What’s New, Wagamama Rakia?

It’s been a nice refreshing breath lately for Wagamama Rakia, who’ve always been good but haven’t always been noticeable (despite this, they weren’t even considered for the Corenament!). On the strength of their good year so far, I started to follow them more closely, with payoff. New things are afoot!

To recap: They have themselves an anniversary live coming up in June, but are also embarking on a two-man tour (neat!) and … are adding a fourth member! And also continue to be loud and increasingly interesting. Let’s keep our eyes open.

This Is Going to Be a Great Zenkimi Single

I am very interested in the newest single coming from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, particularly because I want to see in which direction perhaps loudol’s greatest chameleons are going to go sound-wise after the settling-in of Kaqriyo Terror Architect and the return to form of Not Secured, Loose Ends. I bet you’d like to know, too! And good thing, because they dropped the teaser for said newest single this morning:

I wonder how Boss-san at Codomomental feels about these save-the-link-forever moments. I haven’t been blocked yet! Continue reading

I Want to Say That Wagamama Rakia’s New Single Is Pretty Good

You may know by now that “Trash?” is out, in stores, at venues, etc.:

I kept hoping that the release would coincide with an obligatory MV release; Wagamama’s starting to push up and out more, gaining followers and attaching to other notables in the chika world, so it made sense (to me) to make a bit more of the release, try to generate some buzz, etc. What they teased out today does not obviate a possible video for the A-side, and it’s a nice preview nonetheless! Continue reading

How Is Kaqriyo Terror Architect So Good?

Two hours, yada yada. You know that you can listen to this —

— whenever you want. Continue reading


I don’t know about anybody else, because I have this fancy-pants idol website, I often find myself looking up fairly random things from the past to see what else is happening with them. Like, Koisuru Beat, I used to look them up all the time.* In this case, though, it’s not that random, as Daichi may be the second-favorite manager of the wider Western chika idol community, un-retired as he may be. And CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL, in addition to having an incredible name, could wind up being the recipient of his creative largesse.

Fortunately, this particular check-in bore fruit!

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BiS’s Farewell to Pour Lui Is Available for Free

It’s time to start to say goodbye, apparently. BiS has placed both tracks from their re-major debut and final single with their founder, the grandest dame of them all and likely part of the string-pulling machinery at WACK, Pour Lui, out into the world for completely free listens:

Let’s listen to it! Continue reading

This Is Probably the Best Satire That You’ll Get All Day, Honestly

So after the “Hybrid TABOO” single, Kaqriyo Terror Architect is gracing the world with a full album called Cultural Mixing. While I’ll leave other implications alone for just a minute*, hey look, a song!

And people say that we live in a post-satire world … Well, you know what to do. Continue reading

A ‘Minimal Rondo’ for Waking Up? Please and Thanks

I see that boss-san smartly realized that a super-well-researched-and-thought-out Who’s the Fourth Member? conspiracy post had been scheduled for Homicidols.com this morning and decided that the “Paradise Lost” B-side would be a great way to deflect. Boss-san was right! There is a song to listen to!

After the A-side’s tease, I’m sure that this could be just about anything. Can’t wait! Continue reading

It’s Apparently Kaqriyo Terror Week; Song #3 Up

Not once, not twice, but thrice now has Codomomental’s latest bizarre sound machine dropped a track on us in just a single work week. As usual, “Like a Fake” is on the two-hour window, but that never stops anybody who really wants to listen to anything, anyway.

By now, you know the routine. Continue reading

Kaqriyo Terror Architect Teased Another One Holy Crap

Well I officially have a new favorite thing this week! Twice!

You know how we do!

Download me here!


鬼の居ぬ間にいざぱーりー 幽世にない理
見つかりにくいのはウォーリー 得意げその変なボーディー(笑

ちゅっちゅっちゅちゅちゅっちゅちゅっちゅ × 2

敵は自分だ物忌み 果ては僧なら神そーりー
的なおふざけでもOK 始まりは不気味午後一

高尚な思想 論外な希望 傍観者死亡(きゃっきゃっきゃっきゃ
存在は異常 問題は思考 生涯がオモシロ

ふざけろよ はみ出しまくりXXよ なにそれ? 全然ハマれない
端から端のリアル 見極め まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ。

ほら見ろまた綻び 放置すれば即座に
腐り果てる僕の前に 現れたの桃尻♡

凶悪な地蔵 躍らすわ粗暴 我々が希望

ふざけろよ はみ出しまくりXXよ なにこれ? 全然ハマれちゃう!
端から端のリアル 見極め まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ、す。

爆弾ぴょいーん 雑念じょいーん 階段卍解髪型しゅぴーん
興味ないフリ もう居ない推し 本当は好きでしょ素直になり
けどまぁおいでよこっちの 水も美味しいはずよ、毒よ。
さぁおんなは皆底なし 集う 黄泉の国から

ふざけろ 理解は外に在る 何者? じゃんじゃん挑むから
端から端のリアル 飲み込み まだ見ぬ景色塗りつぶ。

ヤらず後悔XXX立たず 待ってこれもう終わりじゃない…笑

What the hell is this song? I want to buy it dinner.