You Can Download THE SPUNKY’s Last Song

As you know, THE SPUNKY are going to be wrapping things up in a few months and taking their high-energy pop punk with them. That’s sad! But from now and for a while, you can download their song “Reviving Energy” for free by following these simple instructions:

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THE SPUNKY Are Disbanding

Forget the punny titles and forget being clever; this is as saduation as there ever was one.

Couldn’t resist terrible portmanteau, though

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You Haven’t Lived until You’ve Experienced THE SPUNKY at .1 Speed

This was from yesterday; I just got to look at it this morning and regret absolutely nothing:

This. Holy crap, this is magnificent. It’s like being inside of David Lynch’s brain, or a fantasy-booked DotsKaidan show. Idol managers need to plan to do things like this more often. Continue reading


Damn, Would You Listen to This Girl Sing?

In the latest episode of Maniac Checks in on THE SPUNKY, we find our hero facing two interesting pieces of news about the pop punk princesses. The first, sweet holy Hanukkah, they’ve done 777 lives?

Number now actually higher

But this is cool; so Yuhi did a solo set because I believe Rira had school stuff (oh, the perils of high school!). That she’s a really good singer is far from a secret, but seriously check this out: Continue reading


It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Me to Post THE SPUNKY

I spied this on Twitter last night, just a couple of minutes of THE SPUNKY, live, doing their thing in wholly different outfits than their previous punk-meets-idol look:

Apparently also big fans of Fresno State football and/or football players named Fresno!

Say, THE SPUNKY fans, do you happen to know of any new stuff happening soon?


THE SPUNKY Are Still Rocking

I’d been wondering lately what the little punk princesses had been up to since Seira’s graduation, and they happily provided an answer in this little snip of live video:

I know there are some big THE SPUNKY fans in our circle — what’s next for them?


You Might Need This THE SPUNKY Live Video, Too

What official Twitter doesn’t always provide, fan Twitter often does instead:

Reminder: Among others, THE SPUNKY are involved in the Idol Matsuri competition — support our kind of idols!


Let’s Help Idols We Like Win a Contest That Matters: Idol Matsuri

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen these random videos popping up in various idols’ accounts over the past week or so:


And it’s not all-pervasive; it’s just some groups, but they’re all doing the same song.

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I Wish I Had a Graduation Half as Nice as THE SPUNKY’s Seira

Yesterday was the final live for THE SPUNKY‘s Seira, who definitely got to go out with the superstar treatment:

I get a little bit jealous of idols sometimes; of all the times that I graduated, I think the most exciting thing anybody gave me was a savings bond, not nice things like this. Continue reading


THE SPUNKY’s Yuhi Would Like You to Know That She’s a Really Good Singer

I sometimes think that one of the best things to come out of all of this rock-meets-idol madness is the way it’s giving really talented people cool opportunities to shine. Here’s Yuhi belting out her solo number from THE SPUNKY, “Heartbreak Syndome”:

At least that’s what Google calls it

And it’s not incidental that I’m sharing video of an idol’s solo song, for what it’s worth. Fun things are brewing, kids, and we need to start working on our homework.