Thursday Hurtsday: Let’s Check in on Yandoll!

It’s Thursday Hurtsday again, friends, and what could possibly be more painful than a sickness-themed idolcore unit that’s competing against itself to keep a member from getting fired? Not much!*

First up, some new video. Well, new video of a song we’ve heard before. But still, it’s new, and it’s not like Yandoll posts a ton of it online, so here we are.

Just listening to that song makes me feel dirty

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Yandoll Is on the Clock

Idols have shown that there are many ways to wish your fans a happy new year. Epic live video? Announce new releases? Rebrand? Threaten to disband!

Yeah, Yandoll, who seem to revel in being sick, gutter idols anyway, have taken up one of those obnoxious “we need to sell this many CDs or Bad Things” challenges (thanks, Pure Idol Heart). The details are here.

Specifically, it’s 5,000 CDs sold by April. If they make the goal, they’ll hold a free one-man; if they don’t, somebody’s going to get fired (and “somebody” will be determined by lots, which is pretty great actually). There are additional incentives to purchase, though, probably because seeing somebody get fired by dumb luck is more of a motivator not to buy than to participate in the gimmick. Continue reading


Yandoll Debuted New Members Today

That’s literally all I got. These sickness idols have felt like they’re right on the cusp of something going back to when TGU first wrote them up, and a cool-if-a-little-done concept and pretty all right sound work for them.


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Hey, Yandoll Has a New Song!

It had been on my radar to come back to Yandoll again because it’s been months since they last popped up in these parts, but everything I ever found was either old or of really low quality of something old. And Yandoll’s pretty nice and deserves better than to be repped like that. I kept striking out in my search, but it looks like Viz Major struck gold to the benefit of all:

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Let’s Help Idols We Like Win a Contest That Matters: Idol Matsuri

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen these random videos popping up in various idols’ accounts over the past week or so:


And it’s not all-pervasive; it’s just some groups, but they’re all doing the same song.

Welcome, friends, to the 2016 Idol Matsuri competition. Let’s help a friend of ours win the thing. Continue reading


We Was Robbed: Tokyo Candoll Advances Some Rando to France

Uh … spoiler alert?

Whereas there was very good reason to be excited that something bizarre or afflicted or fun or at least boot-stomping from the idol ranks could have been selected to perform at Paris’s Japan Expo, of course those hopes were dashed, as we were warned. No, no & Crazy, no Yandoll, no Deathrabbits, not even somebody interesting like Hauptharmonie.

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Tokyo Candoll Finalists Half Homicidols and the Universe Is Probably Ending

Earlier today, or last night in Japan (I love time zones!), the first semifinal in the Tokyo Candoll competition to perform at Japan Expo in Paris was held:

We had already seen Necronomidol’s clever means to build their fans at the show, but no, the Dark Girls weren’t selected. But suitably sick, heavy, afflicted, weirdo idols after our own hearts not only advanced, but swept the podium 1-2-3. Continue reading


Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

This has previously been discussed in the context of Necronomidol making a pitch for support, but Pascal on Facebook re-alerted me to Tokyo Candoll and put together for me why a bunch of groups were suddenly tweeting about it.

Here’s Pascal’s message:

In brief: Tokyo Candoll is a contest in Japan to decide which idol group will play on a big stage in Japan Expo (Paris). 92 contesters in february, 49 nowadays, and a few of them are well-known of this page.

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I Find Things: Yandoll

Actually, technically, TGU found it, but who all else here looks at TGU regularly? That’s right.

Yandoll! Sick, suffering, angsty, pissed-off idols.

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