Your Homicidols Weekender #53

We made it back to the weekend! Gah, what a hi-lo week in idol. I did think it was funny how hard the idol news cycle bit on the Ladybaby thing, though. For some reason, anything that happens with that projects has always been like chum in seawater.

There’s a lot coming up today. Like, volume-wise. Like, Best of 2017-wise, from whose process Kerrie already smartly knocked off a week but still feels like an interminable slog just to allow you, the fans, a chance to vote. Remember: DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK.

That’s still a little while away yet — gotta fix some mistakes that I made last night. In the meanwhile, go read about the Poppy experience, or familiarize yourself with the WACK Election (which we all complained about and then immediately rushed to participate in), play the Fun, etc. It’s gonna be great!

Year 2, Huh?


What is even happening with C-Style anymore?

This guy!

mistress new logo!

Sayonara to Spark Roadshow:

It’s not too late to catch Minna no Kodomo-chan on YUNIKA VISION:

Aphrodite, who are apparently now a trio, are promoting a new single and have incredible alternative cover art:

Some of ex Guso Drop are in this MV:


Okay, RHYMEBERRY, we get it, you can release a lot of MVs in a week:

Remember when:


I really wish that BIRTH would release something for me to enjoy entirely too much:


Somebody help me get to this:

Hey, look who’s on Bandcamp now!

Good to see that my girl Samitsu Misa is still alive enough to do weird things on Twitter:

Alloy with a trailer for their one-man DVD:

The enigmatic boss at RABBITS Lab posted a video game playthrough?

Thank you, John, for pointing out that true idol joy is but a fleeting, evasive thing, and barely known heavy af regional units with a mere handful of wota are the sorrowiest of them all:

I have this weird theory that Fumika here is secretly the Party Rockets GT manager and also at least 28 years old:

Now this is how you review an album:

A-to-J with BAND-MAID:

The actual best thing about this Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da video isn’t their dress, and it isn’t the kawaii; it’s Yotsu’s hair:

Emi has, I think, stopped her daily ice cream videos, but she’s now in re-runs:

Few things in the world are as wonderfully reliable as Kindan no Tasuketsu uploading weird little tracks to Soundcloud:

Have a bonkers weekend!

That’s right; NICKELBACK

Oh GANG PARADE Also Put the Rest of the Album on Soundcloud

A funny thing happened yesterday when I was putting together my admission of a torrid new love affair with GANG PARADE: My phone had actually died overnight, taking all of my usual notifications with it, so I was relying on blind-ass luck yesterday (hence: one post). I missed this development! So, bonus, here are four more new songs off of the new album:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #52

Holy smokes, you guys, it’s official: We’ve managed an entire year of Weekenders. Here’s the first one; this thing has evolved somewhat over time, hasn’t it? Still your #1 source for an approximate week’s worth of random idol doings and excellently chosen music that’ll put hair on your chest!

I was going to run a little promo in the Weekender’s honor, but … well, that I don’t quite always have my stuff together should surprise nobody, and the thing in question is not only not yet in my possession, but it might not be for a while, and I’d rather not make too much of it until I’m actually able to see and appreciate it, so; no promo. Instead, consider this whole dang thing an example of fan appreciation. I love you goofs.

I’m basically out for the weekend, though, and praying that nobody does anything interesting and I miss it. Enjoy this stuff, play the Fun, think really hard about just how much money you’re willing to spend on Necroma now and in the near future. I had promised that we’d do the Nomination Tango this past week, but we’ll do it beginning this coming Tuesday or Wednesday instead. Deal?


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Oh Sure, AIBECK, You Can Come Along, Too

In all seriousness, there was supposed to be a recap/pre-voting Best Of nominations post going up in this very time slot this morning, but it won’t because I’m not done with it yet. It did get me thinking about some things that may have been left out so far, for various reasons, especially around debuts (there were a lot of them!), and one that I kept half-remembering but not so well that I wanted to make some big intervention was (drum roll) AIBECK.

Serendipity thereupon ensued:

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So Exactly How High Can GANG PARADE Take Themselves?

Well after that little burst of excitement last week, GANG PARADE went and did one of my favorite things of theirs — they dumped a handful of tracks off of the new album titled in a way that I’ll be punning on it for years, onto Soundcloud, because apparently T-Palette is down with that kind of thing. If you were on the fence about whether to get the album*, may these additional previews sway you!

… and you know what’s kind of weird? I think it’s commonly accepted that GANG PARADE is WACK’s experimental unit. Not in the sense that they’re going to do a noise set with Hijokaidan or even go for graceful art pop like a certain ancillarily connected unit, but in the sense that they’re the unit that WACK tries things with first, or plays around with new sounds. Europop? Denpa song? Weak-ass “post-idol,” for lack of a better word? Whatever the hell you want to call “GANG PARADE”? So basically, it should never be a surprise that GANG PARADE’s doing a different sound with each significant release, or moving a successful style in a new direction.

In this case, I feel like what they were going with was “way more synth pop, but also violence.” Seeing as how those are two of my very favorite things, you can imagine my excitement! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #51

Well. Things went and got pretty interesting all of a sudden, didn’t they? And I’m not just talking about BiSH’s big move; this was a hell of a week, right on the heels of my kvetching constantly for the better part of a month that idol was, truly, dead.

I neither want nor need to belabor the rundown ahead. But do play the Fun, which is a good Fun, and really start thinking about your Of the Year nominations, because we’re going to start winnowing down the nominations lists this week.

This Is Why You Should Never Listen to Maniac

Look what John did!

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May Malcolm Mask McLaren Make Mucho More Moves

Well, team, if the last release from the new arguable idol punk rock champions (that’s Malcolm Mask McLaren, if you’re scoring at home) got you motivated to become a fan, maybe their latest drop onto Soundcloud will help to solidify that opinion for you:

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How Is It That People Aren’t Going Nuts about This Track from Kanamiru?

I swear it, at even my most apprehensive about the state of idol’s interesting, Oyasumi Hologram can almost always get me to perk up and realize that saviors do indeed walk among us.

In this case, it’s Kanamiru, who’s releasing a solo maxi single that, as far as this release onto Soundcloud would indicate, just plain goes full garage:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #50

A very happy late GOOD FRIGGIN’ SATURDAY to you, friends! It could not possibly be a better day here at Maniac Mansion; this is my time to thrive, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, and there’s an awesome weekend of parties and incredibly stupid costumes and definitely drinking too much ahead of me. It’s gonna be grand!

I highly recommend that everybody have as much fun as the idols are going to be over the next few days. Unless you’re a Celtic pagan, in which case, keep yourself prepared to deal with the fallout of the veil being at its thinnest. The Fun is yours!

Please Don’t Drunk-post, Maniac

Holy crap, new You’ll Melt More!:

The sublime Yajima Mai has another album coming out:


I’m not completely convinced that AIBECK ever actually does lives, actually:

You may enjoy RHYMEBERRY:

Nice live MV from REGiNA KiSS:

Is this the greatest-ever photo of Non?

Yeah, Avandoned’s on hiatus while Kotao does the student thing, but that doesn’t stop Beni from being too cool for anybody:


The fact that Q’ulle is not only still kicking ass, but about to drop a major label album, gives me strength:

Nice one, notall:

Billie Idol:

A Kupipo graduation:

This Maboroshi Karen GeNE song is so damn nice that I almost forgive them for giving up on being way cooler:

This is seriously funny:

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Protect yourselves from the dead this weekend!

You’ll Stop and Listen to mistress’s Entire EP If You Know What’s Good for You

Dang thing published before I could edit it! Well, the point is, mistress is on Soundcloud and you should listen to them!

Ah, mistress, out-of-nowhere contender for a mess of awards this year, holders of almost impossibly well-booked eponymous festivals and sneakily maybe the underground’s gnarliest emerging artist at this point. You won my heart a couple of weeks ago, but now you’re in there with swords and spiky clubs and making me want to die in violence. Bless you.

The reason: To celebrate the release of their likewise-eponymous EP, they added the whole dang thing to Soundcloud and would like it very much if you were to take it for a spin!

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