Your Homicidols Weekender #131

Good morning! I hope you all had a good week, and have fun plans ahead. I’m gassed, but entirely for good reasons, and now I’m letting myself be convinced that it’s a good idea to go do a bunch of physically demanding stuff despite the fact that I feel like I ran a marathon just this morning. You’re supposed to slow down a little as you age! Yikes.

This was a pretty good week for idol, wasn’t it? It wasn’t April-good, but it was definitely better overall than a lot of what we’ve been seeing, and there’s plenty of fun summertime stuff ahead. Despite that, though, still my favorite outcome from the week is from right here in this very HTML universe, especially Chris’s Bologna recap.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s plenty of good stuff for time-wasting below (also: the Fun), and I have … oh good dogs, just so much crap to do. Have fun!

It’s Never as Fun as You Say

You remember ONEPIXCEL, right?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #130

Today is a weird day, friends. A lot of cool and good things have happened, but BiS (v. like 2.4) is gone, and while I’ll spare you all the soliloquy (also: kinda called it!) so as to let a little piece by Kerrie stand out instead, I do want to say that this brings things about as full circle as could be. There’s a weird sort of poetry in Babymetal having a fresh release in the same week as latter-day BiS disbanding; none of (/waves hands around) this exists without those two.

Oh and this was originally going to be a really, really solid Weekender, but my phone ate the notifications that I saved up between Tuesday and Thursday, so I had to recreate from memory, and that was not a raging success. Still pretty good though.

More to come today, obviously, and plenty on the horizon, no matter what all’s currently shaking out in WACKworld. Go play the Fun, and, if you happen to be at either the EU embassies’ open-house thing today or at the Who show in Virginia tonight, come say hi to the only dude at either in a NECRONOMIDOL shirt.

But Why Though?

RED ALERT! My new pals at Gerpfast Records asked that I let you know that this very limited edition is running its course, so get that DJ MARIKO tape while you still can!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #129

Happy weekend! I’ll tell you guys, I desperately need these couple of days off — the past week was a monster, and the next will be too. It’d be great if I could just chill for a little while. It’s been almost two years since I could really do it this way, but I remember when Saturday in particular could very easily be a good ol’ fashioned day of nothing, and I’d catch up on things that I really wanted to, and at that point very literally just idol for hours. It was good stuff! And with it being a decidedly dreary day and most of my projects caught up, today would be a good candidate.

But no. No, a weekend visitor will soon descend upon Maniac Mansion, and entertainment and sustenance must be provided. Alas, my dream weekend will need to come at some other time! So let’s take what we can get from a pretty solid week of idol — I told you the season was heating up again! — and you should definitely play this week’s terrifying Fun if you have a minute.

May the Fourth Be With You

Yoneko is too good for us:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #128

Welcome back! Did you have a good week? Ol’ Maniac is proud to report that I just wrapped up one of the most manic month-long stretches of my life, and when the clock hit closing time yesterday and I packed up for home without the company computer in my bag and no obligations looming for the next couple of days, it was immensely liberating.

And idol! We’re right at the cusp of what’s usually an absolutely delicious time to be in this scene. I feel badly that I have neither kept up with nor attempted to keep up with the debuts this year, but yeah, this is often a time frame for that, and also when the nice spring/summer release season heats up. I’m fairly eagerly awaiting some (hopefully) good things, and feeling genuinely optimistic. I just wish that I had more time to devote!

So, my friends, take this opportunity to do nothing but what you want, enjoy some idol goodness, play the Fun, and may the sun never stop shining.

This Optimism Must Stop

Here’s a whole WILL-O’ live:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #127

Good morning! You’ll have to forgive me, gang, but I am wrapping up this Weekender via cell phone while traipsing about the international capital of hipsterdom. Will you miss the intro? Unlikely!

Week good? Week good. Stressors? Sure. Idols alleviate? That’s how I spell R-O-L-A-I-D-S. Let’s get to it, and you all have a good time!


If you want to read SU-METAL and MOAMETAL’s first interviews in over a year and don’t Japanese, here’s a translation:

PMC vol. 13 BABYMETAL feature translated

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Your Homicidols Weekender #126

Welcome back to the weekend, gang! Yours truly had a week for the record books, and not totally in a good way. Went to a show that was 2/3 really great, had a meal that should have been far greater than it was, had a little sick, accomplished some things and … did nothing idol-wise, it seemed! It’s not like there was all that much to talk about, though, you know? And I do have some things that I’ve been meaning to cover and just haven’t. It’s kind of annoying!

And yet this turned out to be a pretty okay Weekender. Not the most robust ever, but I hope you dig it. We did have a little error yesterday, so the Fun, which I normally admonish you to play at about this point of the intro, I’m instead telling you to play today, because it’s going to publish in a little while and be a weekend thing.

And why not? Spring is in the air, life is returned to us — let’s just have fun with it.

What a Philosophy

BILLIE IDLE finally released the “BULLY IDOL” single:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #125

Welcome back to the weekend! This week felt a little like being on the kind of flight where everybody claps at the landing. Idol stuff, yes (and I’m just now realizing that I lost track of some of last week’s stuff and will try to catch up), but also just a regular ol’ whirlwind. Madness, I tell you. This level of activity should be banned for everybody who isn’t a new parent.

Important programming note: The Corenament’s Final Four will kick off today, semifinal today and then the championship on Monday. You guys have done really great with it (congratulations on being the Duke of this year, BiSH!), and I’m excited to see where things land. There’s still a chance of our first repeat champion, and that’s really cool!

If you wanted a Weekender, though, I think you’ll be happy. The regular items are fine, though a little light; on the plus side, idol conspired to make some particularly amusing things happen, so we are all winners for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s the ass-crack of dawn and I both have to be at a work event today and then have a, uh, ceiling to repair and a garden to dig and shut up, just play the Fun and try to enjoy yourself more than I will.

You Got It

No big deal, just NECRONOMIDOL covering Electric Ribbon:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #124

Good morning, and a very happy Saturday to you! I hope that everybody had a good week — idol certainly did, and between this and all the rest of the posts and of course the Corenament, it’s like we barely scratched the surface. It’s a good time of year.

Of course, this is 2019, so the run of absolutely gut-punching graduations continues to mock and dismay us. Honestly, who’s even next? Papermaiden mentioned in the Team chat the other day that Yotsu from Zenkimi would be the next according to how things have gone in her list of favorites, and you talk about a sucker punch, that’s what Yotsu’s graduation would be like. Aina. Any of several Mashir/los. Beni. Ano. The Goddess Among Us that we’re allowed to call First Summer Uika. No, please, thanks.

Anyway, let’s focus on the good stuff. The Fun, for instance, is a very good fun! Also the Corenament, which I’ve decided to run for the Elite Eight today and tomorrow instead of just tomorrow, largely because it’s accurate and also because I’m lazy and also because traffic dips on the weekends, and far be it from me to not have lots of votes for something as important as the Elite Eight. Oh, and some other posts! It’ll be great!

Spring Does Not Suit You

You can get a couple of pre-downloads from PassCode’s new album:

Which is like pretty much moot because the thing is out in a couple of days, but still

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Your Homicidols Weekender #123

A very happy Saturday to you! Ah, at last, it is spring. Also at last, it is nice(ish) out. And also at last, it’s Corenament time! We had a really strong first-first round, with the second half of it to follow today, in just a little bit (I was derelict in doing my homework, so hold the hell on).

And what a week for idol! There are things in here that I really wish that I’d had more time to try to put together into a real post, like the EMPiRE thing, but alas, I had a Biz Markie-DJ’ed dance party to be at last night. That’s right — only the fanciest for the fine people
of Maniac Mansion. It also reminded me that I suddenly have a whole mess of gigs that I bought tickets for, and I should probably not waste that, even if a certain percentage of them are dance parties like the aforementioned.

So go enjoy this, and play the Fun too, because Kerrie found a good one on her way to a little social media vacation, and then find more good times for yourself. Even if you’ll be joining me for spring cleaning and basketball and yeah sure Corenament voting, that’s still pretty good considering that it was freezing and rainy like just a week ago! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #122

Oh my Bob, it’s finally the weekend. You guys. My dog.

Of course, though, the last few days had to be cruel just-early teases of spring, and now it’s chilly and rainy and I have to hop in a car to visit people I’ve never met before and then come back, so it’s less whee-this-is-fun than really-I-just-want-to-chill-a-minute. At least idol was interesting again this week! And if we’re really lucky, we’ll start to see even more movement in the next little while. Debut season is coming up, and while these things do tend to move in cycles and last year was absolutely excellent for new groups, I’m betting that we’ll wind up with plenty of things to be excited about even if we can’t keep the same kind of banner-year pace.

And just in case you don’t simultaneously follow idol, this website and major American amateur sporting events, the Corenament will kick off this week. It’ll be … well, different. You can only go to the same well so many times, you know? To prepare, I encourage you to think about those things that you really, truly love about your favorite idols and maybe what their best look to the rest of the world might be, and how you can mobilize people to support your favorites. It’s going to be weird and stupid no matter what, but hey, two out of three past winners have been big surprises, so let’s keep the trend moving.

Go play the Fun, too, and try to have the best time that you can. We only get a weekend once every week!

You can’t possibly be ready for Yanakoto Sotto Mute covering their pals in NECRONOMIDOL:

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