Every Day Should Involve Waking up to a New Toricago MV

I’m a little bit of a Toricago fanatic, if you couldn’t tell. In fact, they’re the rare newish group to worm their way into Maniac’s Proprietary System for Following Idols for Blogging on Homicidols Dot Com. The catch is that, despite using a lot of the same reliable promotional norms of the industry, Toricago’s “announcement at 21:00!” tweets are as likely to result in new photos as they are anything else, and it gets to be a little bit of a drag after a while. Still, about once per quarter, the announced announcement is worth it.

Like when they hit you with an MV out of nowhere!

Your patience will rewarded with this one

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All I Want for Christmas Is the New Toricago Album

The grind, when you’re a fancy idol website guy like me, can lead to weird surprises. Like, “oh cool, I actually already have two placeholder draft posts of that group that I’ve been meaning to talk about that just dropped the bitchin’ new MV” or, more appropriately in this case, “oh right, I’d wanted to do something with that and then lost it.” Thanks, Auhby, for reminding me about this very exciting announcement by Toricago and getting me to shift gears from what I had been writing up to ensure that I didn’t forget about this again!

So yeah, Toricago, new album, February. Because nothing good in life is ever easy, you, uh, have to go to their website to listen to the trailer, so do it on the link herein:

Toricago was by far my favorite new thing in idol in 2018, and I’m loving this look in at their development of the edgy-idol-chika thing along with the other big dominant trend, the artsier styles of rock and pop that have turned idol into one of the most reliable places to find cool and interesting new things. Let’s see where they’re able to take this; it’s only like two months away!

These Are Live Videos from Toricago’s DVD

No lede necessary: Let’s drop the pretense and just get right down to it. Toricago, one of the definitive debuts of this glorious 2018, dropped a couple of clips from their live DVD that won’t be out until December but who cares, these are here now:

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Toricago Continues to Rock a Very High Standard

I know, shut up, I know that I gave the keys to Team, but I feel like I’m in on a glorious secret after only a handful of people made any hay out of Toricago’s new MV. If other folks want to miss out on this kind of glory, who am I to stop them?

Also what is this aspect ratio?

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It’s Time to Get into Toricago, Gang

Update: And there’s an MV!

And more to the point, if you’re yet to get onto the Toricago bandwagon despite the pretty breathless reception that I’ve given them since their debut (in March, no less!), now might be a good time, because they might be ready to break out, and soon.

Their first album, i cAn FLY, sprang into existence on Tuesday, and it’s ready for you to download and whatnot:

Lots of idols release stuff all the time, you correctly point out, but you, Maniac, rarely make that much of a deal about it. What’s so special about this? I’ll tell you! It’s because we, as a community, are still mostly neck-deep in the acts that got us into idol in the first place (or their descendants/sisters), which largely scans to a 2014-16 time frame (thanks Babymetal!), and while we individually catch up with acts the correspond to our own biases over time, the tippy-top community favorites are largely unchanged over the last couple of years. Toricago, along with a handful of others who have debuted over the past year, has a chance to break some of that hegemony and potentially even be a standard-bearer for idols dispensing with the last generation’s New Way of Doing Things and forging on with scene-defining work of their own. Continue reading

Leave It to Toricago to Make It Snow in the Summertime

“Well isn’t this nice as all heck” is not, I think, how one would usually wind up feeling after seeing:

This is Toricago, after all, the kind of indie-rock-plus idols who embrace foodkakke promotional photos and inadvertently sound more like a band than an idol group. Anything would be possible! So what about something that slowly develops while it roots around inside your hurt feelings and looks for bruises to punch?

Just give it time; you’re going to get swept along an emotional crescendo that doesn’t care about your stupid feelings

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Memorial Day Match Game: Special Tori-x-go Edition

It’s Memorial Day here in the USA, amigos, which in addition to military this-and-that (and gods help me, Rolling Thunder) means that it’s also National Hamburger Day, which means that it’s also Maniac Is Going to Eat a Lot of Meat and Drink a Lot of Beer Day. There’s solemnity, naturally (the whole memorial business), but also the unofficial start to summer, so ergo fun, and while I love me this site and idols and everything, I want to keep it light.

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I Wasn’t Kidding, You Should Pay Attention to Toricago

I didn’t get a chance to share this one yesterday, but my oh my have I been listening to it.

Like, I just warned you all about Toricago the other day, all but beating you over the head with my very hot take that this is a group that’s got it, and here they are with just the latest exhibit:

Thanks for existing, bud!

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May We All Embrace Toricago

You know how there’s always at least one idol project our there that just perfectly aligns with your tastes? It might not be the one that you wind up stanning the hardest for, the one you listen to the most, etc., but you also can’t stop watching, and you always wish that you could give it more energy?

Indulge me for a moment and take a step back, all the way back to March or so, when Pure Idol Heart first shared this clip:

I recall thinking the same thing that I often think about groups on the first, preview kind of look: That’s nice and fine, I’ll do a little placeholder for them right now, I can come back to them if they make something of it.

Not everybody does! Some projects never really get off the ground, or they release one thing and then never move forward, or everything that they do subsequently is either bad or boring.* Fortunately, though, more often than not, the next step is at the very least worth keeping up with, and then you have something to follow and it’s cool.

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