This Is Definitely the Best Podcast That You’ll Watch Today

Well, friends, if you have a few hours (literally!) to kill over the next little while, you could do much worse than to spend them with the team at A-to-J Talks and lil ol’ me talking about the best stuff from 2016.

It actually happened in 2016, too!

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The Best Podcast of 2016 Award Will Not Go to This Episode

Oh man.

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Relive History’s Most Interesting Two Hours of Idol

Friends, we had a great time on A-to-J Talks this past Friday night. While we didn’t get to talk about everything on the agenda (for instance, only about 2/3 of the way through did anybody notice that the subject was supposed to be “spooky idols”), we did get to cover:

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Get Ready for the Classiest Friday Night You’ve Ever Had

I don’t know what’s happening in California these days, but it’s apparently infecting people’s brain waves. Those silly people at A-to-J Connections are having me on the A-to-J Talks podcast again tonight.

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The BiSCast Is Now Ready for Your Listening Pleasure

Last week, it was my pleasure to join A-to-J Talks again, this time for a special edition to discuss the return of BiS, how and why and what, with the obligatory wild-ass speculation that makes the whole issue so fun.

I still apparently can’t get my (new) laptop to actually send my face via Skype, so you have to settle for my sultry voice. No cats this time, either, though there may be a very brief murmuring sound that was me speaking in Mrs. Maniac’s direction about the cats.

But we mostly talked about BiS and stuff. LOTS of swearing happened, and some very #hottakes, so I guess it’s NSFW?


Some People Never Learn: A-to-J Is Letting Me Back on Their Podcast

Well, gang, it happened again: Despite all probity or good sense, the holders of questionable judgment at A-to-J Connections went ahead an invited yours truly back to A-to-J Talks.

The subject? Just a certain Japanese girl group that’s going to be starting up again. No big deal.

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You Won’t Believe What Was Said During Maniac Night on A-to-J’s Podcast

Are you ready for three hours of chatter about idols? For Friday the 13th, the smart and cool team at A-to-J Connections had yours truly on as a guest. We talked dark idols, everything from Kamen Joshi to Yukueshirezutsurezure (hear it said out loud!) and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da to Necronomidol. And then the conversation kept going for a good while after!

A-to-J is something that you should look at. You should visit their site and attend their events. These are good ideas.

Bad ideas are: Making fun of Maniac’s voice, making fun of Maniac’s broken driver that prevented webcam operation, making fun of Maniac’s opinions, making fun of Maniac.