I Can DieDieDie Happy

Chika idol has a lot of room for a lot of things, and it’s possible that no project has grasped that flexibility quite as well as DAIDAIDAI, the DEMON TAPES-generated Osaka (of course) underground electro-pain merchants who’ve built out, built up and built strong the sonic legacy founded by PSYBOU KANOJO. Now approaching their third anniversary, the group has been incredibly steady — more on the music front than membership, but this is idol — while reaching for all manner of sounds and influences and visuals to keep every person who’d encounter them on their toes.

Speaking of membership, there is that (future) mass departure to acknowledge, but also a new single that we are now, friends, so lucky as to have it appear in our lives. I think this is what happens when a composer and producer get together to brain up a summer single for an idolcore group. Soak it in! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #135

Happy Saturday! This post comes to you, friends, at a time of fun and merriment. Yeah, it was another slower week, but big-time stuff took up the bulk of the activity, and we’re in that spring/summer crossover point where a lot of new groups start to emerge into the consciousness while the up-and-coming very excitedly promote to death their appearances at TIF and other festivals. It’s neat.

Not that most of that made it in here, of course, because I was asleep at the wheel for the most part, but that’s fine. My own personal end-of-tunnel light is shining a little bit, so I can hopefully get back into the swing a little bit and actually, you know, live up to my dumb name. I did decide, though, for want of time and availability and to keep things interesting, that Queen of the Scene is going to be a different kind of contest this year. No more tiaras, no more Official Oshis (sorry Saki, I did you wrong), no more wrestling — this time, we aim higher, and we choose for ourselves a different sporting event to emulate. Something … more international.

But that’s not now! That’s in a few weeks! Right now it’s time to not do more hard work, time to relax and retool and enjoy. For instance, the Fun, which should be tickling your brain right now. Also, the Weekender as a replacement for your morning coffee!

Nothing Replaces Coffee

The newest one from EMPiRE is such a good jam, you guys:

Malcolm Mask McLaren doing everything right here:

Inexplicable rabbit-themed multimedia project that often works through idol RABBITS Lab has something afoot:

You got it, Yuki:

We got a new single coming from 969:

Go get that new raymay single while you can!

And prepare yourself for new MIGMA SHELTER!

The gig looks amazing, but stick for the from track:

Reminder: Maina is one of the unique vocal talents in this business and is wasting her time in SSFW:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Ladybaby, who appeared at Anime Matsuri in Houston in what was sort of suddenly one of the quietest notable-idol appearances on foreign shores that I’ve ever seen. I guess that campaign against AM went pretty well! Anyway, a story told in pictures:

with captions

If you’d like to be in the second generation of NEO JAPONISM:

Similarly, the question of “what is happening with Lolisyn?” has been answered:

I effectively canned the Oshi Digest because whether I could keep up with it got to be merely speculative, but it’s good to see the OG still being the damn OG:

Part of why I’ve been saying for literal years that idols coming West need to be doing gigs with reasonably established “local” bands is the kind of marketing reach that gaijin-senpai can give:

Remember when BiSH was a plucky chika group that played gigs in all the Shibuya and Shinjuku clubs and hung out with other idols?

Our girl Kotao staying busy out there:

It’s official, GRATIA-ALA two-steps better than anybody else in idol:

Have a great weekend!

This Is the Trailer for the New BURST GIRL Record

What’s so weird isn’t that YouTube showed me this on time (but that is also weird), or that I felt like I’d not only just seen it like a month ago (referencing), but that I looked at what I had ahead of me for the day and immediately thought OMG I HAVE MINUTES! So hey, let’s blog about it!

Here is the trailer, which is also a very considerate preview for the MV that I’m sure is now going to arrive within the next five calendar days, and probably at the least opportune of moments:

Boxing! Good concept that works with the title track; kind of loses steam when it’s just a loop and the track moves on. But it sounds fun!

Also great to hear* that Yura has apparently learned how to channel Saki directly.

*There’s a really long story here, but tl;dr I suddenly hear a lot of stuff better and the extra clarity kind of blows my mind sometimes, and also everything sounds just a little bit different

Man, Malcolm Mask McLaren Makes Music Mucho Merry

Vintage MMM with Ai and Mone and Nao was one of my low-key favorite things in idol (and Ai was one of my favorite people), and they established the formula (beginning around here IIRC); the new members had big personality shoes to fill, but getting right as distinct an identity in a field that’s all about identity? Bigger job. They’ve done it well so far; now does the latest single hold up?

You’re darn tootin’! Continue reading

This New BiSH Got Me Feeling Things, Man

I have entirely too much to say about the new BiSH song-and-video move while at the same time saying very little about it at all, so bear with me a minute. It’s like I saved all the words that I didn’t write over the past couple of weeks just for this one post!

Necessary intro: New BiSH MV. New album coming in under a month. Me? A mix of eager anticipation and total trepidation. Like most everything BiSH has done going back to 2017, one gets the feeling from the available evidence (or: they skipped ahead and bought the EPs) that Their latest is going to have the same uniformly good collection of music as always with one’s own levels of satisfaction thereof determined largely by whether they preferred the first or second promo single release.

Yesterday was time for the full, amalgamated album to get its turn in the marketing chute, and thus to use was born “DiSTANCE”:

Ah, a powerful ballad that doesn’t sound entirely like the other ones! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #134

Holy shit, it’s Saturday. Thank fucking CHRIST that I don’t have to go into an office today, and definitely didn’t have to do it at the ass crack of dawn, and definitely won’t be there until after happy hour ends and listen there’s no reason to ever go out in DC on a weeknight unless it’s for happy hour unless you also happen to be under the age of 24 because don’t ever let anyone fool you the only thing in DC more overrated than the food scene is the nightlife and, my goodness, did I need the benefit of a few drinks and the company of people who weren’t my co-workers this week. Good time for travel schedules to mean that I’d be the sole resident of Maniac Mansion!

Yeah, I’m gassed. I did manage to pay enough attention to do a halfway decent Weekender, if I do say so myself. It’s weird, though, not doing any posting at all for that length of time — it felt like I was leaving a part of myself aside. Fortunately, not a whole lot of particular interest was going on, so my weird feels only went so far!

Enjoy this thing, then, and do go play the Fun, and then, it being Pride Month and all, do something cool and supportive with your friends or family or scenemates — to say nothing of the many idols themselves — for whom the month exists. It’s good and fun!

Unless You Aren’t Here for Fun

I don’t know how familiar you are with MAPLEZ-affiliated project NEMURIORCA, but here’s easily the most enjoyable thing they’ve done so far:

Continue reading

Withdrawn Wednesday #7

Just a word of warning, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday is very BiS heavy. To the point where there’s not much else. I’d say “Let’s call this a BiS special” but I wouldn’t be surprised if future installments had lots of BiS either. What can I say, there’s a lot of ex-BiS members. How to counter this? Send me what your non-BiS oshis have been up to for the next WW, of course! I’m not an all-seeing entity, after all, I need a bit of help!

But, anyway, onward.

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Uh, whatever works for you, Yuzuko

Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #133

Good morning! Good golly, what a week that was. If I’d had even the tiniest bit more time, a lot of what follows would have been standalone posts blogged out on their own, but instead ha HA we get a really solid Weekender!

Speaking of time, there’s one more thing (you can probably guess) that I want to do, and then, well, I hope you also have much better things to do with your summertime (it’s June!) Saturday than goof around online, so play the Fun (it’s very fun) and then get out and enjoy this stuff, people!

That Was Abrupt

This is how RHYMEBERRY says goodbye:

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I Tried to Tell You People about buGG

A quick post before I get dragged back into the day-to-day, and yeah I’m a little bit late on it shut up you should see my Soundcloud stream right now. But! So buGG, who I only just praised and held up as a thing worth getting into, uncorked another song the other day and were so kind as to share it with us:

Here’s the obligatory live clip of the same:

I’m yet to dislike a single thing from this company. It’s like they paint in Things That Please Maniac.

Happiness This Morning Is a New WILL-O’ Single

I hate this recent feeling out of touch business. Even when I’m relatively on top of things, I’m behind or a half-step off or kind of distracted and/or forgetful. It’s dumb! I include in this just the regular maintenance activities of keeping up with idol favorites and not needing all of the various technical mechanisms available to meet a minimum threshold of awareness and support, at which I am currently a miserable failure. Alas.

I bring this up because I, without checking, felt completely blindsided when WILL-O’, who have the best in-name punctuation of all idols ever, announced details for a new single (their first, which, how) out … like in a week. And then there’s a trailer, for which I definitely recommend looking at the description, which lays out the multitude of versions available for this single, and also you are now warned that this “single” trailer runs well over 2:00 without dedicating more than a few seconds to any one track:

That’s no single, that’s a space station!

(Some of) the art (probably): Continue reading