Check out Ayukuma’s ‘WAR CRY’ and Cry Cuz It’s Short

I’m running out of reasons to keep my own personal obsession off of this site. Ayumikurikamaki are too damn fun, too damn good and often too damn heavy to just treat as a family-friendly clubcore thing.

They released a video for the lead track off of their upcoming new album … but didn’t feel like paying YouTube Red, so it isn’t available in the United States (and possibly other countries).

Idol 2.0 to the rescue:

They’re bears, see. “Kuma.” Amazing.

That’s great. They’re great. They’re so fun. They’re what LMFAO really meant when they talked about “party rock.” They just completed their hosting duties of saku saku. I can’t even.

Somebody who lives in Japan should buy me their CD and send it to me. I’ll totally PayPal you back send a money order; they don’t let Maniacs open checking accounts.