Your Homicidols Weekender #49

How’s it going out there, team? It could not be a more perfect autumn weekend lined up here at Maniac Mansion, so of course I’m going to be spending it doing things that are not just not particularly seasonally appropriate, but are also not terribly enjoyable. Like doing a full system flush on the Maniacmobile! Great times.

Idol’s been in a weirdly doldrums kind of state lately, but the Weekender is oddly full of goodness. Take your time with this one, play the Fun, see if you share in my existential terror that idol+heaviness is in decline, and find time to have a nice, big glass of cider. You deserve it.

Well That Was Equanimous Of You, Maniac

Hey, remember MNL48? And how a bunch of people supported Shazy, who kind of dropped off the face of the planet I think? Well, we have another chance: Osie, who you may have encountered on Facebook, has decided to audition in a BiS shirt and doing her best hengao. We are obligated to support this person! Create an account on the MNL48 site (it’s easy, but you do need to fake a real Filipino phone number), and give her some likes!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #48

Good morning everybody! I don’t have a lot of ado to worry about here — I turned in an 18-hour workday yesterday (salaried employees ftl!) and slept in late and hell, other than some goddamn heartbreak and also arguably the single best thing to happen all year that wasn’t scoring an interview, or the Fun, there’s not much to ado about. SO!

This Is One of Those Weeks

This is the single most important announcement you will ever need:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #47

Welcome to Saturday! Is it autumn where you are? It’s basically August here, and very strange, because it was October in August. Oh well; they’ll never take the hayrides away from us! I’m thinking maybe some (spiked) cider and s’mores, bust out the ol’ fire pit for the first time in the calendar year and hope that the fact that it hasn’t rained in something like 122 consecutive weeks won’t lead to my burning down half of the county.

But yes, this is a good one for the relaxing, I think. If you like major league baseball, the playoffs are happening; if you like NHL hockey, the season just started. Football? Coming out of your ears. Even basketball’s back in our lives, to make no mention of that weird sport that people in other countries like, the one they erroneously call “football” that mostly small children play here before they graduate to real sports. For you, though, if getting hammered while screaming at people you’ve never met on the TV isn’t an attractive option, there is of course the entire Weekender, the Fun, and debating with yourself who the real debutante of the year is.

Stop Typing

So last week’s class went well! My wrangler or handler or whatever KCDC calls them kept reiterating a belief that maybe two or three people would come, and we actually did way better than that, as I had been saying, because “people are interested in this, trust me.” It wasn’t a packed house, of course, though I was happy with the attendance, and the (anonymous) comments afterward were positive. But! I wanted to share the playlist with you; I was going for more of a narrative than a straight listen-and-learn thing, hence some of the random insertions.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #46

Good morning, ya goofballs! I’m in a pretty solid mood today. For starters, the Fun is absolutely incredible and you should a) check it out and b) participate. Also, that why-did-I-agree-to-this class of mine is this afternoon — if you’re in the Greater Capital Region and have ever wanted to pelt me with rotten eggs, this is your big chance!

Hell of a Weekender, by the way. And has anybody else noticed that we’re rapidly closing in on the anniversary? I WONDER IF ANYTHING SPECIAL MIGHT HAPPEN!

You’re a Jerk, Maniac

If you wanted to know what Babymetal‘s SSA show was like:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #45

Happy Saturday! Did you have a good week? Idol sure didn’t. I mean, there was some good stuff, but also stuff like Cococo, which was bad. It all goes to show that all the feel-good and aw-shucks in the world can’t save anybody from the inevitability of death graduation.

If you haven’t checked out the hashtag for this weeks’ Fun yet, you must, because Kerrie put out a call that has resulted in some true horrors indeed. Why not make one yourself? And then think about whether you want to join me for an hours’ worth of overwrought idol analysis!

I Had a Good Week, Though, Maniac

Good for you!

You’ll Melt More! released the track list for their upcoming EP, plus the name of the tour, which is named after one of the songs:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #44

I think it’s time to quit my job, gang. There’s a tremendously awesome piece that I really want to write, and I need to prepare for my class, and I just know that idol’s going to pop in Q4 (COME ON, JYU JYU!), and here I am with time for none of it. Phooey.

Still, it’s the weekend, the blessed, blessed weekend. And this is that great time of year, too, as autumn (or spring, depending on your hemisphere) gets going and time outside can be spent in nature’s splendor without all of the sweating. Gonna do some of that! As should you. Yes, play the Fun, and wish Yuna well, but definitely make sure to do something other than stare at the Weekender.

So It’s Good Then?

Oomori Seiko at that Summer Monster event:

Did you want to see Babyraids JAPAN dance-cover a K-pop hit?

Friggin’ K-pop, being so infectious …

Everything related to Negicco is wonderful:

Kika knows how to decorate for family events:

Which is a shame in a way, because Pour Lui failed her DiET OR DiE challenge and has been placed on hiatus by Watanabe, probably for as long as Chitti was relegated to towel girl for failing her challenge last year:

Maboroshi Karen GenE is losing another:


In light of all the stuff out there recently about people wanting free work and/or outright stealing from other creators:

Here’s some Synth de La Eve live:

That “Judgement” song at the beginning, holy shit

Nobody does it quite like Avandoned:


Did something happen with Maria? There used to be a lot more of them:

Watch this:

True story: Back in 2016, somebody associated with Bellring Girls Heart was running out a ton of English one day, so I tweeted a greeting. The response? “I am lizard freak!” Other than who-else-would-say-that, things like this are why I’ll always believe that it was Kanreko:

Let’s hope that nobody actually committed actual suicide following this PiGU performance of the actually-keeps-getting-better-it’s-really-damn-good “DAY”:

BILLIE IDLE’s closing in on 10,000 followers was pretty neat:


le biglemoi and their odd solo sets continue:

Well well well!

May the gods help us all:

Incidentally, yours truly’s review of “DAWNSLAYER” got the ol’ Japanese translation treatment:

Excellent taste in t-shirts:

Have a great weekend!

Your Homicidols Weekender #43

I have very little to say! Rare, I know. But we had another decently cool week in idol, and I’m sorry, it’s football season now and my mind will officially be even more on other things for the next little while, and then hockey and basketball also start and I’m going to re-dedicate myself to personal music after the new year (read: after wounds heal), so my mind’s a-wandering a little. But double hockey sticks to the H-E, somebody is idol is always going to do something interesting.

If you’re anywhere in the path of a natural disaster right now, I really hope you manage to stay safe. In fact focus on that. You other guys can worry about the #IdolHeaven Fun on behalf of those who need a pick-me up.

Yes, Maniac?

Enjoy this full live from MIGMA SHELTER:

The PiGU sister unit, CECiL, which also includes both members of PiGU, somewhat launched the other day:

If you were interested in picking up actual PiGU’s one-man DVD, here’s the info:

Did you happen to see the latest from our dude Andy?

When Necroma met sugartrap:

The song is dope, but featuring some Candye Syrup in the video is doper:

Look at Kanna from REGiNA KiSS:

I love that PassCode is teaming up with the going-defunct Himekyun Fruit Can for this show:

It was Sari’s birthday, so PLIC PROCK debuted a new song:

If somebody scores me one of these limited CDs from uijin, I’ll be their best friend forever:

Ten Tenko:

Now how did Dots get this photo of me reacting to Dots for the cover of their LP?

Did you see them on The Night?

This is how Eco Kaiju … actually, I don’t understand this at all:

The newest member of Kaqriyo Terror Architect:

Apparently, DEVIL NO ID decided to capitalize on the fact that Japanese people don’t know how to rotate their phones 90 degrees to view a video in the proper orientation:

Meet the members of Imonikomi, which I will remind you is not only a limited-time group, but has about a month left in its lifespan:

Maki is one of the world’s truly great humans:

Very interesting, aminyan:

Welcome to autumn!

Your Homicidols Weekender #42

Happy Saturday! You may or may not know that the United States, the country whose official religion for approximately 70 years was anti-communism, decided some time ago that this May Day business was dangerous stuff, so They invented Labor Day for the first Monday in September, which then semi-officially became the last weekend of summer. The permanent upshot? Three-day weekend! Being the industrious Maniac that I am, I will of course be spending a good bit of that time not only laboring for Day Job, but also making upgrades to Maniac Mansion. Labor indeed!

However, you’re not here for that stuff; you want the Weekender. And good for you! Very little of substance is happening in idol right now, so this little junkyard of the random and weird and not-worth-a-post honestly covers a lot of ground. You can kill a few minutes here, go play for the Fun, shake your fist in impotent rage directed in the vague direction of an idol industry that seems to have priorities other than your happiness … really, there are lots of ways to be productive!

Make with the Goods, Maniac

Can you tell me why this is my favorite tweet in a long time?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #41

Welcome to Saturday! I had a bad week. But we had a great one! #WorldDotmination was our most successful fan-to-idol tribute event yet, and … well, it was actually kind of a slow week, or it seemed like it because I had a bad case of the Trying to Dies. I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

Summer’s almost over, too, it suddenly dawns on me. Time to make some lemonade and chomp on a cigar while mowing the lawn! If I had kids to swear at, I’d do that, too. As for you guys, play the Fun and take a fun little stroll through the Weekender!

This Is Gonna Be Stupid, Isn’t It?

Friend of the show Amina du Jean has me very excited about her project:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #40

Did you guys have a good week? I have two more left in Maniac’s Human Alter Ego Goes to Hell, which is how I’ve decided to call this Day Job project that needs to be done by the end of the month. It’s a little stressful, so thank goodness for idols.

The 100 Days of Tsurezure are done, but Oshi Digest is on. The Fun is fun. It’s Saturday, it’s nice out. Without further ado:

Ahh, the Good Stuff

I wanted to do something with the latest from Let’s Poco Poco! from last weekend, but not that much:

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