BiS Is Kicking off the New Year with a New Song

What a lovely surprise for Saturday morning! Though the track had existed on Soundcloud for a little while, BiS waited until 2017 had officially begun in Japan to drop another free song+download on us, this one “SAY YES,” presumably from the upcoming RE:STUPiD:

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Your Homicidols Weekender #7

I thought this would be a light week! Jeez Louise …

First, a short programming note: Have I ever mentioned the most important music blog in the history of music blogs? No, silly, not, and not even any of our good friends with the links over there on the right and down a bit (stop scrolling, come back); naturally, I speak of Crust with Strings, which is exactly what it sounds like and yes, the music is exactly what it sounds like and extremely international. If you like your punk crusty or even hardcore or even not really punk anymore, but thrash and black metal and the like, then you need to take a trip over there. AFTER you finish the Weekender, you guys! FFS.

Following up on the biggest shitshow in history, Kuromiya Rei and her band BRATS have release this PV for their song “AINIKOIYO,” which is the theme to the show “TO BE HERO,” which, to close an even weirder loop, has among its voice talent Armor Girl Tsukino Moa, too.

It’s a shame that they have Rei singing like such a cartoon character in Ladybaby; she’s got good power in that voice of hers. Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #5

Before anything else: Christmas is just a week away, which means you’d better be out shopping and caroling and whatever else you do to spread holiday cheer and live in Norman Rockwell’s dreams. While you’re at it:

A Whole Bunch of Junk from the Past Week

We’re deep into final voting for the Best of 2016 ourselves, but other folks have already put together their best-of pieces. This one from @fishuisland is idol’s top 50, and it is lousy with a bunch of our favorites:

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Oh Neat, You Can Listen to and Download GANG PARADE’s New B-side

Almost missed it! Judging from the source, this is either the or a B-side off of the re-released “Plastic 2 Mercy,” due out right after Christmas and smack in the middle of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and hell, Orthodox Christmas is still like a week+ away at that point, so I guess it’d still make a nice gift for the Kamiya Saki fans in your life.

Very appropriately named!

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Alloy Picks up Where petit pas! Left Off

I feel like I was right to get excited about Alloy! Fans of petit pas!, you may find their sound … somewhat familiar:

In this case, very familiar

They’ve actually spent the past week trickling tracks out onto Soundcloud (very much like Nozomi’s former group did prior to the release of Refrain), with very nice hard idol rock and stuff going on: Continue reading


petit pas! Died So That Payrin’s Could Live

Happy Friday, team. So as it happens, the other day, I did this:

I missed petit pas! I did! And that’s even before seeing that business with Kokoro hanging out with Pikarin. There’s just always a place for super-up-tempo hard idol rock that never once flirts with being idorock, and the demise of petit pas! meant that the world lost one of the few projects that got it right.

So then imagine my excitement when I hit upon this little number:

What a fun song! It’s like a mash-up of petit pas! and Avandoned, and nothing at all like PassCode’s song by the same name! Continue reading


GANG PARADE’s “Barely Last” Now Released in Full

Following several weeks’ worth of pre-releases (and no small amount of drama to get us there), GANG PARADE, the Artists Formerly Known as POP and Soon also SiS, have dropped the title track from their Barely Last album:

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BiS’s Latest New Track Is Nothing Special

Man, sometimes you make a bad pun, and then you make a bad pun that completely kills a lede, you know? Here’s the latest album teaser from Brand-new Idol Society 2:

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It’s Time for Two More GANG PARADE Songs

You know, you guys, I think they’re starting to get the hang of this whole do-whatever thing. Two new tracks on top of the previous two and the two preceding these.

But will you like them?

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Gird Your Loins for Two More New GANG PARADE Songs

Another Friday, another pre-release from Barely Last for GANG PARADE. There was some panning going on after last week’s efforts; how do these ones stack up?

“テヲノバス” (Tewonobasu? Romajidesu rejects this!) sounds like another return-to-old-POP song; it’s inoffensive, and you might dig it if you’re particularly fond of electropop. Continue reading