Your Homicidols Weekender #165

Good morning! It’s a little late! That’s okay! I was actually about as out of the idol loop this week as could be possible to be and still be able to cobble something like this together, but my hunt for content in review turned up a pretty empty week, to be honest. I mean, I’m sure that there are some crannies in the scene that were quite explosive and interesting and filled with developments, and yes there have been some things that we haven’t posted about at all, but it was kind of a dull week overall. And put into context, this January vs. last January? Frankly, I’ll take it.

Neil Peart’s dead, and of the same cancer that a friend of mine is battling about as hard as a person can. Neil was an important musical icon — if you grew up where I did when I did, chances are very good that you listened to a lot of Rush — but my friend is both my friend and also a mentor, an artist in several media who always translated her own underprivileged upbringing into building opportunities for others. I consider her and Neil together because of their shared illness and because of their shared gifts, and how they share them. So I think about people and what they mean to you and why they mean the things they do, and wonder why it is that genius and generosity are so often taken from us too early but the worst people possible seem to live forever.

You’d think that it doesn’t have to do with idol, but it does in an indirect sense. A lot of the people active in the scene are just kind of there, here today and gone tomorrow and maybe they inspired or excited some people and maybe they didn’t. This isn’t to slight them at all, but instead to juxtapose the ones who really do make a positive difference through their art or personality or sheer ornery will, and to note that we’re lucky to have them as long as we do, even if in some cases it’s a blink of an eye.

Anyway, strive to do good things and put a stamp on the world around you. That’s the lesson. We ain’t all gonna be Neil Peart or the like, but we can all be like my friend. Create. Share. Help.


The undeserved gift to humanity that is Mayumura Chiaki is headed to the USA, presumably will single-handedly double Kansas’s tourism revenue for the year:

Oh, and this goddess is on her way as well:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #164

Good morning! Sweet holy crap, what a week in idol. New releases! Final lives! Lots of live action because now’s a great time to schedule things! It hasn’t all been great stuff, obviously, but it’s certainly a … highly typical way(?) to start the new year.

Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? I don’t mean to sound boastful or anything, but sweet holy crap was I at a good party. You need that sometimes, whether it’s because of lots of work or stress or personal obligations or just the world doesn’t seem like a very nice place. And if you’ve read more than a single Weekender, you’ve probably picked up on that narrative — even if right now isn’t the time when you can take it easy and just enjoy yourself somehow, you deserve to have that time at some point, and this disjointed collection of video and news and reactions is hopefully something that you can put to use during those times. Have fun with it!

And with that, friends, I am once again off on a little more adventure than I’d like, but it’s in the doing that sausage gets made. Just do me a favor and play the Fun for the sake of everybody’s burr-headed soon-to-be-ex idol.

That Was a Weird Metaphor

Looks like that’s it for monogatari:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #163

Good morning! Is everybody having a nice holiday season so far? Here at Maniac Mansion, it’s been a (frankly, annoying) non-stop rigamarole of visiting people and cooking and going to see GWAR and long-term planning and the like. I am beat. And, wouldn’t you know it, idol decided that this was the Christmas week to actually be fairly active and interesting! So while I tried to capture as much of the engaging stuff from a wild week, I didn’t get anywhere near all of it. And, knock on wood, we’ll get to cover a couple of these things in more depth in the next day or so. And definitely stay tuned for the Year in Review in Review, coming … Monday or Tuesday. Probably Monday.

I’m personally gassed and staring a long day of driving and brunch and driving and dinner and driving in the face, so I’ll cut it short. Go play the Fun, naturally, and then get down into this big ol’ mess. Love your idols.

But Where Is Everything?

If you hadn’t seen yet, next year’s Tokyo Idol Festival is being mercifully moved to October. This is good news for everybody’s health; I feel that all we lose in this exchange is excuses to make puns about the Heat Garage:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #162

Welcome back to the weekend, ya weirdos! I hope you had a good week. We here at Team Homicidols certainly did — we got to publish the annual Best Ofs for both community and Team (with minimal blowback, hooray!), we welcomed Cal with an excellent first post, and we started to put together the Year in Review in Review, which we’ll likely have posted by New Year’s Eve at the latest. In fact, oddly enough, this somehow felt like a nicely mid-key week for idol. Everybody’s revving up for Christmas, I guess. So let’s get right to the point! It’s also now officially winter, which is awesome in its own right except that I didn’t get to winter in around Maniac Mansion this year and will be stuck trying to get all of this stuff done before the real winter weather kicks in next month. Nice and chilly, though, and the only time when it’s like that and people are actually in a good mood. In that spirit, go play the Fun and then Weekender yourself into a lazy day.

That Does Sound Nice

As if 2019 still wanted to prove that there is no god, we get the terrible goddamn news that amiinA is done in May:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #161

Good morning! And for the first time, let me wish everybody a very happy holiday season — if there’s one thing that everybody needs regardless of circumstance, it’s a couple of weeks of merriness and brightness.

What a last few days though, huh? The ultimate in people’s democracy unfolded, with unexpected results but, in retrospect, confirming what a simpler reading of the tea leaves could have foretold. I think that the full results, once known and understood, will really surprise some people, and not pleasantly. And if the Best of 2019 weren’t wild enough, I understand that you all in the UK had something of an election the other day. Isn’t democracy grand?

Let’s do that thing, that very Homicidols thing, where we all don’t just accentuate the positive, but bathe in it. Honestly, while I have more to share about the Best Of when we release the results on Monday, for now I just want to say that we really do have a great community of people in the international idol fandom, and it shows. And so in the meantime, enjoy for yourself the week that was, play the Fun and then go drink some mulled beverage in an outdoor market somewhere.

Lemons Out Of Lemonade, This Guy

Our Official Oshi is headed back to the UK!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #160

Good morning! Did you all have a good week? It was … an interesting one, I think. Up and down, good and bad in certain ways. Everybody’s favorite at-least-partly-completely-attenuated villain visited with fans. Nothing makes sense anymore. And I’ll tell you, because I was putting together the final ballots for the Best Of 2019, it feels like quite a bit doesn’t make sense! I’ll save the real comments on that for the intro post a little later, but: Wew.

Now is not the time to worry about that, though. The time to worry about such weighty subjects is at the appointed time; now is the time to worry about nothing but, hey, it’s Saturday! It’s getting pretty wintry out there! Idols are dressing up in Santa outfits! It’s a wonderful time of the year! And okay sure, this isn’t the heaviest Weekender ever, but it has some nice moments. So go play the Fun, check out the below, and then get your December on.

You’re Running out of Ideas

If you’re reading this and you’re in this photo, call me:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #159

Good morning! I don’t know about my fellow Americans, but I’m personally still recovering from going a little too ham on Thanksgiving, and I still have family obligations to gut out while my body feels like it’s stuffed with just the tiniest bit too much sausage filling. I really do wonder how our ancestors handled the periodic feast days that all but required people to eat until they physically couldn’t anymore, seeing as how there are all manner of over-the-counter medications that I can take for some relief, and all they had was booze.

Anyway, enough real and metaphorical bellyaching: As if you hadn’t noticed, idol has been going into full-time year-end mode, with new material and announcements of new material to come flying around like mad. It’s all very good and very exciting. And while I did my personal most posting in a long-ass while as a result, it’s still a very packed Weekender for you. Enjoy.

And for real, do me a favor and play the Fun. I don’t always get to fill in for Kerrie, but when I do, I like to get personal, and in this case I took advantage of the holiday to go with a theme, and I think that anybody reading this has a very good reason to be thankful for idol, in one way or another. Tell us about it!

You’re a Sentimental Nerd

Prepare yourself for the string of promos to support the new album from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #158

Good morning! Sorry this is now a couple of hours late, but you know you’re gassed when you sleep for approximately twice as much as you usually would and still can barely get out of bed. I felt badly this week because I was observing quite a bit happening in the Idolverse but was pretty much helpless to respond. If I didn’t actually like my job and weren’t so handsomely compensated for it, I’d curse it to the heavens! But this (*serious Maniac voice*) is the kind of evolution in one’s life that can make one’s passions all the more important and valuable, and in fact I sometimes feel like idol is as precious to me now as it’s ever been, which is quite a contrast to when I was forcing myself to cover it intensely while grappling with various personal responsibilities.

Yeah that’s cool. Whatever. Hey! So there were a lot of good things that went down, including some stuff overnight, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t get to at least some of it this week. What we lose in timeliness, we make up for in wry observation! And isn’t that what you pay for?

Oh right, we do this for free.

Yikes. This intro has now exhausted its own concept and I think failed to communicate the point, but eat it, 11:00 is fast approaching and I have a quiche in my future! Go play the Fun and Weekender your heart out!


When two of our greatest icons go together to see like the iconiest of them all:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #157

Good morning!

Yeah, it’s Saturday. What a week. At least I’d been loosely following Twitter up to a point! I checked in yesterday evening and had this massive, sudden realization that not only had Friday come and effectively gone, but that I had barely even though about much of anything beyond work since, well, the weekend before. But did putting this together help to cure what ailed me? In small measure, friend, it did.

Seek Help

The last time I led off with Up Up Girls 2? Never!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #156

Good morning, ya goofs! Today is a special day. Yes, it’s Saturday, and yes, by the vagaries of the turn of the year and a few fortuitous personal circumstances, I for all intents and purposes completed my meaningful job-work for the year yesterday. Stress is down, hope is up, and while it’s true that the winter chill has arrived a little earlier than usual to Maniac Mansion, I’m looking forward to some wonderful time that begins basically now.

But that’s not what makes today special! No, today’s special because, if you math along with me, you’ll see that this is the effective third anniversary of the Weekender, which (do not try to correct me) I believe is the longest-running weekly episodic blog post about idols who scream and swear and so on. I’ve done a lot of these, and some of them have been good (this one is good) and some of them have been bad (I make no guarantees though), but all of them have been done in an effort to capture a much wider sampling of what’s happening in the hard side of idol in a given week, and maybe expose you all to some related things that might otherwise slip through the cracks. The Weekender has evolved to include more big-ticket stuff in recent months, but its core purpose and stupid format remain largely intact since the very beginning.

Anyway, I enjoy it, and I hope you do, too. Data suggest that a good number of you do! So that’s fine.

Now go play the Fun and let’s look forward to at least a few dozen more!

That’s an Odd Way of Saying “Seven”

There’s a (great so far) new project from tapestok records; give a listen to Los An Jewels:

satis faction is already my favorite idol ever

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