Let Phantom Voice Get You Going

It suddenly dawns on me that football season is now completely gone for months yet to come, and Sunday just kind of blends into stupid-ass Monday, except this is a holiday weekend in the United States so we can smash two former presidents’ birthdays together and have an excuse to have a federal holiday in February, and Monday feels like Sunday and that would ordinarily be fine except for the fact that it’s an extra day of little to do right in the worst part of the year. So let’s give it a jolt.

Just a few days ago, Phantom Voice (remember them?) dropped some live video from their recent series of one-mans (good for them!). They’re just one-song snips, but worth some time if you feel as butt as I do this morning.

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Just Three Weeks to Halloween; Let’s Get the Party Started Now

You may have noticed that it’s October, the finest month of the year — in addition to pro sports action out the wazoo, the weather’s actively turning over to autumn and, of course, Halloween is basically right around the corner.

Let me reiterate: The most fun holiday possible is mere weeks away.

Idols, who basically live in costume, are neither strangers to Halloween nor in any way averse to it. We’ll be thoroughly celebrating Halloween more as the time comes, but I thought it’d be fun to work some (additional) properly themed idols into the rotation. Continue reading


Fantasy Metal Hiding in Plain Sight: Who All Knows about Phantom Voice?

You guys! I’ve been somewhat ill for the last little while and mostly picking my spots in terms of work, and any time that happens turns into Maniac-checks-out-others’-video-feeds time. I found a lot of cool stuff and will be sharing it out as possible, but you have to check this out:

(via Pure Idol Heart)

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