It’s Apparently Kaqriyo Terror Week; Song #3 Up

Not once, not twice, but thrice now has Codomomental’s latest bizarre sound machine dropped a track on us in just a single work week. As usual, “Like a Fake” is on the two-hour window, but that never stops anybody who really wants to listen to anything, anyway.

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Kaqriyo Terror Architect Teased Another One Holy Crap

Well I officially have a new favorite thing this week! Twice!

You know how we do!

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鬼の居ぬ間にいざぱーりー 幽世にない理
見つかりにくいのはウォーリー 得意げその変なボーディー(笑

ちゅっちゅっちゅちゅちゅっちゅちゅっちゅ × 2

敵は自分だ物忌み 果ては僧なら神そーりー
的なおふざけでもOK 始まりは不気味午後一

高尚な思想 論外な希望 傍観者死亡(きゃっきゃっきゃっきゃ
存在は異常 問題は思考 生涯がオモシロ

ふざけろよ はみ出しまくりXXよ なにそれ? 全然ハマれない
端から端のリアル 見極め まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ。

ほら見ろまた綻び 放置すれば即座に
腐り果てる僕の前に 現れたの桃尻♡

凶悪な地蔵 躍らすわ粗暴 我々が希望

ふざけろよ はみ出しまくりXXよ なにこれ? 全然ハマれちゃう!
端から端のリアル 見極め まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ、す。

爆弾ぴょいーん 雑念じょいーん 階段卍解髪型しゅぴーん
興味ないフリ もう居ない推し 本当は好きでしょ素直になり
けどまぁおいでよこっちの 水も美味しいはずよ、毒よ。
さぁおんなは皆底なし 集う 黄泉の国から

ふざけろ 理解は外に在る 何者? じゃんじゃん挑むから
端から端のリアル 飲み込み まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ。

ヤらず後悔XXX立たず 待ってこれもう終わりじゃない…笑

What the hell is this song? I want to buy it dinner.

Hey! Come Get Some Kaqriyo Terror Architect!

So while I spent a good part of the weekend pining for some positive news from Tsurezure (I think the 100 Days was an inadvertent curse), it’s their new sister group that’s popping out the new song preview on Monday morning. “Hide and Seek” is currently on the two-hour teaser release, but you know how we roll around here:

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Access Tweet. Tweet Tweet. Access Q’ulle.

This is too cool, you guys. If you’re a Twitter user (like all good idol fans are), you should gonto this:

There’ll be an option not to RT — well, that too — but to actually tweet it. And when you do? Free song/video clip! Continue reading

Emomomomo Taking Interesting Turns

I stand in complete solidarity with Yellow on the issue of those poofy hair things

Things got a little heated online the other day when Hissatsu Emomomomo — bizarrely, not even close to the most ridiculously named thing in idol to debut just this year — started to get out some new, important things. For instance, there’s a new (venue-only) single on the way:

What a charming, if idol-typical, little track! I hope they release that MV onto YouTube soon!

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Okay, Here’s a New Thing to Get a Little Excited About

What do you do when half of Western wotadom pings you first thing in the morning on a friggin’ Monday?

You get obnoxiously hype about it!

I refer, of course, to Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! but still mercifully on the idol world’s radar for most of the last year thanks to doing just about everything but doing a rock idol project, has aligned herself with Candye Syrup and … I’d say “is going dark,” but what does that even mean in this context, other than “okay now I’m a Nightmare before Christmas fetishist who hangs out at Spencer’s on the way to Hot Topic.” Continue reading

So Apparently Yajima Mai Grants Wishes

The other day, in a playful mood, I did this:

Some people did it, too! Those are people who understand that Yajima Mai, who is incredibly cool and epic, is incredibly cool and epic, and that we should all want full-length MVs from her.

Well, it only took a few days for her to release a teaser: Continue reading

You Can and Maybe Should Get the New REGiNA KiSS Singles Today

So for the handful of individuals other than John and me who pay attention to poor, benighted REGiNA KiSS, you may be aware that they’re simul-releasing their third and fourth singles literally right now (or, rather, have already, because Sunday is now over in Japan because spheres). Other than all of the times when I definitely tell you what you should be doing, I’m not going to tell you what to do (on the presumption that you’re an adult and have agency), but I will tell you that you need to at least give this multi-preview a listen. REGiNA KiSS tends to surprise people who put in the effort!

That listen:

As you might imagine, I’m endorsing the fourth single, “Ikenai xxx” for the sole reason that the B-side (of course it’s the B-side) cranks. I’m sure that its actual subject matter makes sense with the title, but there ain’t a single 50/50 thing about that — it’s just loud and going for it.

Thank you for humoring me and for giving REGiNA KiSS a chance. You may all go back to whatever it is that you like to do on your Sundays.

It’s Our First Somewhat Detailed Look at Under Beasty’s New Single

Ah, Under Beasty, as good and pure and true as any rock idol act in the game, all bootstraps and try-hard until they got picked up by a real-deal agency, and … well, I guess things are roughly the same still, except now their outfits are a little sharper.

Anyway! They had teased their upcoming single a little while back, with the live debut and everything, but now there’s a teaser version of the MV to sink your teeth into:

… and it’s apparently swinging as all hell! Continue reading

I Am Definitely Ready for Zenkimi’s New Single

Well, gang, the idol gods continue to smile upon us, and now it’s time to get our very first listen to the latest single from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. Previously untitled, it’s now “せきららららいおっと”, which I’m sure has a nice translation or at least a clean romanization, right? Anyway, enjoy.

You cats know the drill by now. Click through on the link in the tweet if the teaser window is still open, or click through here to access the track’s forever home. Continue reading