Go Night Hiking with You’ll Melt More!, It’ll Make You Feel Better

Or maybe not! I’m not your dad. Still, give it a try. Here’s YMM doing “Night Hiking”:

If you weren’t sold yet, what if I told you that it includes snips of the members playing the instruments that they’ll be playing at their anniversary live? Including Kechon on drums which amuses me endlessly for some reason. Continue reading


Bellheart’s Shallow Grave with PassCode & Yurumerumo!

You may have heard about Bellring Girls Heart being gutted in the very near future when Ayano and Mizuho graduate, and the group going on a I-believe-it-this-time temporary hiatus before a very soft reboot next year.

What you may not have heard about is how they’re going to go out as vividly as possible.

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All the Cool Influences Behind You’ll Melt More!

Our pal Brian, aka @supreme_nothing, wrote up this piece on the various artistic touches inherent in You’ll Melt More!’s visual and musical work on his own site … and then posted it in the forums like a goof. I figured I’d move it on up here to the home page so more eyes get on it. Go read the whole thing (just click the boxy doodad there) and tell him how much you liked it!

YOU’LL MELT MORE! : The Coolest Idols In the Room…

Literature and Destroy is one of my favorite titles for anything, ever, and I had to be talked out of dropping almost $100 on a copy of Bellheart’s EPEP EP, which is a glorified single, but whatever, I was pretty drunk.


Stop Everything and Do This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Video from You’ll Melt More!

In what’s being very roundly touted as a world first, You’ll Melt More’s brand-new video for “Hamidashi PARADEISE” is … well:

Very handy English version!

Well, my mind’s officially fucking blown for the day. How about yours? And how many iterations of that game are there? I’ve still only done it once. Does it always end the same way? Is it possible to find a path that results in your being physically absorbed into the screen and, while now physically dead, you get to live on forever as a digital-only member of YMM? (That’s the paradise part, I think.)

Don’t get it? Let Chiffon explain: Continue reading


Songs Like This Are Why You’ll Melt More! Matters

We’re getting really close to the point where I even have a chance of disliking something that You’ll Melt More! releases. In this case, it’s like they knew that people in the USA are prepping for a holiday weekend and the living nightmare time well-spent with family and friends that entails, and they beamed a garage punk song directly at my heart:

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I Love You’ll Melt More’s ‘Road to LIQUIDROOM’ Video

The song is boss, the members are … the members, and, well, it makes more sense this way:

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See the New You’ll Melt More! Live, with a Band, in a Time Warp

I was ignoring these video uploads because YMM‘s management somehow thinks it’s still 2015, but it’s not, it’s 2016. But of course I looked because, come on, YOU’LL MELT MORE!, and oh, these were totally from that big-ass show they did the other day!

Remember: The girl who just threw herself into a sea of people has crippling social anxiety …

I’m a big fan of “Sukiyaki,” but I’m an even bigger fan of “Torayo” because it reminds me of the Breeders for some reason. Continue reading


Wild Idea: Letting You’ll Melt More! Speak for Themselves

I am way too tired and TIF-and-BiS-focused to put much more effort into this than I currently am, and it’s not like You’ll Melt More! needs all that much introduction: If you know, you know; if you don’t yet, you should, and you will.

“Night Hike”? Cool.

Happy Saturday.


This You’ll Melt More! Dance Video Will Set Wednesday Right

It’s not a heart-rending transition to a new future for You’ll Melt More!, but what a peppy little number with a fun (and public!) dance routine:

Does anybody else see Chiffon in this configuration and wonder if her, uh, somewhat domineering personality stands out maybe just a little bit too much now without Mone and Chibo to offset her? (Please don’t hurt me, Chiffon.)


New You’ll Melt More! Is More Than It Looks

First, if you’ve been waiting for the right entry point for You’ll Melt More!, this might not be it. Welcome to alt-idol on mescaline.

Two, if you’re already a fan of Yurumerumo, you’ll be perfectly okay with this “okay great, summer single, fine, nbd, of course there are zany antics and oh that’s a nice enOHMYGOD WHY YURUMERUMO WHY” video for the new mini-album thing.

C, if you’re not terribly familiar with You’ll Melt More!, that last statement may goad you into watching the video and wondering what the big deal is. IT’S A BIG DEAL OKAY.

Well. Continue reading