Preview Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s Entire ‘Selfish Newborn Hominina”

Zenkimi has given us previews from their upcoming single before, but never all at once, and never with this … I actually don’t know how to describe this artwork:

I mean, it’s amazing, but for which set of reasons?

The link out for the music itself is after the jump, but first you have to promise to tweet about it using #わがまま新生Hominina because they really want to see it trend, you guys. Continue reading


Creative Reflections on Zenkimi’s ‘Sophomore Sick Sacrifice’

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s latest single was pretty great, wasn’t it? Their small-but-talented creative team keeps popping out unique material, and the reward is this constant forward trajectory of growth.

We’ve look at some of the liner notes (more like, post-creative musings) around Zenkimi’s sisters in Yukueshirezutsurezure before, plus reflections on how Zenkimi themselves came to be, and it’s always cool to get inside the heads of the people who make this stuff go.

So when our Anonymous Translator friend (unfortunately eliminated from the Corenament!) offered up the latest notes from GESSHI’s own brain, I would’ve been even dumber than usual to refuse. Continue reading


Zenkimi’s Just Rolling ‘Em out Now, with Friends!

Well, we’ve had Mashiro solo and what might be the #1 track from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s upcoming release (I’m not calling it a single anymore), and it’s already time for another track!

Welcome to the party, Komachi!

“Come here”. All right! Continue reading


Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s Lead Track from Their New Single Is Available

The other day, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da surprised us with a solo song by Mashiro (accompanied by Yotsu, but still); today, we get another song; at least, I think it’s the lead track:

It’s on the usual two-hour restriction, so you know what to do. Continue reading


Hot Damn, Zenkimi’s Teasing a Mashiro Solo Song

It’s on the two-hour rule, but of course we know how to get around that and holy crap why aren’t you listening to this song yet?

That’s the link. Tell Zenkimi and Mashiro how much you like it with #DyingCRY. And if you’re late to the party, click through for what you need to get into this sucker. Continue reading


Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Never Slows Down

Because it’s idol, and because why would you stop even for a minute to count the luchre ill-gained by notoriety, and also it’s idol and that’s not how it works, the Queens of Yami-kawaii in Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da will be releasing their fourth (currently untitled) single on April 26:

Though how funny would it be if they kept the “TBA” title the same way that they kept “Mudai Gasshou,” which was definitely deliberate but I feel like stirring some stuff this morning

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The New Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da MV Is Beautiful

We already knew what “Sophomore Sick Sacrifice” sounded like, but this is still like a revelation:

My goodness, why would you arm them?

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: Welcome Zenkimi’s Two New Members

Hey gang! Our anonymous pal in Japan went right for the translation on the latest interview with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, offering it up before I even had a chance to sheepishly ask for the favor. What a human. Source:

My favorite part is right at the end. Out of context, you get the feeling that Megumi is a stone-cold killer. Continue reading


Get Your First Listen to Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s ‘Sophomore Sick Sacrifice’

You all know how the game with the two-hour windows works, amigos; first, follow your instructions here:

It’s all three songs. Links and lyrics after the jump:

“Sophomore Sick Sacrifice”

“Sounds Fair” (ざふぁいふぁいそっ)


Sophomore Sick Sacrifice

MODERN な 殺り方 ANAR 君 ZM 此れ骸

立ち往生”MY”顕示欲 此れ収まんないのがシックネス
けんもほろろ Death 広辞苑 第六版 未掲載です!
吐くキル寝るでは一流 又、鏡の前では傲慢
Oh!嫉妬 Shit! スマホ睨んで…


この街は 血も涙もない
おっと、まじか? コレ適用僕だけ?
確かにね 何かおかしいと思ってて

世界恨む 何故僕だけ
月は陰り空は堕つ ネガポジまさにCHAOS也
もう何だかわからないまま すぐなげる、誘う悪夢

HEY! 1・2・3・4・5・6・7・8・9・10 点と線 繋ぐ 連戦!

オチのないレス ひらすら嘆く理想

放て! 第三のなんちゃら…笑泣

この街が 血も涙もなく
果てるのなら それでも良かろうもん。でも
そんなわけない! 問題は一つ。そう

僕たちが 血も涙も泣く。
泣き笑い 誇れ 子供精神

Sounds Fair

どうせ僕ら 後ろ向きな脆弱メンタル
背伸びしては 泣くのリフレインで

1 for the 自分 , 2 for the 心, 3 for the なんだろう…
弱い芯を 誤魔化す慣用句
逃げる夜想曲 歪 幻惑デカダンス
ネガオンステージ 目が回るよ…

けど下見ない だから Don’t mind. 息苦しくても、ね。いいの!

諦めは悪 在る奇想 God damn it!
曖昧なまま「灰」虚像壊して 故に 笑う 抗いの美学
儚げな哀愁 余裕ぶって
「僕じゃない…」見て見ぬ振り 腐って。

どうせ僕は 認められない 不貞腐れる日々
本当にそう? 我武者羅 意味わかる?
きっと誰もが 自信なんて 持ってるわけじゃない

でも もがくよ。明日 掴むよ。「このまま」はもういらないの!

諦められないの 理想屈折
曖昧な頷き トワイライトって?
故に error 間違いの連鎖
「君じゃない…?」くらいに 反目隠して

ON SALE! 性根は完全!(たたっき売り!)
今日SALE! 万全じゃんHEY!

練炭 バキん! Medicineもポイっ! で精神衛生上 無理<笑み
ピンからキリ!っと 果てない旅 A・B・C・D・E…次、なに?
Y◯N TOWN しれっと「偽」しぶとい 誇大妄想!いや、しんどい…
朝から晩まで出たがり罪 そうじゃん。実は”なにもの”じゃない。

諦めは悪 在る奇想奮って

諦めは悪 在る奇想 God damn it!
曖昧なまま「灰」虚像壊して 故に 笑う 抗いは美学
儚げな哀愁 余裕ぶって
「僕じゃない…」見て見ぬ振り 腐るな。


*what does this mean?* (it may mean “Blue Spring”)

このままでいいと願ったんだ 醒めぬ夢でいいと祈ったんだ…

切れぬようにと結ぶ 夢物語なの? どうして?

僕が見つめる先に居る君には 叶わない?

くらえ! ぎゃっ! イキッた…
でも間違いない気持ち このまま止まれ時! 動くな頼む。
例え死がこの2人 別つ日が来たらば 僕は死をちょろす。

“好き”を測るメーターはよ。開発いつ? 待ってる。




この身体 捧げる!

くらえ! ちょっ… キマった!?
バロメーター同じ? アガる!?
月灯りニヤける 完全きもいすまん。
例え 今この2人 邪魔するものがあるなら

思わない…初感覚 苦しいんです。
「生まれて生きて君に出会えて この世は本当残酷だなぁ」

くらえ! あっ、日和った!?
目逸らさず見てよ 僕は君。君は僕を 堕ち行くままに
例えまだこの2人 未来が見えぬようなら 僕が…

くらえ! や、好きだ!
ごめんね、あきらめて 僕に好かれた
例え死がこの2人 別つ日が来るなら

I think a lot of people were a little unsure about Zenkimi’s future after the whole kerfuffle. Let’s just put those feelings to bed.


I Guess We’ll Just Have to Settle for Another New Zenkimi Member

Last night, during A-to-J’s podcast (that Terry was on on!), I tried to blurt into the chat the question of what the big announcement that Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da had been teasing would turn out to be; it was Megumi’s birthday show, and I’ve been riding the Megumi’s-going-to-graduate-to-focus-on-business rail for months, so I stuck to my not-prediction while others suggested that maybe, given their other recent updates, the best bet would be a new member.

This is why you shouldn’t listen to me. Continue reading