Shallow Graves Often Mean That You Can See the Body

The other night, Bellring Girls Heart’s pre-hiatus tour, Shallow Grave, saw them join forces with their own new sister group, the literally perfect Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Because certain wota are great, video of the entire show is online:

Well, all of Bellheart and some of Yanamyu

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The Bellring Girls Heart Farewell Keeps Getting Interestinger

So we already know about the aptly named Shallow Grave tour, and the presence of BRGH friends You’ll Melt More and PassCode on it for unique collaborative shows (Bell Melt More! BellCode!). But Shallow Grave keeps getting fleshed out, and the schedule’s getting into a real scenester Who’s Who:

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Fire up Your Nostalgia Suppressors for These Bellring Girls Heart DVD Trailers

Bellring Girls Heart is going away. Well, kind of. Mostly. For a little while. And that sucks and is sad, especially after the year they’ve had. But now you can relive the whole thing with this series of live DVDs that are coming out in a pair of Thursdays.

Q is from the very beginning of the year:


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Bellheart’s Shallow Grave with PassCode & Yurumerumo!

You may have heard about Bellring Girls Heart being gutted in the very near future when Ayano and Mizuho graduate, and the group going on a I-believe-it-this-time temporary hiatus before a very soft reboot next year.

What you may not have heard about is how they’re going to go out as vividly as possible.

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Holy Shit, Bellring Girls Heart Is Losing Graduates and Taking a Break

Ayano and Mizuho are graduating, and, if I’m reading this right, Bellheart’s putting things on hold at the end of the year pending a reboot:

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The Joys of Karaoke, by Kanra

The safest place for Kanra of Bellring Girls Heart to ever be is in an enclosed space with no visible sharp objects, entirely by herself but under careful observation. Being a born entertainer, though, she’s likely to start to sing.

A solo karaoke (Kanraoke?) performance of “Circus and Love” by one of the most demented girls to ever idol is sure to result.

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Spend Your Friday Evening with Bellring Girls Heart

Summer may unofficially be over here in the United States, but it’s still a great time to get out, see friends, drink margaritas on a veranda while listening to Juan Gabriel tributes, things like that … OR it could be a great evening to spend inside, surrounded by people who might be trying to kill you, watching batshit movie after batshit movie and eventually getting to:

Adventures of Bellring Girls Heart across the 6D has been mentioned here before, and it’s the kind of thing that fans love and launch crowdfunding campaigns to have subtitled, and it appears that this piece of work — which I have been told probably isn’t authorized, but whatevs, “the Internet” and all that — is the culmination of that effort. Continue reading


Bellring Girls Heart Released All of “BEST BRGH” on Soundcloud Hot Damn

In J-school (that’s “journalism school,” not “Japan school,” you weirdos), they talk about headlines that pretty much say exactly what the story is about. I didn’t go to J-school, but I did just that anyway!

So Bellring Girls Heart, the twisted little alt-rock ravens who are easy to love if you like to be challenged and/or love your rock music to come from Great Britain at any point after about 1960 and the earlier the better, and easy to hate if you like things like vocals being on pitch and being the kind of person who chronically misses the point, officially release their best-of album today. BEST BRGH covers really just a slice of their large, varied catalog, with vocals re-recorded with the current members (and they’ve had a lot of members!).

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Like Building an Empire of Weirdos: The Bellheart Kai Band

First a new alt-rock idol group with some relationship to the raven’s nest debuts and is cool and fun, and then this:

That’s Kai. By Bellring Girls Heart standards, she’s more likely to watch and laugh while somebody else bites your finger off than to do the biting herself. She’s also quite the prolific person, apparently. Continue reading


Here’s Some Roots (Idol) (Alt) Rock

There’s been some comments discussion lately about origins, about how and why idols of a more alternative or aggressive bent are comfortably being mainstreamed and taking up a big chunk of the schedule at events like TIF, to say nothing of crossing over to rock festivals and the like.

That’s all well and good, but the chatter got me thinking about that moment in time when a hundred light bulbs went off and just so many of the groups currently forming the backbone of the broader scene were either born, re-branded or being conceived. Yes, good children, 2012 was a hell of a time to be alive.

I offer you here a time capsule, if you will, as if you had a chance to travel back in time to see the very birth of the galaxy itself. Here is the not-quite-original-but-may-as-well-be iteration of Bellring Girls Heart just a month into the group’s existence.

No antics, no props, no feathers or wings. Just idols not atypically costumed doing very atypical music and employing some atypical dance. Pretty cool.