Let’s Talk About “Art-Idols”

One of the more enjoyable and exciting things in the bold new world of non-traditional idols is the continuing openness of personal self-expression nurtured into the performers. While there’s always been a creative streak within the scene even in it’s more “commercial” days, I really started to take notice of this new emergence of experimentation with the debut of Maison book girl in 2014…

Those first press photos of Koshouji Megumi’s post-BiS group, with their modernist fashion style and aesthetic, seized my attention immediately, and I’ve never gotten that impression out of my mind since. With MBG and other bold new groups taking the stage, the “alt” prefix started being applied to this emerging trend, but to me, I saw their efforts as being more about personal expression and a desire to take idol from a product market into high art. To this day, I refer to Maison book girl as an art project, and their genre as being “Art-Idol.”  Continue reading

We All Will Continue to Melt More, Thank Goodness

Today’s a light one, team — not that there isn’t/wasn’t plenty going on, just that there’s a lot of organize and wade through, and I got other stuff to do because Sunday — so I’m just going to catch up on an item from last week that I skipped over for want of time.

You’ll Melt More! We like them; smart people usually do. TGU did this really nice report of their Akasaka BLITZ performance:

Which isn’t notable (and I swear that I’m not becoming Just Re-reports from TGU Like a jerk Guy) in itself — it’s a show report, you wouldn’t have written it if the label hadn’t seen to it that you would it wasn’t great, etc. — but because of details announced thereabouts! Continue reading

We Are Yet Again Graced by New You’ll Melt More! Video

I don’t want to say too much about this one because of a related, but different, piece that’s schedule to go live very shortly, but: Because this is how YMM rolls and discopsychedelica is out (and getting good reviews!) and why even bother putting out a CD if you aren’t going to promote the crap out of it, here’s yet another video:

Cute title, too

Now, last time out, I was all “this is exactly my favorite kind of YMM song and I love when they do this even though it’s not their most typical move.” This right here? This is where I feel like their realest, truest core lies. Continue reading

You’ll Melt More! Exactly How I Like Them

I wasn’t paying too much of attention to You’ll Melt More! over the past couple of weeks — they put out more dance videos and Mannequin Challenge stuff probably, and even dropped a live video yesterday, all of which eventually just kind of becoming this miasma of YMM that I didn’t have the energy to invest in too much. I thought they were done with the real-deal video promos for discopsychedelica, and I’d generally been underwhelmed.

Underwhelmed to the point that I mentioned in the chat around the podcast last weekend that YMM is still good and cool, but I’m still waiting to get anything from them that’s anywhere near the level of “ONLY YOU.”

Oh, good morning, You’ll Melt More!(!) What’s this you’ve brung me? Continue reading

How Much Should I Like You’ll Melt More!’s ‘MoiMoi’?

I was kind of eagerly anticipating this one, gang, on account of You’ll Melt More! being one of my back-pocket favorite things in idol and their previous stuff from discopsychedelica being up to the group’s normal high level and all of that. It dropped, I very eagerly clicked to YouTube and:

There’s even a helpful dance tutorial:

Continue reading

You’ll Melt More!’s Latest Is Like Going Right into Their World

I’m glad that I skipped sharing their latest Mannequin Challenge video, because You’ll Melt More! got themselves a real and proper MV out for the release of the discopsychadelica EP:

The song is just called “Yeah”, basically, (no it isn’t; see comments) and it’s a fine song in the general YMM tradition, but it’s written by Oomori Seiko, who suddenly feels all over the idolverse in that writer’s role. Continue reading

You’ll Melt More! Is So Good Live

Please do indulge me for a minute this morning, gang, to bask in the stupid glory that is You’ll Melt More!, live, which they published yesterday and I didn’t notice but PIH and others celebrated and I felt like an idiot, but now I can make an ounce of amends.

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YMM Continues to Promote Their New EP with Mannequin Challenge Spots

So that Mannequin Challenge business from the other day? You’ll Melt More! brought it back!

And better! And with a whole different track! Continue reading

Here’s You’ll Melt More!’s Mannequin Challenge

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been a weird-ass week, and I’m not the only person to notice that. In fact, I originally wanted to apologize for a lighter post load (a bunch of work and social obligations all collided) than usual, but then I realized that very little of interest (other than Zenkimi and BiSH, I guess) even happened, and thank goodness for the 100 Days of Tsurezure to even populate the ol’ blog feed.

But now that’s all in the past. My work obligations are met, the social stuff has slowed down*, and it’s sweet, blissful Friday. I could think of no better way to commemorate that fact, that about 10 consecutive days of way too much to deal with and very little time to tackle it was over, and now I’m looking forward to some great stuff, than this great and literally months too late Mannequin Challenge video by You’ll Melt More!:

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I’m Scrapping My WTF Tuesday Plans to Bring You This

I swear, you guys, I was going with some pretty standard WTF fare for Tuesday, and then You’ll Melt More! tweeted out this … this. Hold on to your butts.

That’s Ano with something called TOWA TEI (first I’m hearing of it!), and you’re welcome. Continue reading