Anybody Going to the Tokyo Idol Festival?

It’s apparently TIF time! Yes, friends, the biggest multi-idol event of them all is now coming up fast, and the massive roster necessary to pull off such a thing is starting to come together.

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The Epic TIF List Got Destroyed, So I Made a (Now Better!) Collection

If you’ve been following the scuttlebutt or looking back at the Requiem or Megathread, you probably know by now that just about all of the video from the Tokyo Idol Festival got taken down via copyright claims — not just the stuff that @ramenshuriken shared, but everything. And that’s okay! Tokyo Idol Project will start releasing official stuff eventually, and then they’ll stop caring about the under-the-radar things that fans do, and we can always find creative ways to host video.

For instance! Idol 2.0 used the ol’ reliable method of adding things directly to Facebook:



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TIF 2016 Requiem

The 2016 Tokyo Idol Festival is now just in the past, but what a trio of days it was! We had new idols, injured idols, sanity-losing idols … basically, it’s a crying-ass shame that TIF doesn’t go on tour, because that would be amazing.

Top news:

  • Fruitpochette revealing a new member (hi, Rum!), new music and death growls to rival anybody else’s in the game
  • PassCode’s Yuna, the current leader in idol harsh vocals, performing with her butt glued to a stool and still managing to shift the magnetic north pole during “Never Sleep Again”
  • GANG PARADE’s Ao graduating on an epic stage
  • BiSH doing “Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni” six times in a row in the Heat Garage and giving up all pretense of GAF by the midway point
  • @ramenshuriken was the hero of the weekend, ripping video from the TV feeds; you can watch it all on this playlist: Continue reading


TIF Megathread

Let’s give this a whirl: As things happen at the Tokyo Idol Festival (happening now!) and news gets out — performance video, personnel changes, new members, announcements, etc. — go ahead and add it to the comments here. These idols and more will be doing all kinds of cool stuff, so I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of fun.

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Prep for TIF: MAPLEZ Live Set

We had a lot of fun with the live sets for petit pas! and Full Power Girls R yesterday; now it’s time to get the MAPLEZ treatment:

I’m particularly fond of how (not here, but Twitter and stuff) they call their CLUB QUATTRO tour “RUMBLING, PULSATION.” That describes MAPLEZ pretty accurately, I’d say.

It’s gonna be a really cool weekend, you guys.


There’s a Lot More Fest Happening Than Just TIF This Weekend

For all the right reasons, it’s good to be excited about the Tokyo Idol Festival. It’s only going into its (counts on fingers) seventh year, but it’s already becoming a place where stars are kind of born; last year, for instance, Osaka Shunkashuto and PassCode went in as virtual unknowns and walked out with people buzzing about them.

However, while TIF has rather well-embraced a certain flexibility toward sound and attitude in its lineup, it doesn’t have room for everybody, and some of our very favorites either aren’t included or only get a cursory moment on stage. The idol-loving world’s eyes are on Tokyo for those three days, so what’s an indie, underground or under-exposed idol to do?

Fortunately, it’s not only TIF that can be organized for three concurrent days in August, and there are idol entertainment options far more representative of the kind of stuff that we dig happening in the Tokyo area. Continue reading


Fruitpochette Teases Its Second Member, So Let’s Play a Game

First things first: Fruitpochette’s management released this teaser video last night:


A-ha! Now, some very smart people have commented that, if Shiori were to be receiving a new partner/s for Fruitpochette to be Fruitpochette, it would probably happen at TIF, and the announced EP lined up well with an expectation that TIF would be a big spot for the project. And here we are! Congratulate yourselves, smart people!

So who’s it gonna be? Our only real clue is that the other member also wears combat boots, and that they are larger combat boots than Shiori’s. That could immediately set off alarm bells about a certain somebody returning to action, but it’s worth pointing out that like 95 percent of the world’s population (probably) has larger feet than Shiori, who is a very small person.

Nonetheless, we here at are enormous fans of completely irresponsible rumor-mongering, so let’s just toss things at the wall and see what sticks: Continue reading


We’d Probably Have a Pretty Good Time at the Tokyo Idol Festival

It’s been brought up before (including in that whole why-does-this-website-exist thing), but it bears repeating that idol isn’t even remotely the same anymore. What was once the domain of the cute, the safe and the wholesome has been thoroughly infested by loud music, body-disregarding performances and gimmicks running from the dark to the profane.

In other words, the kind of idols that we like are here to stay, and the establishment has adjusted to that reality. Thanks, Establishment!

The lineup for this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival (Aug. 5-7) has been set, and our kinds of idols are well-represented throughout the schedule. Check the TIF website for more specific details, but also consider this a little shorthand guide for planning either your own personal trip or your off-hours YouTube sessions: Continue reading


GANG PARADE May Be the Idol, but Ao Won’t Be Anymore

I feel like I had just said something about their remarkable stick-together-itiveness, too. But yes, rather out of nowhere and while the group could not be doing any better, Shigusawa Ao is leaving GANG PARADE with her final performance at TIF.

There’s a certain poetry to that: Blowing up TIF last year was what gave The Artists Former Known as POP the shot they probably needed to really get moving (Saki’s indefinite suspension from the same notwithstanding). Ao gets to go out on the same stage (possibly) that they trashed on their way to a much higher degree of stardom.

Ao. Hug Me. Yasui. That’s a lot of movement in WACK and WACK-aligned groups in a pretty short amount of time. Mitchel. Yu-ri. Hell, fucking Pikarin. May the irresponsible rumor-mongering continue unabated!


Depending on Lots of Things, This Could Be an Amazing Performance

Just a couple of months ago, Fruitpochette‘s future looked to be in doubt; as of this tweet, I’m really excited about their future:

See, losing Teratani Mina and not replacing her basically immediately from among the Mad Magazine roster did not fill one with optimism; it didn’t necessarily mean that Fruitpochette was being left for dead, but it wasn’t an encouraging sign, even with new material being teased.

Now, if “they” are going to be at TIF this year … yes, it could be a big-stage farewell, but more likely it’s going to be a real-deal performance. I’d go so far as to peg it as when Fruitpochette 2.0 makes its debut.

And as we’ve seen, there’s potentially some really good results waiting for us.

The TIF roster for this year is already shaping up nicely; I never even mentioned that petit pas! are booked now, too.