Your Homicidols Weekender #28

Happy weekend, friends! Have you been thinking about fun alternatives for idol MV sets? We need more fun!

This was a hell of a week, though, wasn’t it? Of course the highlight was Papermaiden’s interview with Not Secured, Loose Ends in Toronto, and Daemon’s eyewitness reporting on their first appearance on North American shores. I’m still a little sore that I missed out, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Besides, details are soon to come on another beloved-by-the-community group venturing forth to lands outside of Japan, and I for one can’t friggin’ wait to know the specifics (about which I’m deliberately being coy because you probably know what I’m talking about but I only feel like posting once it’s all lined up).

Of course many things happened and didn’t get included here on the sacred pages of, so it’s time to look back!

Don’t You Ever Get Tired of This, Maniac?

Did you want the details on Hauptharmonie’s final concert?

That’s sad. I’m sad. They didn’t even send me a preview of the last album. Boo hiss. Continue reading


I’m So Gleeful about This New BiS Track

Oh, you guys, how I have been hoping for this fun little corker to come out of the new BiS:

My girl Gozeela even wrote it. Holla. Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #27

Good morning! Maniac here, checking in from … not Toronto, actually! “But Maniac, aren’t you supposed to be at the Tsurezure shows this weekend?” Yes I was! Look, I would’ve loved to have been there, had everything reserved and ready as of Wednesday afternoon … at which time it became clear that I needed to be home and available at least on Friday. So, no Maniac at the NSLE shows.

But! There are friends abounding, and you’ll be hearing from them. Did you really think I wouldn’t do everything possible to take tremendous advantage of the opportunity provided by having some truly community-favorite idols readily accessible in the West?

Before any of that, though, we have a very busy week in idol to catch up on!

So What’d We Miss?


Details. Continue reading


No, Actually, Now We Can Listen to the New Alloy

This was a fun thing to wake up to! After Alloy kind of head-faked folks the other day with a time-limited live video of their newest material, I was afraid that maybe we wouldn’t get to hear it save for actually going to Tokyo, but this worked out pretty well!

Here are the tracks from their upcoming first single:

This one’s actually from their debut album, but now re-recorded

Continue reading


Take a Nameless Start to Tuesday

Man, you guys, a ton of stuff happened yesterday. New idols, new stuff from old idols, still waiting for new stuff from less-old idols … plenty! One of my personal favorites, though and of course, comes courtesy of the former PSYBOU KANOJO performer Utane Yuki for her Nameless project:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #24

I felt seriously irresponsible this week, you guys, and we wound up doing a bunch of stuff anyway! I think I got good feedback on the whole who’d-be-fun-to-follow thing, though feel free to input if you haven’t, and of course continue to screw around with the Fun.

The Week That Was, or Was It?

Did you see that those of us in North America can finally get “bite the bullet”?

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Let’s Have Ourselves a Look at Mikicco

It was literally months ago when one of the routine Twitter conversations with Pure Idol Heart got me to pop open a few video snips in my browser at work … whereupon I basically forgot about them for a while. But I needed to clean up my whole business there this week, so I took some time to stick around after hours and account for things, either just Xing it out for being not terribly interesting or setting reminders for myself, and this is the result of one of those reminders.

This is Mikicco (Twitter), aka Mikitsuko Mikikko, and her profile lists her as being less than 4 cm tall and 4 kg in weight, so she must be very small indeed. No really. Also something with shellfish, loving and hating it. Weird girl! Continue reading


Thursday Hurtsday Is a Teaser

Good morning, friends! It’s Thursday Hurtsday, and I’ve been a little bit remiss because reasons, but I’m back in the saddle and ready to share..

I figured that we could start with solo idol Ishido Natsumi, who’d been so under the radar for so long that she didn’t even make the cut for entry into the Corenament. To be left out of a completely bogus and made-up competition of idols who are primarily known to Westerners … Sad!

And while Natsumi is pretty good in her own right, this piece doesn’t even feature her. Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #21

Are you ready to party this weekend? I’m not! I really need to do a better job of managing time, I guess. Also it’s really nice out today and I’m glad to finally get to do yard work for the first time in months. Nonetheless:

I Feel Really Tired after This Week

Q’ulle, aka the best dancers in idol, keep releasing new video versions of the “SHOUT IT OUT”:

In a totally idol meta thing, it was previously … Miss iD’ed … /shows self out

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All Right, Now You Can Get at GANG PARADE’s Latest

For a hot minute there, GANG PARADE had made this announcement about the availability of their “FOUL” single on OTOTOY (for free! why!) and the addition of “Close your eyes” to Soundcloud without actually having posting the track to said service, and OTOTOY keeps taking its sweet time to zip up my files, so I had to wait like 30 whole minutes for the thing to arrive.


It’s not even the first time that’s happened. Fun!

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