A Kamen Joshi Fan Took in Guso Drop and Had an Unexpected Reaction

Last week, Char T Saki tweeted at me a blog post made by a big Kamen Joshi fan on their experience at a Guso Drop show. I thought, that’s got to be interesting, so I asked for a translation (the thing was in Japanese!), and Saki was able to oblige.

If you’re new, or if you aren’t familiar with Kamen Joshi/Alice Project and/or Guso Drop, the reason that I found this interesting was in the clash of styles: Kamen Joshi trends toward big, melodic idol rock and idol metal, doing colorful daily shows in their own home theater and boasting a #1 single, etc.; Guso Drop are like the queens of the underground, doing gritty-ass hardcore and assorted un-idol performance down in the muck. Though both are technically independent and employ some similar visual elements on stage (weapons, basically), they’re very different.

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Remember That Long-ass Radio Interview by Guso Drop? Read It in English

It seems that our buddy Phillter has way too much time on his hands the translator’s bug, as below is the mostly full transcript of Guso Drop’s interview on N.E.T.-Shibuya Music Diver. For others who could follow it in Japanese, the man you want to fight over the parsing of a phrase is named Phillter, not Maniac; for those who like me cannot Japanese even a little bit, WOW LOOK AT ALL THAT GOOD WORK BRO.

Damian: Welcome to NET Shibuya Meiji Kodaeba [the location]. Hosting this show is me, Damian Jeep and…

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