Your Homicidols Weekender #80

Good morning, friends! I don’t know about where you are, but here, this weekend — Memorial Day weekend — lasts three days and is the unofficial kickoff to summer. I am apparently doing lots of things over these three days! Neat. None of those things are apparently going to live shows. Bummer.

This is a really good Weekender, though, and I hope between it and a couple of other things, you’ll have plenty to entertain you up to and through Monday. Also, play the exquisitely good Fun and keep Kerrie happy, and brace yourself for a summer that’s already feeling like it’s going to be a great one.

I Fear the Sun

Hey. Hey! Very cool French idol group Amaitsuki is getting the chance of a lifetime:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #79

Happy Saturday! After yet another mercifully under-control week from idol, it’s a good time to take stock — idols are touring (relatively) all over, releases just keep getting better and better, and that general malaise that I thought I felt a little while back? Completely idiotic! Not everything is great news, obviously, but net positive movement is net positive movement.

You guys should have a net positive weekend, too. The Weekender is a good way to start, and of course you should go play the Fun, but you know what? You deserve even more. Team Homicidols has some really cool stuff coming in the next couple of days, so maybe you’ll need to look beyond idol for your positives. Chill with friends! Eat a nice meal! Complete that dark ritual meant to destroy us all! Whatever works!

That Was Ominous

PASSPO fans, your flight attendant idols are being canceled:

Here’s amiinA doing the virtual reality thing:

While we’re on the topic of dream idols, can we pause for a minute to admire sora tob sakana?

You should just let this Tentenko list play over all of your weekend activities:


You may enjoy additional Shuuengo Buppan live:

Here’s the full version of that PassCode MV:

C-Style live:

Second album coming from sugartrap!

Pretend all day that you aren’t excited about the There There Theres one-man; I won’t believe you at any point:

I have very mixed feelings about the new look from Bonnou Paradox:

New Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

The no-longer-PiGU No Surprises has a disturbing lack of Keikarin:

Well done, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

GANG PARADE posters:

It’s never not weird seeing Momoiro Clover Z as a quartet:

I really wish that this new Yanase You track were more site-suitable; fortunately, everything is Weekender-suitable!

Every now and again, I am left completely put off by a You’ll Melt More! effort:

The hell?

All right, this is pretty cool:

So 969 is awesome, and it sucks that they’ve only done one MV in well over a year of being re-formed:

Here’s all of Oyasumi Hologram’s new album, live:

Buy this xoxo EXTREME record for your favorite Maniac:


I couldn’t be more excited for Minna no Kodomo-chan’s album release:

Yup, Osaka Shunkashuto still got it:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL is now releasing song lyrics that remind me more of a Fugazi joint than anything idol:

Have a great weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #78 1/3, Babymetal Edition

So do forgive me for beating the Babymetal drum, but the fact remains that every Su-metal exhalation is cause for recognition among Western wota of pretty much any stripes, and all that to-do from the other day has culminated in a ton of fallout, not to mention thinking and angsting and so on. I thought, rather than try to keep up with it all in real time, why not use the patented format of the Weekender to sum up the rest of Babymetal’s week?

And Here We Are

The first thing that must be acknowledged is that Koba all but doubled down on the doubters yesterday:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #78

Hello friends! Did you have a good week? I had a productive one, I’ll say and leave it at that. I was putting in some extra time on some worky things so that I could head down to Richmond in a little while for the Punk in Drublic show. Personal treat, you know?

The week that was … well, other than Babymetal completely shattering everything that we knew so well (and stay tuned for more on that), it was a less eventful week than Golden Week, and thank heavens. On a personal level, if you can, add some input on the Maison Book Girl Interview Question Query, then go play the Fun, and enjoy another glorious spring weekend.

Oh, You Weren’t Kidding

Keeping up with this story:

You can support Tomoka:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #76

Good morning, goofballs! I hope you all had a good week. Idol was fairly lame, so you may have needed to find your own amusement. Nonetheless! Here we are.

Tons of stuff about idols performing outside of Japan abounds, is the thing. Some of it’s here, some of it’s coming in a few, and some of it is yet to be announced. So sit back and appreciate that idols are possibly coming to your country! And then play the Fun and … yeah, again, enjoy the dang weather.

You’re in a Rush, Aren’t You?


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Your Homicidols Weekender #75

I just spent the past week doing the following:

  • Listening to Motown
  • Baking leek-heavy French pastries
  • Cleaning the ever-loving crap out of my house

Oh, and idols. Lots of that, too. Though let me say, the pastries have actually been the highlight. Leek sauteed in bacon fat with a bit of salt and pepper, mixed with cream and melted gruyere, then set up in a light pastry? Delicious. And today, I’m going to eat most of the stuff! It’s a happy time at Maniac Mansion, and I’m looking forward to a pretty solid weekend. I’m not a winery person, but the nearest stretch of Virginia is lousy with them, so.

Make sure that you enjoy yourself, too! I’ve been harping on spring for weeks, but it has in fact sprung; or, if it’s your autumn, you maybe have a few last decent weeks before your hemisphere’s version of winter, which I imagine is more like a terrifying shrinking of life from a cruel, unsetting sun. The point is, I bet it’s nice out, and you deserve to have nice things. So play the Fun (it’s a great one!), share your thoughts on this little doodad, catch up on the interesting week that was, and then put the best things in life ahead of idol for a minute.

That’s, Like, Incredibly Optimistic

XTEEN with a very important PSA:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #74

Good morning, friends! Who among you stayed up for the podcast last night? Was it good? Bad? Bland? Hilarious? These are the probing questions of our time. Personally, I had fun! It capped a pretty good week for idol, too, which is something that we should count our blessings for, given that one of those quiet times is right around the corner.

Right now? It’s Saturday, it’s that part of spring that’s still pretty and pleasant, and yours truly is going to go mess around outside. All I have to say is, play the Fun, take that merch survey if you have a minute, and then by all means take advantage of whatever life-giving radiance is available to you this weekend.

There Is No Life

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Your Homicidols Weekender #73

Good morning! Now that was a great week in idol. There were tons of releases, new videos, new music and a new Corenament champion. This is not to mention a pretty darn solid April Fools joke. And there’s more to come, including potentially idiotic hot takes! Love it.

The irony is that this is, I think, a pretty solid time of year for just about the whole world. Spring or fall, odds are good that today and tomorrow are going to be pretty nice days. Even if you have to work, spend some time outside! Ignore idol! Yes, play the Fun, but also focus on the good and important things in life (note: this does not include idol in any way). Get your energy up and be ready to face the next week with all the vim and vigor that you can handle.

That’s Oddly Optimistic

Are you following Pour Lui’s YouTube career? Why or why not?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #72

Happy weekend, everybody! The week, which was a bad week, is behind us. The Corenament, which has been a great Corenament (best so far by a mile!), is coming to its tension-wrought conclusion. Idol, which is on a pretty good streak, is doing pretty pretty good. And it’s the season of Zombie Jesus and the Egg-laying Rabbit, and the celebration of putting blood on doors as a ward against death. What’s not to love?

Go do religious things or fun secular things or things that are culturally neutral because neither the Abrahamic religions nor Cadbury have had a chance to corrupt your people. Appreciate the season. Play the Fun (it’s a great Fun!). Go help to settle the Corenament. And ignore the date that’s likewise upon us, because why would it be of any significance?

What Are You Implying?

Prepare yourself for Oyasumi Hologram’s acoustic album:

Your chance to connect somewhat indirectly with Candye Syrup!

When REGiNA KiSS members start do commercials:

SOZELICA, performing with Melon Batake a Go Go, done tore her ACL and will need surgery and recovery time:

I was going to spare you this FunFunFun remix, but nobody’s too good for this level of WTF:

Fits, fits, sure, umm, huh?

By way of contrast:

Codomomental round-up! A new web shop, and auditions with this Eggs thing:

Pretty neat of WACK to call up the old “STUPiG” set designer to help out with EMPiRE’s latest:

Reminder that this happened:

If you followed that MNL48 business (besides supporting Osie and/or Shazy, of course!), you may be aware of accusations of scandalous activity etc. This is apparently how their official media choose to respond:

I don’t share enough of the daily Dots videos:

This is what Shiori’s up to right now:

No, I don’t know what BiSH is doing, either:

Incredibly rare recording of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da doing “ShitEnd Placebo”:

Check out this new one from IVOLVE:

The latest project from BELL is more interesting in this little snip than in their official debut live:

Qumali Depart is a ball of joy:

Apparently also a step ahead of Maison Book Girl!

In honor of Himari’s birthday live, here’s what Bakuon Dolls Syndrome looks like now:

Somebody please tell cana÷biss that they don’t need to turn to Kentacore:

Meanwhile, DEADLIFT LOLITA is having the best life:

I’m sharing this NEO JAPONISM playlist primarily for the oh-so-2001 intro:

Osaka Shunkashuto’s first Avex album will happen in June:


Happy belated, Io:

Have an idolly sweet weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #71

Good morning! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is still reeling a bit from some mystery illness, friends, and there’s this whole Corenament business to see to (we’re more than halfway through!), so forgive the brevity, as my head isn’t working right. Do you need an example? How about that I just spent several minutes Googling a word that doesn’t exist in English? Yeah.

It’s the first weekend of spring, or autumn if you’re one of those poor people living on the world’s underside, and it may be nice enough to do outside things where you are. If so, go do them! But of course, play the Fun, and then take a few minutes to turn our Elite Eight into a Final Four.

What Was the Word?

Actual first order of business? Go do this:

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