Stuff Like This Is Why Q’ulle Is So Cool

These videos were making the rounds yesterday after the former Danceroids released them and people all kind of collectively went OOOOOOHHHHHHH; I was too busy being a dumb jerk at work to share then, but I’m ready now!

So if you’ve picked up Q’ulle’s newest single, “DRY AI”, which you should have done because Q’ulle’s worth your time and money, you know “PARTY ROCK!!!!” already; if you have not, this song may be a new one for you:

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Is This a New Yurimaru Track?

Update: Jordan with the info!

You guys who are bigger fans of Hirano* Yuri than me (Jordan, I’m looking in your direction), help me out. She added this rocking little corker to Soundcloud last night, and I don’t recall having heard it before, but that apparently doesn’t mean anything because I miss lots of stuff:

I mean, I don’t even have an analog for that much bounce. Supergrass, but with the singer from Letters to Cleo? No idea. Continue reading


Do You Want to Hear a Song That You Can’t Buy?

You guys remember notall, right? It wasn’t that long ago. Well, they’ve been busy, including performing at the Japan Expo in Paris. Which, cool beans, and good for them. While they were there, they (source below!) released this really fun tune with an MV that might set off your personal idol I Like Her!-ometers.

That’s really cool! Everything about it is cool — song, video, release locale, etc. But how about this? IT’S NOT FOR SALE. Continue reading


Dots to the Rest of Idol: Hold My Beer

It’s a shame that the Dots, identity-deficient singularities of incredible artistic idol power, aren’t going to be part of Queen of the Scene, but I think they just wrapped up Least Predictable Release by Idols Forever for 2017:

A single. One track. Seventy-two minutes. Impossible. Continue reading


Did You Guys See Alloy’s Full MVs?

Here’s one that I’m throwing out mostly for posterity purposes — you all probably saw via Facebook or Twitter or something that Alloy released the full versions of the “Propeller” and “Roller Coaster” music videosl:

Idols boozin’! Well I never!

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We’re Going to Get a New NEVE SLIDE DOWN Single

In case you missed a very cool note on a very busy Friday:

Between ZENITH and “Leaving”, what is it about we-B groups teasing their own demise?

This is actually yesterday’s news at this point, but I wanted to wait a minute to see if they were going to put out any snips, and they didn’t, so here we are! Continue reading


Here’s That Stuff about the New Ladybaby Single, Finally

I swear, The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby’s management has some kind of allergy to just doing Twitter normally and I sat and sat and waited for some kind of anything like a “hey, our third single is coming out and it’ll be lots of fun and you should buy it on this date!” tweet or Facebook announcement or anything, and the world straight passed me by and I guess this’ll have to do: Details! Viz Major also located the track: Continue reading


GANG PARADE’s ‘Beyond the Mountain’ Is Available for Free in Many Ways!

I didn’t see this one coming!

Because I’ll never actually understand WACK’s business model, nor how T-Palette operates in general, I’m surprised every time this happens: If you want GANG PARADE’s new single, you can download it for free from OTOTOY (preferred site for officially free idol downloads!), or you can just get the songs straight from Soundcloud: Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 64-67: Horrorshow

Man, maybe the worst thing about being out of commission for that little while was having to miss out on doing the 100 Days. Where have Tsuyame’s cats been? Is Komachi really on a different plane of existence from the rest of us? IS COCOCO STILL TRULY HUMAN?!

Fortunately, I got to step out of that annoying swirl of doubt and directly into a world where Not Secured, Loose Ends has painted the upcoming “Loud Asymmetry” in a deliciously terrifying light*:

Track list!

Mon dieu! The members all got art updates along with that. Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 63: Loud Asymmetry

But I didn’t even catch up to it until mere minutes were left in the preview, and I had no opportunity to do anything! How to handle this and make sure that folks could get to hear the new track? Terry and the Viz came to the rescue, that’s how.

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