Are You Ready for New GANG PARADE?

Probably! But the Least Stable Project in Idol of Any Kind (aka GANG PARADE) just released two of the tracks from Barely Last onto Soundcloud, and, if you’ve been following the bizarre drama of the last couple of months at all, you’re probably at least somewhat curious as to what they sound like. Curious no more!

This sounds a lot like what we’ve come to expect from Saki & the Gang, sort of in that “Queen of POP” model moreso than “We Are the IDOL.” And I can’t tell — are the SiS members in here? I wonder if there’s any influence from the SiS process in the other song! Continue reading


Get Your First Listen to BiS’s ‘Human after all’

Update: Also available for free download

If you’re anything like me (have mercy), you’ve been waiting very, very hard(?) for a listen to the first new New BiS*. And I hate to break it to you, but it’s here.

Hold on to your butts.

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Watch Out! Sola Sound Has Appeared

Yep, more new idols! Or, in this case, not so much new as new to us.

Meet Sola Sound (Twitter | Facebook!). Their online lifespan goes all the way back to March, and it looks like they debuted in May. Three members, doing kind of a PassCode Lite sound, with a little of the edgy kawaii presentation, and a website that looks a lot like NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s … holy shit, has We-Bstudio colonized?(no) Continue reading


What’s Old Is New Again: BiS Classics Redone by New BiS

I should’ve seen this one coming: With the new group’s new first album Brand-new idol Society2 (yep!) coming out in a little over a month, BiS was going to be releasing something soon, and in this case it’s a whole mess of their classic songs re-recorded with the new members:

That’s like the 75th different official version of “nerve.”

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There Are Two New Paint-peeling Tracks from Hoshina Fumimi

It wasn’t all that long ago that we first had a chance to look into Fumimi, part of the A-minor family that’s going through a bit of stuff these days, but all for the best in the end, I’m sure. Yesterday, she announced a pair of new songs that she’ll be unveiling live in October.

In true Daichi fashion, they’re up on Soundcloud with cool lyrics art:

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Buckle up and Have Your First Listen to NATASHA

It turns out that our homicidol super group is pretty friggin’ super after all. Warning: Heads may be banged.

There’s a ton to love here in, uh, “Natasha.” Continue reading


True Goddesses of Love and War? Judge Aphrodite for Yourself

A lot goes into a name, I feel. At Day Job, we take a lot about “brand promise,” that we create expectations in people and are basically duty-bound to deliver on those expectations, and a lot of that brand promise can be communicated just with a name.

So when you see idols called Aphrodite, I think that paints a bit of a picture (and not the Botticelli, you weirdos). What do we get?

That’s Aphrodite (Twitter). I’m not sure when their actual origin was, but I first came across them via Pure Idol Heart about a year ago and spent a lot of time listening through their Soundcloud to figure out this (at the time) neo-classical alt-EDM … it’s hard to describe, but you can see it if you go back to the origins.

Nowadays, though, they’re doing “dramatic rock” (yes, they are!) and are on a little bit of a tear, as you may have noticed that they’re on a lot of bills these days.

Listen to the whole thing:

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Mondays Can Start Right: Let Bunny Kiss Fuel You

That thing I was saying about how following X, Y and Z can lead to fun discoveries? Here’s a great example: Over on the Idolmetal Facebook group, up popped on Friday this track from the heard-of-em-but-know-nothing Bunny Kiss:

Man, that’s fun! Continue reading


Hey, Cool, Poro2Baro Has Recorded Music Now!

Apparently, Daichi’s idols should go through more distress more often, because, like how Guso Drop responded to Shion’s departure by releasing an EP, Poroporo Baroque just posted (to my knowledge) their first recorded track to Soundcloud! Continue reading


By Way of a New Song, You’re about to Learn a Lot More about STARMARIE

I was cruising J-pop Idols for some info, and the top item in their home page feed is an entry on STARMARIE. That is, the same STARMARIE that I finally got around to posting about a couple of weeks ago. Was this … was this newer material?

You bet!

They even joined Soundcloud just to share it! And then took it down! Continue reading