Your Homicidols Weekender #62

Happy Saturday! Are we getting into another little idol lull? Maybe somewhat. This is usually more Announcement Season than Release Season, anyway, but I feel like there’s less going on this winter than in past years. Which is fine! As long as what comes out is good. We may however, be approaching some kind of situation:

Now, even Amina declaimed any responsibility — she was talking about the rumor, not endorsing it — but imagine a world where this is true, (Kerrie, cover your ears) where H!P and 48g and Big Corporate Idol in general goes back to being a sideshow over the next couple of years. Rise of the underground? Or would even chika idol take a hit? Frankly, I have no idea.

And now that you’re adequately prepared for the depths of winter, enjoy!

How Can You Say Things Like That at a Time Like This?

Our pal Osie Reyes has a really nice message following the MNL48 audition:

I usually skip over BiSH interviews on the grounds that we’ve done most of that already. Hashiyasume, though:

Also, this happened:


Have we ever discussed how cool Q’ulle is?

RIOT BABY, live with live mics!

Idol graduations: Nobody is safe:

I love everything about xoxo EXTREME:

Yeah, new SAKA-SAMA single!

What’s Sakura Miyabi doing?

Especia fans, rejoice:

Following their mini-redemption, Osaka Shunkashuto’s first major album is on the way:

This MV is incredible:

This one might be better:

Malcolm Mask McLaren, live:

Who would win?

The guns come out near the end:

When idols give awards to idols in other countries!

Shiori’s crowdfunding campaign was a success!

Desu.Rabbits have a single coming and also wtf is happening in this cover art?

So Snowdrop is going to re-brand (smart) at a one-man (oh crap):

That Devil ANTHEM mini-project is pretty nice:

Also, it’s not bears, but bunnies will do

Rinahamu never stops having new projects; is CY8ER the most focused she’s ever been, even with that?

Up Up Girls 2:

I can’t stop laughing at this:

This le biglemoi headgear! is like Poppy.Computer, except there are 42 of them on a tiny stage for two hours:

MIGMA SHELTER dubstep remix!

Live Bonnnou Paradox:

This wasn’t RHYMEBERRY’s best look:

Who the heck is this?

Have a great weekend!

I owned this on LP!

This Week’s Sign That the Apocalypse Is upon Us: Vivid Chicken

Doop dee doop, minding my own business …

Vivid what now? I thought we were done with chicken idols! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #61

Hello my friends! And also detractors and possibly enemies! How are you? I recently did a number of things that I’d never done before (home repair and maintenance stuff) and, while a few of the tasks were a struggle at first, I found them settle into a comfortable groove and and was able to not just get the job done, but now I’m kind of hankering to do more of it. Unfortunately, the thing about plasterboard walls, for instance, is that you shouldn’t just up replace panels because you’re bored or want more practice. The same can be said for bathroom tile, laminate flooring, etc.

The best exception to the rule? Paint! You can change the look of a room in a comparable hot minute with just a handful of tools, a gallon or two of pigmented latex and the time and willingness to do the job. I’ve been painting for years, but these latest projects have me trying out new techniques and trying to get more creative with borders and alternating panels and the like. It’s in the details that the difficulty comes in, like when you get it into your head that the walls of your finished basement should bear some … well, I’ll show you when it’s done, which could be a while.

But the point! It’s the weekend. It’s usually a great time for DIY projects, but forget all that. Let’s have fun instead. You, you can decide on what’s fun for you, but I hope it includes playing the Fun (which I haven’t even gotten to yet!) and giving some of the items below a crank. You owe it to yourself!

He’s a DIYer Now?

For real, pour one out for one of the guitar kami, Fujioka Mikio:

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There’s a New NEMLESSS EP, and Of Course It’s Amazing

So it figures that, right after declaring Utane Yuki’s Nemlesss EP BOSSSRUSH to be my favorite of that type of release of 2017, she’d go ahead and put out a follow-up, right? Well, it also figures that I completely missed that Chris very enthusiastically shared that news with me, but I was paying zero attention and had no idea until, well, just the other day.

But here’s the trailer!

It’s so weird and chaotic!

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It’s Time to Get into Soremaru

Don’t you love when you follow something, forget that you followed the something, and then have that something turn out to be something completely great? It does happen!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #60

I think I’m going go step away from idol for the rest of the day, you guys. I’m not that shook by Lui’s graduation announcement — frankly, it was inevitable on a constantly shrinking span of time — but just out of respect. Idols come and go, but legends, true legends, very rarely come back. I got into idol just as the original BiS was becoming nothing more than a memory, and seeing what they’d accomplished was a powerful motivator; that she brought BiS back to life was such an incredible watershed moment for the scene that she’d created. I feel honored to have been able to see Lui and her creation perform (live, at least, though not in person), and I even feel honored to have been stood up for that interview that never happened.

So. This is a hell of a Weekender, anyway, and all I wanted to do this morning was put the finishing touches on it, so have it. And yes, play the Fun, which is now bizarrely and somewhat disturbingly appropriate.

Just Looking at This Weekender Scares Me

May the gods help us all, DAIDAIDAI is finally releasing an almost-album:


/Emperor Palpatine voice/ “You … want this …”

Have you seen this story? This idol recently revealed that she was pregnant; the father is her manager. Fans reacted about as poorly as possible:

Leaving aside the fact that this tale is basically horror story fodder for people who think that idol is a unique evil in the world, and that the manager was in a relationship with a girl since she was 16, this is an example of how not to be a fan. Also, that fans are terrible.

Wonder Lander, though, is wonder-ful:

It’s time for another anime theme from BiSH:

There were some late entries in the Of The Year Internet sweepstakes, so:

Here’s most of an AIBECK live:

Is there a recording artist with as much video output as You’ll Melt More!?

Rie’s new project is like a delicious collaboration between Oyasumi Hologram and Nicole Dollanganger, and I like it more every time I listen to it:

I will never run out of love for the wonderful weirdness of SAKA-SAMA:

Already miss you, La La Sugar

Rain was right to share this with me:

CY8ER live can elicit some strong-ass feelings of needing a cigarette:

When Under Beasty met Happippi:

Wanna see the most awkward one-man you’ll ever see?

Why do I always get such a weird kick out of photos of idols casually handling firearms that are too big for them?

Band ja Naimon! with a very ska-tastic year-ender of their own:

Uh …

When I brought up that EEEEEEEEEEEE! thing the other day, I happened upon Natsumi’s very random appearance in this MV:

If they’re not careful, HAMIDASYSTEM’s going to take over the planet one of these days:

RHYMEBERRY seems fun, if nothing else:

The Former Idol Formerly Known as Yumeneko, still at it:

Have a great weekend!

When a conversation about grindcore goes wrong

You Were This Close, Payrin’s

I get excited about dumb things sometimes. Take, for example, yesterday: There I was, writing a proposal for an extremely roundabout makeshift CRM kind of thing, completely ignoring Twitter and all other things idol, when one of those highlight notifications came along. I could stand a short break!, I thought, so review those highlights I did, and there was Payrin’s tweeting about something new on Soundcloud.

Why, I’d have to be completely insane to pass that up! And so it was that I felt my homicidol hearbleed gush just a little extra over the first few bars of this demo: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #59

Happy Bitter End of 2017, you guys! The Yearender, so to speak, is coming tomorrow; I tried to keep the hot takes to a minimum. For the current week, it’s pretty obvious that nothing much of substance was going on, and the Weekender is nothing if not a total poacher of low-substance material for your half-hearted browsing needs!

So let’s close the book on a year in idol that was neither great nor bad, often good but also often missing standout moments. This week’s Fun is doing great and you should join it. When you’re ready, enjoy the madness to follow.

But I Liked 2017, Maniac

When #IdolChristmasSweaters ain’t enough:

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In Which It’s Time to Look at IVOLVE

It has accidentally become Honor Mad Magazine-related Idols on Christmas Eve Weekened as I pivot toward a piece that I was putting together a few days ago, until HOLIDAY MADNESS arrived and ruined all of my plans. But! To directly tie this to the aforementioned accidental subject matter, I refer to Ayami ex of nanoCUNE/Rider, who landed on her feet (as talented idols are wont to do) after being disbanded and hooked up* with the same agency as Party Rockets GT, Devil ANTHEM and others to form IVOLVE, who are not new at this point, but I’m just finally getting around to them on account of their having added a mess of new stuff to Soundcloud:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #58

Good morning! In the greater idol world, it seems like everybody’s taking some time to breathe after a very busy last couple of months of 2017. And thank goodness — your friendly neighborhood Maniac has been quite busy himself. Yeah, a lot of Day Job, but also a little thing with Necroma that I’m still not sure was real (or may have shattered my previous reality).

Your Weekender is below. Also play the Fun while you’re at it, and contemplate the Best of 2017. A real-deal Yearender is coming next week, and you might be surprised at some of the stuff that flew under the radar. And do try to have a good time this weekend and really over the next few days. Eat too much, drink too much, enjoy the people you love, make merry.

You Can’t Tell Me What to Do!


That’s the reborn Oyayubi Princess, if you were keeping score

First there were 48s, then 46s, and now apparently 52s?

Fumika and Himeka said their goodbyes to Party Rockets GT:

musubizm bit the dust, too, but left us with this delightful farewell video:

Beni can, indeed, do it all:

You can’t beat You’ll Melt More!:

Explain this Desu.Rabbits series to me, thanks:

I got really excited to see another Band ja Naimon! MV come across the wire, but this is naught but a letdown:

When Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da met URBANGARDE:

Never goes out of style:

Kaneko Rie’s new project, trolleattroll:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute because why not:

Same for Oyasumi Hologram:

There are more and more funky idols lately, aren’t there?

“ITHAQUA” in Italian? Sure!

Some crossed wires led to neither my nor Papermaiden’s posting of the latest from Maison Book Girl, so I hope you had a chance to enjoy it; if not, here you go!

PARFAIT, not only is your attire completely out of season, but since when did you do lite idorock?

Did you ever wonder if you could see a Task have Fun DVD? You can!

Have a great weekend and a merry one if you’re celebrating!