Your Homicidols Weekender #174 (Life in Exile Edition)

Hello peeps and welcome to your weekend in exile! It’s been heck of a surreal week, and I don’t think the uncertainty is past us just yet. Everything is a bit out of sorts and the idol world / fandom community is no different. If you’re self-quarantining out of legit health concerns, or simply because you’re terribly introverted anyway, I hope you can the make due with the circumstances and try to utilize the time for some personal healing and positive reflection. And if you are someone who has to get out there and mingle with the masses, I hope you use caution wherever you can and make it through okay.

And by all means, remember your fellow fans are here online for you, and let us entertain you and offer group support as best we can. I might suggest, for example , that you join in on a Friday Fun that’s got a lot of great potential….for fun!

So let’s get some weekending weekender stuff… 

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Your Homicidols Weekender #172

Good job to the Homicidols writers and of course the idols themselves for making this weekender jam-packed even with the number of virus-related cancellations and postponements building up! 

BiSH members have really been pumping out that sweet #content lately with Aina the End releasing a music video for Shinitai Yoru ni Kagitte

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Your Homicidols Weekender #171

Last week, I made a little oopsie with the title, don’t worry, we didn’t go back in time, I’m just a dum-dum. But really, nothing much even happened this week. Wth the coronavirus hitting Japan harder than a western journalist discovering kawaii culture, almost every bit of news coming out has just been cancellation after cancellation. Some artists have handled the outbreak in more interesting ways than others, but in general, this week has been scraping the barrel in terms of even weekender-worthy content. Not that we didn’t find anything at all, even in the face of shutdown, idol always finds a way.

Speaking of coronavirus, THE BANANA MONKEYS handled that with the amount of grace you can typically expect at this point.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #170

It’s Kerrie again! Sorry! Not much happened last week, but I think I can say this week was a little more eventful. In terms of personal issues that’s also sort of idol related, I’ve been busy prepping for my first time seeing BABYMETAL on Sunday. Should I check out some of London’s tourist traps while I’m there? Should I head to the venue early? Was it a mistake buying a standing ticket when my knees are damaged enough as it is? Anyway, if you’re coming too, feel free to say hi! And maybe bring me a deck chair? There was a bit more idol news this week too, in particular, the WACK cinematic universe, the most recent of which we’ll start with, how about now?

It’s PEDRO en masse!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #169

Maniac is away on business, which means the team had to do the weekender. It’s a heavy responsibility, but we’ve done our best!  (And a special big thanks to Daemon who really curated most of it.) Really sort of a weird week cause I’m personally in an out-of-sorts place with avandoned‘s upcoming disbandment, and the Younapi news was definitely a hit too. Also no doubt the HAMIDASYSTEM announcement is heavy on many hearts as well. But yes, these things happened and we took it on the chin, and will continue on with what we love cause that’s the uncertainty of life, and idol is a microcosm of what life throws at us. Let’s do this!

And don’t forget that the Friday Fun is a simple one this week, but yet it’s a classic topic we all hold dear and literally any idol fan will have something to offer on it!

So hey, check out some cool stuff…..

KAQRIYOTERROR released their first digital single.

Continuing the theme of digital releases, owaranaide, yoru put out a new song on a wide variety of streaming outlets.

If you love contributing to the aggregation of data (and who doesn’t?), take a moment to CLICK HERE and complete this survey on foreign idol fans.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #167

Good morning! Did you all have a good week? Mine was interesting, marked largely by the fact that it started a nice, long stretch of relative freedom during which I am going to get so much stuff done, you guys, that I can barely stand it. It’s an amazing feeling to have no pressure nor expectation of the same, and to know that it’s going to last almost until you next have to hit the road. Ah, liberty.

I can understand that you may not be so enthused, though, yourself. We’re basically just moving between disasters out there in the world, and then you get to add the incredible political theater that is the impeachment trial — like, a person can be forgiven for feeling stressed and looking for diversions. I’m personally going to spend the weekend half in and out of doing stuff because stuff must as always be done, but I’m also going to be ignoring mass media for a couple of days and, well, checking out mentally.

So with that in mind, I did everything I could to pack as much as I (reasonably) could into this week’s Weekender. Between that and the Fun, which I hope you have more time to play now, there should be more than enough idol stuff to keep your brain occupied and spirit in a restful place.

You’re Welcome

The incomparable human goddesses Yanakoto Sotto Mute are going major and have their first single coming so soon that I’m afraid that I might wet myself:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #165

Good morning! It’s a little late! That’s okay! I was actually about as out of the idol loop this week as could be possible to be and still be able to cobble something like this together, but my hunt for content in review turned up a pretty empty week, to be honest. I mean, I’m sure that there are some crannies in the scene that were quite explosive and interesting and filled with developments, and yes there have been some things that we haven’t posted about at all, but it was kind of a dull week overall. And put into context, this January vs. last January? Frankly, I’ll take it.

Neil Peart’s dead, and of the same cancer that a friend of mine is battling about as hard as a person can. Neil was an important musical icon — if you grew up where I did when I did, chances are very good that you listened to a lot of Rush — but my friend is both my friend and also a mentor, an artist in several media who always translated her own underprivileged upbringing into building opportunities for others. I consider her and Neil together because of their shared illness and because of their shared gifts, and how they share them. So I think about people and what they mean to you and why they mean the things they do, and wonder why it is that genius and generosity are so often taken from us too early but the worst people possible seem to live forever.

You’d think that it doesn’t have to do with idol, but it does in an indirect sense. A lot of the people active in the scene are just kind of there, here today and gone tomorrow and maybe they inspired or excited some people and maybe they didn’t. This isn’t to slight them at all, but instead to juxtapose the ones who really do make a positive difference through their art or personality or sheer ornery will, and to note that we’re lucky to have them as long as we do, even if in some cases it’s a blink of an eye.

Anyway, strive to do good things and put a stamp on the world around you. That’s the lesson. We ain’t all gonna be Neil Peart or the like, but we can all be like my friend. Create. Share. Help.


The undeserved gift to humanity that is Mayumura Chiaki is headed to the USA, presumably will single-handedly double Kansas’s tourism revenue for the year:

Oh, and this goddess is on her way as well:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #164

Good morning! Sweet holy crap, what a week in idol. New releases! Final lives! Lots of live action because now’s a great time to schedule things! It hasn’t all been great stuff, obviously, but it’s certainly a … highly typical way(?) to start the new year.

Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? I don’t mean to sound boastful or anything, but sweet holy crap was I at a good party. You need that sometimes, whether it’s because of lots of work or stress or personal obligations or just the world doesn’t seem like a very nice place. And if you’ve read more than a single Weekender, you’ve probably picked up on that narrative — even if right now isn’t the time when you can take it easy and just enjoy yourself somehow, you deserve to have that time at some point, and this disjointed collection of video and news and reactions is hopefully something that you can put to use during those times. Have fun with it!

And with that, friends, I am once again off on a little more adventure than I’d like, but it’s in the doing that sausage gets made. Just do me a favor and play the Fun for the sake of everybody’s burr-headed soon-to-be-ex idol.

That Was a Weird Metaphor

Looks like that’s it for monogatari:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #163

Good morning! Is everybody having a nice holiday season so far? Here at Maniac Mansion, it’s been a (frankly, annoying) non-stop rigamarole of visiting people and cooking and going to see GWAR and long-term planning and the like. I am beat. And, wouldn’t you know it, idol decided that this was the Christmas week to actually be fairly active and interesting! So while I tried to capture as much of the engaging stuff from a wild week, I didn’t get anywhere near all of it. And, knock on wood, we’ll get to cover a couple of these things in more depth in the next day or so. And definitely stay tuned for the Year in Review in Review, coming … Monday or Tuesday. Probably Monday.

I’m personally gassed and staring a long day of driving and brunch and driving and dinner and driving in the face, so I’ll cut it short. Go play the Fun, naturally, and then get down into this big ol’ mess. Love your idols.

But Where Is Everything?

If you hadn’t seen yet, next year’s Tokyo Idol Festival is being mercifully moved to October. This is good news for everybody’s health; I feel that all we lose in this exchange is excuses to make puns about the Heat Garage:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #162

Welcome back to the weekend, ya weirdos! I hope you had a good week. We here at Team Homicidols certainly did — we got to publish the annual Best Ofs for both community and Team (with minimal blowback, hooray!), we welcomed Cal with an excellent first post, and we started to put together the Year in Review in Review, which we’ll likely have posted by New Year’s Eve at the latest. In fact, oddly enough, this somehow felt like a nicely mid-key week for idol. Everybody’s revving up for Christmas, I guess. So let’s get right to the point! It’s also now officially winter, which is awesome in its own right except that I didn’t get to winter in around Maniac Mansion this year and will be stuck trying to get all of this stuff done before the real winter weather kicks in next month. Nice and chilly, though, and the only time when it’s like that and people are actually in a good mood. In that spirit, go play the Fun and then Weekender yourself into a lazy day.

That Does Sound Nice

As if 2019 still wanted to prove that there is no god, we get the terrible goddamn news that amiinA is done in May:

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