A New Fruitpochette Single Is Coming Soon!

Hot diggity dog! Right after sort of pining for Fruitpochette to keep moving forward, they announce this:

“Akatsuki-Crisis” will be out Dec. 23, with a deluxe, limited photobook edition to boot. I’m not much of one for photobooks, but the Zumakyuri bromance* may prove to be irresistible. Continue reading


Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me There Was a New MAPLEZ MV?

Jeez Louise, you guys, you’re supposed to tell me when Hiroshima’s own loudols (I love that word) release something new. This is their seventh(!) single, due for release on Tuesday.

Honestly, I’d love to know who wrote this, because it sounds so much like a heavied-up version of a down-catalog Sakura Gakuin song that I’m surprised that it isn’t a down-catalog Sakura Gakuin song. Continue reading


Aw Hell Yes, Under Beasty Has Gone Full-throttle

Fittingly, right after getting to report that Under Beasty was in fact not only no longer indie to the core, having joined Candy GO!GO!’s One-to-One agency, but finding out that they did it a little while back and it just escaped this guy’s notice–

You guys, “Black Jet” is out in video form! Almost missed it!

The influences, they are strong with this one

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Now It’s Time to Say Hey to PassCode

tl;dr version: On Friday, we got nuts for “MISS UNLIMITED!” Use the hashtag #国際ハッカーズ and/or #InternationalHackers and send messages from your country, with pics showing your purchase/merch.

You can call me crazy (especially if you don’t already!), but I think the #NewIdolArmy celebration last Friday and over the weekend was an unmitigated success. I never did a proper count, but there were a lot of people in a lot of countries sharing their IDOL photos and turning it black in honor of BiS.

So how about PassCode?

If you remember this post (with a final point that got a little lost in the shuffle) about buying idols’ offerings when they actually become available in your country, sending a message to the labels and agencies that there aren’t just fans abroad, but enough fans abroad to warrant trying to make more of them, is one of the things that we can do right now.

PassCode made their major label debut with “MISS UNLIMITED,” and it distributed internationally, finally even in North America:

So let’s go ahead and make a big deal out of it! Continue reading


This Is Why You Should Buy International Idol Releases

Brian, the Thoughtful Voice among Western idol fans, added a great post this morning over at his very own supremenothing.com. What’s it about? If the headline weren’t a dead giveaway, I’d tell you, but you can read and are intelligent!

The gist: If we want idols to cater to us, market to us, make things available to us, come visit us, etc., we have to show them our numbers. And though we’re up to some other efforts to prove our existence, the actual simplest thing to do is to buy international releases — not Japanese domestic, though CD Japan and whatnot appreciates it, but the stuff that is specifically being sold to us. Like:

The realest point:

When Babymetal’s first album debuted at number one on iTunes international metal charts, that was an event that made their record label and their management take notice that there was a very real market underway here. The eventual worldwide success of Babymetal, and the reason why it actually became feasible to see them live on your soil, started becoming a truly tangible thing that day. It made news over here and in Japan. It made Senpai notice us, you dig?

So go read the whole thing, nod vigorously in agreement with what Brian wrote because it is correct, leave an encouraging comment that may or may not include swears, then come back here and continue on: Continue reading


Let’s Look in on Under Beasty

It’s been a little while since we last got to visit with self-produced rock-and-metal idols Under Beasty. And that’s kind of funny, because they’re on the list of idols you could mention to a Western fan and get a “oh, yeah, I think they’re neat!”* kind of reaction.

As luck would have it, they’re just a week away from releasing their third single, and this one on Pony Canyon’s indie arm — that is, they’re still doing this stuff on their own, but they got real-deal distribution. Could a move to a serious label be on the horizon?

Here’s a clip from tonight’s show:

[Updating to add] And here covering DISDOL!

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Kiss Your Ass Goodbye: The Terror Clowns Released Their MV

It finally happened. We got a teaser before, but now literal months of waiting for this godforsaken hellscape of a song (circuscore!) to be released into any digital media in full have paid off, and it’s a music video that probably shows Bokura no Oyugi in their natural habitat before their handler seals them back up inside for the daylight hours and drops in a canteen filled with children’s tears:

They’re so weird!

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Fine. Let’s Look at Musubizm

Oct. 28:

with nanoCUNE disbanded, BRGH on the way out- I have put all my cards into Musubizm and Yukueshirezutsurezure

Oct. 29:

Shut up, universe. You can’t tell me what to do! Continue reading


JyuJyu’s New MV Is Suitably Horrifying

I was completely asleep on JyuJyu’s new single, for shame, and of course this all dovetails with Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be haunted, stalked and murdered by human curses, and film the entire thing? Get a gander at “Noroi Hajime”:

My guy Pure Idol Heart provides!

Idol nightmare, indeed!

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Guso Drop’s New Video Will Light a Fire under Your Ass

It’s here! Guso Drop’s first real video in like forever!

Made you look! That’s actually just video from Anna’s birthday live the other day. Pretty decent cover of “Headbanger!!” at any rate. No, it’s the “Gushin” video that you came for, and it’s the “Gushin” video that you’ll get. Continue reading