It’s Time for the Lovely Pain of New Tsurezure, Y’all

Happy Friday indeed! Ever since The Idol Formerly Known as Yukueshirezutsurezure made it known that, finally, a new album would be on the way, I’ve been waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse. For a unit as … not iconic, maybe, but also kind of iconic, NSLE has actually had their share of sound experimentation. However, when they decide that it’s time to tease that new album, and the track in question is self-titled (and the album is exFallen, my goodness), you get the feeling that this is as rootsy as their material can be.

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I’m Almost Too Excited about the New NSLE Album

If you’re follower of Homicidols on Twitter (and, if you’re reading this, you almost assuredly are), you may have noticed that ol’ Maniac was at a show the other night. It was Code Orange’s Pittsburgh homecoming, supported by a handful of likewise loud-inclined bands that included another rapidly up-and-coming hardcore unit, Harm’s Way.* It was an exhilarating experience to say the least, and it got me down onto the floor and ultimately all the way into the pit once “The New Reality” started because ARE YOU THE HAMMER OR THE NAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLL? (I opted to be the hammer). I am old, however, and hardcore pits are nothing to mess around with, so it was not a long sojourn!

It did give me time to be close in, though, and observe and think. I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, so the days of doing things like seeing a really crappy death metal-oriented version of Lamb of God open for GWAR years before they made it big, those days are mostly gone. Still, you never know, maybe one of those opening acts will be the next to emerge from random basements in Oakland to punch the entire world in the mouth,** so it’s worth paying attention.

I like to insert idols into the bill. It’s just a mental game, obviously, as we have not yet progressed to the point where idols either in or coming to the West are regularly doing joint shows with bands.*** But it’s a fun game, matching idol acts with the bands on a bill, imagining how different or like performances might line up well. I like to talk about fantasy booking, getting so-and-so idols together for X, Y and Z events and whatnot, but this little exercise is always my favorite kind of fantasy booking, as it’s also how I imagine creating idol fans out of the whole cloth of basement-dwelling straight edge scene kids.

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This Phantom Kiss Is Like a Punch in the Teeth. Fantastic.

May the most chthonic of ancient deities bless us all! Yes, friends, it’s another Tsurezure song preview morning!

As usual, it’s a two-hour shindig; as usual, because they never say not to, we prefer to flaunt the rules around here. Continue reading

A Three-MV Journey through the Yukueshirezu – Story – zure

Although my thesis isn’t anywhere near the completion point I’d like it to be, my Tsurezure fever is as fiery as it ever was.

In case you don’t read the main Codomomental Twitter, the producer has said he wants the fans to think of “Paradise Lost” as a complement to “Miss Sins” and “Loud Asymmetry”, as they are intended as a triptych.

Now, because we enjoy speculations almost as much as we adore idols here at Homicidols, I’d like to piece together the story that links these three songs. In the future, I’d love to cover the timeline from the arrival of Tsuyame and Cococo through Post-Catastrophy, as all videos converge through recurring use of similar motifs, but that will wait, as all the MV have their individual stories, transforming this into a laborious enterprise.

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It Has Finally Happened; The Loose Ends Are Secured

It seems like Judge Judy gifs are good at summoning the idol gods (by which I likely mean producers): my dearest Yukueshirezutsurezure has finally released their first single in six months and it’s accompanied by a timely music video:

And it appears I sacrificed the accuracy of my colour vision to get this MV because their outfits are red. *Nervous laughter* As an Ultramarine through and through, I am now worried the fandom will change name to “The Garnets?” Continue reading

A ‘Minimal Rondo’ for Waking Up? Please and Thanks

I see that boss-san smartly realized that a super-well-researched-and-thought-out Who’s the Fourth Member? conspiracy post had been scheduled for this morning and decided that the “Paradise Lost” B-side would be a great way to deflect. Boss-san was right! There is a song to listen to!

After the A-side’s tease, I’m sure that this could be just about anything. Can’t wait! Continue reading

Listen: New NSLE Single, Member

Yukueshirezutsurezure, may all of the gods bless you. You knew that we needed some satisfaction after finally announcing your long-delayed fourth single, and that we might like to hear the as-yet-unrevealed fourth member, so you only made us wait until the most inconvenient time of the week for people west of the Urals. Good thing for me, possibly you and definitely posterity that I managed to pay attention with two minutes to spare in the ol’ traditional two-hour window:

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At Last, Tsurezure

Man, it feels like forever since the Idols Known In English as Not Secured, Loose Ends announced their fourth single. It’s nobody’s fault that said single was put on ice following Cococo’s rather sudden graduation to seek treatment for chronic penguinitis, nor is it anything other than completely understandable that Codomomental wanted to wait until her replacement had come along to release the songs that they assuredly had already recorded and were ready to pound us over the heads with.

Several months later, still no members, and still no single … until now!

Dramatic enough for you?

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Idol Eulogy: Thank you Cococo!

I should be getting ready for the Koutei Camera Drei show I’m going to see tonight, but I still can’t shake the feeling of dread. Losing both Guso Drop and Cococo on the same weekend is really tough.

So basically, I have gone rogue and despite Sari being the democratically elected oshi of, I want to dedicate an entire post to Cococo’s departure because she’s plain amazing. Continue reading

Oh What the Stupid Flipping Hell? Co3’s Now a Literal Loose End

By which I mean, Cococo, accidentally sidewise kinda-Homioshi of former 100 Days focus Yukueshirezutsurezure, the infamous Co-cubed, is leaving the group:

Oct. 9 one-man will be her swan song. This is what I get for going to bed early for once. Hell almighty. Continue reading