Your Homicidols Weekender #45

Happy Saturday! Did you have a good week? Idol sure didn’t. I mean, there was some good stuff, but also stuff like Cococo, which was bad. It all goes to show that all the feel-good and aw-shucks in the world can’t save anybody from the inevitability of death graduation.

If you haven’t checked out the hashtag for this weeks’ Fun yet, you must, because Kerrie put out a call that has resulted in some true horrors indeed. Why not make one yourself? And then think about whether you want to join me for an hours’ worth of overwrought idol analysis!

I Had a Good Week, Though, Maniac

Good for you!

You’ll Melt More! released the track list for their upcoming EP, plus the name of the tour, which is named after one of the songs:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #43

I have very little to say! Rare, I know. But we had another decently cool week in idol, and I’m sorry, it’s football season now and my mind will officially be even more on other things for the next little while, and then hockey and basketball also start and I’m going to re-dedicate myself to personal music after the new year (read: after wounds heal), so my mind’s a-wandering a little. But double hockey sticks to the H-E, somebody is idol is always going to do something interesting.

If you’re anywhere in the path of a natural disaster right now, I really hope you manage to stay safe. In fact focus on that. You other guys can worry about the #IdolHeaven Fun on behalf of those who need a pick-me up.

Yes, Maniac?

Enjoy this full live from MIGMA SHELTER:

The PiGU sister unit, CECiL, which also includes both members of PiGU, somewhat launched the other day:

If you were interested in picking up actual PiGU’s one-man DVD, here’s the info:

Did you happen to see the latest from our dude Andy?

When Necroma met sugartrap:

The song is dope, but featuring some Candye Syrup in the video is doper:

Look at Kanna from REGiNA KiSS:

I love that PassCode is teaming up with the going-defunct Himekyun Fruit Can for this show:

It was Sari’s birthday, so PLIC PROCK debuted a new song:

If somebody scores me one of these limited CDs from uijin, I’ll be their best friend forever:

Ten Tenko:

Now how did Dots get this photo of me reacting to Dots for the cover of their LP?

Did you see them on The Night?

This is how Eco Kaiju … actually, I don’t understand this at all:

The newest member of Kaqriyo Terror Architect:

Apparently, DEVIL NO ID decided to capitalize on the fact that Japanese people don’t know how to rotate their phones 90 degrees to view a video in the proper orientation:

Meet the members of Imonikomi, which I will remind you is not only a limited-time group, but has about a month left in its lifespan:

Maki is one of the world’s truly great humans:

Very interesting, aminyan:

Welcome to autumn!

Hell to the Yes, Payrin’s

Well I’ll be cow-kicked! Payrin’s, who are plenty cool but don’t do enough, are releasing themselves a single, a triple A-side:

And at a birthday live. Love it. I’d next act if you want to hear it, but you definitely want to hear it. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #42

Happy Saturday! You may or may not know that the United States, the country whose official religion for approximately 70 years was anti-communism, decided some time ago that this May Day business was dangerous stuff, so They invented Labor Day for the first Monday in September, which then semi-officially became the last weekend of summer. The permanent upshot? Three-day weekend! Being the industrious Maniac that I am, I will of course be spending a good bit of that time not only laboring for Day Job, but also making upgrades to Maniac Mansion. Labor indeed!

However, you’re not here for that stuff; you want the Weekender. And good for you! Very little of substance is happening in idol right now, so this little junkyard of the random and weird and not-worth-a-post honestly covers a lot of ground. You can kill a few minutes here, go play for the Fun, shake your fist in impotent rage directed in the vague direction of an idol industry that seems to have priorities other than your happiness … really, there are lots of ways to be productive!

Make with the Goods, Maniac

Can you tell me why this is my favorite tweet in a long time?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #41

Welcome to Saturday! I had a bad week. But we had a great one! #WorldDotmination was our most successful fan-to-idol tribute event yet, and … well, it was actually kind of a slow week, or it seemed like it because I had a bad case of the Trying to Dies. I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

Summer’s almost over, too, it suddenly dawns on me. Time to make some lemonade and chomp on a cigar while mowing the lawn! If I had kids to swear at, I’d do that, too. As for you guys, play the Fun and take a fun little stroll through the Weekender!

This Is Gonna Be Stupid, Isn’t It?

Friend of the show Amina du Jean has me very excited about her project:

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We Have 24 Hours to Enjoy the ‘MOONLiGHT’ with NATASHA

Presuming that you haven’t heard Natasha’s new material yet … well, would you like to? This one’s on limited 24-hour release and no, I’m not going to be dumb enough to imply that I’ll be the one to preserve it for posterity because it’s going to be awhile before I’m back in front of my own computer again!

Anyway, “MOONLiGHT”:

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That’s Better, Candye Syrup

Have you ever had norovirus? It’s awful. My fever got so bad on Sunday that I was literally having hallucinations that Miyako from Guso Drop was in my house. Stay away from county fairs, kids.

But when you’re laid up and barely cognizant, it’s nice to know that friends are still paying attention. Like John here, grabbing this Candye Syrup thing by the reins and driving home. They still have some making up to do, but this is better work.

New kids to the scene, Candye♡Syrup, are not holding anything back when it comes to letting us have material to listen to. Today they released a new track and karaoke versions all of their previously released track on their Soundcloud account. So if you are a fan of this group get over there and have […]

via Candye♡Syrup: On A Soundcloud Rampage — Straight From Japan

Here Are Two Fresh Wonder Lander Tracks

What a weird day in chika idol; the YAMIAME thing happens, and Wonder Lander, who insists that they have four members despite still only doing anything with two of them, drops a pair of songs on Soundcloud

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Your Homicidols Weekender #40

Did you guys have a good week? I have two more left in Maniac’s Human Alter Ego Goes to Hell, which is how I’ve decided to call this Day Job project that needs to be done by the end of the month. It’s a little stressful, so thank goodness for idols.

The 100 Days of Tsurezure are done, but Oshi Digest is on. The Fun is fun. It’s Saturday, it’s nice out. Without further ado:

Ahh, the Good Stuff

I wanted to do something with the latest from Let’s Poco Poco! from last weekend, but not that much:

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Give This Candye Syrup Track a Spin and Tell Me I’m the Crazy One

It’s a slower kind of day out there, amigos, but thank goodness for the genuine breadth and depth of idol, as it can turn over almost anything to talk about. For instance, today, Terry noticed that Candye Syrup had uploaded a new song Not new-new, given that it’s dated to the same day as “CSIS,” but new enough for us!

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