This Is Wagamama Rakia Live with a Band

Indulge me this morning, folks, for I have seen a live video and I want you to see it as well. The reasons are simple: I want you to feel about it as I feel about it, and to get that swell of “I need to support this!” inside, and to want to make impulsive purchases through international grey markets in the act of that support.

Wagamama Rakia (no, not the other Wagamama, this Wagamama) release this the other day, and I set it aside purely so that I could get the feeling down in full. To whit:

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This Wagamama Rakia Ballad Is So Nice That I Want to Buy It Gifts

I keep telling you guys, if it’s not already Wagamama Rakia’s moment, it’s happening. To celebrate their second anniversary as a group, and to show off the new-look-four-member lineup, they dropped a song that I’ve already played twice and will continue to repeat as necessary:

I love the little trip down memory lane, with the old outfits etc. They’ve come so far and now, two years on, are ready to go. Continue reading

This Is a Wagamama Rakia Live Celebration Post

I was all set to just up and walk off for the weekend, you guys. That’s a confession — when there ain’t much idol to idol about, you just leave the idol be. But remember back in the early days, when like every little thing that happened made for a good posting opportunity? I was so naive! Also so eager! Also less busy!

In those days, one of the best and most frequent posts to blog were live clips. After all, the point was to highlight idols in their natural environment and give folks, hopefully lots of newbies, a chance to experience something different. I got away from that after a while, reasons abounding, but I’ve been thinking about the old mission statement of Homicidols Dot Com and how I’ve experienced what the cool kids call “mission creep,: over the past year in particular. And I want to get back to my roots.

That being said, this started off as an addendum to the Weekender before I wised up and decided that the better thing to do was to just blog this post and say some words and give one of this year’s more noticeable movers another highlight. So take it away, Wagamama Rakia! Continue reading

Would You Like a Free Wagamama Rakia Song?

In keeping with this Tuesday’s short-lived and likely-never-to-be-revisited tradition of posting about selfish idols, Wagamama Rakia, The Original Wagamama, have made available a re-recorded version of their “There is surely tomorrow” song, now with all four current members:

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Even Unfinished, This New Wagamama Rakia Song Is Really Nice

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle; the normally digital idolcore-esque Wagamama Rakia are recording again, likely because they’re so digital idolcore-esque as to very literally suck up ex-members of defunct groups of a similar type who also happen to be their best friends, and adding to the roster usually means that it’s time to make more material lest the wota start to do other things with their money. And because they’re recording again, Wagamama Rakia, bolstered by the strength of Layna’s arrival, are able to give us a little update!

There are translated lyrics in the description!

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What’s New, Wagamama Rakia?

It’s been a nice refreshing breath lately for Wagamama Rakia, who’ve always been good but haven’t always been noticeable (despite this, they weren’t even considered for the Corenament!). On the strength of their good year so far, I started to follow them more closely, with payoff. New things are afoot!

To recap: They have themselves an anniversary live coming up in June, but are also embarking on a two-man tour (neat!) and … are adding a fourth member! And also continue to be loud and increasingly interesting. Let’s keep our eyes open.

I Want to Say That Wagamama Rakia’s New Single Is Pretty Good

You may know by now that “Trash?” is out, in stores, at venues, etc.:

I kept hoping that the release would coincide with an obligatory MV release; Wagamama’s starting to push up and out more, gaining followers and attaching to other notables in the chika world, so it made sense (to me) to make a bit more of the release, try to generate some buzz, etc. What they teased out today does not obviate a possible video for the A-side, and it’s a nice preview nonetheless! Continue reading

May This Lift Wagamama Rakia to Real-deal Prominence

Oh heck yeah! It had been so long since Wagamama Rakia was legitimately on my radar that the last reference to them I’d seen was a not-recent Facebook post to year-old video of theirs. I knew they were around because the members are hilariously busy on Twitter, but whether they were ever actually up to much of anything, I legitimately didn’t know. And then today, exploding out of the fandom woodwork, came what must be their first MV in like … a really long time. Which would make sense, seeing as how it’s their second single. I had to think about that. It’s been a long time!

That’s solid work

They also uploaded a bunch of pro-cut live video from their one-man: Continue reading

Bonus Thursday Hurtsday: Live Wagamama Rakia!

Who else out there remembers Wagamama Rakia? I do, because I was momentarily significantly excited about them last year, only to be just as let down as always.

Why can’t idols always be exactly what I want them to be?!

At any rate, Pure Idol Heart had brought them up the other day, and then Viz Major was sharing this on Facebook and I felt like, yeah, sure, let’s have a look in: Continue reading

While We’re on the Topic of Rock Idols, Check out Wagamama Rakia

It’s official: I no longer have any idea how I first found this.

That’s Wagamama Rakia (Twitter). They’re new. Like brand new. Like “first performed at Freedom Nagoya over the weekend” new (I’m not sure if that’s true). While not exactly ground-breaking, just this one video shows more overall competence and intent than many an idol who comes over to the hard side.

They actually have a little stream player on their website; just scroll down a little, and it’s on the left. I’ll assume that those three tracks are the first single, and you’ll take me at my word because who’s to say that I’m wrong, and then we’ll all go blissfully into the night, ignorant as hell and still humming along to that chorus.

Hump day!