Fire up Your Nostalgia Suppressors for These Bellring Girls Heart DVD Trailers

Bellring Girls Heart is going away. Well, kind of. Mostly. For a little while. And that sucks and is sad, especially after the year they’ve had. But now you can relive the whole thing with this series of live DVDs that are coming out in a pair of Thursdays.

Q is from the very beginning of the year:


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Watch the Trailer for Tsubasa Fly’s Final DVD and Remember that Love Sucks

Live as an idol can be grueling, especially if you’re in the indie scene and have to grind through a performance schedule just to make back your recording budget. Very much like your favorite bar band, in fact. For Tsubasa Fly, meeting their goal of charting a single ultimately meant their demise.


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Fantasy Metal Hiding in Plain Sight: Who All Knows about Phantom Voice?

You guys! I’ve been somewhat ill for the last little while and mostly picking my spots in terms of work, and any time that happens turns into Maniac-checks-out-others’-video-feeds time. I found a lot of cool stuff and will be sharing it out as possible, but you have to check this out:

(via Pure Idol Heart)

That right there is Phantom Voice (Twitter, Facebook[!]), and that’s the trailer for their Phantom Party live DVD. Continue reading


This Trailer for Hauptharmonie’s Mini Album Has More Music on it Than Most Singles


I know that I said that I wasn’t going to feature Hauptharmonie, but damn it all if they aren’t good as hell, and there’s plenty of rockin’ going on here.