An Audition for the Time of Corona – An Idol for the New Age

We live in an age of uncertainty and fear – an age where we’re all indoors. So, what better way to spice things up than that good old WACK brand of uncertainty? That’s right, once again we regret to inform you that one company are at it again!

The withdrawn time of Corona has seen some interesting idol developments like countless digital performances and Pour Lui’s new group all living together, but WACK have decided to steal the spotlight. This is a brand new audition: any applicant of any gender and any nationality can make a new account on Twitter and start the popularity contest to become an idol. 13 lucky boys, girls, neithers, anythings, whatever and whoever will be able to become the next WACK group.

Of course, it’s only been a few hours so there’s a lot of chaos. Already, there’s been some interesting developments. A lot of obvious stratagems like cock jokes and titty jokes and declarations of “as an idol, i’ll do my best!”. But this is Homicidols, we’re promoting alternative idols to overseas fans so, to keep with the theme we’re promoting foreign alternative idol fans to an audience that can help build the bridge between Japan and the outside world. We all love idols right and we all love WACK (terms and conditions may apply) right? So let’s support their overseas expansion! What better way than employing actual foreigners, our collective power can CHANGE the WORLD!

So let’s get to it, these are the Homicidols picks for WACK’s “Project Chin”.

#1: 海外大ちんこ (Kaigai Dai Chinko; “Overseas Huge Cock”)

“Introducing the charm points of the future idol “Kaigai Daichinko
– Androgynous, so popular with both men and women.
– Breast size is 36DD
– I can’t sing or dance, so watching me grow will be endearing!
– I’m bad at Japanese, it’s quite CUTE isn’t it?
– I’m an eternal 17 year old”

Kaigai Daichinko has been answering fan questions and revealing candid facts about sex, gender and everything in-between. Alternative idols are just that, alternative! So why not support somebody who deviates from the norm as much as possible?

#2: レブ・ナインプリンス, Reb Nineprince

“- A girl with a pixie cut!
– I have blue eyes and glasses
– 100% Portugese!
– My singing voice is described as “Sweet”
– I really love cats and hedgehogs
– My hobbies are illustration and music!”

The secret audition identity of an already boyish but gorgeous future idol who captures the hearts of people around the world with a love for Aya and amazing ukulele covers of various songs.

#3: リンダリンダリンダ, LiNDALiNDA

“-A cute guy!
– Following a dream since childhood
– Good levels of singing and dancing
– Can kinda speak Japanese
– Cute teeth!

A male performer with experience as a drag queen! Explosive vocals and a candid personality, what’s not to love?

#4: じょるじぇ, Đorđe 

“- I’m Serbian!
– My singing voice is emo
– I like to draw
– I have a total of one milk tooth left
– Fluent in English and Serbian
– I have a really thick foreskin
– I’m cute and boyish!”

A mysterious guy from a mysterious country. Studying Japanese at university, their skill is unmatched and their tastes and opinions are esoteric.

The four idols have banded together in a plea to make the audition more interesting, forming an overseas coalition:

So what are you waiting for? Like, retweet and follow! Overseas fans are used to just watching the auditions, so now it’s time to spice it up yourself!


And Now A Delightful Visit To SAKA-SAMA World…

I’ve been wondering if this steady stream of... um, well…streaming live shows is the beginning of another game-changing alteration in our strange and new socially distant world that’s here to stay, or just a means to get through the weirdness of the times. Ultimately I feel like it’s probably a little of both. A number of idol groups have figured out that there’s different ways to supplement their incomes through these online shows by either charging indie-pay-per-view fees, selling merchandise tied into the moment, or even just leaving up a donation link like a virtual hat laying on the sidewalk busker-style. There’s a ton of these events happening now of course, and thankfully Daemon’s been doing a capital job of trying to help keep us aware of what’s coming up.

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Stay Home, Enjoy Some Caramel Sauce, And Listen To Yoneko…

Yoneko is continuing to explore her post-idol growth as an indie-singer-songwriter, and it’s been rewarding for the rest of us to watch her evolution. Over the last several months, I’ve found her her to be consistently surprising and engaging with her rather prolific output. She’s worn quite a few hats already, at times being a quirky indie popper, and lo-fi rocker, and a one-woman bedroom pop wunderkind in the making.

And like clockwork, the one-time raven has crafted yet another new song and an MV to go with it! It’s been up for a couple of days now, so maybe you’ve seen it already, but if not, you really should…

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Even When It Rains, It’s a PARADE

Well, this year’s WACK AUDiTiON CAMP certainly was eventful! Auditionee Waki Waki Wakki got added to WAgg and WAgg member Kira May who’s been apart of the group for 3 months got added to GANG PARADE.

…for all of 3 minutes. GANG PARADE will be splitting into two smaller groups. Just as BiS2 made the decision last year to break up, GANG PARADE will be doing the same thing. But in a completely different manner that’s effectively not the same as breaking up. Totally 100% similar.

This is the culmination of an internal decision between members and staff. In Kamiya Saki’s previous graduation announcement, she revealed that she felt like she was holding GANG PARADE back and while Watanabe, the fans and the members probably don’t agree, it set something new into motion. If you can’t achieve your goals after reaching a certain point, it’s okay to try again from the start isn’t it? So, we’re here now, with two new groups born from GANG PARADE splitting into two.

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The Grateful a MogAAAz Bring a Wide-Screen Masterpiece…

Yeah, I know we haven’t really dedicated as much ink to The Grateful a MogAAAz on this blog as they deserve. It’s not that we have any bias against them, we like them actually, but for me at least, they’ve never quite broken the intangible barrier that would truly win me over. I can’t even give you a good reason why except maybe to say that Melon Batake a go go’s shadow loom over them a bit too much. But I think the real truth is that it’s really my fault for not giving them enough attention and I simply need to do better.

But there might be a change in the wind’s direction with this new tune from Melonbat’s sister group. They dropped a new MV and I casually decided to give it a click, thinking that I’d probably suggest it for the Weekender later on. And then I watched this video, and then I watched three more times…

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For Him? For Her? It’s POUR LUI

Is this the longest downtime between albums in idol history? Seriously, we’ve been waiting for 10 years!

Today the sequel to Pour Lui’s original solo album “Minna no Pour Lui” aptly titled “Minna no Pour Lui II” drops and oh boy was it worth the decade long wait.

As you can see we have a full double album here! Eight brand new songs and a second disc of re-recordings from the original Minna no Pour Lui.

The initial sound is what you’d expect from a WACK and SCRAMBLES production – it’s solid alt-rock that makes you want to slam your head back and forth, with opening track “I’m in love” featuring some guitarwork that wouldn’t go out of place on an Iron Maiden album. Pour Lui would kill Run to the Hills but could Bruce Dickinson do THIS? No, because he can’t speak Japanese.


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Pour Lui Jumps Forward By Going Backwards

Pour Lui’s been so busy this 2020 that she didn’t even have the time to show up for most of her own music video shoot, poor thing.

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A WACK Way to Deal With Cancelled Shows

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, both regular and idol, you’ll probably know that Abe Shinzo issued a countrywide order temporarily banning all large scale public entertainment events because of Novel Coronavirus fears. ZOC cancelled their entire FINAL INNOCENT ZOC tour, Aya Eightprince cancelled a smaller public appearance and Pour Lui cancelled the shooting for her upcoming idol group’s music video to name a few. Things have been cancelled harder than a celebrity who’s angered a kpop fanbase.

Currently, WACK are meant to be embarking on their nationwide WACK FUCKiN’ PARTY tour but alas even Watanabe Junnosuke who has objectively more clout than the prime minister can’t get around a ban on public events.

Just kidding, yes he FUCKiN can!

This Saturday at 6pm JST, the show will go on! NO AUDiENCE LiVE is exactly what it sounds like – nobody is going to be there. You can’t cancel a public event that isn’t a public event. The entire thing is going to be broadcast on Niconico so everyone will be able to be there in spirit. A premium subscription is only around $5USD too, so hey, if you’re spending your time indoors as a health precaution why not spend it with the idol fanbase’s favourite women’s prison colony?

It’s been a rough week for a lot of people on Earth because of the you-know-what, but in a dire time things like entertainment are what make it manageable! So, cast aside your worry, wash your damn hands regularly and enjoy your time at home.

And if you’re in need of a little something extra, BiSH and EMPiRE made a few previously limited broadcasts available on their YouTube channels as a sorry for cancelled shows too.

Remember, while this is a lot of fun content for us overseas, fundamentally it’s a sorry to people living in a country that’s tightening it’s grip attempting to deal with a pandemic, so remember to be respectful! Or if you’re living in a country that’s going through the same thing do what you want, we’re not the reaction police over here.


Younapi Brings a Meltdown!!

Well, today is terrible because Younapi is graduating You’ll Melt More! on March 27th and leaving the idol industry.

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A Friday Fun for Adulation

If the last year or so has taught us anything, friends, it’s that anything in idol is possible, a spirit that you firmly embraced for our #2020IdolPredictions:

Nice segue

Now, for today, if you’re following the news at all, you no doubt have noticed that the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket with stunning alacrity. It’s almost like we don’t want there to be a 2021! And at fraught times like these, it’s normal to want to turn to something as relentlessly positive as idol to cope. But here we are, three days into the new decade, and we find out that one of the most important personalities in our end of the Idolverse is hanging up her color-coordinated outfits in May:

I’ll spare you both panegyric and elegy — and definitely eulogy — but I think I speak for an enormous chunk of the fandom when I say that Saki is a person who has mattered in a way that few get to. She got her dream job as an idol with her absolute favorite (even got to do it twice!), then parlayed that into, really, five-plus years of a plaPOPGANG continuum that contributed greatly to the creativity in idol music and the individuality in the scene. Hell of a run. Continue reading