Before They Were Homicidol: Imada Yuna and the Wages of Sloth

Whoops, I did it again; despite some doubts about whether delving back into the bowels of some favorite idols’ performance history was worth the trouble, the now-not-so-recent entry on BiSH’s Atsuko* got me thinking about other notables’ time as safe, normal idols, and I remembered Yuna’s time before PassCode.

Yes, the world’s tiniest harsh vocalist was, once upon a time, this:

She’s in there if you look very closely!

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Start Your Hype Train for PassCode’s Next Single

And I was just starting to wonder when they’d make their next move; it turns out that the answer is “in a month”:

And based on the title, they’re making a hard turn toward AC/DC? Continue reading


PassCode’s Taking the Next Step to World Domination

No, you goofballs, they aren’t coming to Europe or the Americas … yet. But they’re going to Taiwan!

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You Guys Want to See This PassCode Set?

Just before we begin, can I ask that we take a moment to appreciate how legitimately cool it is to see PassCode somewhat back on a tiny stage, in a smaller environment, being incredibly raw with just a back track and absolutely zero effects?

I feel like this is the quietest that PassCode stuff has been in forever, since about a year ago, when they were promoting VIRTUAL ahead of the release that would take them from cult favorite to a major release. I wasn’t ever bothered to look up sales figures for “MISS UNLIMITED,” but I’m presuming that it did well overall, and this time they’re taking now is mostly preparatory for the next record.

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: PassCode’s Yuna on Being PassCode’s Yuna

There I was yesterday, minding my own business when:

And what is that you would like me to retweet, friend?

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And How Did You React to PassCode the First Time You Heard Them?

Good job, John. Our pal John “Straight from Japan” Winner very honorably and not at all pushily convinced YouTube Reaction Industry participant Mac Ryan Mac to take in and, you know, react to PassCode:

“This is such a great combination of idol music and rock.” Yes it is.

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The Awesome PassCode Documentary Series Continues

Man, remember the last thing we had from PassCode on Future Standard? Phillter isn’t going to be translating a transcription of this one, I don’t think (but anybody who wants to should feel free!), thought I think the story kind of tells itself, as good documentary will:

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Phillter’s Christmas in Tokyo, Part V: Where Dreams Come True

Content warning: You may be about to hate Phillter’s guts. And who can blame you! All four parts of the Phillterlogue are like a horrible tease. Go look at Part I Part II Part III Part IV if you need to.

December 28, 2016. This was the second show I had been eagerly awaiting. Passcode’s MISS UNLIMITED Tour Final at Studio Coast. As the final show of their major label debut tour, this show was not one for a Passcode fan to miss. Continue reading


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I Think PassCode Wins the Mannequin Challenge, You Guys

Man, things may be light on the news-and-releases front at the moment, but there are plenty of gems anyway.

We’ve seen some idols step up to the Mannequin Challenge (including Maki seeming to not understand the point), but the scale here is bonkers:

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PassCode. On TV. Translated.

I saw PassCode’s appearance on Future Shock make the rounds a little bit, but I am nothing if not one to redundantly share things on the off chance that you didn’t see it originally.

We’ve done Future Shock stuff before, like when Q’ulle was doing their Zepp tour early in the year, and when Screaming Sixties made an appearance. But PassCode might be the biggest of our flavor of idols to appear, at least in the time of this site’s existence, so it’s kind of a big deal!


It’s also a big deal when Phillter decides to translate another PassCode segment for us. Continue reading