That’s More Like It, SHINGEKI

So in the Weekender I complained a little bit (little bit) about SHINGEKI, who showed lots of relevant coolness and then kept releasing things and one of them wasn’t as loud and cool. WHATEVER. Remember, they have as much history in less than a year than many idol projects do in half of a decade, and as such can dredge up all kinds of interesting things as suits their interests.

Such as:

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Actually, What’s about to Happen Might Be the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Made

No, not the notall one. This one:

“Hey, what can you tell me about SHINGEKI?”

Well, they’re very animated.

/laughing doge meme

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Here’s Everything That SHINGEKI Unleashed upon the World

Ah yes, friends, the ever-shifting indie idol Thelemites now known as SHINGEKI (which, wow, that was an accidentally perfect confluence of references) dumped a bunch of new music and video onto YouTube at the end of the week, and I hadn’t had a good chance to rope that into the schedule, so consider this another archive post.

Worth it, though?

Worth it.

Declaration of War!

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Idol to Idol to Idol: An Odyssey

Okay, so you guys are possibly aware of Yannderu Ame, who were momentarily exciting a few months ago. Then they rebranded and became YAMIAME, basically the same thing, but not the same kind of dark and brooding tears-in-rain -core idols, but more we-are-somewhat-dark-and-hard idols. Then THAT BROKE UP ON STAGE to launch the literally no-joke temporary unit Imonikomi, which … honestly, I started to lose track of what the hell was going on at that point, but today, TODAY friends, they finally un-temporaried themselves as the latest iteration in this mad project’s long, not-at-all-graceful curve:

Thank you, PIH!

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