This Is the Other Side of Hope: Q’ulle Has Signed with a Major Label

After successfully surviving whatever the weird business with their previous management was and having a pretty great tour finale (with an album launch!), Q’ulle let it be known that they were moving on to a new label. But which label?

Literally, which label? They never said … until now!

Those are tears in those photos; like, Yakko’s either really happy or absolutely destroyed

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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit on Q’ulle’s “OVER THE HOPE”

You guys know me: I love me some Q’ulle. We even get to breathe a sign of relief that what could have been an imminent demise is, instead, a new beginning. That paints their recently released second album, Over the Hope, into a completely different kind of context; rather than be the death rattle of a fast-rising, talent-out-the-wazoo rock idol unit, it’s just the end of a chapter in what we can hope will be a significant career.

I’m going to download this album. I’m going to enjoy this album. And I’d love to review this album! But then I saw that it was again tackled by the very capable hands of our friend Garry MacKenzie, who not only helped to drive the Know Your BiStory series, but incidentally wrote another Q’ulle review that I shamelessly ripped off. So precedent is set!

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I’m Breathing a Sigh of Q’ulle Relief

Updated: A Re:Start live of their own on Jan. 7, kind of doubling down on the band thing, and more references to a new label without saying what that is. Whatever. Q’ulle lives!

Today’s a light one, gang, because life doesn’t slow down just because you’d like it to (I am listening to Darkthrone, and I’d like for things to be quite slow indeed!). BUT I’d made a point to check up on Q’ulle’s Other Side of HOPE Asian tour finale that happened tonight, seeing as how there was some uncertainty as to just what would happen with Q’ulle at this point, new album aside.

And —

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Details on Q’ulle’s New Album

Whether they remain a living, breathing entity called Q’ulle for much longer is, I think, still in question, but Q’ulle (and its apparently cast-iron members) are plunging ahead with the release of their second album.

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Idols Are Tough: Q’ulle’s Maamu Takes Licking, Keeps on Ticking

It started with this:

Oh no, what happened to Maamu?

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Whatever Q’ulle’s Fate, These PVs Make Their DVD Look Great

I thought I’d check in on good ol’ Q’ulle after that somewhat cryptic and foreboding message from the other day, and look! They have extensive PVs up for the live DVD they’re releasing on Saturday.

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Because the Universe Is Cruel, We Might Also Lose Q’ulle

It’s not often that Facebook is the means by which idols deliver their news to the world, but that’s what was staring me in the face this morning, straight from the Q’ulle monster‘s mouth:

〇Q’ulle asia tour 2016 「other side of HOPE」
 9/10 福岡 DRUM Be-1
 9/24 大阪 梅田Shangri-La
 10/15 東京 Zepp Diver City
〇8/13発売 2nd LIVE DVD「Proof of ~HOPE~」
〇10/19リリース予定 2nd album「タイトル未定」
2016年10月19日の2nd albumの発売以降の活動に関しては未定となっております。


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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit’s Garry MacKenzie on Q’ulle’s ‘Alive’

It is the Official Policy of that many voices can and should contribute to the discovery of idols and their music. Among those voices whose contributions are good and cool is Garry MacKenzie, owner and operator of the very good Idol Is Shit. This review is his.

You all may recall the two posts covering Q’ulle‘s most recent music videos. You may also recall that Q’ulle, who are good, are good, and you therefore like them and appreciate their music and want to buy it. And as if you needed any more convincing, Garry believes that their just-released single, “Alive,” is more than up to par. Get started here, then visit his site for the rest. Continue reading


‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS’ Actually a Bloodbath

Didn’t see that one coming! A little over a week ago, I found that a joint media appearance by Q’ulle and BiSH would be a fun opportunity to pit their two similarly titled songs against one another. The results are in!

And I did not expect that! Like, BiSH is great and all, but I’ll cop to voting for Q’ulle on this one because the choruses and entire second half of “MONSTER” is as top-tier as it gets.

Maybe now you’ll feel like contributing to the power rankings?


Dance Those Tears Away: Q’ulle Crushes New Single

Now I wish I’d made that little bet publicly: Q’ulle teased either the A or B side of this a little while back, but now we have real-deal video for “Alive,” and everything happening here is fun:

It’s from the more electropop side of their work, which is fine. It’s also a great example of the things that I like to tell people about when they make that face and say “J-pop?” like I just said that I like to listen to Nazi marching songs: “Alive” might be the closest Q’ulle has ever gotten to aping the styles more typical to Korea and Europe (and, probably still, the United States), but it still sounds distinctly Japanese, especially the chorus.

“Alive” is a fun song. It’ll take some of the sting away from this morning’s other unpleasantness.