Up Up Girls (2)’s Existence Continues To Baffle Me, Also New Album

You know how I can never figure out if Up Up Girls (2) are official members of Up Up Girls (Kari) or just a sister group? Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out in my head, as last time we saw them they appeared as members/back-up dancers in Kari’s music videos but now they’re releasing their debut single, without any involvement from the original Up Up Girls (Kari) whatsoever!

Its released August 15, and it’s a double A-side between “Sun!x3” and “No no Ashi Dancing”. Continue reading


How Much Should I Like You’ll Melt More!’s ‘MoiMoi’?

I was kind of eagerly anticipating this one, gang, on account of You’ll Melt More! being one of my back-pocket favorite things in idol and their previous stuff from discopsychedelica being up to the group’s normal high level and all of that. It dropped, I very eagerly clicked to YouTube and:

There’s even a helpful dance tutorial:

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Man, Killed in Sadness Sounds Awesome

This is a wacky little coincidence: Yesterday, while I was passing through Twitter for a minute, I spied a Killed in Sadness promo tweet for their upcoming second one-man, and thought that I’d ask Jul — arguably the Western world’s leading expert on PAC IDOL projects — if they’d shared out anything lately. That led to the discovery of the below.

At basically exactly the same time, Luis shared the exact same chunk of stuff in the alt-idol group.

That’s cool. We’re cool. We like cool stuff. And there’s even more cool stuff this morning!

Anyway, the whole point of this is to share Killed in Sadness, who (as if the intro weren’t fairly explicit on the question) are part of the PAC IDOL stable and indirectly carrying on the legacy of Lolisyn (way better than REBOOT ever did; hell, way better than Lolisyn’s former members not named Waka ever did). I got to talk about them all of once before, because, again, PAC IDOL.

But: Continue reading


What the Rabbits Hath Wrought

Man, you guys, I don’t know if this quite qualifies of Thursday Hurtsday. I just know that my ongoing leporiphobia demands that I bring this back.

Remember RABBITS Lab? I do — it’s etched in my nightmares. So, like, I’m stoked that yesterday brought a couple of new videos.

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Oh, So This Is What AIBECK Sounds Like

What a surprising little blessing! I had just been complaining to myself about the sudden lack of new material on it over the last little while (well, idol material — there’s plenty there otherwise), and then a happy confluence: Following a day when a few quick passes at Twitter turned up a genuine interest in how AIBECK was going to turn out, along comes our old pal Pure Idol Heart with, well, what AIBECK sounds like:

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Well Artema Doll Certainly Isn’t Kidding Around

Hey guys.


Check this out.

That’s Artema Doll (Twitter). “Ultimate Doll.” They like intensity. And their song is great. Continue reading


Necroma Screamed for Vengeance and Got a New Single and More for It

Ye gods, that’s an awful title

Well, friends, either I was drunk all day yesterday or this set of announcements from NECRONOMIDOL slipped through the cracks. Regardless, just so you know, as they wrapped up the “Blood Red Skies” show as part of the SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE tour, Necroma unveiled themselves a brand new song that’s going to be out as a single at the end of August:

With a follow-up tour of New Caledonia to boot! “DAWNSLAYER,” though, what a title. That’s so dark and even reverse-Luciferian that I can barely stand it. Continue reading


PassCode’s First Major Album

Well hot damn, Monday, look at all the gifts you’re giving us! The weekend produced a good bit of cool new stuff, but this morning has been full of surprises great and small and isn’t even close to over yet, and here’s one that I didn’t even kind of see coming:

New PassCode album! A whole crapload of new music! DVD and other extras! I’m definitely going to order it! I’m also tempted to say something about the title and whether we should be concerned about the ongoing future of PassCode, but naw, it’s probably nothing. There’s a new album coming! Continue reading


I Love This New One from PLIC PROCK So Much

Man, you guys, I’m kind of mad that I’m only publishing this piece now; it deserved better. But! Here we are, it’s Monday, and this is a great way to kick-start the week.

PLIC PROCK! The idols formerly known as Parallel Japan and formerly known as Parallel 5 and often just called Parallel. About a year ago, I thought that they might have themselves a proper breakout, being that they’re a) good b) loud and c) pretty friggin’ good dancers to boot. I don’t think it ever happened, and, other than the re-brand as PLIC PROCK back at the first of the year, they’ve been quiet.

Until yesterday!

Thank you, Caleb!

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I Like This Change of Pace for CANDY GO!GO!

Did everybody else know about this single coming out from CANDY GO!GO! in like two weeks, and just didn’t tell me? Because that’s rude.

“CANDY” will be their third(?) major single, which isn’t bad considering, but is also kind of amazing when you look at their entire body of work (going back to 2010!) and persistent growth as a thing.

Also, where did like 40 percent of the members go? Being outlandishly large was always one of my favorite things about the group. But, skipping an obvious tie-in joke while saying so, Rin is still in charge and remains one of the more interesting people to have in your Twitter feed.

There’s an MV, too: Continue reading