Friday Funday: Hanako-san’s Complete Lack of Impulse Control

Kerrie time! She’s on a roll lately. Hit up her Redbubble store and buy yourself something nice.

Hi everyone! Hope the week was good for you. You may have noticed that things have been changing at Maniac is organizing a bunch of different fun things over the week. I even suggested some things too! But where that will go, well, I need to pester him some more.

[Maniac: By the time this published, I’d sent her something! I swear it!]

Luckily (or unluckily depending on your viewpoint), your Homicidols Party Planner Kerrie is still here to announce the community weekend events! Last week’s party, I invited you to imagine an idol festival especially for those retired/disbanded idols/MIA we still miss. It was either going to be the most exciting or most depressing imaginary event ever! Lets look at some of our highlights of #DeadIdolFestival:

This week, we’re going back to the original image-based format these Friday parties started at. It’s not quite a gif party though (unless you’re really good at editing gifs), more a Photoshop party. A Photoshop party based around beloved toilet demon and unofficial Homicidols mascot Hanako-san.

This was the original tweet that inspired this week’s party. Maniac actually mentioned old plans of a Hanako-san party before, but it kept being pushed aside. Well, this is the exact Friday Party he was referring to! Took long enough.

[Maniac: Rude.]

This is definitely a venting party. Don’t like something? Never fear! Hanako-san will destroy it!

You can use any photo/video footage of the toilet ghost’s many violent outbursts, but if you’d rather not fuss about, I made a handy little template for you all if you want it. Simply save the below image, and paste your image inside that blank space.

Click me to download me!

Tweet your edits under the hashtag #HanakoSanDestroys and we’ll post the best ones next time!


This Friday’s Party Celebrates the Best in Idol Death

Kerrie struck gold last week, kids. I’m half tempted to just hand her the keys for a few days and see what happens. As long as Morning Musume never sullies these sanctified pages, we’re all good.

‘Sup everyone? How was your New Years celebrations? I got wasted on caramel vodka and cried for my future had fun. Speaking of New Years, last week we asked for your predictions on what’s to come in 2017, and boy oh boy did we get more responses than usual! Even the Hello! Project portion of my followers got involved! Lets take a look at some of our favourite predictions for 2017.

I personally can’t wait to return to this at the end of the year and see if any of this actually came true.

Because of the success of last week, this week we’ll be having another hashtag party! The topic was inspired by a certain Homicidols thread that came up in the week. Continue reading


So What Do You Think Is Coming in Idol in 2017?

It’s Kerrie time, amigos! She had a great idea the other day, so let’s run with it. Also, for all of the mirth she brought this year, go buy something from her. It’s still gift-giving season for some people!

Hi everyone! Have you been enjoying this holiday season so far? So far I’ve been spending mine eating my body weight in turkey and the combined weight of BRGH in sugary foods. Who would have guessed that Babymetal’s “Gimme Chocolate!!” was an appropriate holiday song?

Last time we left you, I made some quick holiday ornaments (btw, if you used those for anything please tweet me a photo because I’d love to see them!). Then before that, it was the Best of 2016, and you should all know how that went by now. And then the week before was Kika v Coco, so what insanity did you all come up with?

[Maniac: Twitter’s stream embedding is kind of butt at the moment, so just go take a peek here]

As you’ve already figured, this is the last Friday party post of 2016! Good riddance. We’ve already looked at the past year, so this weekend lets look to the future; we want your predictions for the world of idol in 2017! Continue reading


This Friday’s Activity Is Good, Wholesome Family Fun

Hey gang,

Our pal the @weeaboowitch has had her hands full with a bunch of art requests (bless her heart), and I’ve been under the weather and unfocused for the last few days, so while we really wanted to do a Photoshop contest involving Hanako-san that’d be just perfect for the weekend of Christmas and Hanukkah, the reality of the situation is that nobody has the wherewithal to try to put that together. Maybe another time!

Instead, Kerrie has delivered on a fun, seasonally appropriate way to bring idols into your festivities without needing to go to Japan or sacrifice any of your hard-earned merch.

Check this out:

Heart-shaped Christmas ornament of Guso Drop's Saki behind a fence where she belongs

That’s Saki, soon-to-be-former center of Guso Drop and all-around idolcore darling. As you may recollect from the shape and disposition of the artwork, Kerrie has turned her into a holiday ornament. This can only end one way: Continue reading


You Owe It to Yourself to Play This Game with Us

Kerrie, whose Redbubble includes great gifts this holiday season, is back, and with her most diabolical plan yet!

This weekend, we make an idol’s dream some true (and do the same to another who probably didn’t ask for it)!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of Gif Party Friday posts lately. I’ve been extremely busy with both personal things and other stuff related to Homicidols (-cough- end-of-year-awards show) so things have been a bit on-and-off.

Here’s the best of the last gif party! [Maniac: No. Nobody played this game. You guys are butts.]

Today, we come with a request, courtesy of BiS’s own Kika Front Frontalle, who tweeted this the other day:

Too Japanese Didn’t Read: She has given us a great Photoshop opportunity and wants us to take advantage of it.

That’s right, today and over the weekend, your job is to Photoshop Kika’s Funky Face however you please! Here’s some I made earlier: Continue reading


A Very Presidential Gif Party

It’s Kerrie Time, friends. She’s celebrating a personal thing this weekend, so why not show her some appreciation?

Hi everyone! Last week we asked for your prettiest idol moments under the hashtag #idolsthetic. Lets dazzle our eyeballs at your submissions!

[Maniac: Good job, team]

Thanks for all your beautiful submissions! I really enjoyed the design student porn. This week’s gif party is on the topical side. I think you all know what topic I’m on about. Momochi is retiring! Continue reading


Celebrate Art & Beauty with This Friday’s Gif Party

Kerrie’s back! And thank goodness. I was flush out of ideas for the week, but never underestimate the creativity of the @weeaboowitch!

Hello everyone! How was Halloween? Did you do anything fun? I spent my Halloween on the set of the BiSH movie that is totally happening and not just something I made up partly for shits and giggles (literally) and partly to convince Maniac to give me his vinyl record. Speaking of which, congratulations to last weekend’s #IdolNightmare winner, who did a wonderful job at scaring us even more than a Chitti shart demon ever could. Enjoy your NECRONOMIDOL vinyl!

This week, we’re back to our usual gif party, and it’s going to be a beautiful one. Continue reading


Hail to the Victor! The Idol Nightmare Contest Finale

That was fun, and you guys are a little bit concerning! In the end, we almost didn’t have an outright winner, and I was not relishing having to be the deciding vote-caster and was ready to have Mrs. Maniac do the deed instead, but, between emails and PMs (well, one PM) and comments on the original post, we managed to get a little bit of separation.

First, the runners-up!

Third Place

Our very own Weeaboo Witch’s vision of a poop-themed BiSH movie was good and funny!

Second Place

There was a tie here:

I missed that Hanako-san submission earlier and feel kind of bad about it, because it’s really cool, as is this wonderful reimagining of PASSPO as classic horror characters. I’m glad you two tied here instead of for #1!

And the winner is … Continue reading


Let’s Vote! Who’s Got the Nastiest Idol Nightmare?

All righty, gang, let’s keep it short and sweet: We got some really cool and fun entries in the #IdolNightmare contest, the winner of which is set to have delivered NECRONOMIDOL’s NEMESIS on vinyl. There’s more here than my polling doodad will let me add because I’m cheap and won’t pay for premium, so voting happens in the comments; just write the number or description of what you think takes it (I’ll also accept vote-via-Twitter, I guess).

I randomized these a bit: Continue reading


I Get Letters: Calling All Musical Talents

Now that I’ve loosened you up for the weekend, I wanted to make good on a request from a person who swears that they’re big fans (yeah, right) but didn’t want to reveal their name (WHAT KIND OF DISHONEST LUNATIC HIDES BEHIND A PSEUDONYM?).

This nameless friend had a question/request: It is known that plenty of us can sing, play instruments, etc. What if, just for fun, we (read: you) did regular musical collaborations, covering the kinds of songs that are big hits ’round these parts?

I find this intriguing. Considering that nobody’s probably aiming to be the next REO Speedwagon around here, and there’s plenty of technology for swapping files and meeting in virtual space, I think it’s perfectly feasible to do community covers on a monthly-or-so basis. Continue reading