You Can and Maybe Should Get the New REGiNA KiSS Singles Today

So for the handful of individuals other than John and me who pay attention to poor, benighted REGiNA KiSS, you may be aware that they’re simul-releasing their third and fourth singles literally right now (or, rather, have already, because Sunday is now over in Japan because spheres). Other than all of the times when I definitely tell you what you should be doing, I’m not going to tell you what to do (on the presumption that you’re an adult and have agency), but I will tell you that you need to at least give this multi-preview a listen. REGiNA KiSS tends to surprise people who put in the effort!

That listen:

As you might imagine, I’m endorsing the fourth single, “Ikenai xxx” for the sole reason that the B-side (of course it’s the B-side) cranks. I’m sure that its actual subject matter makes sense with the title, but there ain’t a single 50/50 thing about that — it’s just loud and going for it.

Thank you for humoring me and for giving REGiNA KiSS a chance. You may all go back to whatever it is that you like to do on your Sundays.


Inside the Studio with REGiNA KiSS

I have jokes, but I am refraining from the jokes for the time being because I also have a shtick, and that shtick includes my being extremely supportive of REGiNA KiSS, so forgive me for not saying anything about recording and how idol singles sometimes sound and anybody being confused, and there will definitely not be any jokes about numbers of people that can be crammed into a recording booth. Nope! Instead, let’s focus on this sucker:

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REGiNA KiSS: What Is Going On? — Straight From Japan

Well. Because REGiNA KiSS is everybody’s favorite thing, I’m sure that you’re all on tenterhooks about this sudden, shocking change in the lineup that seems to have no explanation deeper than “idol.” John on the case!

This will be pretty short as I don’t have much on it. It seems that some time between August 31st and September 3rd, REGiNA KiSS went from three members down to two. It all seems so very strange to me, and I only noticed it because I wanted to watch their new video again.

via REGiNA KiSS: What Is Going On? — Straight From Japan


This Is the REGiNA KiSS Video That You’re Going to Watch

You guys are always, predictably blase toward REGiNA KiSS, which is dumb because they’re solidly in the better-than-bad camp, but I can almost guarantee that this video of the members in bikinis while singing a song that’s one big sexual innuendo will get at least a few additional people’s attention:

Holler if you knew that Kanna had so much tattoo

That’s pretty fun, right? Are you not entertained? WHAT DOES REGiNA KiSS NEED TO DO TO GET YOU TO LOVE THEM? These true indie idols aren’t going to be able to feed themselves if you don’t start giving them more support.


I Bet I Can Get You to Watch This REGiNA KiSS Video

You know what, you guys? I’m not going to chide you for never looking at REGiNA KiSS when they (for they are very prolific) release new video, nor will I chide you for not listening to them when they release new music. It seems like nobody does! And that’s actually pretty criminal, if you ask me.

This is Kanna. She’s one of the three members of REGiNA KiSS. She’s a full-suite kind of idol, doing music here and also a lot of modeling. And, fittingly, she’s a pretty good singer:

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More REGiNA KiSS Studio Dance Video Thanks

I’m going to refrain from giving you guys a bunch of crap like last time — maybe it’s Facebook’s fault that nobody sees these, or maybe the radar here is so high that anything related to REGiNA KiSS is naturally going to fly right under it — and instead simply say, hey, there’s more dance video from REGiNA KiSS, and I think you might like them if you gave them a chance, so why not press Play and give it a go?

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There’s a New REGiNA KiSS Dance Video That You Should Watch

Do forgive the imperative in the post title, you guys, but I get a little bit defensive toward REGiNA KiSS on account of them legitimately being really good and still barely registering among you all no matter how many times I point very loudly at their work and go SEE because it’s like you see the post titles and shrug and stuff. I actually partly blame Facebook, which is again doing that shady thing where they restrict the flow of stuff from pages unless said pages are willing to occasionally pay to throttle a post (which $$ naw), so the exposure is low, but still.

Anyway, after you all ignored the nice collection of MVs that REGiNA KiSS put out a little while ago, I don’t have high hopes for eyeballs on this dance video, certainly not on a Monday and certainly not a Monday when a good part of the readership is, you know, getting drunk all day.

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REGiNA KiSS Brought Some Fire to Sunday

It was basically just the other day that I was clapping REGiNA KiSS on the back for being good and better than they were going to get credit for (and I was right, because like nobody looked at that post, which should be punishable by having one’s eyes gouged out, but I guess there were new, slightly different photos of Sari or Pikarin or something for you to look at instead), and then this happened:

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Good for REGiNA KiSS

This is so cool, you guys; gird your loins for a metric butt-ton of video and new music, because REGiNA KiSS have been taking the occasion of the release of their second EP DOPEKiSS to dump even the kitchen sink on to YouTube and share a sound that I didn’t know had so much in it.

First up: What I’m taking to be their first ever real MV:

The machine translation calls it “Jellyfish,” which is amazing; even my dumb ass known Jan-Ken-Pon

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Something New for You: It’s REGiNA KiSS

A few weeks back, I was Twitter-handed this enormous chunk of underground and otherwise little-known idol stuff by our pal at Pure Idol Heart. There was a lot in it! A lot that’s still sitting in my little queue, waiting to be paid attention to! So here we are, dipping a hand in to pull out the first of what’s going to be a significant series of discoveries for most of us and ho-hum old news for the handful of you all who like live at idol venues, I swear.

Check this out, though:

Say hi to REGiNA KiSS (Twitter). If you couldn’t tell, you may be able to suss it out from their Twitter profile: Their thing is rock, cute, sexy. Continue reading