Your Homicidols Weekender #87

Hello friends! Who’s all at Hyper Japan this weekend? Kerrie’s there, with a press pass — somehow, our application that said “to interview DEADLIFT LOLITA” was confusing to the organizers, so a press pass was granted only after all of DLL’s interview slots were taken, and we didn’t have a backup plan (though I think Kerrie may, she’s clever). If you happen to see the Weeaboo Witch herself, see if you can con her into being her official photographer or something. Press access is press access!

For the vast majority of us not at Hyper, did you all have a good week? I … did? The last several weeks, and indeed it seems like most of the year, have been busy-ass times for ol’ Maniac, times full of changes and new challenges, and the trip that I was on (first time in that area in a decade!) over the course of the week really drove that home. I’m tired! It’s fortunately a pretty nice weekend now that I’m back home, so I hope to make the most of it.

Idol had a solid week, though, huh? There were some missing pieces for me (I was waiting for another Tsurezure song!), but good tunes abounded. TIF is still a few weeks away, too, so there’s bound to be some good stuff right on the horizon. And, for what it’s worth, maybe the best thing of all from the week hasn’t had its published moment yet, so stick around for a little while before heading out for fun summertime adventures. And, of course, play the Fun, which should definitely get your brain gears turning.

Are You Ever Going to Stop These Things?

Well, here’s part of the MIGMA SHELTER solution:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #86

Good morning! Or how good is it, really? This past week, while a pretty decent one for the ol’ Weekender, was a pretty benign one as far as idols go. Well, loud idols; I see that you H!P people always have something to talk about.

It’s all well and good, though, that this is the low of the idol down-season; you get that run of debuts and new releases in the spring, and then the festivals late in the summer, so this is tour time, baby. No, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Yes, it is convenient for when your friendly neighborhood Maniac needs to get out of town for various reasons. In fact, I’m sitting on a strange couch right now, looking back at a tepid week, a month from TIF and everything that comes with it, and pretty dang glad that my super-busy personal schedule is all happening now, as opposed to a time when meaningful things happen in the Idolverse.

Enjoy yourselves with something other than idol. If you’re like me, do yard work or a creative project. Cook a good meal. Drink tasty adult beverages. Read in the sun and then get really mad that you forgot to put on sunblock and now your skin is crispy. Just first, play the Fun, scan through this sucker and have a little celebration of life.

You’re in a Good Mood, Huh?

I’m sorry, I just can’t; have at it, though:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #85

Hello friends! Welcome back to yet another Saturday. I hope you had a great week — personally, I had an exhausting, frustrating, hair-pulling-out, too-busy-to-think one, and it was amazing. And now it’s that special time of year when DC’s summertime switches from “oh jeez it’s hot and also quite humid” to “a heat index around 110 is no big deal, you baby,” which only leaves “the surface of Venus” as a more uncomfortable possibility, at least in the known universe. Ergo, I’m looking forward to lots of yard work, because tomorrow’s going to be even worse! Afterwards, though, I’m going to go drink some nice cold beers and hide from the light. It’s the American WayTM!

I shan’t implore you to do anything stupid or dangerous out there — you do you. Find cool things. Enjoy them. Play games with your friends. Other than the below, continue to ignore idol, as you can be doing other things with your time. Well, the below and anything else that I decide to post in the early hours while I’m awake but not yet feeling like punishing my body. Also, play the Fun, which is again excellent. And maybe think a little bit about who you’re going to support in Queen of the Scene, which will, I think, be in a couple of weeks.

Is It Really That Hot Out?

Party on outside with Attain Music:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #84

Happy Saturday, friends! At this time two days ago, I was looking at this particular iteration of the Weekender and feeling like things were a little light. Was idol really that quiet over the week that not even our every-seventh-day collection of the weird, random, only-so-interesting and so on was going to have much population? I guess that was the case!

And then a bunch of stuff happened or popped back up, and here we are.

Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is in high spirits this morning, as I announced last week and had hoped to be able to double up on. It’s nice. Also nice: This is being set to run a little while ahead of time, because I spent last night and now a good while left today prepping food for a get-together, which just so happens to be one of my favorite things. Paradoxically, if interesting things happen today, I might actually get to blog them because, like a fishing trip, I did all of the dirty work early!

Just in case, go play the Fun (Kerrie’s latest personal entry is magnificent), enjoy the first true weekend of the summer / dregs of winter, and think happy thoughts.

So What’s Cooking?

Hold the presses! I don’t make too much space for this kind of thing usually, but can we all please have a moment of silence for Vinnie Paul?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #83

A very good Saturday to you all! How has the season been treating you, by the way? I just realized that, while we passed the unofficial start of summer a couple of weeks ago, here we are just a few days before actual summer (or winter, for those of you in the Upside Down), and the timing can’t be better — ol’ Maniac got some really good news this week and is holding out for a little bit more before doing any real celebration, but still. And last night, I hit up a regular jazz night that I hadn’t been to for a while, then trekked across town for some of those simple pleasures. It was very good, perfectly seasonal. I encourage you to do the same!

Here we have yet another in a very substantial chain of Weekenders. While I won’t complain about there being a lot of random and a lot of ancillary and a lot of related-but-not-post-worthy to share, there’s a paradox here, which is that having a big ol’ Weekender could be a drag on your doing more fun and exciting things. Boo! So do this: Play the Fun, then get through the first few items here, and then see where life takes you.

What If the Answer Is “Twitter?”

I missed the latest from lyrical school, for shame, but we can always rectify:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #82

Good morning! I trust that everybody had a good week, especially those of you who hit up the 2&-Zekkyou-Necroma dates in the UK. My message to you? FEH! Why does England keep getting all of the nice things? All they ever gave the rest of us is an overly complicated language and the beginnings of crippling caffeine dependency. FEH, I say!

The lesson here, though, is that if you want idols to come to your country (and even your town!), you’re probably going to have to organize it yourself. Just ask the cats at Orion UK. The good news is that almost anybody can make a contribution to those kinds of efforts, whether it’s on your own, working with friends, pulling together resources via a club scenario, or what have you. It of course speaks to the need to make more idol fans and get everybody better connected, as a good network is a great resource.

Anyway, you’re not here for my opinions on how to make these tours more of a reality; you’re here for the rundown of randomness. Go play the Fun (it’s good, but it needs your participation!), then go look at the final Oshi Digest for Sari before things get really out of hand here in a little bit, and think happy thoughts about how you might be able to contribute to idols right in your virtual back yard being a reality.

And What If I Don’t Want Idols in my Back Yard?

My favorite penguin ex-idol continues to do neat musical things:

The new-look BILLIE IDLE:

The latest from Malcolm Mask McLaren, live:

Idol-unrelated, but I can’t stop watching this video by Bloodywood for any of a number of reasons that begin with South Asian Roger Miret on vocals and includes not long after the wonderfully Bollywood dance ensembles:

I had not, and now we all know WEAR!

I feel badly for constantly forgetting to finish writing the post about this Sorano Aozora summer single, but at least I can bring it to your attention before it goes on sale:

Even idols get hype over meeting idols:

Get to know Candye Syrup:

There’s going to be a new Up Up Girls album soon:

The BiS self-split single, at full strength!

The lovely poem apartment:

At least the art for that Babymetal graphic novel will be cool:

Fresh this morning, behind the scenes with Maison Book Girl:

There’s a Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da card game?

These DAIDAIDAI live clips are entirely too cheery:

You go on with your bad selves, Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Minna no Kodomo-chan in Taiwan:

I’ll be honest with you guys, the full version of that Ladybaby-reunited-with-Ladybeard MV is like my worst idol nightmare:

Husky did a free live:

Oh neat, Cure put out a live DVD:

I finally like a recording of one of the new Babymetal songs to want to do something with it:

Have some additional KING RAGE:

If you remember Artemadoll, you may be interested in sister group CANDYREMIX:

Arisaka Emi is practicing her Photoshop skills:

I may yet want to follow COLOR’Z with actual posts and stuff:

The last of Alloy before they became WILL-O’:

GANG PARADE should just focus on releasing a single every quarter:

A live digest from PassCode’s new single, thanks:

They need to be making more music, but at least this CM is proof that Himekyun Fruit Can is still alive:

The friendship between Shiori and Haruka is a beautiful thing:

Have an exciting weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #81

Happy Saturday! You’ll all have to forgive me the lack of typical Weekender exuberance; I’m writing this in the aftermath of seeing my favorite current band put on one of the most singularly intense, celebratory, violent performances I’ve ever encountered. And that’s to say nothing of the (very good!) other bands on the bill. Just … if you can catch Code Orange, do it, preferably while heavily armored.

Let’s get down to business then. Did you play the Fun yet? Are you prepared for the first real weekend of Calendar Summer? Are you as impressed by the sudden very good run of idol as I am? Is it possible to ask too many mostly rhetorical questions?


What Pony says:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #80

Good morning, friends! I don’t know about where you are, but here, this weekend — Memorial Day weekend — lasts three days and is the unofficial kickoff to summer. I am apparently doing lots of things over these three days! Neat. None of those things are apparently going to live shows. Bummer.

This is a really good Weekender, though, and I hope between it and a couple of other things, you’ll have plenty to entertain you up to and through Monday. Also, play the exquisitely good Fun and keep Kerrie happy, and brace yourself for a summer that’s already feeling like it’s going to be a great one.

I Fear the Sun

Hey. Hey! Very cool French idol group Amaitsuki is getting the chance of a lifetime:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #79

Happy Saturday! After yet another mercifully under-control week from idol, it’s a good time to take stock — idols are touring (relatively) all over, releases just keep getting better and better, and that general malaise that I thought I felt a little while back? Completely idiotic! Not everything is great news, obviously, but net positive movement is net positive movement.

You guys should have a net positive weekend, too. The Weekender is a good way to start, and of course you should go play the Fun, but you know what? You deserve even more. Team Homicidols has some really cool stuff coming in the next couple of days, so maybe you’ll need to look beyond idol for your positives. Chill with friends! Eat a nice meal! Complete that dark ritual meant to destroy us all! Whatever works!

That Was Ominous

PASSPO fans, your flight attendant idols are being canceled:

Here’s amiinA doing the virtual reality thing:

While we’re on the topic of dream idols, can we pause for a minute to admire sora tob sakana?

You should just let this Tentenko list play over all of your weekend activities:


You may enjoy additional Shuuengo Buppan live:

Here’s the full version of that PassCode MV:

C-Style live:

Second album coming from sugartrap!

Pretend all day that you aren’t excited about the There There Theres one-man; I won’t believe you at any point:

I have very mixed feelings about the new look from Bonnou Paradox:

New Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

The no-longer-PiGU No Surprises has a disturbing lack of Keikarin:

Well done, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

GANG PARADE posters:

It’s never not weird seeing Momoiro Clover Z as a quartet:

I really wish that this new Yanase You track were more site-suitable; fortunately, everything is Weekender-suitable!

Every now and again, I am left completely put off by a You’ll Melt More! effort:

The hell?

All right, this is pretty cool:

So 969 is awesome, and it sucks that they’ve only done one MV in well over a year of being re-formed:

Here’s all of Oyasumi Hologram’s new album, live:

Buy this xoxo EXTREME record for your favorite Maniac:


I couldn’t be more excited for Minna no Kodomo-chan’s album release:

Yup, Osaka Shunkashuto still got it:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL is now releasing song lyrics that remind me more of a Fugazi joint than anything idol:

Have a great weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #78 1/3, Babymetal Edition

So do forgive me for beating the Babymetal drum, but the fact remains that every Su-metal exhalation is cause for recognition among Western wota of pretty much any stripes, and all that to-do from the other day has culminated in a ton of fallout, not to mention thinking and angsting and so on. I thought, rather than try to keep up with it all in real time, why not use the patented format of the Weekender to sum up the rest of Babymetal’s week?

And Here We Are

The first thing that must be acknowledged is that Koba all but doubled down on the doubters yesterday:

And was immediately clowned right the hell back. What a brutal response. Continue reading