This Video Completely Changes the Notion of a Family Reunion

Fans of the Codomomental collective may be aware of a solo I-don’t-think-it’s-idol-but-maybe project called milcboy, which is the domain of the woman known as syam, who you may have noticed having a number of writing credits on Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da songs and may (per our wonderfully informative and generous source on all such things) be sister to one of Codomomental’s founders. This is usually where I’d make a snarky comment about nepotism, but milcboy is pretty all right.

Regardless of all of that, milcboy released yesterday a new MV, a cover of a certain song by a certain yami-kawaii idol quartet that has more than a few people kind of smitten over the course of the year. And, you know, she wrote it for them in the first place.

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Wanna See Some Notes from the Mind Behind Yukueshirezutsurezure’s “Post-Catastrophe”?

This is pretty amazing, even just run through a translator:

GESSHI writes the lyrics and stuff for Tsurezure’s psyche-shattering songs. This blog post on the Codomomental website isn’t the lyrics, but his thoughts on the lyrics and how the songs came together. Continue reading


You Need to Listen to Tsurezure’s ‘Post-Catastrophe’ Now

Go have a listen. Then come back for the rest of the good stuff.

This is the title track off of their upcoming first album, due out on Dec. 7. It is a genre-spanning something, all right! I think Zenkimi’s Megumi had the right idea:

Anime theme! But of course there’d be at least one track on here that has the harsh edges sanded down and some popular elements (that denpa swerve out of nowhere, I felt a little “Neo Jealous” on that one”). So, you know, broaden that appeal. We may love them just the way they are, but tiny girls with blue-dyed hair screaming like demons, that’s still not quite to what you’d call “mainstream popularity” just yet.

Live-forever file on the other side of the jump, if you’re late to the two-hour window party.

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We Have Another New Track from Tsurezure

Go have a listen. You know the drill by now.


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Yukueshirezutsurezure Will Release Full Album, Shatter Your Dreams

It had been a little quiet on the Tsurezure front lately, so the ever-unsettling “we have an announcement to make at 22:00” tweet that went out last today (that’s “last night here, but today there” in Time Zone) was pregnant with possibility — another out-of-nowhere video release? a teaser track to follow their big sisters’ lead? the weird feeling in my heart that Shidare was going to move to said big sisters?

None of the above!

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Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da & the ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ Are Back

Another two-hour window, folks. Will be repeatedly updating; I doubt very much is different from what we had before. This is the one with Tsurezure’s Shidare guesting on harsh vocals and blowing your mind.

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We Review Things: Yukueshirezutsurezure | ‘Six Fall Roar’ / ‘A Drama with Nietzsche’

Though the digital files for the three tracks on this double-A side from tortured yami-kawaii nymphs Yukueshirezutsurezure found their way into my inbox, I ultimately didn’t have time to handle a review. Fortunately for us all, Tsurezure mega-fan Phillter, who is now living the dream in Japan, was more than happy to step to the plate.

Cover art for double A-side single "Six Fall Roar" / "A Drama with Nietzsche" by Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Yukueshirezutsurezure

That one band with a super long name, Yu-something-something. The little sisters of the Queens of Yami-Kawaii, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

If you frequent this site (or the Idol Metal communities in general), then you should be very familiar with this band of four. When they first marched on the scene back in late 2015, no one quite knew what to think of them, but the general consensus was that they were something to keep an eye on. The name alone was something to stick with you … if you could pronounce it!

The haunting, lilting melodies that suddenly threw the listener into a panic with growled vocals and screams of frustration and rage were a combination no other band in the genre had attempted to quite that extent before. It was that combination of lullaby and nightmare fuel that intrigued many a fan, including yours truly, to become an Aquamarine (the name of their fans). So it will be no big surprise when I say that I loved this record. Continue reading


Why Have 1 When 2 Will Do? Tsurezure Does ‘Drama with Nietzsche’

I mean, it was kind of obvious, but would you listen to/look at this?

That marionette imagery now makes some degree more of sense!


Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Video for ‘Six Fall Roar’ Will Break Your Life

Holy shit, you guys, I love the crap out of Yukueshirezutsurezure’s new video:

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Come Listen to ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ and Lo

Remember that awesome announcement from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da the other day about how Shidare from sister group Yukueshirezutsurezure was going to join them for a new song to be debuted on Saturday, and it was going to be called “WORLD END CRISIS” and definitely involve harsh vocals?

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