It’s Time to Crumble Before Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s 2nd Single

Hot damn, you guys, it’s time to do the 2-hour rodeo with the latest Codomomental brain blender. As usual, song preview, this time for the second single (the first was great!):

And also as usual, don’t let the 2-hour rule stop you, because we know how to preserve what deserves preserving! Continue reading

Idols and Six Feet Under: Meet Bury

Here’s an interesting one that the Viz reminded me of yesterday: Bury. Here’ what they look and sound like!

With a name like that, you’d think they’d be metal, possibly deathcore or even (please) brutal slam, but I’ll take punk, too. Continue reading

Hell to the Yes, Payrin’s

Well I’ll be cow-kicked! Payrin’s, who are plenty cool but don’t do enough, are releasing themselves a single, a triple A-side:

And at a birthday live. Love it. I’d next act if you want to hear it, but you definitely want to hear it. Continue reading

Come Get Your First Listen to Kaqriyo Terror Architect

Well if that didn’t come out of nowhere — if you guys wanted to get your first listen to the latest progeny of Codomomental, this is your chance! As usual, the 2-hour window applies, but also as usual, that only applies to people who don’t know how to HTML!

The goods right after the jump! Continue reading

Zenkimi Says, Welcome to the New Hell

Egoistic Eat Issues is (holy crap) just a few weeks away, so expect the Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da promo train to be kind of relentless. Which, great! Go ahead and share your music! Because as we all know, these two-hour windows are only two-hour windows in spirit.

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Come Listen to Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s ‘Infantry Dystopia’

I woke up and saw a warning tweet from Zenkimi. “Bring headphones.” It said.

“Oh, they must be doing another twitcast,” I thought like a jerk.


Got the goods after the jump.

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At Last, Alloy’s MV

This is kind of a funny little sage if you’re me, and probably not amusing at all for you because the whole reason you clicked was to look at the thing promised in the title, but maybe I feel like burying the lede a little bit to indulge myself, okay.

So Alloy, who are good and promising but have been through kind of a tough start since their debut late last year, and who are carrying the proud torch of petit pas! and are therefore worth at least some time to round out, have been consistently doing these twitcasts, and sometimes those twitcasts involve song clips. There’s a version of this post, this exact same chunk of HTML in fact, that included embeds of several of them! And I had intended to run that on Tuesday … and then Wednesday … and then even Thursday, but there was so much in the air that I backed off, maybe if they could just get that promised video out!

There we are! Continue reading

I Actually Managed to Save the ‘New’ Zenkimi Track

Had a little hosting snafu (again), but we’re back in business! And with plenty of time to be able to politely share the latest two-hour teaser from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. Or, more precisely, a remix/re-recording of an old song (but a great one) with Mene and Togare:

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 63: Loud Asymmetry

But I didn’t even catch up to it until mere minutes were left in the preview, and I had no opportunity to do anything! How to handle this and make sure that folks could get to hear the new track? Terry and the Viz came to the rescue, that’s how.

Listen to it here! Continue reading

Here’s an Extremely Short Clip of Q’ulle’s Extremely Exciting Next Single

I’m like popping right now, you guys. I’m publishing at a more amenable hour than when writing because, come on, but literally at this very moment I’m all OMGOMGOMG because Q’ulle put out this teaser for the MV for their second single with Avex, “DRY AI” (come on), and I might be just the tiniest bit too excited for it. And I friggin’ missed the original announcements and only have Kayseur to blame for pointing it out.

This is Type A, I think:

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