country and finding somewhere nice to stay in London is a fortune. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from this, but you guys blew that out of the water, donating the amount needed within a day of posting! And I just wanted to take this moment to say, thank you all so, so much. I’m at a complete loss for words with how touched I am by your kindness and generosity. I spent most of Saturday night alternating between laughing and crying because I just couldn’t believe how wonderful this community was. I’m tearing up a little writing this now! The people who donated, the people who shared the Gofundme link and my commission advert, thank you all so much.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in such a wonderful community. Also, not to mooch from you guys even more, but if you want to send me a bit of extra money for merchandise or a Cinnabon at the Trocadero, I’m still doing commissions and of course, my Redbubble is still around.

Also, this wouldn’t have happened if not for Terry, who you may know from the Alt-Idol podcast, so now that you’ve helped me out, go ahead and send some help his way too. He’s raising money to go to Japan and have a fun time, and he totally deserves it!

See you at Necroma.

But anyway, this article is already twice as long as my usual Friday Fun articles, so let’s get straight to the point; Last week I asked you to come up with more locations for idols to shoot their music videos so they don’t have to keep going to Aokigahara or the Shibuya Scramble all the time:

Good job everyone! Now to make all of you who helped me get to London completely regret it. Twitter was kind of abuzz early this month over a certain conspiracy theory thread that was going viral:

Well, there’s nothing I like better than old memes! So let’s hear some of your own #IdolConspiracies! These can be complete nonsense that you just came up with, or maybe you have some genuine theories too? Anything goes, and to be honest, it’s fun trying to separate the obvious fake conspiracies with the ones that could very well be real! So have some fun and get creative with this. I’m looking forward to it!

Bless this child, people. Oh wait! You have. Do it more, because Kerrie is good and cool.


Your Friday Fun? Give Us Bootlegs

It’s another Kerrie number, amigos, but WordPress is being butt to her at the moment, so I’m posting on her behalf. Buy stuff from her shop.

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this, but you know, its hard to keep track when WordPress is being weird about allowing me to log in and all (hence why the idol calendar has been so dead atm!) I was actually about to go to bed as or writing this until I suddenly remembered as I was turning off my laptop. The things I do for you guys.

But anyway, last week’s fun was in honour of Eurovision, namely, if idols took part in it. Here’s what you came up with:

I have a bit of a fascination with weird bootleg things. I’m talking the really weird stuff. Some of the nice folks from the alt-idol podcast, discord and Maniac himself might remember when I joined in the first-day WACK audition commentary and I was editing Pour Lui into some quality images I pulled from the @Bootleg_Stuff twitter (I even had the new!BiSwagon as my Twitter header until last week or so). Continue reading


The Friday Fun Is a Great What If

Kerrie was having trouble logging in, gang, so she asked me to post on her behalf. It’s Kerrie, if you couldn’t tell. Go buy something from her.

Well, last week’s Friday blew up in ways I didn’t expect. Lots of people took part, and it somehow even made its way to Guso Drop themselves! Boss!Rei got some amusement from browsing the tag, the smile goddess herself Yurapiko has been hashtagging her selfies as #YuraSmile. Good job everyone! You got us noticed!

I was a little bit unsure how to follow up a Funday as successful as #YuraSmile, but then one of our regulars, @SalemBlack4Ever was kind enough to suggest something.

Well, I couldn’t resist. The annual Europe (and Australia)-wide karaoke battle where the results are in no way determined by politics whatsoever brings joy to many people’s lives. You do get some legitimately good songs in there, but everyone also remembers the camp and silly side too. It sounds like the perfect event for idols to show up at!

So, this week, we want you to come up with scenarios that would happen if idols entered Eurovision! Continue reading


The Friday Fun Would Make the Joker Wince

Kerrie was off and running with this before I even knew what was happening. It’s terrifying. But she didn’t get around to finishing her homework, so here’s last week’s #AltIdolNewsShow results.

Back to Kerrie

You know what I really love about Guso Drop’s Yurapiko? Every live, no matter what, she’s smiling. She’s got that big goofy grin that makes me smile too. No matter what, when she’s on stage, it’s there, impossible to wipe off. The smile is Yura.

For your average idol, a perma-grin like that is everything. “Smile more when you’re performing” is a criticism a lot of idols hear from their managers, so for any other idol group, Yura would look both adorable and professional.

But when she’s in Guso Drop? That smile is terrifying. Continue reading


The Friday Fun Is Redefining Binge-watching with Idol TV

I’m actually writing this one immediately after last week’s Friday Fun post, so I have no idea if you guys actually joined in with the #IdolCoversIdLikeToSee fun, but since you usually deliver, I’m going to congratulate you anyway! Good job everyone!

I can hear the groaning coming a mile away; “Oh boo, here goes Kerrie with her Hello! Project rambling again, kick her off the site already.” Yes, this is another Friday Fun inspired by Hello! Project. When you’re a fan of both alt-idol and more traditional idols, sometimes you see certain groups or companies doing one thing and wonder “what would happen if ____ did that too?”

I’ve ranted many times on Twitter about how I want to see WACK become the HelloPro of alt-idol, with shuffle units (A MoMo unit with BiS’ Momoland and BiSH’s Momogumi, anyone?), big joint events, the whole shebang (and to be fair, last month’s WACK Expo was like a smaller version of what I had in mind). Continue reading


What Better Friday Fun Than Hearing Idols Ruin Your Favorites?

First off an apology; things have been a bit hectic what with job hunting, some art projects and my own personal health going down the drain, hence why I wasn’t around last week nor for that dramatic conclusion to the Hello! Project Samurai War! I’m not setting a good example as the Homicidol Gremlin at all! And to think, Maniac is still bitter about me winning the Alt Idol Podcast Zenkimi giveaway and not sharing my precious loot (It’s okay Maniac; I’ll send you a photo of my Megumi wristband so you can print it off and stick it to your arm, so it’s sort of the same thing, right?) and then I go and disappear too! Honestly though, I think you all needed a break from me anyway.

But luckily, Maniac was an excellent sport in setting up last week’s Friday Fun, and you were all excellent sports in participating!

This week’s Friday Fun is something that’s been on my mind ever since #UpcomingAltIdolEvents, especially since some of the suggestions we got could very well fit into this week’s hashtag. But really, this is just an excuse to post BiS’ cover of “Suki Suki Daisuki” once again. Continue reading


This Friday Fun Is a Very Bad Idea

Hey gang. Kerrie’s on a special assignment today, and I was going to just let the Fun slide for a week, but then, naw, we always manage to make it a good time.

After all, last week’s #IdolBrandDeals turned out okay:

But I’m not right-way funny for this kind of thing, so I struggled a little bit with what to do. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Continue reading