Shallow Graves Often Mean That You Can See the Body

The other night, Bellring Girls Heart’s pre-hiatus tour, Shallow Grave, saw them join forces with their own new sister group, the literally perfect Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Because certain wota are great, video of the entire show is online:

Well, all of Bellheart and some of Yanamyu

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The Bellring Girls Heart Farewell Keeps Getting Interestinger

So we already know about the aptly named Shallow Grave tour, and the presence of BRGH friends You’ll Melt More and PassCode on it for unique collaborative shows (Bell Melt More! BellCode!). But Shallow Grave keeps getting fleshed out, and the schedule’s getting into a real scenester Who’s Who:

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You Might Melt More Seeing the New Hauptharmonie

A lot of really cool and exciting stuff has happened this week, but I’ll completely own the fact that I may have been the most pleased as punch by this little bit of news:

At first glance, hey cool, new members and a headliner tour for Hauptharmonie! With sora tob sakana and Fullfull Pocket at the final! Neato!

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I’m Breathing a Sigh of Q’ulle Relief

Updated: A Re:Start live of their own on Jan. 7, kind of doubling down on the band thing, and more references to a new label without saying what that is. Whatever. Q’ulle lives!

Today’s a light one, gang, because life doesn’t slow down just because you’d like it to (I am listening to Darkthrone, and I’d like for things to be quite slow indeed!). BUT I’d made a point to check up on Q’ulle’s Other Side of HOPE Asian tour finale that happened tonight, seeing as how there was some uncertainty as to just what would happen with Q’ulle at this point, new album aside.

And —

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The Nirvana Allusions Won’t Abate: BiSH NEVERMiND Tour

They named their fan club after an iconic song and are actually releasing albums at an even faster clip than grunge’s most “better to burnt out than fade away” irony headliners, so of course today’s obligatory BiSH post covers their early-2017 tour:

You can see the whole schedule here. It’s a much shorter tour than anything they’ve done in 2016, and thank goodness — they could all use a break. Continue reading


BiS Is Not Messing Around: National Tour Already Set Up

BiS was promising “SOMELiTTLETHiNGS” on Twitter last night, and there’s been a lot of stuff from the new members about recording and lessons and whatnot, so I assumed the “LiTTLETHiNGS” would be a simple PV … but this, this is a whole different level:

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Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da: Big-ol’ One-man, Second Album

Or, more accurately, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da announced a big-ol’ one-man while they were wrapping up a highly successful one-man tour …

… AND, because what’s the point of being an idol if you can’t be in the studio every other day, their second full album will be released on Nov. 9. That’s merely plural weeks before/after my birthday! Continue reading


Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome Updates Megathread

They’re apparently playing “Onedari Daisakusen” like a day after saying they wouldn’t. Koba, you cad!

This is the big news?

Follow the feed:

After the cut, a whole crazy-ass mess of Red Night stuff — live video, something that definitely isn’t a bootleg of the entire Red Night performance, more live video, internal references to WILD CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Also, do yourself a favor and go read Daemon’s report.

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What Very Confusing Babymetal Tour News

Hey guys, guess what! In December, Babymetal‘s going back to the UK, and you’ll almost definitely be able to get tickets for the shows!

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An Absolute Ton of Billie Idle News

They do tend to make splashes when they make news, don’t they? Do you want the bad news or the mixed news or the good news first?

OK GREAT! So Yasui Yahui (their Paul, basically) is in fact done with Billie Idle. “Honorable retirement” is how Google calls it.

But this is part of the WACK family that we’re talking about; OF COURSE they already have her replacement lined up. The problem is that I can’t make heads or tails of the translated sentence excepting that she has some prior connection to Momo, so I hope somebody can give it a helpful look It’s Momo’s sister, Akira! (Thanks, Sean!). She’ll debut first in front of Idle Fellas, then at the JAMxNatalie Expo a month from now.

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