Under Beasty Just Announced a Third Single

This is pretty fun! Under Beasty, whose name always makes me giggle a little bit, announced a soon-to-come third single at their show tonight (in Japan, the past is the future!):

Oh good, you’re thinking, I am happy for Under Beasty but come on, when are you going to do a BiStory Countdown #0? And to you, friend, I retort. Continue reading


How about Some New Under Beasty?

Under Beasty, all DIY and quite savvy about it and utilizers of good ol’ throwback heavy metal, tend to share a ton of live stuff on Twitter because, you know, that’s how you build an audience when your budget restricts you to a small area.

Here’s a new song, “Deformoon”:

And because I like you and they just chuck stuff out into the Twittersphere, a little more of “occult propose” from the “Raven” single:

Basically, Under Beasty is a cool group, and you should like them.


Here’s a Good Bit of Under Beasty Performing Live

Got a bunch of work around the house before heading up to Philadelphia for , but luckily not a whole lot happened in the last little while. “Not a whole lot” fortunately does not include Under Beasty not hitting the stage:


Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

This has previously been discussed in the context of Necronomidol making a pitch for support, but Pascal on Facebook re-alerted me to Tokyo Candoll and put together for me why a bunch of groups were suddenly tweeting about it.

Here’s Pascal’s message:

In brief: Tokyo Candoll is a contest in Japan to decide which idol group will play on a big stage in Japan Expo (Paris). 92 contesters in february, 49 nowadays, and a few of them are well-known of this page.

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New Under Beasty Feels Like a Throwback

This was announced a little while ago, and then was pretty much all over their Twitter for last several weeks, and I still completely forgot that to pay attention. Thanks to Phillter for pointing it out:

“UB TRY” is right in that collection of “if I say ‘idols and metal,’ what do you think that sounds like?” Old-school riffs, clean vocals, nice hook in the chorus without being over-the-pop (am I only the person who finds that portmanteau funny?). Nice song. Given all of the nuttiness that we get to explore and share on here, it’s nice to have something simple and straightforward to enjoy sometimes.


Under Beasty’s Got a Goal for Their Second Single! And Also Some Live Video!

Gimme a minute.

I love the crap out of this song.

Under Beasty, who sound like a Harajuku biker bar come to life and have one of the most just-look-at-it-quickly giggle-worthy names when transliterated into English, are one of the reasons that I made this site. I loved “raven” when it popped out last summer, I loved that they’re member-driven (that is, the members have a lot to do with the music and dance and look etc.) and I loved that their sound hewed closer to the NWOBHM tradition than the thrash or power or whatever.

And then they kind of *poof* disappeared. Continue reading


Under Beasty’s Second Single Coming in a While

A bit hurried here, but:

If you’re down with Under Beasty (and there’s no reason not to be), you can start to get excited.

(March! That’s still forever away!)


Lazy Sunday Post

Via Twitter, here’s new-but-promising Under Beasty doing a joint performance with agency/label mates Libre Ailes: