A Friday Fun for Those Things You’re Usually Glad Are One-offs

I’ve been losing track of time lately. Say, how are those totally-not-graduations going?

Did we already do this one? I think we did. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time an old Fun got recycled by accident. Have you listened to exFallen yet? Continue reading

The Anti-graduation Friday Fun

Last week I asked you all to contribute your cover art for the artless WACK is SHiT.

Which one did I pick? Congrats @toxicbreakfast!

Don’t forget to check out the other entries so you can decide what art you want!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Dots by now. Go and read Supremenothing’s recent article on them, it’s great!

One thing that intrigued me was how Dot-chans do not graduate, merely “assume new forms.” With Dot’s wacky concept, I was curious for a while as to how they’d handle graduations, and now I guess I have my answer.

But what if other idol units handled graduation in a similar way, in that they don’t say “graduation”, but more, like parents trying to explain to their children “No, your dog wasn’t hit by a car, he went to live on a farm!” Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Your Creative Frustrations

Thank you for coming to my birthday party!

This week’s theme is a little bit late, but its important, damn it! I’m sure you’ve all seen that interesting WACK is SHiT music video by now. And you’ve probably already heard about the rather “simplistic” way that the single was released to the public:

Now, Poteto may be cool with this presentation, but I’m not. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty anal when it comes to album art. I need to have something, anything visual to appear when I put a song in my music library. Empty album art icons make me cringe. And I know I’m not the only one!

So what is a fan to do when the official release doesn’t even come with that? Get creative, obviously! Continue reading

A Very Special It’s-Kerrie’s-Birthday Edition of the Friday Fun

Last week, I asked you all to share your oshi alignments!

Did you know? Today is my birthday! It’s once in a blue moon that my birthday coincides with a Friday Fun, so I’m getting a bit self-indulgent on all of you for this week. Firstly, I said last year I was holding a Vaporwave-themed party for my Sweet 26, then I remembered I have no friends so you’ll have to do that for me:

Now that the music is sorted, let’s get the guest list. You don’t really see idols tweeting about parties a lot, do you? Or maybe I just follow the wrong idols. The most I normally see are birthday concerts and maybe the girls tweeting about going to karaoke sessions. But I never see anything about say, an idol’s friend’s throwing a surprise party with cakes and balloons and party games.

Maybe they’re all too busy for that, or maybe its just not what they do in Japan, I don’t know. But this week’s special self-indulgent birthday Fun, imagine inviting a whole bunch of idols to a good old-fashioned birthday party and the havoc that would inevitably break out. Continue reading

A Uniquely Hierarchical Friday Fun

I don’t even need to do an introduction this week. Fig already won #HomicidolsFanficDay. Just- just read it. This deserves to be published in hardback and a movie adaptation titled Idol Is Dead ” to be screened at Cannes. Amazing.

I just got back from Hyper Japan as I write this and I’m exhausted, my back aches, I think being hit in the face by Ladybeard’s pigtails must have erased my brain or something, because I can’t really think this week. So I’m bringing back something dumb I came up with a while back.

See, I have the theory that an oshi can be categorized into three different mindsets:

  • The oshi you want to marry
  • The oshi you want to be best friends forever with
  • The oshi you want to take to Disneyland and buy them ice cream

Sometimes these oshis can cross over into multiple categories (such as the oshi you want to marry and also take to Disney), but those are the main ones. So, I made an alignment chart for this: Continue reading

You Have Never Feared a Friday Fun as Much as You Should This One

Hi everyone! Anyone coming to Hyper Japan this weekend? I’m there tomorrow. I got a press pass very last minute (like too last minute to use it for its intended purpose, interviewing DLL) but they needed to see a business card so now I have a whole bunch of spare business cards that I don’t know what to do with so if you see me at the show I’ll give you an official Homicidols business card! Yes, seriously.

Kerrie, I say this as your publisher and also your friend: Autograph those things and charge 5 muckles or whatever you call British currency for them

Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the most outrageous yet believable idol misconceptions of this week!

This one is actually a backup fun, but with Papermaiden appearing on A-to-J’s podcast today, it only felt appropriate to bring this one out of the archive, as this was all her idea! Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Only the Worst Possible Conclusions

Sorry I’m so bad at introductions for these things. I mean really, I don’t even bother sometimes. I hate introductions. So instead, I’m going to sum up last week’s Friday Fun via the language of multi-decade pop musicians/failed actresses.

So, let’s talk about outsider views of the idol industry. Whether its that controversial Tokyo Idols documentary or a Top 10 Clickbait video that claims idol fandom is a type of sex cult, let’s be real here: We and our hobbies usually don’t get painted in a particularly positive light outside of our little circle. The sad thing is, while there are some truths to these unflattering claims, a lot of the outsider perception of idol comes from incidents that were so exaggerated that they raised eyebrows even within the idol community! Continue reading

Whatever We Do, Please Accept This Friday Fun in Apology

Almost July! Why not take a look at last week’s entries?

Maniac is trying and failing to find a solution to Twitter being a butt; look at this and then here:

I already had a fun written and queued, but then I received this tweet regarding a topic much more relevant this week:

That’s right, its yet another WACK fun! Sort of.

The talk of the town this week has been their apologizing-in-advance campaign. It’s brought laughs, theories and even an old friend, so really, celebrating its conclusion seems like a good way to go this week. Continue reading

A Friday Fun from the Iconic to the Poorly Drawn

I’m writing this as the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is downloading, because chances are you’re not going to be hearing from me for a while once I boot that fiesta up. Thankfully, there’s been no sudden disbandment announcements to ruin Splatoon launch day this time! Just your theories as to how the WACK battle of the year is going to go down.

[Is twitter working yet?] No, Twitter has banned embedded search widgets like a bunch of jerks

Oh look, another Friday Fun based on a dream. My Fun queue has run out, okay?

Well, we finally got the previews for the Babymetal graphic novel. Looks decent:

Surprisingly, Babymetal aren’t the first idol unit to get their own official graphic novels/comics/manga/whatever you call that genre. Actually, I don’t know who exactly is the first, but you know I can refuse any opportunity to drop Hello! Project in here: Continue reading

We Friday Fun with Rivals in a Fight to the Death

This week has left me a little pooped, but I still have the energy for a Friday Fun!  Mainly because they don’t take that long to make.

Twitter has killed our ability to embed hashtag searches; go look at #HowBurstGirlGotArrested here

One week is a long enough gap for another good old-fashioned WACK Fun, right? Yeah, maybe not. Even my own cat, as I started typing this, batted at my hand in a manner that says “stop, human”. But whatever, because it looks like we may just get an idol reunion even bloodier than this week’s Saki/Sari smashdown:

Terashima Yufu and BiS at Tokyo Idol Festival? Heh, that’s a pretty funny coincidence. I wonder if Yuffy will finally acknowledge her past now that Pour Lui is out of the picture?


Oh no.

Okay, TIF is a HUGE event, so it was bound to happen eventually, but it still brought me both chuckles and fear of what’s to come. The Pour Lui/Yuffie feud is historic, to the point where Puu still mocks Yuffie, and Yuffie won’t even acknowledge ever being a member of BiS. And now, a possible (backstage) reunion might be upon us with the appearance of the mascot-loving angel and a BILLIE IDLE that has been recently armed with a YouTube-loving hellspawn. Screw the auditions and concert tours, THIS should be the topic of the next WACK documentary! Continue reading