At Least Especia Died Giving Us Nice Music

Among all the reasons that we can’t have nice things, there’s a disturbing trend by which I’ll be a little late to the game on a particular project — band, idols, whatever — that disbands one way or another not all that long after the discovery. In this case, it’s Especia, the idols-turned-not-idols(?) who seemed impossibly cool even on a bad day. I thought they were a miracle, and I’m feeling personally indulgent at the moment so I’m going down this little road even though they’re fairly off-topic.

After their breakup was announced, I stopped following Especia closely, the idea being that there wasn’t any reason to go around willfully getting my heart broken. But now, with their final live mere days away and their final best-of album hitting stores, Soundcloud finally decided to remind me that this was all happening by slipping two tracks into my feed what looked like retroactively (I look every day and would have dropped my monocle had I known that Especia was happening):

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Your Homicidols Weekender #18

What an exhausting week! The Corenament will wrap up its first two rounds today, we had a whole mess of graduation and disbandment news, some favorites took some chances, we heard cool new music … all in all, a good time, but I’m spent. I didn’t even get a chance to do my own thing for #NecromaReacts yet (though you definitely should)! But idol never rests, and nor does your friendly neighborhood Maniac!

What’d We Miss?

Remember our friend Shazy, the Filipino girl who wanted to idol and got talked down to by some ass? Because she’s cool, and also probably because folks kind of rallied to her, she made the next round of the MNL48 auditions:

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And Now I’m Looking Forward to sora tob sakana’s New EP

I get the feeling that lots of folks have been aware of this and just not telling me, but I saw on Friday that coolly creative alt-everything idols sora tob sakana were putting out an EP:

That’s good news! But its real value is in contextualing the tracks that they’d been adding to Soundcloud lately. Continue reading


Of Course the New Member of the A-minor Family Will Be Good

Martin had actually spied this the other day, but now it’s official because they have music: Daichi will be adding a new member to the family that includes Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties, and we have every reason to be excited about that (TY Pukovnik Krv for the tip).

HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI is so new that I don’t think there are even members yet actually has members, the last five accounts in this list, but there are of course demo tracks up on Soundcloud (if you want to hear more of Daichi’s lilting voice):

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This Post Is Just a Butt-ton of Living Dead I Dolls Stuff

Going all the way back to the beginning with Living Dead I Dolls, I had this bizarrely unfocused lack of an idea of what they’d look/sound/perform like, and the early demo material only helped out a little bit. But now look! They put out some official live video, and now they’re getting onto Soundcloud. Specifically, it’s “It’s show time!”, the Satomi version thereof, in honor of the young lady’s birthday.

But then they apparently allowed some lucky jamoke to record at Satomi’s birthday live yesterday, and OF COURSE that video immediately found its way to YouTube: Continue reading


More Nameless Madness

A few weeks ago, former PSYBOU KANOJO chaotician-in-chief Utane Yuki released some tracks as what I’m going to insist on calling Nameless even if it’s just a clever thing she’s doing while working on a full-time name, and that was a lot of stupid fun and made me feel good.

Well, she did it again yesterday:

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Get Yourself a Listen to All of JyuJyu’s New Single

If you’re into the doomier, gloomier side of idol (like I’m sure you are!), you probably have a net positive view of the cursed idols in JyuJyu (so cursed that their awesome video last year didn’t win anything!). If any part of the above is untrue in your case, have you been drinking?

JyuJyu dropped the remainder of their “Black Thread” single onto Soundcloud today, and I am ready:

TY, Terry!

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Somebody Tell Us about Kindan no Tasuketsu

This is a perfect Sunday post; a little out of the site norm, but if anybody’s going to be able to help me out with cool J-music, it’s you guys.

Who, or what, is Kindan no Tasuketsu (Twitter)? And is that even the right way to write their name (禁断の多数決)? Are they even idol?

All I know is, this is great

I asked our buddy Brian, figuring that nothing in the wider world of J-pop escapes that man’s notice, but not even the Supreme Nothing himself had info! So help me out. Continue reading


I Got a Brand New One for Your Indie Idol Wednesday

Pure Idol Heart floated this one my way last night, you guys, and just in time, too, because I was worried that Indie Idol Wednesday was going to be more Okay Not Indie At All Idol Wednesday. But check out HAMIDASYSTEM (Twitter):

They’re just a few weeks old, and that’s fine video, but it’s just scratching the surface. Continue reading


Get Your Preview of the New JyuJyu Single

It feels like only yesterday that we got to look in on the creepiest, cursiest idols in the business, JyuJyu, but now their new single, “Black Thread,” is only a month away, and the details (remix!) and art are here for us:

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