New Identity for Diamondollfy

In “Countdown to Extinction,” Dave Mustaine somewhat infamously* sang “Liars anagram is lairs.” I’ve been enjoying the ever-loving hell out of that incredibly cheese-dusted lyric for pretty much as long as I had the intellectual chops to understand its degree of ridiculousness. You may be able to guess why — if you’ve ever seen how I title a Malcolm Mask McLaren post, for instance, you may understand just how much I love good word play. And, for what it’s worth, that especially extends to anagrams.

So when I saw that Blue Forest group Diamondollfy had adopted a new name and look and … look, if a thing is just completely inexplicable, “Oh, is it an anagram” is always a good place to start. And along with the “new” “name,” we get a full unveiling by way of MV: Continue reading

Sugartrap Is Dead; Long Live Harami no Jan!

When was it, a few weeks back, when I noted in the Weekender that we wouldn’t be calling perpetually underappreciated idolcore outfit sugartrap “sugartrap” any longer? Well, the metamorphosis is now complete:

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Yes, Ladybaby Will Live

They teased us a little bit a few days ago, but now it’s official:

One of you kids who’s a big Ladybaby followers, please and thanks with the explanation for the dates

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What the Flippin’ Heck, DISDOL?

Doop-dee-doop, strollin’ through Twitter … hello, what’s this?

Well shut the front door! Continue reading

This Probably Isn’t What You Expected from Candy||Stripe Neo

Tonight, PAC iDOL held a third anniversary party for Lolisyn*, and most of the current roster, including REBOOT, (plus some friends) 564’ed themselves up and hit the stage for a night of covers and coveralls. There’s a lot of info in this forum post by Jul.

This is all well and good, but it did create fantastic opportunities for idols to try out something different than the norm. For instance, Candy||Stripe Neo, who normally looks and sounds like this:

… wound up like this instead: Continue reading

The Curse Is Real: JyuJyu Lives

Try, try again, in some form or another: Via Idol 2.0, the cursed idol metal duo JyuJyu is being resurrected for a July 4 live, at which an official second member/s will be added.

Oh, and they’re booked for TIF, too. If somebody mysteriously and literally breaks a leg, you know who to blame.

Lolisyn Reboot with Gekidol but Not Lyric Holic Thing Updates

Let’s all take a step back; for as fun as it would’ve been to snark it up and call them Gekiholic 564 or whatever until the end of time, it has not come to fruition (yet!), so we’ll just focus on what they tell us, and what they tell us is:

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Adopt-An-Idol Update: For Real This Time

When last we left #AdoptAnIdol, our young friends in Poroporo Baroque were just getting their feet wet, having a small performance despite not yet having an official debut. In fact, they’re still assembling. And because there wasn’t much to use, I decided to call a hiatus to our pilot and reboot after some consideration. Continue reading

Speculate Away! Mizuki Rin Coy about Relationship with 564 REBOOT

The Artist Formerly Known as Lynne Francoise of Lyric Holic would seem to have moved into a “normal” life, but for some recent tweets of, hm, dance activity with a certain member of 564 REBOOT.

And if you follow along the conversations that stem from that, you can see people asking the right questions and of course getting the non-committal answers.

“Naw,” you say, “they’re probably just friends hanging out. In a dance studio. While one is in an idol group that’s known to be seeking members and the other just left an idol group, and those two groups are historically friendly, and they’re wearing shirts that …” and you trail off because you realize that all good sense says to just accept the probability of Gekiholic 564.

I will never not be amused by idols.

Hey, Who Wants to Watch Lolisyn’s Last Live?

There’s really no need to oversell it: Lolisyn, Gohou Lolita Syndrome, one of the great could-have-beens in idol, had already been rebooted once before when Pac Idol management decided to call it a day. This is the farewell performance for Hiro and Halu.

Of course, it took barely a month for Pac Idol to announce that Lolisyn may have been killed, but it was still kind of going to be back as an idol-DJ-model outfit formed from the ashes of the promising-but-ill-fated Gekidol (Gekisyn!) that seems to now be officially branded as 564 REBOOT, at least for the time being (still seeking at least one member!). That outfit, so far looking like the embodiment of society’s dregs and urban decay, will be debuting soonish.

And who said that idols are all that interesting?

Also, btw, you know who had sick merch? Lolisyn. All esoteric and disturbing. Lovely.