Let’s Have a Round of High-fives for Payrin’s

If you’re familiar with excellent slow-building alt-rock-and-stuff idols Payrin’s, maybe what I’m about to share isn’t going to be news; on the other hand, if you’re like most people, I’m probably inadvertently reverse-scooping things, so: Payrin’s, who are cool and good but seem to somehow slip through the cracks here at Homicidols Dot Com a little too often, were going to get this nice featured piece a couple of weeks ago. The reason is tucked below the fold; the reason for that, which is to say both the tucking and the delay, is that your humble editor-in-chief wanted to pad things out a bit more and include something, possibly some clips.

Instead, we got an MV!

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You Were This Close, Payrin’s

I get excited about dumb things sometimes. Take, for example, yesterday: There I was, writing a proposal for an extremely roundabout makeshift CRM kind of thing, completely ignoring Twitter and all other things idol, when one of those highlight notifications came along. I could stand a short break!, I thought, so review those highlights I did, and there was Payrin’s tweeting about something new on Soundcloud.

Why, I’d have to be completely insane to pass that up! And so it was that I felt my homicidol hearbleed gush just a little extra over the first few bars of this demo: Continue reading


And Along Comes Payrin’s with Their First MV

Few things in being an idol fan are more gratifying than when a project goes from literal 0 to anything more than 0 great enough to put out an actual MV to support an actual in-store release. I was happy to get on the Payrin’s train … wow, like a year and change ago, and always wished that the occasional reference would be marking spots on the chart where they were getting somewhere good. And now they’re getting there!

That’s their first MV, right? For their first single, “dim”, which … is that a commentary on lighting, intelligence or something else? Regardless, nice tune, perfectly acceptable effort for a first MV. Continue reading


Hell to the Yes, Payrin’s

Well I’ll be cow-kicked! Payrin’s, who are plenty cool but don’t do enough, are releasing themselves a single, a triple A-side:

And at a birthday live. Love it. I’d next act if you want to hear it, but you definitely want to hear it. Continue reading


There Are Moving Payrin’s Pieces

This is the kind of thing that winds up in the Weekender normally, but grad-plus-new and oh also it’s Payrin’s, who are cool and I’m glad to have a chance to actually acknowledge them again; John smashed all of the info together, so here we are!

Payrin’s is a group that I don’t listen to very much, but they have been on my radar. I do enjoy their music, but with so much out there you have to pick and choose. It seems they will be changing a bit, maybe for better, maybe for worse. A couple of announcements were made […]

via Announcements From Payrin’s — Straight From Japan


petit pas! Died So That Payrin’s Could Live

Happy Friday, team. So as it happens, the other day, I did this:

I missed petit pas! I did! And that’s even before seeing that business with Kokoro hanging out with Pikarin. There’s just always a place for super-up-tempo hard idol rock that never once flirts with being idorock, and the demise of petit pas! meant that the world lost one of the few projects that got it right.

So then imagine my excitement when I hit upon this little number:

What a fun song! It’s like a mash-up of petit pas! and Avandoned, and nothing at all like PassCode’s song by the same name! Continue reading