Your Homicidols Weekender #27

Good morning! Maniac here, checking in from … not Toronto, actually! “But Maniac, aren’t you supposed to be at the Tsurezure shows this weekend?” Yes I was! Look, I would’ve loved to have been there, had everything reserved and ready as of Wednesday afternoon … at which time it became clear that I needed to be home and available at least on Friday. So, no Maniac at the NSLE shows.

But! There are friends abounding, and you’ll be hearing from them. Did you really think I wouldn’t do everything possible to take tremendous advantage of the opportunity provided by having some truly community-favorite idols readily accessible in the West?

Before any of that, though, we have a very busy week in idol to catch up on!

So What’d We Miss?


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Your Homicidols Weekender #25

Hey gang! That was kind of a weird week, huh? It started with a little bit of a bang, and then there was this great sucking sound as not much of particular interest happened. Golden Week, I guess.

Still, I was surprised at how much I happened upon and thought, “Weekender!” Of course you can continue to have fun with the Fun and photo edits of Yurapiko, and be among the extraordinary number of people who keep hitting that ranking post — but more on that matter later (like, next week).

In the Meantime, What Else Was Going On?

We still don’t know what’s up with the joint project between NECRONOMIDOL’s Sari and Utane Yuki, ex of PSYBOU KANOJO and currently going as Nameless, but this is friendship:

And this is what Yuki looks like on stage:

In the meantime, this happened:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #24

I felt seriously irresponsible this week, you guys, and we wound up doing a bunch of stuff anyway! I think I got good feedback on the whole who’d-be-fun-to-follow thing, though feel free to input if you haven’t, and of course continue to screw around with the Fun.

The Week That Was, or Was It?

Did you see that those of us in North America can finally get “bite the bullet”?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #23

Hey gang! Have you had a good time with the Friday Fun? It’s been surprisingly kind of slow around these parts lately, huh? We should expect that some big names will drop good material on us soon, though, and make some big announcements. I’m also toying with doing something for Golden Week (all concepts so far = bad), and bringing in a feature from a certain now-dead website that sort of influences things over here, that with some community input.

Otherwise, hell, there’s some newer stuff that I’ll try to spread out, but let’s hope that cool new videos and the like start to surface.

Besides That Crap, What Happened This Week?

Idols appreciate idols. Like Guso Drop and the World Standard:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #22

Happy Saturday, you goofballs! I just wanted to share a little programming note: I’m taking a little personal trip, and while I went ahead and scheduled some stuff to run over the weekend, I’ve also left the site in the very capable hands of the Weeaboo Witch herself. Yes, Kerrie has been instructed that there are to be no Simpsons anythings, but I can’t vouch for there not being any Hello! Project or other normalish idol stuff should she see fit to include it.

Have fun, be good to the host, and think about buying some stuff from her, okay?

So How about That Week, Huh?

The big story in the news was that dude who thought that he should be able to use the airplane seat that he paid to use and wasn’t going to be voluntold off of his flight, and got beat to shit for the trouble. People are mad at United Airlines! People are also riffing on the incident for the amusement of many! So here’s Kamen Joshi member Kawamura Nanaka with a few tips for how to prevent yourself from being dragged from the plane:

Remember: The Mask Girls are good at things, including violence.

DEEP GIRL may yet have some life in them, because the look has been updated:

Of course, they did the same thing last year, and it was basically to no effect, but still!

Fittingly, after that Oyasumi Hologram post the other day, this live acoustic set gets dropped on Soundcloud:

(Just look at the user’s feed for the whole thing.)

The alt-cast happened; Kerrie has already informed me that there will be no sharing:

In the idol+ space, here’s the latest from Rinne, one of the constituents elements of NATASHA:

Are you a dumb ambitious young woman with big-time idol dreams and a willingness to be put through arduous physical tortures to maybe be a little bit of a star? If that sounds like you, respond to this call!

Riffing on the Friday Fun, Gokigen Teikoku are basically everything about that theme in a single idol unit, with the catch that they’re doing it all for laughs and to have excuses to get drunk. Recent highlights:

Picture this: Your favorite idols pull you up on stage; they hand you a mic; what do you do?

Did you know that Mone/Sui of You’ll Melt More!/Hauptharmonie fame could do some actual drumming?

I went looking after Lyric Holic the other day and stumbled across yet another T-shirt that should remind us all that idols have the best merch:

Here’s that DEVIL NO ID dance cover that you always knew you wanted:

Inoue Yume is always going to have a special place in my idoling heart:

How about the latest from 963?

And, like, after that whole business earlier in the week, why not give some more space to KOTO?

Don’t even think about having fun this weekend without first listening to every second of this:


Your Homicidols Weekender #21

Are you ready to party this weekend? I’m not! I really need to do a better job of managing time, I guess. Also it’s really nice out today and I’m glad to finally get to do yard work for the first time in months. Nonetheless:

I Feel Really Tired after This Week

Q’ulle, aka the best dancers in idol, keep releasing new video versions of the “SHOUT IT OUT”:

In a totally idol meta thing, it was previously … Miss iD’ed … /shows self out

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Your Homicidols Weekender #20

Sorry about all of that confusion yesterday, gang. And on Friday. And in the lead-up to that. What can I say? Kerrie’s a very smart person. But this is why you should believe nothing that gets reported on/right before April 1, no matter the subject or where you are in the world.

Holy hell, it’s the 20th edition of this goofy-ass roundup.

The Week That Was and Definitely Not the Week That Will Be Because That’s Not How Time Works

What’s the deal with idols having music posthumously released? NEXT Shoujo Jiken and the irrepressible Maihime called it quits mere days before the writer behind the project, DINCO, added this track to Soundcloud:

I don’t have the album, so if it’s there, nbd

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Your Homicidols Weekender #19

Holy crap, you guys, it feels like half of everything happened this week, and that’s not even remotely true. Unless you’re Zenkimi, that is. Otherwise, the march toward the Corenament final continues unabated (Final Four revealed Monday!), and idol, as forever and always, remains a terrifying, stupefying enigma.

So What’s the Good Word?

I’ve been told that the Alt-Idol Podcast is off for the week, so go relive last week’s instead:

Non got talent:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #18

What an exhausting week! The Corenament will wrap up its first two rounds today, we had a whole mess of graduation and disbandment news, some favorites took some chances, we heard cool new music … all in all, a good time, but I’m spent. I didn’t even get a chance to do my own thing for #NecromaReacts yet (though you definitely should)! But idol never rests, and nor does your friendly neighborhood Maniac!

What’d We Miss?

Remember our friend Shazy, the Filipino girl who wanted to idol and got talked down to by some ass? Because she’s cool, and also probably because folks kind of rallied to her, she made the next round of the MNL48 auditions:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #17

Damn, you guys. I was actually glad to have so much Corenament work to do, seeing as how there wasn’t a whole lot else happening, but then the last couple of days got completely stupid with developments. One important programming note, though, is that the alt-idol cast is back today:

So don’t miss it!

So What Else All Happened, Maniac, You Dolt?

#THEENDER herself, Aina the End, collaborated with electronica savant TeddyLoid on an EP coming out next week:

Yeah, “MONSTERS” gets a remix. That’s good for Aina, and good for BiSH! I don’t understand why that song, though! Continue reading