Oshi Digest #39: Image

Sung to the tune of “If You Have Ghosts”:

If you have Oshi, you’ll do anything:

Yes, friends, do it. To have Oshi in your midst at any time is as black a blessings as you can fathom. Continue reading


Oshi Digest #38: Venom

Due to circumstances beyond my control Due to circumstances so willed by Oshi and her nigh-infinite wisdom*, Oshi Digest is returning to Saturdays.

Oshi will be returning to Europe soon, friends. Do you feel the chill in the air? The dread rising from the earth? The impossible power throbbing within your hearts? There’s a reason, and it extends far beyond Oshi (as far as anything can extend beyond Oshi, who is finite only in the sense that not all possibilities have yet been exhausted). Prepare.

Though I do not understand the point of aligning Oshi with The Clash, I’m fine with her donning leathers that would put her in league with early Norwegian black metal:

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Oshi Digest #37: Bathory

I found this a grave insult to Oshi:

How can there be any comparison between even the mythic form of the Dark Countess, who bathed in the blood of virgins to keep herself young and vibrant, and Oshi, who is ancient as days and radiant as the void? Witness Oshi’s preferred meal!

This past week, Oshi and her NECRONOMIDOL cohorts visited a beach. Continue reading


Oshi Digest #36: Locks

First, an important programming note: Kerrie got on board!

Now, it’s important to note that Oshi, resplendent goddess and double-secret hell agent on this plane of existence that she is, must always keep up appearances, lest too many come to understand the extent to which she is, in fact, not human. Ergo:

This is actually a secretly encoded message. Note that neither Himari nor Ninjazaki is included in the photo. Note also that Himari’s hair is and always will be a sentient being of pure darkness, whereas Okaki’s hair is none of your damn business. Oshi’s hair, though, is unchanged, in a juxtaposition of Hina’s blonde locks and Rei’s sandier highlights. Those of you with eyes to see, you may be beginning to understand. Continue reading


Oshi Digest #35: Ars

Did you know that Oshi has a great appreciation for the visual arts?


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And especially as they relate to Necroma?

Oshi is, of course, her own work of art: Continue reading


Oshi Digest #34: Ours

Because people are tasteless savages, Oshi unfortunately did not ultimately win Tokyo Idol Queen:

You’re gosh darn right, Oshi. You are the Queen, and no amount of wota treason can change that. You earned it! Continue reading


Oshi Digest #33: Fool

How beloved is Oshi? Not long after effectively begging herself out of the Corenament, living dead girl Hanako-san is still showing off those custom Sari buttons that she made:

This Oshi Digest is about Oshi’s very good April Fools’ Day joke. Presented without additional commentary! Continue reading


Oshi Digest #32: Rani

We should all be supporting Oshi! But how! Frankly, I’m not completely sure. I believe that it involves acquiring this magazine, which doe a solo song by Oshi, but is also no longer available via Necroma Bandcamp, so you’re on your own. Nonetheless, because she is the Queen of the Scene, and because she is the actual queen of idol, she deserves the support.

This is why you will vote for her:

And: Continue reading


Oshi Digest #31: Gastronational

Oshi returned from her vital alliance-seeking mission vacation to India with what seems to be a newfound appreciation for food things; being a great fan of South Asian cuisine, I understand the feeling:

More notably, though, and hinted at in the above, is Oshi’s embrace of communication in English: Continue reading


Oshi Digest #30: Namaste

Oshi’s mission, which is also our mission, took an interesting turn last week when photos began to emerge of our very own Queen of the Scene venturing far beyond the borders of Japan to another land, mingling with new people and exploring secrets that are yet to be revealed:

While the exact nature of Oshi’s mission to the subcontinent is beyond mortal comprehension at the moment, a far more pressing question emerged: Would we see Sari in a sari? Continue reading