Your Homicidols Weekender #123

A very happy Saturday to you! Ah, at last, it is spring. Also at last, it is nice(ish) out. And also at last, it’s Corenament time! We had a really strong first-first round, with the second half of it to follow today, in just a little bit (I was derelict in doing my homework, so hold the hell on).

And what a week for idol! There are things in here that I really wish that I’d had more time to try to put together into a real post, like the EMPiRE thing, but alas, I had a Biz Markie-DJ’ed dance party to be at last night. That’s right — only the fanciest for the fine people
of Maniac Mansion. It also reminded me that I suddenly have a whole mess of gigs that I bought tickets for, and I should probably not waste that, even if a certain percentage of them are dance parties like the aforementioned.

So go enjoy this, and play the Fun too, because Kerrie found a good one on her way to a little social media vacation, and then find more good times for yourself. Even if you’ll be joining me for spring cleaning and basketball and yeah sure Corenament voting, that’s still pretty good considering that it was freezing and rainy like just a week ago! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #122

Oh my Bob, it’s finally the weekend. You guys. My dog.

Of course, though, the last few days had to be cruel just-early teases of spring, and now it’s chilly and rainy and I have to hop in a car to visit people I’ve never met before and then come back, so it’s less whee-this-is-fun than really-I-just-want-to-chill-a-minute. At least idol was interesting again this week! And if we’re really lucky, we’ll start to see even more movement in the next little while. Debut season is coming up, and while these things do tend to move in cycles and last year was absolutely excellent for new groups, I’m betting that we’ll wind up with plenty of things to be excited about even if we can’t keep the same kind of banner-year pace.

And just in case you don’t simultaneously follow idol, this website and major American amateur sporting events, the Corenament will kick off this week. It’ll be … well, different. You can only go to the same well so many times, you know? To prepare, I encourage you to think about those things that you really, truly love about your favorite idols and maybe what their best look to the rest of the world might be, and how you can mobilize people to support your favorites. It’s going to be weird and stupid no matter what, but hey, two out of three past winners have been big surprises, so let’s keep the trend moving.

Go play the Fun, too, and try to have the best time that you can. We only get a weekend once every week!

You can’t possibly be ready for Yanakoto Sotto Mute covering their pals in NECRONOMIDOL:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #121

Good lord, is it the weekend again already? I don’t want to speak for anybody else, but these past few-odd days have been a whirlwind — work in abundance, other obligations piled up, the seasons being in that weird in-between where you can have like 50-degree temperature ranges over 72 hours and still get back to where you started. At one point last night, I was writing an email to a colleague and realized that, whoops, it actually is Friday and what are you doing with yourself? And the thing was, I didn’t mind. I just finished what I was doing, closed up shop and tried to take some chill time.

All that, and it was actually a pretty good week in idol, at least at the end, which I think this low-volume-high-quality Weekender will attest to. We are approaching the big spring release season, thank heavens, and … well, Corenament time is practically upon us. I can’t wait for all the people complaining about the thing that they’re under no obligation to observe!

Enjoy this one, kids. The Fun is high-concept as hell and you should go spend time on it, flex those artistic chops. Then check out all of this stuff, and enjoy yourself one dang fine weekend. I’d say “on me,” but you’re going to have to pay for yourselves, you miscreants.

This Isn’t a Date, You Buffoon

O’CHAWANZ meets 3776, the Movie:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #120

Hello friends! Welcome back to what I hope can be not just a normal, productive, relaxing Saturday, but idol in abundance. That was a pretty good week! At least at the end. On Wednesday, I was cursing gods of goodness and hope and spitting at their feeble offerings of succor; by yesterday, I felt like my cup runneth over. So it goes.

So this is a good Weekender, the best in a while, and I hope you find something interesting in it. It’s still not as long as the best every done, but this is because I’m holding a good bit of stuff for actual posts. Get back into the swing, you know? The Fun, which Kerrie hilariously lost track of until the last minute and then threw into the world on a wing and a prayer, turned out to be unexpectedly hilarious, so go play that for a few, too. All in all, enjoy.

It Feels Like Things Are Better

When APOKALIPPPS goes metal af:

They’re also crowdfunding in a really poorly defined way!

Haven’t posted about WEAR since that ill-advised MV a while back; now they’re down a member!

The first Shidare-less release from Not Secured, Loose Ends will be this as-yet-untitled single:

Details and trailer for PassCode’s live DVD:

And DVD from REGiNA KiSS:

CY8ER has graduated from me being able to follow them well:

In case you weren’t sure of it, we will in fact get another MV from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

A very special greeting from Broken By The Scream:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is MIGMA SHELTER, who came back from the brink of extinction with four new members:

And a new song!

So much for my theory that the dismantling of TTTs was going to be a massive injection of talent into Migma! Good for them, though.

And in kind of a bonus Focus, here’s sora tob sakana and a trailer for their tour …

… which will look a lot like this!

yandoll is one of the strangest groups to try to follow:

What the heck is this?

Yes, that’s very old

While Kaishin no Ichigeki continue to re-rev their engines, their anniversary one-man is quickly approaching:

I hope it’s as nice as Toricago got:

Such a nice slow jam from Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

So I was originally going to share this around Valentine’s Day and now it’s nowhere near that anymore, but here’s Niji no Conquistador doing something that I hope you dig:

Have a great weekend!

This thing of Seiko’s is the gift that keeps on giving

Always and forever the far more interesting Knowles

Your Homicidols Weekender #119

Good morning, friends! Please join me in calling back at this past week with mockery and derision, for it was dumb and sucked. I’m not even talking about idol! Ol’ Maniac had the usual load of crap to deal with, and got to pair it with intense personal loss that just reaffirmed that loving anything is pointless and stupid and you should never do it! Boo to things!

I’m letting idol off the hook, either. Idol was boring this week. I get that this is usually the time of year when it does, in fact, suck quite a bit; I also get that I could have really used a new thing or two from personal favorites, for even if there’s not much time to blog posts about them, there’s still a lot of emotional pick-me-up, you know? And what did I get?

So cut me some slack. This is another not-great Weekender, as I hadn’t the energy to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. There’s still good stuff, and of course there’s always the Fun, which is a good and challenging one. Now get to it.

Never Love

Twenty-four hours with EMPiRE sounds like a bit much, but still:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #118

Dang it, you guys, this was like the lamest idol week in a long time. Not that I noticed — I’d had to very deliberately carve out time on Monday to do the podcast with A-to-J and Derek (see below!), and even that in retrospect felt like a huge mistake not because I didn’t have a good time and a good chat, but because it was a couple of hours that I could have spent on the mountains of work in front of me. Yes, ol’ Maniac was burning quite a bit of the midnight oil this week, to the point that there not being significant releases or MVs out most days was in fact a huge relief, because I could snag just the tiniest bit more sleep.

But am I thankful? Heck no! It can get to be a chore to keep up with everything sometimes — I have other interests! — but I get such a thrill out of the good work done in this business. Days when multiple things all happen at once are exhilarating. And weeks when I can pepper the Weekender with plenty of that stuff are sustaining.

Not this time, though! I mean, quality over quantity, maybe? We’ll survive. And there’s even stuff to blog about now! So waste little time with this dumb ol’ Weekender, throw an idea or two at the Fun, and then look at other things.

Is That a Self-own?

Re: said podcast:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #117

Good morning! Did everybody have a good week? Idol went and flexed good and hard on us, didn’t it? Plenty to enjoy. And now the inevitable break that, because I for once don’t have anything else to do and could maybe enjoy just bumming around the house a little bit, will surely be ruined by a string of awesome MVs and a graduation that’ll make your head spin. This week’s huge personal loss is Dots, of course. Still trying to process that one.

Let’s all do our best to do our least for a little bit this weekend, okay? Relax. Reflect. Appreciate that this is easily the most boring time of year, and you owe it to yourself to embrace that spirit. I mean, by all means play the Fun, an excellent entry by our most Supreme Nothing, but otherwise let the magic of the Weekender take you to a happy place.

Serenity Now!


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Your Homicidols Weekender #116

Welcome to Saturday! Today promises the first thing approaching above-freezing temperatures in the neighborhood of Maniac Mansion in a while, so I’m kind of stoked for that. Otherwise, man, I hope that literally every person who likes idols and isn’t Peak Creepy Wota is having a better time of things lately than yours truly. Unhappiness abounds.

This is a good Weekender, though, I swear it, and I hope you’ve had a chance to get into the Fun this week, as it’s one of the best ever. Those are good things. Enjoy good things.


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Your Homicidols Weekender #115

Happy Saturday! Did everybody have a less traumatic week than the last few? I hope so. I had a typical one, one that began with an agenda and ended in a frenzied spree of updates, requests and IOUs to buy time to do the things that I planned to do and didn’t. Never work in this town!

It was a good week for digging into idol, though. We got fresh stuff from old favorites, connected with potential new ones, got some relieving updates about things that seemed doomed, saw new members … it was like the month of March, but all at once. Of course there wasn’t anywhere near enough time to post about half of it, but that’s why Baby Jesus invented the Weekender.

I hope you guys get a kick out of it, and that you can help us continue to celebrate #YuraSmile on the occasion of Yurapico’s birthiversary. Even if not, there’s enough stuff in here to choke a horse, so have at it!

That Sounds Threatening

Who can’t relate?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #114

Good morning! I have to say, 2019 is shaping up to be maybe the roughest year in idol since I started following back in 2014. A lifetime ago, practically! It feels like a blessing in a way to be so, well, goshdarned upset about the rash of graduations and breakups in these early weeks of January, because it means that I got to cross metaphorical paths with people who left an imprint on me, and that matters. So yeah, you may be losing an oshi (possible plural at once!), and you might not get to see that person and the work of theirs that you prize, but your life is richer for having them having been part of it, and thank the gods for it.

And, you know, it’s idol. You’ll find another favorite or 10 again in no time!

I’ll admit that this isn’t really my favorite time on the calendar, and not just because it’s a time of high turnover — it’s also a time when, I guess because of the academic calendar, the business of idol slows a bit. There’s not as much stuff, and the first big run of debuts for the year is still a few months off, so you need to find ways to amuse yourself. Like, for instance, deranged fan faction!

A giant-ass winter storm has been ripping through the country the last couple of days, and heaven help the poor souls in New England about to get snowed under. An excellent excuse to explore your artistic side while playing the Fun, and then ripping through a halfway quality Weekender!

Halfway Is Better Than No Way

Ex-oshi seems to be taking well to life outside of idol:

Meanwhile, every tweet from Shidare is like a dagger to the heart:

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