I Am Putting out a Bounty for Sola Sound Video

Help me sleuth, friends. Have you ever encountered Sola Sound? This is their lone appearance on this site, about a year ago, when they were fairly new; other than some Soundcloud action, there is naught but any kind of real indication of their sound, performance style, etc. I look them up every couple of weeks or so, always curious, like hey, maybe they put some live video on YouTube! And nothing.

Until when I looked yesterday! They were at @JAM (which I knew, but mostly discounted), and they got to do one of those little video promos:

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Watch Out! Sola Sound Has Appeared

Yep, more new idols! Or, in this case, not so much new as new to us.

Meet Sola Sound (Twitter | Facebook!). Their online lifespan goes all the way back to March, and it looks like they debuted in May. Three members, doing kind of a PassCode Lite sound, with a little of the edgy kawaii presentation, and a website that looks a lot like NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s … holy shit, has We-Bstudio colonized?(no) Continue reading