These Are New Alice Project Not-Kamen Joshi Songs

Good morning! I feel just the tiniest bit badly about not posting at all yesterday — it’s not that there wasn’t anything, it’s that I had some other things to do, intermittently, and frankly didn’t have the energy … to … type? in the in-between. I regret nothing, though, because it gave me more time to get things together coherently.

For instance, our pal Char T Saki, Alice Project source extraordinaire, had been referring me to fresh summertime tracks from the three entities that comprise Kamen Joshi. Here are —

Alice Juban, “2die4”:

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There Are Actual Kamen Joshi Graduations

Fans of the Mask can feel a little sadness, as a pair of long-time members of the Alice Project’s top units are out.

screen cap from the Idolmetal group on Facebook on the graduation of two Kamen Joshi members

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Check out This Line Live of Alice Juban’s Anniversary Show

This is short notice (I’m sorry for missing it; all credit to Straight from Japan for the tip), but Alice Juban‘s anniversary concert will be broadcast live on Line beginning at 5:15 a.m. EDT; if you’re down with the Alice Project or wondering exactly what that’s all about, this is a good chance to check in. Continue reading

It Feels So Weird to Call an Alice Juban Track ‘Nice’

And here we are, courtesy of Tara44DD, Alice #10’s newest release, a nice little rock ballad:

“Hanabira Hitohira” isn’t half as manic or intense as a lot of what we’ve had grace our ears lately, and that’s okay. Go ahead and give that a spin and try to deny the way the chorus bores into your brain! The truth is, ballads of various stripes have a long relationship with the Alice Project; “Genkidane” isn’t exactly a simple song, but it’s pretty much a ballad at heart.

Tachibana Anna Would Like for You to Fear Alice 10 this Friday the 13th

As soon as I saw the black masks, that was it.


Kamen Joshi’s Blowing up Today

The Mask Girls, Kamen Joshi, are not only 2016 Homicidols Corenament Final Four participants; they’re becoming a bigger deal all the time. Topping the charts is one way to do that, but so is getting how this whole idol thing can work for you, being visually compelling and musically addictive. Reader Tara44DD has been loading up Kamen Joshi’s profile comments, so let’s share with everybody and see if they aren’t prevalent in even more places right now.

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Literally What the Hell Is This?

Doop-de-doop, crawling through Twitter while the world comes down from the “Karate” high it got last night … Hello, what’s this?

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The World’s Cutest Horrorshow: Kamen Joshi Fes

I’m ashamed of myself for not knowing about this before:

Kamen Joshi, the super group at the pinnacle of the Alice Project, is (obviously, given all of the context so far) holding a self-made festival. You should see my face. Continue reading

That Gachapin X Kamen Joshi Thing Happened UPDATED

Seriously? Who takes that down?

Thanks for sharing, @anna_tachibana!


There’s, like, so much color and fun on that stage at one time …

This Would Be a Fun Collaboration UPDATED

UPDATE: It happened.

Kind of had a double-take upon seeing this:

I don’t completely get why Alice Juban was hanging out (and posing for photos) with pretty great J-rock band Gacharic Spin, but it would be a fun show if they did something together. Continue reading