Your Homicidols Weekender #114

Good morning! I have to say, 2019 is shaping up to be maybe the roughest year in idol since I started following back in 2014. A lifetime ago, practically! It feels like a blessing in a way to be so, well, goshdarned upset about the rash of graduations and breakups in these early weeks of January, because it means that I got to cross metaphorical paths with people who left an imprint on me, and that matters. So yeah, you may be losing an oshi (possible plural at once!), and you might not get to see that person and the work of theirs that you prize, but your life is richer for having them having been part of it, and thank the gods for it.

And, you know, it’s idol. You’ll find another favorite or 10 again in no time!

I’ll admit that this isn’t really my favorite time on the calendar, and not just because it’s a time of high turnover — it’s also a time when, I guess because of the academic calendar, the business of idol slows a bit. There’s not as much stuff, and the first big run of debuts for the year is still a few months off, so you need to find ways to amuse yourself. Like, for instance, deranged fan faction!

A giant-ass winter storm has been ripping through the country the last couple of days, and heaven help the poor souls in New England about to get snowed under. An excellent excuse to explore your artistic side while playing the Fun, and then ripping through a halfway quality Weekender!

Halfway Is Better Than No Way

Ex-oshi seems to be taking well to life outside of idol:

Meanwhile, every tweet from Shidare is like a dagger to the heart:

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Your Homicidols Weekend #113

Good morning! How’s winter going for you guys who don’t live on the planet’s underside or somewhere in the tropics? It finally really set in here in the past week, so it’s cold and going to snow and I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it makes it hard to do enjoyable outdoor things, it can be hazardous to life and limb and all the jazz, but man, I’m a person who just plain needs the turns of the seasons to be happy. This is the time of year to blast some black metal and contemplate mortality as our ancestors did of old (well, minus the black metal part), to get philosophical and weird. I’m sure that I’m going to be very fun to be around in the coming weeks!

This week in idol sucked. Period. I don’t just mean the graduations (but also the graduations) — unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard by now about an assault scandal that’s really rocking, well, everybody. More on that to come, mostly just to sum up. The fact remains, bad week. Like, emotionally bad. Did stuff happen, though? It did, and I think I got about half of it in as round and enjoyable a summary as could be managed. I’ll be damned if somebody’d be like, Weekender? More like Weakender!

Anyway, unless you’re tremendously busy today, sit down and have a cup of something warm, play the Fun and get into this look back.

How Old Are You, Anyway?

Read what you will into this video greeting from BURST GIRL by Chaotic Harmony!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #112

Happy new year! I know it’s the 5th, but spare me your malcontent recriminations — we can wish each other well all the time, not just in the immediate afterglow of balls dropping and the people you spent a couple of weeks rounding up for a surprisingly affordable private party in a very accessible location all deciding within 10 minutes of each other that they really should get home, it’s late, and you realize how old you’re getting and how amazingly lame your friends have become, so you drag yourself and your partner, your lone holdout, halfway across town (“it’s on the way home!” you tell yourselves) to another neighborhood where no private parties, per se, are to be found, but instead lots of well-lubricated revelers and “specials” that can only be described as such in a context akin to “I feel really special when I’m singled out for larceny” and a very friendly bartender who insists on doing shots with you, all within a 15-minute window because there’s a last train that you absolutely must catch. It’s pretty simple!

The first week of the year was a good one for idol. I actually skipped a couple of posts on account of working for a bona fide lunatic whose conception of “catch up back in the office” is actually “let’s very quickly find plural projects that must be completed within 48 hours,” but I hope to be able to make it up. That’s right — what you see here before you is actually real-deal legit Weekender material! Correct, no need to cheer, Weekender stuff is the fill-in! Yeah!

We had an amazing first Fun of 2019, too, so go play it, then take all this in stride, do what you need to do on account of it being time for a nice ol’ break from the slog of modernity, even if for a few hours, and look ahead to what the gods owe us — a year that doesn’t make just about everybody want to scream in existential agony!


You’re wrong if you aren’t totally excited about the double A-side from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #111

Happy Saturday, friends! Has everybody had a good wintertime holiday season? We’re dang near through it all, and New Year’s Eve looms large at Maniac Mansion this year — much revelry is expected. I thought maybe I’d managed to dodge those bullets by hosting some friends last weekend and going all out on the Christmas traditionals, but I guess some people just like to keep those expectations high.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is basically my favorite time of the year. It helps that my cultural background is well-steeped in the terror and romance of winter, so this whole harvest-turns-to-solstice-to-newness thing, it’s like happy breathing. And you get to eat lots of gingerbread and roast lots of meat and drink lots of spirits! Could be worse. It’s also usually a pretty good time of year for idol, as late-year releases line up with the second big festival season for a good couple of months of action, which is to say nothing of all the new year’s events and the sublimity of Idol Christmas. All is merry and bright indeed! Yeah, it’s a good time of year.

Is this a great Weekender, though? It’s not a bad one! I wish there were more in it, but, like, basically three days were lost to the holiday rotation, and then I lost track of the things that I was trying to hold in reserve, like a jerk. Let’s also be honest here: When you Weekender, do you ever spend time with everything? I barely do!

So play the Fun, tour around in here a little, and then do whatever it is that people do in the holiday off-weekend. Buy party hats and cheap champagne, I’m guessing? Fantastic.

How Dare You Insult the Honor of Korbel!

Could there be any better way of reimagining old-school prog rock than by xoxo EXTREME?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #110

Happy Saturday, friends! You’ll all forgive me of course for cutting straight to the meat: We had a hell of a week, with the your and our Best Ofs publishing (hooray for the winners!) and of course feelings being hurt and threats made. Exciting! It’s also the holiday season, which for once I’m personally going to take partial advantage of and not not spend most of it working. All the work that I want to do is to host this gathering of friends at Maniac Mansion tomorrow, and get everybody full of good cheer and also lots of booze!

Enjoy the season, mis amigos, and keep it simple. Connect with the good people and things in life, and to hell with what troubles you. If the good includes idol, play the Fun because it’s an absolute celebration, and keep an eye out for idols dressed as Santa Claus.

And to All a Good Night?

TORIENA, have mercy:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #109

Happy weekend, friends! Please let me apologize ahead of time: While this was a perfectly cromulent week for idol in general, and there was quite a bit of stuff happening in a general way, I did a poor job of keeping up with it, and then I even left the little cheat sheet I’d been keeping at work. Ergo, not the greatest Weekender of all time, but one with particularly good stuff in it, so I hope you don’t hold it against me.

There’s obviously a big-ass post to announce the results of the 2018 Best Of, and I’ve already decided to spare the universe too much digital ink to cover on the topics of what’s good and what’s going places, but I do want to acknowledge this point here and then there: This is the third year for the Best Of, and of the three times it was by far the most diverse not just in terms of nominees, but in terms of how people voted for those nominees. And the most vote ever by far! Pretty good stuff. I can’t wait for people to get butthurt about the winners!

This is technically the last weekend of the autumn, but we all know that all life and light went out of the world weeks ago. I, being the intelligent and sober human that I am, will soon be going outside into a chilly drizzle to do stuff that I should have done a while ago but did not because don’t you judge me. Do enjoyable things in my stead, play the Fun, send love to each other.

Yada Yada Holiday Cheer

Good lord, did you see the new tipToe.?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #108

Happy Saturday, friends! Have you had a chance to weigh in on final nominees for the Best of 2018? I’ll leave that open until noon just in case, but things close up after that so that Team (mostly Kerrie!) can get things organized for voting next week. I’m thinking, we’ll probably do the same rolling thing as last year, to space things out.

I’ll save bigger reflections for when we get to do the real Year in Review, but I think this might be the last real good regular week of the year. It was a good one! There have been bigger Weekenders over the last couple of years, but few as dense as this one. It’s like 2018 wanted to go out with a slow-burning bang, and who can blame it? That was basically the theme.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some winter wonderland stuff to take care of. Play the Fun, give this glut of idolness a perusal, and prepare for what I think is going to be the best round of annual awards we’ve ever had.

That’s What You Think!

Listen to this amazing amiinA album trailer:

Permanent theme for Homicidols Dot Com or naw?

I scoff at those who scoff at the Corenament:

And speaking of festivals, I figure that this one ought to interest folks ’round these parts:

Koutei Camera Girl Drei, have mercy:

Anybody else following from? Here’s the membership latest:

That NECRONOMIDOL/NEMLESSS project has a name and art:

Here’s Yanakoto Sotto Mute, uh, mixing their own record?

Which is way more interesting than this Payrin’s short that I got way too geeked up for:

I sometimes watch BiSH clips like this and think about the group that debuted in front of like 20 people at HeavySick Zero:


Another new mishmash clip:

That amazing Hikari Shiina song is actually an official single, go get it:

The triumph of Not Secured, Loose Ends and their new lineup’s first one-man:

Coming soon:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Marionet because they’ve been posting live video that’s worth looking at. That’s it!

Who else remembers when Dots had nine members?

Quite a bit going on in this Toriena track:

I’m starting to think that we’re never going to get a real MV out of the new JyuJyu album, so here’s a live clip from the tour finale instead:

And from the brand-new Kimi no Mawari!

Here’s what that new Codomomental group’s going to look like:

Our girl Ten Tenko scoring the big international accolades:

Fuka from Qumali Depart is in this thing!

This one from NEO JAPONISM was just too nice to post on its own:

Did we swing and miss at one of You’ll Melt More!’s best efforts?

More from the mistress:

New from KING RAGE:

When idols are allowed to wear the outfits of their friends:

Very literally, listen to Broken By The Scream:

Gods help us:

Have a great weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #107

Good morning, and happy First Semiofficial Day of Winter If You Go By Calendar Month! I was telling a work colleague yesterday about my irrational love of this month, and indeed all of Q4, for it is in this time that we are besotted by feasts and fests and follies and such crass commercialism that I can barely keep the laughter pent up. Amazing. I plan on hitting up the mall for the first of many times later this afternoon!

You’re here for idols, though, and idols we have in extravagant amounts this week. Which is ironic, because until late on Wednesday I fretted that there’d even be a Weekender, let alone this huge rush of activity to close week and month and 2018 HOMICIDOLS DOT COM BEST OF ELIGIBILITY.

That’s right! An explicating post is on the way for Monday, but here’s a preview: The Awards Committee has created some short lists for nominations, but we need the community’s input to round them out and probably eliminate a few things. So less complicated than in years past, and hopefully clearer and easier to participate in. So for the coming week? Think about the great stuff from the year, and think really hard not about those things that closed the year strong, but the stuff that was happening all the way back in last December, which is when the eligibility starts. Then we vote the week after, people will be mad online, and awards will be given!

Prediction: This will not be a clean sweep like the last couple of years, heavens be praised

For now! Go play the Fun, then come back and enjoy this metric fuckton of idol.

I’m Already Preparing Snotty Subtweets!

I legitimately started to do a whole regular post on this new one from sora tob sakana, only to realize that the song left me incapable of rational thought. It goes here instead!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #106

Good morning! I won’t apologize for making mincemeat of kind of a weird week in idol — between Day Job and Major American Holiday, I’m surprised that I got this much together — but I do find myself wishing that I’d been able to follow up on a few more items. Upshot? A few actual post-posts to blog! Neato!

Speaking of Major American Holiday, the Fun covered #IdolThanks, so we get to focus on the next one upcoming. No, not Christmas. I’m talking about the 2018 Best Of stuff! There’s literally now less than a week left for 2018’s releases and events to qualify, or for something from December 2017 to emerge and shock us all, so think very hard about what’s been good and what’s been great and what left you weeping in a corner from the past year. Team Homicidols is handling the cut-down process this year so that nominations don’t take a month to work out, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be making a final call with opportunities to get your favorites into the mix for the big awards.

And as for the week that was …

Oh, I See What You Mean

Prepare yourself for the next sure-to-be-soul-ending installment in Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s string of EP releases, typos in hashtags notwithstanding:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #105

Happy Saturday! Does everybody get a chance to have something approaching an actual weekend? I ask because I increasingly don’t anymore, and it’s driving me crazy. Yeah, a change in my personal social prospects contributed, but the fact that I don’t have a prayer of spending a larger part of a blustery day like today working up savory foods and enjoying idol and stuff, not anymore, that sucks. Instead, it’s either a combination of chores and social obligations, or I legitimately just plain have to keep working.

My point is, enjoy this stuff while you have it. The Weekender ain’t all of it. Homicidols Dotcom isn’t all of it. Explore and go on fantastic journeys of discovery. Suck up other media. Let YouTube recommended things to you until you’re blue in the face. Oh, and of course play the Fun.

And wish me luck. I’m about to go fix a car thing that I’ve never had to fix before.

These Anecdotes Though

A new single (the first?!) from EMPIRE:

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