It’s Time to Meet the Rest of There There Theres

Ever since the announced re-launch of Bellring Girls Heart as There There Theres, the members not named Kai and Reina have been kept a little bit obscure; no acknowledged social accounts, no names, not even a complete confirmation that the black wings would, in fact, be back*.

But now here we go! All of those things in resplendent beauty:

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Is This the New Face of Not-Bellring Girls Heart?

Well, yes, it is the new face of Not-Bellheart; more appropriately, it’s the face of There There Theres:

Amazing. Their debut one-man is on the 18th; they’re apparently going to unveil more of the image and members slowly between now and then. I think. I never know what to do when it comes to Bellheart-related stuff because they clearly enjoy screwing with us. Continue reading


Life after Death for BRGH’s Mizuho

Not even a week ago, Bellring Girls Heart held their final appearance (as Bellring Girls Heart). Tears were shed. Two long-time members, Ayano and Mizuho, were graduating, Ayano to pursue a solo career (which should be interesting) and Mizuho to retire from entertainment; an idol and Bellheart member since she was 15, she felt it was time to move on with her life’s work. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

And then, in the most punk rock thing possible, Mizuho showed up yesterday as a member of wrestling/rock/idol/band thing Natsu no Mamono:

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The Coming Resurrection of Bellring Girls Heart

Or, as the case may be, NOT Bellring Girls Heart:

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The Edge of Goodbye: Bellheart Goes out in Style

Bellring Girls Heart went into dormancy yesterday with their HELLO WORLD live that was streamed live on YouTube and then, after a little while, mercilessly taken away from us, thereby robbing untold dozens of international fans of the opportunity to see idol’s murder of crows go out like only they could.

Good thing for us, then, that Bellheart re-published the video!

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Watch Bellring Girls Heart’s Last Live Right Now

It looks like the stream is over; there’ll hopefully be caps of it available soon.

Man, a guy goes to sleep expecting recordings, not to wake up to a live stream of the end of an era.

Embedding’s been disabled, so click here for the YouTube stream of the HELLO WORLD final performance of Bellring Girls Heart, going back through their huge catalog.

The stream will end; when that happens, it’ll hopefully have been archived, and I’ll update accordingly.


Here’s the Bellheart BABEL Show in Its Entirety

In case you missed it; it’s not the end, but it’s damn near close.

Next week’s gig with PassCode is going to be off the chain

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Check out These Two New Songs from Bellring Girls Heart

I’m sorry, gang, because I was going to try to record the Babel show’s Niconico stream this morning, but I’m still fighting whatever goofy bug crawled up in me and died, and waking up in time to get that recording going just wasn’t in the cards — hopefully, another enterprising person who’s fewer hours away from Japan took care of it. However, I am still pleased to be showing you some new material from the soon-to-go-dormant-and-oh-crap Bellring Girls Heart.

Via Viz Major (I told you this was going to be a common well today) in the Idolmetal group comes …

“Beady Riot”

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Hold Me: They’re Giving Kanra a Leadership Position in the Wrong Group

In this episode of Bury the Lede, we’ll discuss the least of the implications mentioned in this tweet from the soon-to-kind-of-not-be Bellring Girls Heart:

Yes, Kanra will– Why would you do that? DO NOT GIVE THAT PERSON POWER! I guess we’re about to find out just how much stomach people have for watching bugs get tortured on stage. Good golly. More details, and statements from Kanra and Tanaka, in this piece.

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Stream This 9-hour Block of Bellring Girls Heart While You’re at It

You might want to splurge on that Niconico premium membership now:

Why’s that? Nbd, just Bellring Girls Heart streaming their B and Q concert DVDs before a live broadcast of the pre-hiatus Babel show. Just a few hours of the very best of BRGH! Nothing to get excited about at all! Continue reading