PassCode Also Releases the Track List for “VIRTUAL”

I guess it’s PassCode Friday! I am not displeased with that! But here’s Nao with the track list for the upcoming release:

Thanks, Nao.

That’s actually an interesting list, with all three singles included. “Never Sleep Again” isn’t a surprise at all, as it’s still only a few months old, but to go all the way back to “Nextage” (that is, to the same time frame that All Is Vanity was released) makes me wonder if they aren’t considering this album something of a reboot; Yu-ri’s departure took away the last of the original members.

Or it’s possible that they just wanted updated versions of those songs with Hinako, who seems to be trending toward a very center-like role in the group despite being the new kid on the block.

At any rate, now we know a little bit more about what we’re anticipating. I’m personally marking down “MOON PHASE” and “Selfish Girl” as tracks of interest. That probably says something about me, huh?