Absolutely Fabulous: Joanna Lumley Takes in Kamen Joshi

Once again, the Mask Girls become ambassadors for idol culture by drawing in a Western eye. Joanna Lumley, star of many things but people away from the Beeb’s orbit probably know best from AbFab, has a new BBC series on Japan, and for this episode did a stop-in at PARMS, where she (seems to have) enjoyed a night of Kamen Joshi and talking with performer and fan alike.

There’s some weird picture-in-picture situation with this video, but it’s the only freely available version that I could find after hearing about the show the other day; if you have something that can embed cleanly, please holler.

Skip to like 14:20 or so

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Holy Crap, Would You Look at This Kamen Joshi Stage?

Courtesy of Tara44DD in the Alice Project forum comes this genuinely next-gen visual component:

Here’s the skinny:

Recently, leading tech engineers in the field of LED displays, gathered in Japan to unveil their latest advancements in stage design. A huge leap forward in technology now allows for LED embedded modular floor to ceiling walls,floating IMAX Ultra Light panels, as well as an LED embedded stage.To demonstrate their latest achievement,The Kamen Joshi was invited as special guests to put the new stage design through its paces. Recognized worldwide,and a favorite of Homicidols.com, as the most visually stunning artist leading the idol metal movement, the Mask Girls gave a one off performance to dazzle the “techies” who witnessed a match made in heaven.The aural assault to the ears and visual barrage of color and light left the onlookers speechless.A new level of live production has been achieved, the future is now.


Anybody up for a 40-minute Mask Girls Show?

Just having some lunch and looking through the stuff I was keeping in a “revisit me” list and hey, you guys, here’s an entire Kamen Joshi performance:

Or, I guess, a miniaturized version of Kamen Joshi. Or is it Alice Juban and the video’s just not labeled properly? Anyway, enjoy, and then go talk about how much you hate me in the very live Alice Project forum.


Check out These Videos from Kamen Joshi’s SSA Show

As alluded to in the Homicidol 25, the Mask Girls took over Saitama Super Arena last November for … well, the only other time that metal idols ever performed there, to my knowledge.

I invite our resident Alice Project contingent to add commentary and context for these videos:

This one’s “Soul.” I know that one!
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This Guy Interviewed Kamen Joshi, Is Still Alive

Our Corenament MVP @char_tee_saki shared this in the comments the other day: Tyler Draper over at New Age Idols got a chance to sit down with some Armor Girls and one Mask Girl, Mizusawa Mai.

You can read the whole thing; my biggest personal takeaway is that Tsukino Moa is an impressive young woman with terrible taste in music.


New Kamen Joshi Song Is Ridiculously Disjointed, Also Pretty Rad

The Power of Community™! Joint credit for putting this lots-of-things-in-a-blender brightness mugging of a song goes to Tara44DD and our Corenament MVP @char_tee_saki; clarification on Kamen Joshi whos and whats was provided by Jaxson. Enjoyment of the song is for the rest of us!

I’m opting for the live version specifically to highlight that this isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill performance.

And what exactly is going on here? Via Jaxson: Continue reading


This Is What Happens When Societies Crumble: The Mask Girls Stump for Trump

Nope, still can’t believe that this is a video that exists and has been watched by me. Our 2016 Homicidols Corenament champions have decided to throw their influence into American presidential politics.

You know that thing that puppies do, where they cock their head to the side and it just keeps going until they’re basically horizontal? That’s literally how I feel here.

  1. Where did they get all of that stuff?
  2. Whose idea was it to get all of that stuff?
  3. Is this a real endorsement? Satire? An excuse to Genkidane?

Regardless, it’s basically impossible to not love the fact that somebody associated with Kamen Joshi (I’m looking in Anna’s direction) was sitting around and thought, “Yeah, I agree, let’s make America great again! The best way to do that is by a song-and-dance number that sends positive energy to a highly polarizing political candidate! There’s no way that our fans in Mexico would object to this!”

Happy Sunday.


2016 Homicidols Corenament Aftermath

You guys are crazy. Absolutely crazy. And not just the regular group of weirdos — who are the hundreds of people who swooped in over the last couple of weeks to vote for their favorite songs and artists? Amazing. I’m literally touched.

As we learned, Kamen Joshi was just too much for anybody to handle; once the Mask Girls themselves got involved and asked their legions of loyal fans to intervene, their victory was basically ensured. BiSH, who are rapidly approaching untouchable status in their home country, probably won the Western portion of the vote, but their management didn’t provide the same kind of support as others, and they fell.

In our make-up consolation round, The Spunky made an effort to get the fans out, and they were able to turn the tide against Screaming Sixties, who I think won the vote among site regulars but definitely got a nice boost from some of them, too — catchy is catchy, kids. Continue reading


2016 Homicidols Corenament Final

OMG IT’S FINALLY OVER! Thanks to everybody who voted, shared, commented and contributed. What a rush.

Congratulations to Kamen Joshi for mustering one of the most genuinely touching GOTV efforts I ever could have imagined, and congratulations to their fans in Japan and around the world who proudly repped the Mask Girls. You cared!

There’s no shame in being #2 to that. BiSH, you had a great run, seriously providing a ton of drama and ripping out hearts every step of the way. Come back hungrier next year!

And in our match for #3, The Spunky prevailed over Screaming Sixties. Both of our punk units turned heads throughout and will no doubt get a lot of attention going forward.

Fuller recap to follow. This just makes it official (and archives all of that mess). Continue reading


Shit-wreckers: The Corenament We Could’ve Had

If not for this whole past week being Babymetal Week®, I had wanted to play a little game to the side of the Corenament, a Homicidols NIT if you will. It never materialized because I didn’t have any time, but I did think we could have something fun to do while we reset for the final tomorrow. Hence: Shit-wreckers.

These are all songs that, had the opening round had a different result or some of the fan preferences shifted just a few nominations in one direction or another, could have been part of the Corenament.

Psybou Kanojo, “Most Violence”

I actually don’t know if that’s the right translation of the title of this song, and I don’t care. Listen to it:

Psybou Kanojo was actually voted into the Corenament as the representative of the solo idols, only to literally quit the day before. This was replaced by Guso Drop and a re-seeding took place, and then the Gusos disappointed and, seriously, we were robbed of what could have easily been a one-woman wrecking crew in the middle of the bracket. Oh well.

Ladybaby, “Renge Chance”

I bag on Ladybaby and have some general issues there (that, in fairness, could possibly be applied to others and I’m just not aware of it), but credit where it’s due: This is a tremendous song:

The irony is that this was released the day before the DEATH POP DEATHMATCH, but Deathrabbits won that in a walk in the very first instance of some suspicious voting patterns around them. Had Ladybaby advanced, this could have been theirs, and heaven help almost anybody else for having to deal with it.

Fruitpochette, “Paradox”

“CleverDick” won out over this song by a single vote in the nomination process, and while I personally consider “CleverDick” to be the most interesting thing that Fruitpochette‘s ever done, this is one epic bit of metal.

In the original bracket, Fruitpochette had one of the “easier” routes to the final. With this on their side, they could have walked off with the whole thing.

Osaka Shunkashuto, “Kill the King”

Here’s another one from a group that did enter the Corenament but probably not with their best material. Nominators chose “Let You Fly!!”, which is a fine and good song, but it’s not this:

The sicko inside me wishes that this could have been paired with Necronomidol‘s similarly styled “Lamina Maledictum” just to see what would happen. But Syukasyun (well, Maina and dancers) crush the hell out of that song. Ronnie James Dio would be proud if he weren’t dead.

Deep Girl, “I Kill”

Yeah, everybody got their yucks in at Deep Girls’ expense when debuted looking like an ill-informed stylist’s idea of an idol metal group, then failed to meet their sales objective. Nobody’s laughing anymore.

See the comments on that video for why the chorus actually works with the rest of that madness.

Deep Girl got a lot of early votes before fading and being passed by Kamen Joshi; otherwise, it’s likely that this would have been the #16 seed against Babymetal and “Megitsune.” Can you say with a straight face that you couldn’t see the possibility of history’s first victory of a 16-seed over a 1?

You’ll Melt More!, “id Idol”

My personal first Yurumerumo song, and genuinely one of their best. “Only You” may have technically been their best bet in the Corenament, but there’s so much … I dunno, alt-metal? in here that it would have stood a puncher’s chance against almost anybody.

I mean, “Suicide, sweet side”? Somebody get Judas Priest on the phone.

Idol’s version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl meets that hard-driving instrumental in a song that makes self-violence and death sound adorable, set in a video that features the director killing his own talent? What isn’t there to like?